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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Sagumi Fuuinjutsu

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Sagumi Fuuinjutsu   Wed Jan 08, 2014 3:49 pm

  • Name Of Character: Sumashuu Sagumi
  • Link To Character Profile:
  • Reasons For Upgrading: Multiple threads in which he is teaching his students and reuniting with his wife and essentially the other half of his existence in this world has let him further attune himself to his previous powers from the world from whence he came, giving him access to his Fuuinjutsu capabilities.

    What Are You Upgrading:


    Fuuinjutsu, literally translated as Sealing Technique, is the art of using a myriad of symbols that, when activated and laden with Chi, will perform a variety of different effects. Sagumi, his interactions with Nozomi and his own increase in power, has slowly begun to further attune himself to the power and potential he once had and has begun to further awaken his old capabilities and at the moment that involves Sagumi reawakening his knowledge and proficiency with Fuuinjutsu.

    The seals, or symbols, themselves vary depending on the specific technique that Sagumi wishes to employ and these effects vary rather widely but a constant they share is that they each need to be marked upon a solid object. There are currently three ways for Sagumi to apply a seal to an object. The first and probably most obvious is drawing the seal itself, either in ink, in pencil, in blood, carving it with a knife, the method does not especially matter but Sagumi is capable of drawing the appropriate symbols and triggering the fuuinjutsu technique through them.

    The other two options are a little more flexible and less time consuming, but carry their own problems. Sagumi is capable of mentally creating a seal on whatever object he can place his palm against. The Sumashuu will visualize the seal he wishes to employ and upon placing his palm upon an object, that symbol will be etched into the object. Seals applied in this fashion will last for five posts. The final method allows Sagumi to etch one of the symbols into an object he is looking at by visualising the seal and forcibly imposing it upon the object. This requires the man’s Chi, or at least the residual left behind from his chi, to be inside the object. Consequently he can only apply a seal through line of sight if his Chi had coursed through the object at some time three posts or less prior to the application. These seals themselves are impossible to remove without either cancelling the Chi used in their creation or physically destroying the object they are placed upon, unfortunately they will only last two posts before dissipating of their own accord.

    Soaring Divine Bellow:

    One of Sagumi’s more potent Fuuinjutsu and quite handily his favorite, the Soaring Divine Bellow allows Sagumi to instantly transport himself to one of the seals depicted above. Once Sagumi has marked an object with the Soaring seal, he is capable of utilizing the technique to instantly teleport to the target location provided there is enough open space for his body to materialize. This technique is not movement in the sense that Sagumi travels from point A to point B however and is instead a manipulation of space and time to forcibly insert himself in to existence at point B. Consequently this technique cannot be tracked by things that track movement or even really track energy in general. Of course, Sagumi is only capable of materializing at the location of the seals, making this technique somewhat obvious and slightly predictable if it is effectively analyzed. The technique is not only applicable to Sagumi however as the man is capable of extending the teleportation effect unto others as well. Sagumi can utilize the Soaring Diving Bellow to transport an object marked with the Soaring Seal to another object marked with the Soaring Seal. He is also capable of transporting anything touching a Soaring Seal to another Soaring Seal as well.

    Contract Seal:

    While oddly named, this seal is one of Sagumi’s more potent abilities. When placed upon a person or object, it will immediately neutralize any supernatural powers that said object or person can produce, manipulate, or in anyway utilize for as long as the seal is etched upon them. The seal will revert released Zanpakutos in to their original state, it will shut off a Shinigami’s ability to use Kido, it will completely neutralize any and all powers whatsoever and will reject any and all transformations back to their unreleased states until the seal is either forcibly removed or dissipates on its own(article of clothing the seal was placed on is removed, skin it is etched into is cut, etc). This version of the seal may not be applied through sight and will only last three posts. However, Sagumi has also created a variation of the Contract Seal that, with a minor alteration in the Fuuinjutsu formula, allows Sagumi to reject the supernatural energy of anything coming in to contact with the Contract Seal. The most common practices involving this is to apply the seal to his own palm or to a trigger shield and allow it to completely cut through all form of shields or powers or anything of the sort. Unfortunately, the alteration in the seal requires a considerable amount of Chi to maintain and as such it cannot be used for more than one post before the strain is simply too much for Sagumi to handle and may not be used again for five posts to allow his body to rest from the strain.

    Explosive Seal:

    Unlike its predecessor on this list, the Explosive Seal is very, very aptly named. After marking an object, the Explosive seal, through use of Sagumi’s chi, will detonate and the explosion actually has two phases. The Chi will initially expand at about 26,400 feet per second (8,050 meters per second), applying a huge amount of force to everything in the surrounding area(30 meters). The initial expansion inflicts most of the damage. It also creates a very low-pressure area around the explosion's origin -- the gases are moving outward so rapidly that they suck most of the gas out from the "middle" of the explosion. After the outward blast, chi and gases rush back into the partial vacuum, creating a second, less-destructive inward energy wave. In addition to this, Sagumi is capable of layering multiple explosive seals on top of one another which, instead of generating a new explosion, allows him to exponentially increase the force and blast radius of the Explosive Seal. Weaving another seal into an existing seal is a taxing effort however and consequently makes it difficult to layer too many on top of one another and it takes time, each layer taking one post to form. At the present time, Sagumi can only layer the seal three times before his Chi reserves are too taxed to continue.

    Evil Restraining Seal:

    Sagumi developed this technique, initially, to have a defense mechanism in place in the event his wife, a Jinchuuriki, were to succumb to the monster’s influence and the thing’s power needed to be further sealed away. While this was a weapon against others like his wife in the old world, it never saw much use. Nozomi maintained control over Xaser and he never had any serious altercations with others of her kind. In this world however, many people with situations similar to his wife exist, the word “Ziamichi” being prescribed to them. The Evil Restraining Seal is capable of completely shutting off the host body’s connection to their inhabiting spirit and completely severing the connection for as long as the seal is in place. This can also be used to block out all forms of possessions and other spiritual or otherwise bodies inhabiting another. Unlike his other seals, all methods of the Evil Restraining Seal are permanent unless physically destroyed.

    Replacement Seal:

    Following similar principles to the Soaring Divine Bellow, this technique takes it one step further and allowed Sagumi to instantly switch the position of himself and the marked object. Once the technique is utilized, time will seem to stand still for a moment, if an attack were to hit him it would seem as if it had connected for a few moments before the reality that he had never actually been struck at all sets in. In a puff of smoke, Sagumi's body will have completely replaced its position with the position of the marked object. There are some restrictions however. In order to utilize the technique, the object must be of similar mass to Sagumi and must be within two hundred meters of his position in order to properly switch places with it.

  • Any Extra Notes: If you guys want to throw me tier for having to deal with the ego overload from Moonie/Shisome/Cirno I won't decline!
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Sagumi Fuuinjutsu   Wed Jan 08, 2014 7:38 pm

well after reading this through a few times i will be approving it.
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Sagumi Fuuinjutsu
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