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Sun Jan 02, 2022 2:27 pm


Enter Rita's Post

At least he wasn't afraid. That was a rather good quality to see. Given how uncertain the world was, there may be dangers always lurking to test the violence in a person. Recounting her times of war and battle, visions of destruction, fire and death lingered in her mind. She knew what she was building all of this for: to lessen the amount of strain and pain in the future for other people who live under her business and foundation. Yeah, she needed to keep having a positive mind like the male alongside her. It was needed to not let yourself be dragged down into the abyss of pain this world had. So, Rita just nodded her head at what he said; zoning out for a brief moment before fixing on his next words.

He's only ever been to China and Japan? Clearly, he needed to venture out of his world more. Being secluded to such a tight region prevents one from having a glimpse of the world. In fact, perhaps she herself better needed to interact more with the powers that be in this world. Perhaps she can get some grand contract, meet a new contact or whatever. It was something to note for later. For now, she needed to focus on Kenichi.

"No sense in wasting much time here then. You seem eager to do something, so let's get the hell out of here and go to Denmark."

Taking a glance at her wrist, another holographic interface opened up. With a variety of different ships coming into view, the woman flicked through the screen until pressing one with a small ship. In a matter of minutes, her own flying craft would take them out of here. So, in the meantime, she turned her teal eye to her employee before stating what it is she had in mind.

"You may as well see the operation I'm running and possibly get some training in. There are some things I need to check on with my businesses in Europe, so feel free to tag along."

With a small laugh, the woman stood on the railing of the building as her ship arose from the ground; scattering a strong gust of wind as it's engines roared around them and blew her hair against the violent breeze.

"Chop, chop. No time to back out now."

And with that, the woman jumped into the ship; awaiting for the male to fellow before flying off to the next destination: Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Sun Jan 02, 2022 4:18 pm


Denmark, eh? It sounded like an interesting location, no doubt. His countenance beamed with excitement and awe as he witnessed a flying ship appearing before his eyes.

Kenichi nodded his head as he hurried toward her, ready to depart from the Tokyo and follow his Boss across the world. He was eager to experience the world and travel, to meet new people, and find a purpose in his life while he still had something to offer.

With a parting gaze, he turned his back on the city, grinning widely as leaped off with the heels of his feet, landing beside his boss in the ship. What a wonderful view, he mused, before he turned towards her, an energetic grin in his expression.

"Denmark, here we go~!"


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