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Sun Feb 21, 2021 4:19 pm


It was a bright wintry day when Laskt Matiche walked into the Stadt des Lichts.

The Shinigami attracted a lot of attention as he consulted a small sheet of paper, slowly making his way through the massive city. Despite the fact that the majority of his muscular frame was concealed beneath a heavy brown cloak and dark clothes, the knight was still a man built on a massive scale, towering above the vast majority of the crowd. It was as if he was a stone in the middle of raging river, forcing the crowd to part on either side of him.

It was not that long after the evacuation at the capital of Vastime when Laskt had recieved an invitation from the woman he had rescued there: Maria he thought her name was. A letter came from him from a Fourth Division soldier that had remained behind after Laskt had left to retreived his squadron from their Saharan patrol, extending an offer to visit the Quincy Capital in order to repay him for assisting in the evacutation of Roran. Laskt, figuring it couldnt hurt to take a break and visit the legendary city, accepted.

The Third Seat followed the directions in the message to a small yet quaint outdoor cafe, hurrying inside to get a hot cup of coffee. He then sat down at one of the small tables and begin to drink slowly, simply enjoying the morning.

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Tue Feb 23, 2021 6:37 pm

Song: DOMOKEN - Steps ft. wetyourappetite - Word Count: --

"Well, well..."

Maria gave the blonde man a small grin, sliding into the seat across from him with her own chai latte in hand. The early morning sun wasn't quite accepted by the blonde woman, as evident by the sunglasses and much larger coat she donned, which clearly wasn't meant for women her size, but that didn't seem to bother her. What really right now was this french fry before her,, of whom she owned her thanks and perhaps her life. She beamed at him, Laskt or some weird name, and offered out her hand for a handshake. The sleeve of her coat slid a bit forward and tried to cover her hand, but by some will of God himself it stopped just above her knuckles.

"It's probably a bit weird to be called out here, especially by someone who isn't even a resident!"

Mimi snorted at the silliness of it all, but just shook her head and sat back down and took a sip of her drink. It had cooled to a desirable heat and tasted like heaven. Maybe she should become a chai latte stan? There would be no greater honor if they all tasted this well! But, no matter how good this tea was, she wasn't here for that. Putting down her teacup, Mimi's expressions turned serious and she leaned forward on the table to interlock her fingers together before her. Her gucci glasses slid down a bit off her face as she examined the man before her, her horns catching on the light with a slight glint. He wasn't bad looking, he totally had that classically handsome look going on, but he wasn't her type. Did she even have a type anymore? No, no not important. The pale woman

"My real reason to invite you here was to, uh...say thanks. It's not really all that extravagant for saving someone's life, but I really do mean it. SO! I'm gonna show you how to be cool, French Fry."

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