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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Bants - Shedoyuri & Tora

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Bants - Shedoyuri & Tora   Mon Feb 17, 2014 10:11 am


Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: 568

Sting had marched behind his fellow comrade. His eyes kept darting around in boredom; he hated traveling by the gargantuan because it really took the piss. After a passing of every five to ten seconds he would drop the tip of his blade down to the ground that had been conjured from Reishi and begin scratching it; as his blade scratched the solid surface, fractions of it began vanishing which would have unnerved his comrades yet no one would dared to question it. His attire blew from side to side ever so slightly that only those with keen vision would be able to take notice of it.

His right hand swung the blade around as he toyed with it, every so often his eyes would peek back at Shedoyuri who had been in the arms of Dexter, the raw power vizard. That man’s grip alone could shatter bones, Sting knew as he almost experienced it first-hand upon joining the Monsuta. The man was loyal though, he seeked strength but was both quiet and powerful. In Shedoyuris case, she had been safe as she wasn’t behind held be him, she was merely placed across one arm and left to rest. Sting took note of the fact that her spiritual pressure had yet to return to normal which led to only one conclusion; she had still been released.

He disregarded the fact and kept walking; the sound of his own footsteps began to anger him. His yellow hair stood upright as he took a deep breath in frustration. He was sick of walking, even though they had only been travelling for a few minutes. His perceptiveness glanced past the girl who had been leading the way and took note of the exit; “Finally” he thought to himself as they all neared the exit. His blade was reflecting the yellow light from the end of the pathway yet his instincts took note of an intrusion in his division.

They had arrived at the Black Ops HQ yet that lousy Co-Commanders pressure was slathered across the whole area. As Sting left the gargantua he simply thought to himself, “What a bastered” his hand swinging the blade around like a toy while his eyes looked for the annoying pest. The rest of his squad entered the HQ as the Gargantua closed shut. He inhaled as he spun around and began heading toward his office, his little squad followed while the girl that had been leading the venture through the gargantua dropped back. The crazy yellow haired Commander of the Monsuta Black Ops had been leading the 10 individuals while his facial expression turned to the look of disgust. His feet slamming across the solid surface of the ground that had been especially engineered to handle the impact of his moody walks, as they always led to damage.

He was one hundred percent sure that he had asked that smelly bastered not to be seen on this floor of the HQ, yet he was here and in his office. The foul stench of corpses followed that son of a bitch as Stings keen sense of smell picked up on the origin of the smell; it wasn’t only a stench of corpses it was a hint of putrid piss which was sickening in his eyes. Some around the arena looked around in fright but none of the ten that had been behind him hesitated; four or five of them covered their noses while the rest endured that disgraceful odour.

His right hand slammed the double doors that had led to his office, with the sudden touch the doors opened up by parting from the center; his eyes surveyed the area looking for the origin of that sickly smell while his Squad took several steps back, taking precautions in case he was to lash out.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Bants - Shedoyuri & Tora   Fri Feb 21, 2014 1:46 am

Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

The world smeared in crimson, the only escape the cold steel, the darkened flames or the ropes that tie the noose death is the final release. and right now the executioner that brought forth these symbols of death sat his legs upon wood a evil in his eyes as he watched them die.

Toras day had seemingly taken quite the twist, The man had taken a small stroll through his headquarters, the mans mind was in completely other places his worries always seeming to grow stronger. Everyday Tora feared for what could and would happen to this place if others saw fit to strike like they had done so to Australia. Tora knew their forces were little and many of there members were against the ideals that were currently sought specifically those Tora had sought. Many felt that he was psychotic and unable to posses the capability of mercy thus his ideals of destruction were lost on smaller eyes. However as The man who possessed the title of Co head had proven, everything he did was for a greater standing and a hope for monsuta, though he did also enjoy bringing pain to others it was only a nice little bonus he achieved.

But now the time of Plans the white haired male had in place were unraveled by a single thought. His friend had lost his way and was now trying to achieve a sort of inner peace to himself, Tora hated the fact that a man he had such respect for had lost his way so far that now he'd abandon all he had worked for. It was for this reason Tora had taken so much of his aggression out on the mans own brother. A person who would let his brother fall so far, That was all Tora saw of sting Chikara a nuisance of sorts though he did manage to get the job done. And that my friends is the reason Tora had sent him to find a small package he wanted ever since his satellites saw it. a ex prisoner of the goteis very own maggots nest, a girl who had seen the insides of a prison and awakened a madness that just made Tora moist with anticipation, Shedoyuri who in fact herself held the last name that the head of Monsuta carried a name that held the burden of the world sought to show the power of monsuta. Tora would follow this lead and let no other disgrace monsutas name without punishment.

And this my friends is how he ended up on the training grounds of the black operations floor. They had no say in his movements and thus if anyone questioned him they knew that it'd lead to there untimely demise. Without a word the man had headed into the offices of Sting Chikara his eyes never once looking at this rabble around him, not even when one of stings men raised a blade to him speaking nonsense of his rights and that he didn't have the privilege to enter there captains office, Tora never averted his gaze. Though this didn't mean that act went unpunished, with a touch of a finger to the mans chest he stood completely still blood spouting from his mouth ... his heart had exploded. The shocked looks didn't stop Tora from letting the limp body drop to the floor and allowing him to enter his new abode in peace. Loyalty meant nothing here this was the Monsuta and raising a blade to Tora was as though their loyalty's were a mere stain of blood in the carpet, a nuisance that should be removed.

For over an hour the man sat, his legs crossed lying on the table, that was until 2 men walked across the black ops floor one holding a butches apron, a pair of large gloves and some form of tool kit whilst the other held a large canister of gasoline. dragging with them they also had  4 people kicking and screaming trying to escape, heshin bags draped across their heads, their arms tied and being easily overpowered as they were thrown to their fate inside this office that was about to be put to full use. once inside the 2 men who had brought these gifts to the co head exited the room a sort of disgust in themselves sitting upon there face. And for the next few hours the waiting began, screaming and cries came from the room but no man dare investigate just what Tora was up too, until suddenly ... it stopped.

Soon the black ops commander had entered his domain walking with his small group towards Toras whereabouts. Of course this didn't bother the man who had once again taken his position sitng in Stings chair feet lazily draped across the table. As the door opened a grin would emerge to Tora's face as his arms opened wide greeting sting, around the floor lay pools of blood making the carpet soggy just to stand on, the walls were completely painted red instead of the regular white, a few bits of gibberish scribbled into them in front of the mans desk were severed limbs arms and legs draped across the ground probably hacked off by the bloodied hacksaw lying on top of the Chikara males paperwork. behind Tora lay the handiwork of 3 of these 4 people, there necks slit letting them bleed out as he hung them and just to ad insult to injury one could considered the charred bodies as a sign of them being burnt alive as well. However the most interesting of this was 4th person, there body riddled with holes and stinking of gasoline, the insides taken out and were seemingly the main component to Toras paint job, the head however remained un touched sitting in Toras hand.

Sting isnt it a surprise to see you here, welcome to your performance review i guess. I liked the classy appeal you were going for but personally i thought it lacked something.

As he rose up it was obvious to see Tora was just mocking this man, little need he had to come here wasn't going to be wasted just to show Sting what he can do, he was teaching a lesson here. Within an instant of his rise and small walk he stopped a little shocked at something. With a manacle look he rose the severed head to his ear, and using his thumb made the jaw move, and after a small conversation with himself arguing weather he or the head should tel them something, which of course ended in Toras suggestion of paper scissors rock he turned letting his little pall sit against his ribs as he spoke a single hand on the head.

This here is my new friend, her name is Martha. Now don't be shocked by that cause i know one of you knows that name very well almost like ... a mother ...... don't they Dexter. these 4 people here are a little family i found after hearing some shocking news, our young Dexter here is not exactly what he seems. The reason he remains so quiet is that he to tell the hardest of truths is a traitor, so let me introduce you to the gang, martha a young mother to our little dexy, bill his daddy dearest, his young sister lilly and last but not least their grandfather steve.

With a look to the man Tora was gone his speed beyond any within the monsuta to the point of within a second he hit speeds fast enough that seeing him would be near impossible, but hearing him was another matter. The big man who had accompanied Sting to this place screamed out in absolute horror as Toras hand ripped through his back and snapped his spine, even with this mans pure strength his body couldn't withstand Tora's constant velocity ripping through it. the man dropped to the ground every action possible was gone, he was a vegetable not dead but not truly alive, punishment for his crime.

At this point however a girl was lying upon his shoulder, and without a second thought tora had managed to grasp her by the neck as the big man fell and shove her against the wall. With a smug smile across his face he leaned in taking a inhale of this girls scent a satisfied look crossing his face as he drew back releasing the girl and returning to the seat behind stings desk.

Its been awhile since iv'e smelt beautiful, what treat have you brought me now sting, if you keep this up i may just have to accept you as a model worker.

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Bants - Shedoyuri & Tora
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