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Sat Sep 16, 2023 2:45 am
[Spirit Class 9 | Hazard E] Junko Takeuchi ZxYkmkC


Basic Information

» Name: Junko Takeuchi 純子 内
» Alias: The Leashed Child
» Age: Thirty-Six - Physically Presents as Nineteen
» Gender: Female

» Association: Gotei United - First Division

» Alignment: Neutral Good
» Marital Status: Single?
» Ideal Partner: As Confusing For Her As Others

» Nationality: Japanese
» Religious Standing: N/A
» Sexual Orientation: Confused

» Height: 4'11"
» Weight: 98 lbs
» Hair Color: Silver-White
» Eye Color: Pale Lavender

[Spirit Class 9 | Hazard E] Junko Takeuchi YGFZlGn


"Sorry. That's my bad, don't mind me. Please."

Junko is, unfortunately, a rather timid woman. Spending a majority of her life under rule, whether that be through time with the Takeuchi clan or Gotei, she has always lived at some point or another with a thumb under her every move. With what little life she was allowed to live came with the nature of a mouse. A nature that, in most cases, always lead to the most unforeseen circumstances.

Quiet and, more appropriately, apologetic, not a day goes by that Junko finds herself in some type of trouble from her misunderstood attitude. More often than not seen as disrespectful or simply disinterested, Junko is rather meticulous and obsessive with her actions and words. This very nature leads her to make little to no friends, leaving her, at best, alone. Even her time doing what could only be described as menial administrative task for the First would normally lead Junko towards some form of altercation, something that she struggles with on a day to day basis.

This lack of initiative and frustration that tends to well up inside for the girl translated quickly to her reputation throughout the Gotei United despite her tenure with the Organization. This reputation was only further ruined by the biggest and most noticeable trait that girl retains to this very day. After all, one can only be so clumsy.

Clumsiness, which is putting it lightly, is almost inherent to Junko's very nature. Tripping over her own two feet, finding herself misplacing whatever she may have at hand and being quite literally unable to use her words effectively, Junko embodies the very nature of what it means to be a clutz. Even so, with both her mix of attitude and clumsiness, Junko does her very best each and everyday in hopes of making amends for her family name. If not for the Takeuchi branding, she would have gotten to live a rather normal life, something she struggles with to this very day.

» Likes:
- Blueberries
- The sound of rushing water
- The time she gets to spend alone outside of the First Division
- Murasaki Murasaki Murasaki
- The lack of interest seem to have of her

» Dislikes:
- Fourth Division
- Night Walks
- The Takeuchi Name
- Things that are generally sour


Born to a young man and his mistress, Junko Takeuchi was brought into the world with very little to her name. As a Takeuchi, the Rukongai was almost something to take pride in. Her father, Jun Takeuchi, was a man with what could only be described as a varied reputation. That very notion is what led Junko down the path that she was unfortunately destined for.

Soon after birth, despite being a relatively healthy and happy child, Junko was granted nothing but a singular outcome from birth. A leash, some would say. To her, it was nothing short of indentured servitude. Jun had spent his time ravaging the Rukongai doing as he pleased despite the efforts to keep him under wraps. Even before him, the Takeuchi clan in name was something that was only ever spoken of from a poor light. Known only as your average problem maker scaled to a thousand, the clan had left quite the mark for the Gotei to keep track of. With that came Junko's own punishment as the next of kin.

Not even three years into her time in the Rukongai, Junko was effectively apprehended as collateral by the Gotei Thirteen. In accordance with keeping both her father and in the case of her potential uprising later on in life, herself, under control, the little girl would soon rather be leashed than let grow day by day by the Gotei. Of course, what was there for a child to do in the midst of so many adults? Learn.

As a dog tied to the First Division since her time started in the Gotei, Junko was taught to work the menial and excessively simple jobs that came with the Administrative Offices. Taught to be more a lap dog than Shinigami, she learned very little past the basics required to be considered a full fledged Shinigami in her time with the First.

Early on, the girl was assigned both an Asauchi and an unseated member's uniform. Aside from her tasks as an Administrative Assistant, many nights were filled with the basic training and understanding of what it meant to be a Shinigami. Whether it were basic Hakuda, Kido or Zanjutsu prep, Junko spent night and day learning to be a good girl. A good girl in the eyes of the Gotei Thirteen. This would, whether for better or for worse, leave her growth as both a Shinigami and a person stunted. Both socially and spiritually, Junko was considered average at best, something the Takeuchi clan was very rarely met with in their offspring.

In the interim between her time learning and becoming a full-fledged unseated member of the First, Junko was capable of at the very least doing something on her own on the path to progression. Her Asauchi, now having taken shape as a simple wakizashi embroidered with a thing red thread to the edge of its hilt, was now awakened. Awakened was barely passing, but awakened nonetheless. Going by the name Keizan, there was very little to the spirit's blob-like appearance. Both its inner world and shape took the form of what Junko could only explain as empty. A void of nothing, without substance and color. Despite that, a win was a win in her book. Better out than in, after all.

The years went on and Junko found herself easing into her position as a lapdog well. From the transition from the Gotei Thirteen to Gotei United to her time seeing the Captain Commander position switch hands, it seemed that Junko could do nothing but watch. As the leashed dog of the Gotei United, it was in her best interest to continue her diligent work as expected of her. That was until she truly came to meet her new Captain Commander, Murasaki. Even though it was quite a short time between her ascending to the position, not barely more than a year, Junko couldn't lie. What little she knew of Murasaki and her time spent with her, she wasn't just impressed, she was near infatuated. Familial love was something that, obviously, Junko was never afforded. Murasaki was different, something she strove to be. An older sister, even if entirely onesided.

In present day, whether it be the short and few interactions she has with the likes of Erica or Murasaki or the lectures that would come with the ripened and aged Lyza, Junko simply worked. She worked and worked and worked, hoping for a day that she would find herself a free girl. Not something burdened by the Takeuchi name, rather, something she could earn all on her own. A future.


Murasaki - Captain Commander:

Though she has only spent a relatively small amount of time with Murasaki as her Captain Commander, Junko has inappropriately labeled her as an older sister. Of course, despite the one-sided familial love that she holds may be just that, as her subordinate, Junko respects and appreciates everything Murasaki does. Whether it be giving out orders, working alongside the Gotei United divisions or doing her best within the Soul Society as a whole, Murasaki has done little to nothing to have Junko's opinion of her falter.

Kei Saionji - First Division:

Just like Murasaki, Junko finds Kei to be much like an older sister. In this case, fortunately, the feeling seems to be reciprocated. There has been little to no time spent with the two that Kei hasn't felt like a protective family member, something that the girl has struggled to really know or understand due to her past. Because of this, her time in the First has become something enjoyable for her, especially in recent months with the addition of both Kei and Murasaki as her leads.

Nagoshi Kanae - Fourth Division Captain:

First and foremost, the thing that Junko ties to her thoughts on Kanae would be respect. Her actions, beliefs and thoughts as a captain and within the Gotei, Kanae has done nothing but be her best. Despite that, it seems that she doesn't necessarily care. Maybe that wasn't the best way to describe it, she just couldn't really put her finger on it. It was at the tip of her tongue. Why does Kanae not handle the idiots in her division? Why doesn't Kanae interact more often with her despite being administrative services? It just didn't make much sense to her. Nevertheless, her respect could never falter. Kanae was without a doubt one of the strongest to join the Gotei ranks.

Fourth Division - The Problem Children:

The Fourth, or more importantly just Shura Kurata, are what Junko considers problem children. Weirdos. They have very little importance to her work in the Gotei and, in most cases, only do their best to enjoy their own interests. Those interests? Well, fighting. As a woman who would rather be caught behind a desk rather than using her Zanpakuto and middling combat abilities, Junko can't seem to find anything redeeming about the Fourth aside from their captain and importance to actual combat outside of the Gotei. That changed very little, unfortunately. Junko simply didn't enjoy their presence. If anything, the less interaction the better.

Seventh Division - The Lovable Weirdos:

In the case of the Seventh Division, unlike the Fourth, Junko knows next to nothing about their members. Whether it be unseated or seated, let alone the captain and vice captain, the girl knows practically nothing. Even more concerning, it seems that some of the listed members such as a certain Hisana simply don't exist. That didn't stop Junko from having a rather big interest in their doings, however. If anything, Junko finds the mysteriousness that is the Seventh as something to she couldn't help be attached to. Everyone but Shishiyuki, at the least.

Koizumi Shishiyuki - Seventh Division Vice-Captain:

Junko is scared of Shishiyuki, fullstop. She knows near nothing other than the first and last time she had ever met her. She looked scary, spoke scary and did very little to ease her mind. It surely wasn't Shishiyuki's fault, it just didn't seem to matter to Junko. Junko didn't hate her, she just simply did not enjoy being around her. She was scary. Too scary. Who even acts like that?


Middling Strength and Durability:

At her best, Junko is what you'd consider as completely normal person when it comes to both her strength and durability. At average? Junko is on the weaker side of a majority of things, especially durability. There is very little that she could hope for aside from growing stronger, something she has struggled with her entire time in the First's ranks.

Astute and Observant:

The most important and, only natural ability that Junko would consider being proud of, is her ability to simply be smarter. In most cases, when pointing at the smartest in a room, Junko would be top of the pyramid. Where she lacks in both strength and skill she makes up for in her intelligence. Noticing the smallest of changes in people, the movements of the world around her and the general ability to discern what one could mean. Through and through, her ability to simply learn and reciprocate her knowledge in any measurable form is her most impressive feat as a Shinigami. A detriment in the long term, unfortunately.


» Racial Abilities:

A Shinigami Through and Through:

In some cases it could considered a problem but to Junko, her proudest factor as a Shinigami is that she is just that, a Shinigami. At the most basic level, Junko is capable of doing anything and everything a basic, out-of-the-academy Shinigami should and is capable of doing. Though she is at best, average at everything, she is still proud with what little time she has had to train with how she has evolved over time. She truly is simply a Shinigami at heart.


» Zanpakutō Name: Kaizen

» Zanpakutō Spirit: With her current advancement with both knowing her Zanpakuto's name and her expression of her inner world, Kaizen unfortunately holds little to no personality and appearance to speak of. As a blob-like creature, Kaizen looks much like a black goo monster. In terms of personality, her spirit only has what could be considered as a pet-like attitude. From time to time, it quips and pushes its way around her mind but very little can be said for Kaizen as far as his looks and thoughts are concerned. Of course, Junko finds it cute.

» Inner World: Junko's inner world entirely consists entirely of just a white space. This white space, filled with next to nothing, only contains a singular mountain for in the distance. From this mountain extends a river, a river that reflects both her inner feelings and dialogue. A river of Junko, some would say. Unfortunately, to this day, Junko has been incapable of reaching this mountain, let alone exploring the river that extends from it. A shame, she believes.

» Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:


» Sealed Zanpakutō Power:

Junko currently has no power to speak of when it comes to her Zanpakuto.


Takeuchi Brand:

The one and only piece of equipment that Junko actively retains as a member of the Takeuchi clan is her brand. Usually, brands tend to be surface level upon a Takeuchi's skin. In this case, Junko is almost entirely special as far as both male and female Takeuchi members are concerned. Taking the shape of a pink halo that rests near inches above her head, the Takeuchi brand serves as a mark of her collared nature and the importance of removing the Takeuchi from the Rukongai. Junko, despite being originally from the Rukongai, takes pride in this brand and finds it rather cute. Seeing the brand more as an accessory rather than a brand itself.


General Skills
» Durability: Beginner
» Speed: Beginner
» Strength: Beginner
» Martial Skill: Beginner

Will Skills
» Willpower: Adept
» Deduction: Adept
» Focus: Adept

Shinigami Skills
» Hoho: Beginner
» Kidō: Beginner
» Zanjutsu: Beginner
» Hakuda: Beginner


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[Spirit Class 9 | Hazard E] Junko Takeuchi Empty Re: [Spirit Class 9 | Hazard E] Junko Takeuchi

Fri Sep 22, 2023 4:03 pm
She's smol but smol

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