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Wed Feb 28, 2024 7:36 pm
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Today was the day, it seemed. Eiji had been up since the early hours of the morning, doing his best to make the house presentable for Natasha. She had been gone, doing what? Well, frankly, while Eiji wasn't really sure. Something about protecting the people of Africa, doing the job the Vandenreich was tasked with, blah blah blah. The usual, he thought. That being said, it didn't really matter much in the grand scheme of things. She did her job and Eiji appreciated it, maybe even more than the Vandenreich do.

That point aside, Eiji had found himself tidying up for the final moments before Natasha was expected to arrive, wiping down the island counter as if he hadn't done it for the fourth time that day. Everything had to be just right for the woman's arrival, especially after taking as much time as she did away from the City to focus on the Africa task. It seemed like it had been ages since she was home, best to remember it as she left it right?

"That should be just about it..."

Stepping back from the counter and giving himself a quick little pat on the shoulder, the boy smiled and huffed with a content sigh. Looked like everything was good on his end, rounding the corner towards the living room. Tossing the rag he carried off into a nearby basket, Eiji did a quick look over of the living room before adjusting his clothes, following a quick nod.

"Nothin' more to do than wait now, huh?"

He nodded again, sitting down on the couch and passively twiddling his thumbs. Even though the house was squeaky clean, laundry had been done and the room was set up for her arrival, Eiji couldn't help be nervous. Really, really nervous. It had been so long and it seemed like things were moving in the right direction. So why did he feel this way?

Nothing to do but wait, nervousness or not. That was the most he could do now.

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Mon Mar 04, 2024 11:31 pm
Homecoming [Eiji, Natasha] GErtDg6


Natasha was grateful to be alive. It wasn't a battle nearly as difficult as the one that saw her nearly dying along with her dear friend, to be sure, but it was still a perilous event that tested her mettle. Proof of that battle was evident in the array of burn marks that streaked across her lovely features. The medical team on site was able to assist in ensuring she could walk without feeling constant pain.

She was thankful for that much, at least. Eiji was currently the only one home. Natasha wondered how he might react to this new appearance she was wearing, hoping he wouldn't display too much distress. After all, the trip home had been rough. Like a mother returning from a strenuous day at work, she simply wants to see a smile on his face and learn what he's been up to. Opening the door with key in hand, Natasha stepped through to greet Eiji with a bright smile. Hazel eyes quickly noted how spotless the house looked, a sight that filled her with a genuine sense of joy. Mighty fine effort to come back to after an all-out war with abnormal hollow, certainly.

"Long time no see, pumpkin. Lookit you, makin' my house look brand new."

Natasha set her bags down by the door, slowly making her way over to the couch. Tossing a big grocery bag of his favorite snacks beside him, she sat down, ruffling his hair with a grin. It truly was nice to see his face again.

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