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Thu Apr 28, 2022 8:17 pm
A Friend's First Outing [Emelie x Hiroe] QauVr6r

Emelie Anderson | Daddy's Little Girl

Tap, tap, tap.

Emelie found herself kicking at the ground underneath her feet, the gentle night sky quietly sat above her as the backdrop for her new found freedom. She sat, alone and dressed far nicer than the academy would ever allow her to. The punch red top she wore contrasted nicely with the deep black pants that stretched along the length of her slender legs. Emelie had prettied herself up for a dinner date she was promised by her newly found friend, Hiroe.

She looked down at her watch before looking back to the road in front of her. The plan was pretty simple she thought, attend the same ramen shop Sol had told her of because, whether she'd admit it or not, the food was good. After, Hiroe could take her to see the Rukongai given she hadn't really found herself exploring as much as she would have liked. Studies and all. Crossing her legs, Emelie let out a soft sigh and yanked her phone free from her pocket.

Looking over the text she had previously sent Hiroe, Emelie shook her head and snorted a loud ball of air from her nose.

'8 o'clock. Don't be late! followed by a very clear set of instructions to the shop. Despite that, here sat Emelie, alone, just minutes shy of eight p.m. It was best to give Hiroe the benefit of the doubt, if she didn't she could very well lose her new friend almost immediately.

Straightening her posture, the young woman sat up and looked to the beautiful night sky above. Pretty little stars littered the night sky, a gentle warm breeze filled the air. It was quite the night to have a date, it seemed.

"I hope she enjoys herself..."

Emelie smiled. She was glad to have a friend.

END POST | The Anderson Pride

A Friend's First Outing [Emelie x Hiroe] FXpoQxJ
A Friend's First Outing [Emelie x Hiroe] 2Y9rqGk

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Sat Apr 30, 2022 11:50 am
A Friend's First Outing [Emelie x Hiroe] JbOdM5y


Gazing between her soul pager and the haori she was in the midst of tailoring to fit her considerably taller newfound companion - Emelie. Pouring her heart into the product, Hiroe had discarded any idea of getting dressed up or applying a special type of makeup to look presentable, her entire focus given unto the commemorative haori. Her fingers danced along the fabric as her family assisted her with a provision of materials. Weaving the string there, administering a soft touch of Reiryoku elsewhere to accelerate the process. Wash . Rinse. Repeat. With her own hands and the assistance of someone else to ensure she maintained proper focus, Hiroe had weaved together a crimson-red Haori before applying the final touch, using kido to imprint "ᛚᛟᛜ ᛚᛁᚠᛖ" in the center of the back of the red jacket before giving it a once-over.

Wiping a small bead of sweat from her head, Hiroe held it close to her body warmly, content with her final product. She hoped Emelie would be, too. HIroe would neatly fold the hip-length jacket within a medium-sized box, applying enough care so that there would be no wrinkles within this special present. Her preparations complete, Hiroe would hug her mother and father, thanking them for assisting her in the construction of this wonderful outfit before making a beeline for the door.

Hiroe would gaze at her soul pager with present in hand, utilizing the finest display of flash step she could muster as she quickly dashed through any civilian that was in her way, evading them until she saw Emelie ahead, sitting at her chair. She looked so pretty! Which, of course, made her self-conscious about not changing into something as pretty herself. That was neither here nor there. She walked up and hugged the crimson-haired woman before sitting in the other chair, breathing heavily as she wiped away the sweat on her head. What a mess... but the present. That was the important part.

"Sorry if I was late, Emelie... for taking the time to befriend me so genuinely and passionately, I wanted to give you a present and see your reaction. You look nice, by the way! Hehehe... I was busy working on what's inside this box, so I'm sorry if I look a little disheveled."


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