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Mon May 01, 2023 10:50 pm
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Basic Information

○ Name: Eiji Mori
○ Alias': The Brat, A Fang
○ Age: Seventeen
○ Gender: Male
○ Race: Human

○ Affiliation: Earth

○ Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
○ Marital Status: Single
○ Nationality: Japanese
○ Religious Standing: Agnostic, Sort of
○ Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

○ Height: 5'8"
○ Weight: 165 lbs
○ Hair Color: Powder White
○ Eye Color: Crimson

[Spirit Class 9 | Hazard E] Eiji Mori 9VHaSD6


Despite his upbringing in what you'd assume was a well mannered and tight household, Eiji tends to lean on the side of rude and disrespectful in most of his day to day life. Though his actions tend to be well meaning, a majority of the time is spent satisfying his own needs and desires, putting those around him at risk if necessary. Even the simple things in life like satiating one's hunger, expressing their own feelings and pursuing their hopes and dreams, anything and anyone are but a stepping stool to further his own choices. Of course, this comes with rather confusing morals and such, leaving Eiji with little to no interaction socially for the most part.

Eiji is also, of course, not one to stray from the basic understanding of societal norms however. In the case of helping others, if the need be he isn't known to turn a blind eye to relative evil. On the contrary, as long as it occurs in his vicinity Eiji is well known for expressing his views and concerns with what you'd call "evil ne'er-do-wells". Don't be fooled however, he could just as easily turn away from such acts if it was in his benefit. Really, as long as it benefits either his image or his well being, Eiji will do just about anything for his own satisfaction.

An unfortunate side-effect of such a sour personality is the lack of accepting social norms for what they are. Conversations tend to go in circles if you disagree with the boy, a majority of time speaking to others being spent disrespecting or showing disinterest in their own words. A factor that changes this drastically of course is respect. Earned, or given, respect tends to turn the young boy in to a rather submissive person. A leader is a leader after all, Eiji isn't the type to disobey if the order is reasonable. Most of the time, at least.

Much like his attitude, Eiji's personality could be summarized as asinine, sour and deplorable. Your average rich brat, unfortunately.

» Likes:

- Generally any type of food that contains meat
- Classical Music
- The color White
- Black Coffee
- The Lavish Life, in general

» Dislikes:

- People, in general
- Loud Animals
- The Idea of Fasting
- Being without money
- Living alone


There is, unfortunately, very little in regards to a history for Eiji Mori. Being born in to a highly paid family growing up left him yearning for practically nothing at an early age. Babied from birth, the brat of a Mori child was what you would consider a problem child. As much as you would hope for the best in your children, both of Eiji's parents had little patience when it came to their child. Though abuse was never a question or concern, neglect was rather common for the boy during his early adolescence due to his impossible to handle attitude.

To even further escalate his attitude, early on in childhood instead of being allowed to live life with other kids, a majority of Eiji's teachings were specifically dealt with in the household. Refraining from allowing the boy out of their sights, both of Eiji's parents would spend a majority of their time under the roof teaching their child personally alongside the plethora of resources needed for homeschooling. Of course, in today's age, the internet and technology was more than qualified to help raise your children, especially at a young age. Of course, none of these things had much of an effect on Eiji's upbringing, if anything, it simply worsened his attitude and disposition towards others.

Soon after starting schooling, around the age of twelve, Eiji was no longer kept captive in his home. As if a switch flipped in his parent's minds, the two of them had decided that Eiji was no longer really a problem of theirs's. If anything, it would be far simpler to let him cause whatever trouble he wanted among the streets of Karakura, it would solve their problems a lot quicker than teaching ever could. So began the era of Eiji's rebellious phase, the time in which his childhood taught him more than he had bargained for.

Between the ages of thirteen and the time he had been kicked out of the family home at seventeen, Eiji spent his days filled with fisticuffs and mischief. Of course, causing trouble in Karakura would lead to any and all of their enforcement organizations keeping the young boy in check. During this time, his ability to degrade things that retained some form of spiritual energy had made him public enemy number one for those he wronged in the streets. With little understanding of how it worked aside from the few small things he could concentrate the power through, Eiji rarely used this ability and had kept it only in the case of dangerous encounters, hoping to protect himself in these cases if things went south.

Unfortunately, much like those who found themselves beating and bruising the boy day and night, Eiji wasn't given the kindest treatment by those who kept him in line. Nonetheless, he kept at what could only be considered bad behavior. Fighting and flaunting his rich nature were the only few things he felt any true enjoyment in. If anything, his need to brandish the little attitude of his kept him moving forward in life.

Despite that attitude keeping him afloat, those around him felt that it was asinine to act such a way, especially as the child of a higher up in society. Of course, that led his parents to do the only thing Eiji left them able to, removing him from the family ledger and effectively disowning him. Removed from both the home and finances, Eiji was left destitute and expected to work odd jobs for the rest of time, at least he thought as much.

Now, Eiji spends most of his days delivering parcels and doing odd construction and physical labor that others are unwilling to do nowadays. With little to his name and even less to his pockets, Eiji can only hope to find himself on the come up in hopes to not die of as quickly as the next guy. Of course, he still has that cute little attitude of his. How could he ever lose such a nasty streak?


Heightened Senses And Reaction Speed:

When it comes to the general five senses each person has, Eiji has shown a tremendous level of usage among all five. Whether it be smell, touch, sight, hearing or taste, practically every sense has a level of understanding and usage for the boy that tend to stray away from the average human understanding. Specifically, both his ability to see and hear are supernatural in ability, hearing the faintest of sounds at extensive lengths. In regards to his sight, the boy can retain clear and perfect visions for an extended distance, having a crystal clear understanding of his surroundings well past the average length a fellow human would.

Both movement and reaction capabilities are, generally, well above the average human as well for Eiji. Capable of dodging attacks that exceed the average human speed of reaction and having the ability to react within a moment's notice, he tends to have the upper hand when it comes to your everyday human.

Above-Average Intelligence:

Though nothing special, as a byproduct of his upbringing Eiji has been known for having a relatively high level of intelligence for what you would consider for an average human. Despite being far from genius level, he learns quickly in comparison to his peers and has always had the advantage when it comes to furthering his own knowledge. Whether it be tied to his ability to study and learn or his ability to understand, Eiji has always excelled when it comes to the general usage of one's brain. Being able to both parse and respond to situations with little concern, Eiji struggles very little with anything tied to his general intelligence. While it holds very little importance to his combat ability, being smarter than the crowd has been a constant help for the smallest of things, even in the face of certain death.

Human Punching Bag:

Put simply, Eiji has a natural talent for being a "punching bag" of sorts. Compared to your everyday person, the boy is capable of taking a beating in ways some would even consider inhumane. Broken bones, deep gashes and contusions alike leave little impression on his ability to act. Of course, while this has no real effect on his ability to move with broken bones it does leave him able bodied in the case of severe wounds that leave his legs intact. A side-effect of this talent, of course, is an undying urge to continue until left with an inability to. If Eiji isn't put down or knocked out, very little will stop him from continuing in the face of combat.


Spiritually Aware:

Much like practically every human on Earth, Eiji is considered spiritually aware.

Spiritual Rust:

Eiji is, in the clearest of terms, as close to powerless as a human can be in today's age. Aside from being spiritually aware, very little could be said of the boy's powers. Despite that, Eiji was born with a power that some deem rather curse-like in nature. Simply known as Spiritual Rust, Eiji is capable of using his reiryoku in order to attack the spiritual nature of an item, attack or being themselves. Much like rust on a metal spoon, the attack is aimed at degrading and eroding at the very nature of something spiritual. Unfortunately, up until this point in his life Eiji has struggled to control this odd power, let alone put it in to serious practice. As of now, he is capable of degrading objects of little value like coins, dirt and similar things in small batches.

In regards to abilities, the only effect Spiritual Rust currently has is the ability to lessen the impact of a blow dealt to Eiji that is of a spiritual nature. In the case of this being used, he is incapable of using this ability more than once every other post. Both his upbringing and lack of training has left him far from mastering this ability, almost having it considered a ace in the hole given it does very little in the grand scheme of things.


Family Heirloom - Gold Watch:

Eiji wears his Family watch, a golden timepiece at every single point in his day. Though it has very little importance in the grand scheme of things, when he was kicked out of his home it was one of the few things that he was allowed to retain was the heirloom.


General Skills
» Durability: Adept
» Speed: Beginner
» Strength: Beginner
» Martial Skill: Beginner

Will Skills
» Willpower: Adept
» Deduction: Adept
» Focus: Beginner

Human Skills
» Power Control: Beginner
» Physical Augmentation: Adept
» Spiritual Adaptation: Beginner
» Mediumship: Untrained


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Fri May 05, 2023 2:42 pm
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