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Only Two Minutes [Cyrus, Helle] - Page 2 Empty Re: Only Two Minutes [Cyrus, Helle]

Fri Oct 29, 2021 2:49 pm
Only Two Minutes [Cyrus, Helle] - Page 2 MKPVPsr


Even if there was regret in Helle's eyes, there was none in Cyrus'. It was true that he was in overwhelming agony, but that had simply been necessary. His mind now raced, but for once, it was not with plans for how he might grow more powerful, how he might singlehandedly carry the world into a bright new age. It was who might assist him in that aim.

"I will seek out what I may, but there is far more to be gained than mere strength. I must lead beyond simple power. If I cannot surpass Mazda in that, then I will simply lead in such a way that he may only follow."

There was already a plan formulating in his mind, but he would need to consider it in more depth before he dared even speak the idea. He knew that Mazda was an inevitable threat. But, in much the same way, having split Mazda away from himself merely meant that he, now, would no longer need to sacrifice himself for the sake of his promises. He wondered, briefly, if that had been Arcadia's intention.

He did owe her much, as he did all those who had assisted him. He could not fail any of them now.


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Only Two Minutes [Cyrus, Helle] - Page 2 Empty Re: Only Two Minutes [Cyrus, Helle]

Mon Nov 01, 2021 12:23 pm

Only Two Minutes [Cyrus, Helle] - Page 2 ZnehDGG

Helle Armstrong

Hmm? Well, Mazda is a situation all on his own, and she’s unsure if her speech was supposed to procure such a response. However, she shall leave that as that. It seems that this man has learned something from their brief exchange. Though, she feels as if this argument had been going on for a while now. That’s enough. He should probably find a seat before her slap leaves him unsteady and falling over the railing. She would catch him, but she would rather not have people catch sight of such a thing. The rumors are already intense enough.

“Let us find you a seat.”

That was a command. He can’t resist her pulling him along anyway, scooping him by his legs and throwing him into a chair. She then left him to go and grab something from Ninsianna. As if she came here without thinking ahead. And, thus, they now have breakfast before them. Alastair even paid for it all. What a gentleman.

“I shall leave you be, for I have much to do today, but if I am ever needed, request my presence once more.”

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