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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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"ああ おれたちは皆
Ah, we all dream
that we are flying through the skies
with our eyes open."

⚋ Name: Yoruichi Shihouin
⚋ Alias': -
⚋ Age: Around 900
⚋ Birthday: January 1st
⚋ Gender: Female
⚋ Race: Shinigami

⚋ Affiliation: Shihouin Family (Loose), Urahara Shop (Sporadic)

⚋ Marital Status: Unclear
⚋ Sexual Orientation: -

⚋ Height: 156 cm
⚋ Weight: 42 kg
⚋ Hair Colour: Black
⚋ Eye Colour: Golden Yellow

Yoruichi Shihoin [1-3, Hazard Rank A] SIDE_HOLLOW_0153-019

Psychological Analysis

Yoruichi is intelligent and witty, holding an intimate knowledge of Soul Society and its workings, as she was the former leader of the Onmitsukidō and the Second Division's captain. Although of noble birth, she acts differently from most other nobles, very much like Kaien Shiba. For instance, she instructed Suì-Fēng to refer to her without using honorific suffixes, but reluctantly settled for being called "Yoruichi-sama". On several occasions, she transforms into her Human form directly in front of Ichigo just to see his reaction to seeing her naked, which she teases him about. In addition, she speaks in a dialect used by elders, such as identifying herself as "washi" (a term usually used by old men to define themselves with), instead of more feminine terms like "watashi", in both her Human and animal forms.

While it is unknown how she obtained her cat transformation, she appears to prefer spending most of her time in it. Upon showing her Shinigami form to Ichigo, she forgot to put on clothes, as she had grown used to not needing them; due to being in cat form for so long. She especially takes delight in transforming in front of people to see their shocked reaction, due to her cat form making her sound male. Her love for her cat form extends to great anger should someone harm it or insult its appearance, as seen from how upset she got after her tail was damaged.

Although relatively calm and mature when a situation calls for it, Yoruichi is quite laid-back and playful, often teasing or flirting with those younger than her, such as Ichigo Kurosaki at the underground hot spring, a younger and hot-headed Byakuya Kuchiki, Suì-Fēng before her time as a captain, and Kisuke Urahara, childhood friend, former underling, and fellow ex-captain. Yoruichi prefers to drink milk, which fits with her practice of transforming into a cat.


Yoruichi Shihōin is a slender and well-endowed woman of average height. She has dark skin, golden irises, and black hair. Her hair is waist-length and kept in a ponytail with chin-length bangs framing the sides of her face. Her standard attire consists of a black, backless, sleeveless undershirt, an orange over-shirt with two white straps on each shoulder, a large beige sash around her waist, and black stretch pants with a pair of lightweight brown shoes, which allow for stealth and easy use of Shunpo. She previously wore a beige neck warmer, which she pulled up to cover her face in order to hide her identity, but seems to have forgone its use.She occasionally wears long beige wrist and leg warmers, each secured by bands.

Unlike any other known Shinigami, she can transform into a small black cat for long periods of time. In this form, she has a distinctive male voice and golden eyes. More recently, Yoruichi has gained a tattoo depicting Chain Links originating at the base of her spine, winding around her body, before finally ending just over her heart.


Early Years

Yoruichi was born a noble member of the Shihouin Family. A princess born above so many others, and being the firstborn she was destined to a specific purpose: The Head of the Shihouin Family. For that very purpose, her every motion and gesture was to be molded. Her way of speaking, her way of conducting herself, her very thoughts were to be molded to the purpose of her ultimate destiny. And as her countless teachers and instructors taught her these ways, she could not help but wonder why. While the family was known for law, authority, and the running of the Punishment Force, a doctrine which produced many powerful and steadfast souls, more than anything else her family discovered a particular...fickleness about her.

Yoruichi learned everything with startling proficiency, not ONLY what she was SUPPOSED to do, but how best she could defy those guidelines and restrictions. As a young woman, she would find pointed and precise means of insulting, teasing, and even embarrassing her elders and betters, using her knowledge of noble behavior as a weapon. This problem only escalated when she grew old enough to be taught the combat arts. While certainly entertaining, there were only so many ways that she could torment the adults with her words, but Hakuda and Hoho opened up whole NEW avenues. While initially proud of how quickly Yoruichi caught onto her lessons, soon the adults around her began to see her as a scourge, rapidly surpassing her peers and often catching her instructors by surprise.

Perhaps most dizzying about Yoruichi was how suddenly these bouts would come on. One moment, she would be the picture of proper behavior, and the very next she would have found some new means of causing havoc within the estate. Moody, fickle, and devious almost to a fault, the young girl delighted in how easy and indeed: how enjoyable it was to rattle those who sought to control her. To contain her. Where some young nobles often found themselves depressed and crushed beneath the weight of responsibility, Yoruichi thrived and savored not only embracing, but also railing against those very responsibilities seemingly at a whim.

It wasn't long until Yoruichi began to sneak out of the Estate. She was caught several times, but each time she grew better and better at evading notice. Until finally, something happened. She found within herself an entirely new and unique ability. Many rumors surround the potential behind what it was that caused it. Some wondered if some sort of shihoin experimentation had caused the change. Others wondered if some sort of deity had seen fit to bless the child with this ability. Others simply wondered if the young girl simply was a Youkai guised as a soul. All the same, it happened: she discovered the ability to turn herself into a cat. Hiding this ability from her family, Yoruichi soon found an incredible amount of freedom. Coming and going from not only the estate, but the entire noble section of Soul society as she wished, and she began to explore the rest of the realm she had been born into but never seen.

With this, Yoruichi would come to know just how different her life was from those outside of the walls she was raised in. From the quiet, gentle people in the inner districts, to the wild and dangerous place that was the outer districts. And it was among these districts that she found something that fascinated her. Someone just as sharp and just as ....interesting as she found herself. Initially she simply watched him from afar, and yet unlike so many others that she simply slipped around without a worry, it was Kisuke who was the first outside of the Noble walls to ever find her when she didn't wish to be found. He even was the very first to figure out that she was not a normal cat when in her other form.

True to her strange nature, she found herself seemingly drawn to him on a whim and with sudden startling force. Sometimes she would avoid him entirely. Other times she would spen her entire day with the strange young man, listening to his strange thoughts and the things he did while in the rukongai. The little contraptions that he put together with that clever head of his. And unlike so many nobles who fancies themselves smart or skilled: this young man was......humble.

No, humble was an understatement. Everything about this young man seemed to crave the concealment of his cleverness. While those around him in the Rukongai saw his wit as something....mild and entertaining, yoruichi recognized something below even that. The same skills that had been hammered into her for identifying dangerous persons. To tell when a person was lying. To see that which others did not want to be seen. All of the skills which would later serve her as Soshireikan. All of them came into play to see just how ...frighteningly smart and careful this young man was.

And that very same attentiveness caught on to just how much he seemed to enjoy her presence. Adults would grow annoyed. Other children would grow bored or even scared of how suddenly her mood could change. And yet this fellow seemed to enjoy how ....wild and moody she could truly be. Before she knew it the two of them were friends. They played together, trained together. Before she even knew it, she was passing on the very same lessons that she herself had been taught to some small extent, and yet he surpassed even her in those regards. And so she began her plot to have Kisuke adopted as a Ward to her family.

Her elders were.....pleased when her own behavior seemed to suspiciously improve over the course of several months. Unaware that all of her wildness was being fueled toward a purpose now. And before long, she made her move. She introduced one of her father's most trusted friends to Kisuke, a man who also similarly enjoyed Yoruichi's errant nature. The man took a rather immediate liking to the boy and before long she had gotten exactly what she wanted. The young man was accepted as a ward and even offered a position in the Shino Academy such that she would serve once Yoruichi came of age to join the Gotei 13.

However, just as she felt the taste of success: there was something else to come of this ...victory of hers. Following Urahara's official acceptance into the Shihoin Family as a Ward, her father's friend: Ryumo Tsukabishi, Leader of the Detention Unit, pulled her aside and informed her of precisely why her strange request had been accepted so quickly. For the first time, the man she had known as someone so gentle and lax suddenly was looking at her in a serious and dire manner. The young man, Kisuke Urahara, was a special type of individual. In much the same way that Yoruichi had caught on to the more unique facets, so too had Ryumo. Kisuke was a dangerous child. A mind with machinations and .....aspects which meant that he was not just special: but threateningly special. He informed her that as soon as he joined the Shino Academy, he would be identified as a potential threat to Soul Society and imprisoned for the rest of his life.

However, Ryumo also stated that unlike so many others similar to Kisuke, he had somehow managed to bond particularly well with her. Meaning that so long as she was present, he could be considered a contained risk. That is, if she continued to exist as an Heir to the Shihoin family head. By this time, her parents had produced another child: Yuushirou. And while he seemed to adore his sister and even take after her strange nature, already some in the family were debating due to Yoruichi's nature if Yuushirou would make a more fitting heir if they could manage to contain him before he developed similar.....rampant characteristics.

As such, if she continued with her wild and reckless ways and neglected her duties to the family, she would not only lose that position, but Urahara's status as a Contained Risk would be compromised as well. Had it come from anyone else, she might have felt threatened, but she saw nothing but concern in the man's eyes. Ryumo told her that going forward Kisuke could prove to be one of the greatest Shinigami Soul Society had ever known, but that such a thing hinged on her fulfilling her duties.

She was disgusted. Angry. Not just at the idea of Kisuke being imprisoned but also the notion of her precious little brother being hammered into the role she had been skating around her whole life. But most of all, she felt guilty. If she had never brought Kisuke to her family this could have all been avoided or at least postponed. If she had taken her own role more seriously, Yuushirou would never be in danger of bring forced into the position she could not abide. In all of her life she had certainly caused untold stress and duress, but never had she truly endangered someone. Ryumo could see the pain in her face, just as easily as she could see his sincerity. And so, she told him that she would go along with his advice. From that day on, while her ...wildness certainly remained, she became notably more dedicated and serious about learning the proper fate she was destined to. She threw herself into her training with Kisuke, and it wasn't long before she began to conduct herself with Authority and purpose.

Her parents rejoiced and the family seemed incredibly impressed, believing that she had finally grown out of her rebellious phase. Only two people ever imagined that something else was the cause of this change. Ryumo, who of course knew. And Kisuke, who almost immediately suspected it.

Shinigami Life

Yoruichi breezed through all of her academy classes and exams without even breaking a sweat. Being the Heiress of the Shihouin family more or less assured her a position of high standing and yet both she AND Kisuke found themselves as high ranking Shinigami within the soul society. However, unlike her predecessors who simply took up position in the Omnitsukido, Yoruichi ALSO decided to join the Second Division alongside Kisuke. The two of them grew and Yoruichi began to notice more and more what Ryumo had told her about her friend ages ago. As the both of them grew, not only did Kisuke grow to almost rival her in many regards, but as he began to learn more about the Soul Society and the realm at large his intellect seemed to consume such information with a startling voracity. Not only did he come to excel as a shinigami, but before long the man was thinking of new ways to improve upon the things that were a part of everyday shinigami life.

While she herself had ....a somewhat tenuous and flimsy relationship with her Zanpaku'to, who she truthfully felt more comfortable fighting without, Kisuke seemed enthralled with not only his own Zanpaku'to but with the items in general. And soon, it seemed that curiosity and enraptured attention spread to just about everything around him. One day he approached her, telling her of an invention of his he had concocted in order to help Shinigami achieve bankai. And for the first time she felt..... afraid of something Kisuke had made. At first she had been skeptical, after all his various contraptions had been ONE thing, but the ritual of gaining and furthering one's relationship with their zanpaku'to was something that had remained more or less the same for ages.

But......when he showed her the ability that he had awoken with the process, and then, when she herself, incredibly fascinated with the potential, had plunged her own blade into that strange doll: For the first time she felt ....concern about something he had made. This was far more than just a slight improvement or a quirky invention. This was something.....different and profound. And in her heart of hearts she began to wonder. As she felt those NUMEROUS danger flags she had been taught to look for in the punishment force, and as she saw what he was truly capable of she began to doubt herself: Was this another mistake? Would Kisuke one day expand beyond the bounds of her ability to keep him grounded and rational?

And even more terrifying: Did he know that she felt this way?

And yet, even though she convinced him to keep his invention to himself: They continued to grow closer. As much as she feared and worried over the man, she found herself driven more and more to stick her neck out for him. Thanks to his invention, even though Kisuke insisted that he had only expedited an inevitable process, Yoruichi found herself in the Position of Taichou in the Second Division and Simultaneously taking up the position of Soshireikan of the Omnitsukido. Such that the two entities became practically entwined. an annoyance admittedly, because of the compounded responsibilities with the running of her own noble family. But she persisted regardless. Somehow, it was all so easy and entertaining alongside Kisuke.

Not only that, but she even found a Protege for herself. Her bodyguard from the Feng clan, she had found particular interest in. Shaoling Feng, who would later come to be renamed Sui Feng, drew her attention almost immediately. While they did not have quite the same sort of long-term relationship that Kisuke had, she still found herself quite taken with the ....earnest focus that the woman had for her position and presence in the Stealth Force. And yet before her very eyes, she saw the woman being hammered out into a tool, just as she had been, just as her Brother almost had been. And .... so, she took it upon herself to take the girl under her wing. Not JUST to have her serve as a bodyguard, but also to try and break her from her familial restraints. She found no shortage in guiding the woman, helping her relax as best she could, and of course: tormenting her endlessly, even taking some joy in just how absurdly jealous of Kisuke that the girl seemed to be. And yet she maintained a distance.

Unlike Kisuke, whom she confided in MOST things, she found herself unable to quite connect the same way with Soi Feng. Every time that she found herself growing more familiar with Sui, something pulled her back. As if she had some fear that Ryumo, retired as he was, might come and have a conversation about her akin to Kisuke's. And before she could fully understand why she distanced herself so, before she could come to terms with her concerns about Kisuke. Before she was able to see her brother Yuushirou grow and enjoy the freedom her own compliance had afforded him: Sosuke Aizen happened.

She might have panicked. She might have even made mistakes. And yet, when that dark night had unfolded she found herself. Prepared. Not just because of her own experience within her position. Not just because of the skills and lessons that she had learned as a child. But because of Kisuke and his endless.....preparedness. When the impossible happened she found her mind snapping to things he had said to her in the past. Little 'what ifs' that he seemingly jokingly had always gone on about. It seemed like he had them all the time, and yet she remembered perfectly when the time actually came about to act on them.


What could have been a tragedy and an incredible loss, because of Kisuke's brilliance and some other factors had become something else. She found herself a fugitive, in hiding and even a criminal. she had no idea what would come of Yuushirou her brother, and even less what would happen to her Protege in the soul society. But even with all of that, she realized: Without Kisuke it could have been so much worse. And from that night on, she found her fears about him assuaged. If nobody else, she could always trust Kisuke to be in some way prepared.

And for the next hundred years she found herself practically working for him. Helping him in restoring the officers affected by Sosuke's experiments. She came to use her cat form more and more and found that strangely there was ... freedom in this new existence. Not only from the life she'd left behind, but in how free she was to be ....her fickle self. But like all things, that eventually came to an end. As Kisuke suspected would eventually happen.

Once the events in Karakura began to unfold, she found herself once again working more actively with Kisuke to assist in the exploits of Kurosaki and his companions. From the rescuing of Rukia Kuchiki to the ultimate rebellion of Sosuke Aizen against the Soul King. She suddenly found herself in some small way not connected, but working in tangent to the life she had once known. She was reunited with her protege Sui, and even came to find that her brother Yuushirou had taken up the position she had once held, but still held that unique .....glee and happiness that she had always known in him. It seemed as if finally she might have the best of both worlds. Her freedom in the world of the living, and the ability to see those she had left behind.

Farewell Halcyon Days

The attack from Ender on the world heralded something ..... new. A powerful new threat and one that was so much more global in scale than the rebellion from Aizen Sosuke. Humans died across the world of the living in tremendous numbers and with the advent of this invasion she found herself in a position she had never found before, one where even Kisuke was unable to find a proper solution, and even worse: It seemed to be effecting him.

With the defeat of Ender, it felt almost somewhat akin to the rebellion of Aizen. A threat had been put down, but had seemingly broken down the Gotei with it. With the defeat of Ender, the soul society seemed to withdraw within itself, as if cowed by the fact that the Western Branch was no longer within arm's reach. However, it was World war Three that truly came to test her. As battle after battle swayed the balance of power and the world of the living that they had known it began to change drastically.

In truth, there was something she relished about living in a world full of combat and struggle. What was an era of strife and terror for many humans, and an exhausting string of struggle for her closest friend, was something else entirely for Yoruichi. As she watched one section of civilization after another be blown away in the human world, she felt something blossom inside of her a little by little, there was nobody left alive to concern herself with. And city by city, there was less and less of humanity to preserve as she fought. It was a joy she did her best to hide from others, but she was acutely aware that if anyone, Urahara made note of it.

And yet her efforts still accomplished little in the grander scheme of the war itself. As Humanity was successfully kept from complete extinction, and yet the world marched on with the tatters that it had left.

During this time, she had found that the friendship she held with Urahara had begun to sway into dips and bounds of something far more detached and far MORE attached than she had thought possible. At times, she wondered why either of them continued to tolerate one another, and at other times it seemed as if they were on the cusp of some brilliant happily ever after. But the realist within her was never capable of holding onto such notions. Time marched on, and with it the ebbs and flows of their semblance of a relationship.

It was more than a hundred years later that this sweeping tide would finally catch up with them. Yoruichi found herself pregnant, by some act of a cruel deity, and vanished from the world of the living during one of their many disagreements. And it was perhaps a blessing that this occurred when it had. In the lucid cold reality of her time alone, as she held the young girl in her arms that they had somehow managed to make together, she understood all too well that it would take far more than a child to break this cycle. There was nothing more sobering than delivering her own child by herself an entire realm away from the father.

There was no way that this cycle, Nor in all honesty: the ability of either of them to raise a sane and stable member of society from childhood. And so the child was entrusted to the only person who she trusted with such a task. Handing over her child and having her brother swear to never reveal the child's parentage, Yoruichi returned to the world of the living, and for one the lull of her distance with Urahara spanned further than usual. He had his ways to find out what had happened, and she knew that she had no intention of having the discussion of why it was that she'd left their child in the soul society, and as the years ticked on it felt as if it would never end.

But just as surely as they had drifted apart, time slowly mended the bridge between them. Between Urahara's running of his shop, and Yoruichi's renewed aggression against demons. Until finally an event occurred which she could not abide. With the beginning of the Demon Incursion in Soul society, Yoruichi's attention was immediately drawn to soul society and the sheer chaos that had ensued. The Captain Commander, and countless other Captains seemingly disappeared amidst the conflict, and those responsible for the events merely faded into apparent obscurity.

With Soul Society nursing it's wounds, Yoruichi took it upon herself to hunt down those who had been responsible as well as those within the Gotei that had suddenly gone missing. And as it were, it seemed as if the Gotei was incapable of getting that particular job done. Even if Yoruichi was perhaps not capable of killing everyone responsible, she could at the very least gather information.

After a short period of gathering information within the Gotei itself, she traveled to Demon World. Despite the overdeveloped bloodlust that she had procured over the span of World War Three, Yoruichi was careful in her mission. A combination of Family Artifacts and some assistance from Urahara, while trying to give him as little information on what she was doing as possible, she managed to blend in with the demon populace and proceed with her investigation for almost half a year. Difficult, but an endeavor that would seem simple in comparison to her second destination: Hell.

Upon arriving, it was almost unrecognizable from the intel she had received about the place previously. What had once been a dizzying and complex system of layers and cities of suffering sinners had completely collapsed. From the sheer number of demons moving through it, and the enormous influx of souls from the world of the living being cast down, the Layers themselves had deteriorated incredibly to the point where it seemed on the verge of collapse on top of one another. The barriers that protected it and the guardians buried beneath the weight of humanity's scum. As if Hell were intent on returning to the primordial pit it had once been.

Before Yoruichi could begin to sort through the mess, she found herself set upon by both Sinners and the 'New guardians: the Bones of the Kushanāda, those undying guardians even having been slain ages past rising over the corpses of those that had taken their place. Three years later, Hell had finally begun to regain some semblance of organization and the chaos settled sufficiently that she was able to be recognized by the crazed Guardians and the Will of Hell finally recovered from it's seizures induced by the casualties of World War Three. Yoruichi had, through the archives of her family, known vaguely that the Will of Hell decided the structure of that eternal pit, which changed frequently to adapt to the influence of it's eternally growing population as if warped by the sinful heights humanity climbed. However, she had never imagined that Hell would simply obliterate itself, reducing Hell into it's crumbling state as a result of being overwhelmed.

With the realm beneath the world of the Living finally stabilized, Yoruichi was finally able to collect what little she COULD with what was left of those she had been pursuing. At long last, it was time to return to the world of the living. With the Tsumikagi (罪鍵), the Artifact with which she had been able to enter hell, she finally took her leave of Hell.

When she finally returned, she learned very quickly of the death of her Brother. Immediately stricken by grief, she managed to attend her beloved sibling's funeral before coming to terms with this new grief, and the shambles which her Family seemed to have fallen to in her absence.

She had succeeded in her mission in hell, and returned to her own personal hell that had formed in her absence.


Tsumikagi (Key of Sin, 罪鍵) - An artifact taking the form of a small elongated metal cube, which now takes the form of a winding chain-link tattoo along Yoruichi's body. This device operates and allows the user to freely move in and out of Hell by modifying the user's Chain of Fate to emulate the reiatsu of a Kushanāda and thus avoid expulsion or obliteration.


Master Strategist: As the former head of her clan and ex-commander of the Onmitsukidō, Yoruichi is a capable leader. She has repeatedly proven to be insightful and crafty, capable of quickly understanding any situation that presents itself and adjusting to it effectively. Upon learning Ichigo would go to save Rukia no matter what, Yoruichi began making preparations of her own by training Orihime and Chad.

Immense Spiritual Power: As a former captain and head of a noble clan, Yoruichi boasts a tremendous amount of spiritual power. During Ichigo's Bankai Training, she kept the Tenshintai active for an extended period of time with her Reiryoku. The reputation of her power is enough to make 4th Espada Ulquiorra Cifer wary to engage in combat with her, even with the help of 0 Espada Yammy Llargo. While using Shunkō, her concentrated spiritual power becomes far greater than normal. Her Reiatsu is red.

Enhanced Strength: Despite her slender appearance, Yoruichi is extremely strong in her Shinigami form. She could still easily use Shunpo while carrying around an unconscious Ichigo to outrun a fellow Shunpo Master. She easily caught a direct punch from Yammy Llargo, and simultaneously threw him several feet away. She easily injured him, despite his thick Hierro, with various unarmed moves, but is injured by his Hierro. Though she admits she wasn't expecting his skin to be that hard, she states she could have avoided taking any damage if she had Shunkō activated. A concentrated blow from Yoruichi can destroy an entire city block.

Enhanced Endurance: Despite her own admission of being out of shape, Yoruichi is a very resilient warrior. Both when out of breath from prolonged running against Byakuya and sustaining fractures from Yammy's Hierro, Yoruichi was still able to fight effectively while showing no signs of weakening.

Nekohenshin (猫変身, Cat Transformation):
Yoruichi, like many of the shihouin, possesses the ability to shape-shift into a black cat at will. She has possessed the ability for well over 500 years, and it is known to others she knew from that time. She apparently has no set time limit on the transformation, as she had been in this form for over 100 years. In cat form, Yoruichi can still channel her spiritual energy and move at incredible speeds, though she is physically limited. Her transformation grants her a complete disguise, as her voice in this form is deep enough to lead most to assume she is a male. This transformation can be partial as evidenced by her tendency to partially transform during higher levels of Shunpo. Some have even surmised that her ability to transform is derived from Shunko by using channeled kido through her body to change shape.

Legendary Hoho: Yoruichi Shihoin is almost unmatched in the field of Hoho. Even 100 years out of practice, she was capable of matching Sui Feng, the acting Captain of Second Division and the Onmitsukido, as well as outspeeding Byakuya Kuchiki. Capable of incredible shunpo speeds and distance along with being capable of using it in long successive strings without expending much energy, none have ever managed to usurp Yoruichi's prowess in Hoho and has gone past mastering techniques from the Onmitsukido to even create her own Hoho techniques, such as Utsusemi (空蝉, Cicada, referencing their molting). She is even capable of using Shunpo in her feline form to a considerable degree. While she has slipped from that eternal throne she had once held in her time prior to Ender's attack, she still remains a Master in her own right.

Utsusemi (空蝉, Cast-Off Cicada Shell): Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shihō. It allows for movement at great speed, leaving at least one completely tangible after-image behind, allowing to even leave the impression that the target has been injured. This technique usually leaves behind an article of clothing infused with the user's spiritual energy in order to accomplish the illusion.

Shunpo Nagare (瞬歩 流れ, Flash Step Flow): An advanced form of Shunpo in which the user channels spirit energy through a single part of their body, executing an incredible high-speed motion using only a single limb or extremity rather than the whole body in order to execute blindingly fast attacks.

Hakuda Master: As former Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukidō, Yoruichi is one of the most accomplished hand-to-hand combatants in Soul Society. Her mastery of the art form is so great that she uses it exclusively as her form of combat, forgoing the use of a Zanpakutō altogether. She took down nearly 50 Onmitsukidō members with only Hakuda. She has taken on Espada-level Arrancar, such as when she brutally defeated Yammy, and is regarded by the 4th Espada Ulquiorra Cifer as highly dangerous.

Hakuda/Kido Expert: While not to the same extent as Hoho, Yoruichi is highly proficient in both the Shinigami magic arts and Hand to Hand combat style. And while individually these skills do not come close to her proficiency in Hoho, combined she came to pioneer one of the strongest combinations of these two styles yet discovered: Shunko.

Hanki (反鬼, Reverse Demon): This technique is used by Yoruichi during Shunkō. It nullifies an opponent's Kidō by hitting it with a Kidō of perfectly opposite speed and energy. The technique can neutralize an opponent's movements.

Creator of Shunko: Having come up with the concept and developed the technique herself of circulating Kido through one's body while performing Hakuda to create explosive bursts of Reiatsu and physical prowess. And while others such as Sui Feng have achieved this feat through their own creative progression, only Yoruichi has perfected the art to such a degree.

Shunkō (Lightning) (瞬閧, Flash War Cry): An advanced technique which combines Hakuda with Kidō. This technique surrounds her back and arms with pressurized Kidō based on the element of lightning. The keisen uniform has no back or sleeves because they will rip apart when it is activated. Apart from enhancing her arms and legs for combat, the technique allows her to instantly neutralize an opponent's movement. The Kidō itself can be controlled and fired at opponents from her body, which creates massive explosions. or can even be used to armor and protect the user as noted when Yoruichi took damage from Yammy's Hierro she noted that she could have avoided the damage by using Shunko. Yoruichi's version of the technique was developed and studied by her a century ago; therefore, the technique is complete and the compressed Kidō is visible. While using this technique, her Reiatsu takes the form of white lightning. Her skill and control in its usage has progressed to the point of activation taking the form of a pair of lightning wings generated from her back.

    Shunkō: Raijin Senkei (瞬閧 雷神戦形, Flash War Cry: Thunder God War Form): The lightning emitted from Yoruichi's back creates a circle of electrical energy in the shape of Raijin's drums behind her as Yoruichi unleashes a giant column of concentrated electrical energy to engulf her opponent. This technique causes an even larger burst of spiritual energy and allows continuous burst of Reiatsu to be used explosively. This technique also creates a set of cat ears in the form of Kido sprouting from her head.

    Shunkō: Raiju Senkei: Shunryū Kokubyō Senki (瞬閧 雷獣戦形 瞬霳黒猫戦姫, Flash War Cry: Thunder Beast Battle Form: Flash God Black Cat Warrior Princess): Upon release a huge column of electrical energy is released. When the energy disappears Yoruichi has taken on the form of a hybrid of Shunkō and her feline form. Her feet become clawed cat paws, this form clads her arms and legs in electricity covering her forearms past the elbow and her legs up to her thighs, each ending with claws made of electrical energy. The energy forms her hair into the form of cat ears and she grows a tail. This form sheaths her in an aura of electrical energy. This form gives her the mentality of a cat and allows the cat nature of "fickleness" to manifest in her Reiatsu. While Yoruichi is naturally moody, she is even more so in this form; her Reiatsu is directly responsive to her changes in mood, and therefore becomes reliably unstable by changing 48 times per second, making it almost impossible to track her spiritual pressure. Originally Kisuke Urahara was the only one who could control her in this form, however since her departure from the world of the living, she has managed to gain conscious control of the form at least to the extent that she is capable of being somewhat lucid while it is active.

I. Sealed Powers

I. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Yaseineko (Wildcat - 野生猫)

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: Yoruichi's Zanpaku'to spirit takes the form of, you guessed it, a Black Cat with a sleek frame and yellow eyes. While the cat itself is hard to keep track of, at times one can see it's tail shift into a large black scythe.

» Inner World: An enormous replica of the underground training area from her childhood on a massive scale. This world fluctuates in layout from massive yawning dark pits to enormous jungle gyms of stone and ladders. Though in all iterations the faces of the rock have small holes from which her Zanpaku'to spirit seems to spawn from whenever you lose sight of it.

» Zanpakutô Appearance: It resembles a kodachi or wakizashi which she kept sheathed horizontally behind her on her lower back, similar to how Suì-Fēng carries hers in the present day. On the base of the pommel is a small dent in the shape of a pawprint.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: Ganbatte Kudasai (Good Luck)

» Shikai Appearance: Upon release, Yoruichi's zanpaku'to turns into a blakc fluid which melts into her skin and forms a sprawling tattoo across Yoruichi's body. Though the tattoo seems to take a new form each time it is released, close inspection shows that the tattoos are not solid but consist of closely packed 運.

» Shikai Abilities:

Okorimono Ni wa Fuku Ga Aru ( Luck exists in the leftovers - 残り物には福がある )

This ability allows the user to drain Bad Luck from targets within 40 meters. While Shikai is active, good luck will flow freely within its range, but only to a limited capacity. One will find that coins always flip to the side desired, any falls and slips will luckily occur in such a way that the person remains completely unharmed, and any number of small, meaningless shreds of luck occur within its radius. This does not, however, apply to Yoruichi but simply every other individual within the radius. Targets struck by Yaseineko are stained by this effect for 6 posts, even if the Shikai itself ends within that duration.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Release Phrase: Pray to the smiling fangs, Weep at the Clawed Feet, Suffer with edge of your own blade to your throat: Jigou Jitoku (Wildcat: One's Way - 野生猫 : 自業自得)

» Bankai Appearance: Upon the relase of Yoruichi's Bankai, the shikai peels itself from Yoruichi's skin and emerges as a dark black ink consisting of 運 symbols.

» Bankai Abilities:

Kurai Un ( Dark Luck - 暗い運): the primary ability of this Bankai is the transformation of the fluid it consists of into a such a large volume. While it is initially surmised that Yoruichi's Shikai produces good luck, the truth is that it actually pries Bad Karma from individuals within the radius, which is then converted to this dark fluid on the release of Bankai. As such, Yoruichi's Bankai can range from about a couple dozen gallons to an endless ocean of ink. This dark fluid can be condensed and distributed at will as this Bad Luck hits targets hard depending on how much it is condensed. At base, the fluid will cause rampant bad luck in a similar scale to the Shikai.
However, if this fluid is condensed into a blade, a target struck by it will have the fluid infused into them instantly, causing massive failure as poor fortune causes rampant organ failure, cell death, cancer, and rapid atomic decay.
Each post, Okorimono Ni wa Fuku Ga Aru produces 5 gallons of Dark Luck for every person within it's radius, or infused by having made contact with Yaseineko. Creating a blade in Bankai requires 600 gallons of Dark Luck.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Elite
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Martial Skill: Elite

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Master
  • Kidō: Elite
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Elite

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Elite


It would have been nice to be cursed.

The thought crossed the mind so carelessly through the mind of the woman that was idly lounging across the tiles of the Shihouin Estate Rooftop, staring up into that endless sky as her life's events drifted like flower petals through her train of thought. She turned her head just enough to glance down below at the nearby courtyard, where the voices of relatives drifted up and mingled with the calm to create dissonance with everything else. It seemed as if the family had simply begun to peel away at the seams as of late, and even now with her back in the Soul Society, she couldn't help but find a deep and unrelenting sense of justification for having peeled herself away from this place for so many years. Scandal after scandal piling ontop of her family's name.

Her own sharp senses betrayed her, catching a small snippet of dull murmurings enough that she realized that they were talking about the current head of the family: Chidori.

She sat up and sighed, a smile playing across her face as she stood up and slowly stretched her limbs to get herself a bit more limber. Briefly, she simply considered moving to another rooftop. To ignore the gossip happening below entirely and simply find some other place to try and nap. But just as quickly as the thought had entered her mind was it usurped by her more impish tendencies. As if by magic, Yoruichi was standing calmly at the side of one of the gossipers, her hands calmly folded in front of her. Her mastery of Shunpo was such that she simply seemed to melt into existence as if she had been there all along.

"That certainly was a bit of a mess, but I suppose relationships can always be a bit of a gamble. Speaking of which, how has YOUR husband been?" She interjected directly, a smile on her face warm as could be as she turned her attention to one of the women who had been making comment about Chidori's relationship situation. There was no shortage of sheer mirth when she saw the expression of the noblewoman lock to a sudden panicked uncertainty. The combination of being caught talking about the head of the family, the sudden realization of one such FORMER head appearing beside her, and the sudden race of information about her OWN marital status speeding through the woman's head.

IN truth Yoruichi only knew that this woman in particular had married a low Noble from the Fifth division. Honestly the details escaped her at this particular moment, and in fact now that she saw the woman up close she was almost certain that they had a perfectly happy marriage. That was irrelevant. What WAS relevant was that even the happiest and most stable of married women would feel the knife of doubt in their chest when a former Soshireikan suddenly brought their marriage into question, casual or otherwise. Even now, Yoruichi saw a dozen uncertainties and doubts fly across the woman's face. It was entertaining enough that she barely even HEARD the shaky, stammering apologies and backpedaling from the two women. IN some vague sense she recognized that they were trying to play their gossip off as mere jokes followed by a sudden case of excusing themselves from the situation.

She watched as the pair promptly began to hurry away, the far-off urge to chase simply brushed aside for the time being as she simply basked in the satisfaction she had in throwing a wrench into the conversation. But all the same, her attention eventually drifted in the direction of Chidori's own estate as she DID begin to wonder if she should check in on the woman. She smiled to herself, gently slipping into the doorway she'd been standing beside and taking a moment to gently dig her heel into the floorboards. One of many hidden compartments sliding open as she took a brief moment to scan her surroundings in case of any onlookers. Then, she simply shrugged and began to disrobe, slipping her outfit into the compartment and pushing it shut with her foot. Just as soon as it had locked into place than was the woman gone, a Black cat appearing at the door to Chidori's estate and promptly hopping in through the window to begin surveying inside.

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There is a fairly significant disparity between the Yoruichi you outline in the personality and the Yoruichi outline in the history. It would be highly recommended to speak to Slayer regarding Shihoin lore and plotlines, as well as Gamma regarding Yugiri's upbringing and Locke regarding Urahara.

She checked in on Yugiri often, having introduced a large number of cats to not only the Shihoin estate, but also a good portion of the Gotei, she used her feline form to keep tabs on her daughter...
Per Slayer's word, Yuushiro would not have continued to care for Yugiri in Yoruichi's stead had she been actively present and keeping tabs, and would have told her to either leave entirely or raise the child herself. Also, he would not have allowed for a sudden influx of cats.

What she couldn't garner herself she was able to procure from Kuukaku...
How would Kuukaku know anything more than she would?

Nekohenshin (猫変身, Cat Transformation)
It's established PH lore that this is just a Shihoin family technique, it is decidedly not something this unique.

Unmatched Hoho
Given her history and the wide span of time since canon, as well as the other characters that have been on the site over the years, she is decidedly no longer unmatched in her skill.

Shunshin Chōhengen
Please explain what this actually does.

Shunkō: Raiju Senkei: Shunryū Kokubyō Senki: ...even to the point where she can focus the ability through isolated portions of her body.
That's a ludicrous degree of control, to say nothing of it being unclear how she could actually manage that level of transformation in such a contained area.

Even if she doesn't use her zanpakuto, it's still assumed that she is sufficiently knowledgeable regarding it to have become a Captain. The current writeup indicates a total lack of understanding.

Skill Sheet
-Lower Strength to Advanced.
-Lower Hoho to Master. While she is still unilaterally one of the greatest masters of the art, the growth of these techniques through PH's timeline and her professed lack of growth in your history would mean that she almost certainly has not kept up with Grandmaster level characters.
-Zanjutsu should presumably be Advanced, assuming she has achieved Bankai to reach the former Captain qualifications.
-Lower Hakuda to Elite. Her skills are established as extremely refined, but she does not display the degree of innovation or unique application beyond Shunko which would indicate a level of Master compared to other Masters.
-Will Skills cannot be adequately checked until the issue of the history/personality disparity is addressed.[/adm]
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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in [X]
  • RP Sample Present [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Hazard Ranks
  • Power: A
  • Influence: A
  • Resources: C

Comments/Notes: Typical black parent, smh.
Tier: 1-3
Hazard Rating: A
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[mod]Wow! Cat girls! Never before seen!


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