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 Sou Yuuki [ 2414 Version Human, 0-3++ ]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Sou Yuuki [ 2414 Version Human, 0-3++ ]   Sou Yuuki [ 2414 Version Human, 0-3++ ] EmptySat Mar 29, 2014 7:02 am

Living Nightmare's Basics

ϟ Name: Sou Yuuki
ϟ Titles: The Nightmare, Armorless Tank, Shithead [ Referred by Shadin ], He-Who Became The Fearless Nightmare, The One Whom Aches For The Light
ϟ Age: Previously 18, Currently 19.
ϟ Gender: Male
ϟ Affiliation/Rank: Rogue, Orgless, Clanless.

ϟ Appearance Description: Even a year later after his first appearance, Sou still retains his usual appearance of a young man in his early 20s. What really change about him is mostly of his own personality and his own skin color that seemed to be much brighter, smoother than before due to the lack of melanin that his body produces with how little of ultraviolet ray that he releases in his body and hormones.

In terms of height, you can find him slightly taller than usual, while still retaining his appearance that of a nightmare, he stands about 6 feet and 6 inches tall as his old records of his own height was 6 feet 4 inches. Seemingly that his body grows expotentially fast under its own terms and rates, his growth rate seems to regain its former glory during the lack of growth in his childhood days when he discovered his rather inhumanly strength and caused him to damage his body structure each and everyday, ranging from scratches to go further heights into broken bones and severe wounds that even an average human would have a hard time surviving against it. But with now being able to control his strength at his own will, as far as allowing him to control the amount of output he can release and controlling his inner muscles allowed his body to take lesser damage than his usual broken bones and split-open wounds in the past, and those lessen damages finally gave him back the former glory he once had, the growth of a true adult.

When it comes to measuring his weight, it is beyond belief that his body's weight is nowhere near a human. Sou's body weight can cross the borders of even being called as 'normal', as he weighs exceed over 400 pounds and further, so heavy that he could even exceed 1000 pounds under rare circumstances. Because of his unnatural strength that he has gained, controlled and used over the course of years, his body developed an endless growth of muscle tissues and the expansion of his nerves. This is due to his brain's limiter that has removed his physical body's limits and allowed him to use his body freely and openly wihout any physical restrains to his mind, strength and intelligence. Otherwise, everything else is mysterious about his body's actual weight, despite looking thin and an average-sized male. It is an unexplainable occurance to a human like Sou, because at this point, he could've been crushed by his own weight and potentially die, but this sort of event cannot be explained by both science and technology itself.

His eyes are oddly special in its own way, however, its effects are unknown and presumably none. Within his normal and false awakening state, his eyes doesn't glow nor does it to anything [ For now ], but what's really interesting is that it can be visibly seen within the darkness even if it does not have the ability to glow at all, just like a glowstick that doesn't glow nor lights up at all and yet, it is visible to the naked eye within the darkness. However, under his True Awakening state, his right eye could glow in red under mysterious circumstances, so bright that its glowing effects can still be visibly seen even in a broad daylight. The causes are unknown, but it is sure that there are effects or meanings behind his pair of mysterious eyes.

Sou's hair are exactly, crimson red instead of dark red unlike it was used to be in his previous year. This change overriden his old style hair just after the Australia War Arc and this change was rather drastic and yet, odd. Some points out that his hair is dyed, but it is not, and obviously, purely red-headed by natural means. But his natural hair isn't exactly proven in a way or two, since as a child, his hair was originally and purely white under his birth wihout any lack of melanin since having a white hair is from its cause but obviously, it wasn't. His red hair reflects under his aggressive nature when it was still in its dark red manner but ever since his personality changed, it seemed to be much 'brighter' in color, as far as turning into crimson red in a much brighter way than in its dark style.

In terms of clothing, more or less, it can be considered 'normal' for him. Wearing almost a bartender-like attire with long sleeves, and within it, is a white shirt that seemed to be loose out from his pants. Maintaining his long-sleeved coat, he wears a pair of black pants, long ones that extends all the way to his shoes, covering up some of its upper parts as it extends. What's interesting is that he bought them to be waterproof, where he can keep it dry even when it comes to fighting in a rain or against a water-based opponent. Really, things are convenient for him to use in these sort of situations. It seems that he never wear anything else other than his usual attire, even if you go as far as checking his wardrobe, its literally the same clothes since most clothes on earth or any spiritual realm never really fits his style or tastes.

When it comes to equipments, it holds a very obvious appearance in the public, being mentioned that him being 'crippled' are more or less likely true as the rumors said. The one that is making the most appearances of them all are his underarm crutch, originally designed for the usage of patients within the hospital, clinics and pharmacies became his weapon for destruction. His underarm crutch is armed, installed with devices that helps out his inability to perform supernatural attacks as a human with a little to no chi energy left in him to even use a single ability. Protected with stainless steel, powerful enough to withstand attacks beyond most technology's recognition, and painted with dark grey color, and mostly seen being equipped under his right shoulder and held by his right hand, just like any other patients would've held it.

The other equipment is not well-hidden. Holding the appearance of a plain, non-stylish, dark grey in color with small white stripes at its sides and with a few visible electronic parts of the device at its outer appearance, especially the battery with a wire or two extending out of each ends of the battery, strapped tightly to his wrist with a few visible wires that is implanted directly into his wrist, each wire to his muscles, nerves and veins that transmit electrical signals directly and throughout within his body, with three buttons on the top of the device itself for a convenient activation and deactivation. His device glows orange under safety mode, glowing red when the mode is activated, and its red light slowly flickers and light beeping sounds can be heard from the device when it is about to run out of power and the device would stop glowing any visible colors when it shuts down, depending on the circumstances and how he uses the device itself.

ϟ Appearance Picture:
Spoiler Alert! A lot of damn pictures & big ones inside.

Living Nightmare's Personality

ϟ Maniacal Sadist: Sou exhibits characteristics of a sadist and a maniac when someone finally breaks him into his fighting zone. While he seemed to be an ignorant person in his casual self in terms of socialing, his sadistic & maniacal personality of his would eventually show itself when anyone finally breaks through his calm zone, and slowly exhibiting his sadistic personality then eventually, breaking into a great wave of anger and the maximum level of his sadistic personality would take place. A naturally inherited personality under the influence of his everyday lives and surroundings, occurances and events, where he takes his appearance to a whole new level of fear and darkness, by influencing himself as sadistically and maniacally as he could in order to invoke fear to his enemies, and which in that way under his own point of view, through invoking fear to his opponents would save him from needless attentions and fights.

Often acts sadistic to mask out his true intentions, but what really gives off from his sadistic and maniacal personality are killing intents at its peak. In order to invoke fear to his opponents wihout inflicting too much damage to both the individual and his surroundings from attention, he gives off an aura with maximum killing intent, but because of that, it also influenced him with a hot-headed personality, but that isn't much of an effect to himself at all. For short, this personality masks off his true feelings and intentions around him and continues on doing so, staying as a lone wolf and never had any friends that sticks around him or to ever talk to him, since all he could ever make were enemies and rivals throughout his life, and never once had a true friend that ever acknowledges what's deep within his sadistic and maniacal mask that covers all the burden he holds so far, from the past to the current, and of course, this is how he intends to stay as a 'villain' or a 'bad guy'.

ϟ Ruthless: His ruthless personality is a part of his dark side within him, in covering what's real and true within him, away from showing out any possible weaknesses under dire circumstances, and Sou would become ruthless by any means against anyone, friends, family, comrades or strangers, childrens or adults, he will not let anyone walk out alive if they cross the borders with their words and actions in the turn of violence.

Although rarely, but this is one of his most frightening traits once he submits into an extreme anger, turning him into an incontrollable destructive wild beast once a certain person finally snaps the last straw of his tolerance. Turning into an unforgiving, cold-hearted, ruthless beast that doesn't leave anyone alive, whether they are childrens or close friends, or even family, he would slaughter them out of pure rage and anger boiling ever so strongly inside of him to the point where he loses concious control of himself, both physically and mentally, acting and fighting violently with all of his pure might and rage that boils beneath his heart, and ultimate, turning a battlefield into hell. By losing 'control' of himself in both physically and mentally, which means that he has no conciousness of knowing what he is doing during his rampaging period after being consumed by pure extreme anger, and would have no idea that he had slaughtered anyone, friends & family, after his rage finally cools down and his conciousness are regained throughoutly. However, even if he loses self-concious of himself under extreme emotional pressure or rage, Sou can be considered an agile and a powerful fighter in terms of melee combat with hand-to-hand and weapons themselves, making him an opponent to be reckoned with in combat.

This ruthless personality of his doesn't always appear out of nowhere and being randomly exhibited by Sou, and this set of personality seems to only activate under certain conditions, where he/she is required to attack him either or both psychologically and emotionally, causing him to break down under extreme emotional pressure, in anger, sadness, determination/willpower and so forth. Conditions like these can greatly change his personality from time to time, and sometimes, are kept constant and unchanging to his psychological behaviour despite being both emotionally and psychologically impacted. The emotion of his can be provoked under very few circumstances of near-death situation, his loved ones being threatened to death and mocking his past and powers to the point of crossing the borders.

ϟ Destructive: Its quite a laughable personality, despite undergoing heavy changes in his personality and emotions, his destructive self never really dissapears nor it ever bores out. When it comes to fighting his opponents, Sou loves to take things overboard to the level of throwing buildings at his opponents, crushing the earth beneath him that stretches out at a wide radius and splitting a path apart with his almost god-like strength. Because of this, he had to keep himself steady and controlled from exhibiting these destructive personality of his, since at some point, he may get too excited or amused to the point where he forgets about his own restrictions in terms of using his strength and controlling it from drawing any possible attention from the officials and the authorities.

Much like a Kenpachi-tier destruction, Sou merely lusts for destruction and battles that can greatly amuse him, and that way, he could toy with his opponents however he wants as long as they have the appropriate method to amuse him as much as possible in combat. But truly, his destructive personality doesn't go too short. As far his destruction goes, Sou is willing to obliterate anything and anyone in order to win against his opponent, and even willing to go beyond that to make sure his victim never stands up to see the sunlight ever again for another time of their life, but as we know, Sou would never had the actual guts to kill off someone too easily and most likely, would leave them alive for good until another time when he meets the same enemy again.

ϟ Not Too Much, Not Too Little: Knowing that he would sometimes go overboard with what he does in combat, but this is truly one of his fearful traits that you should take note of. In the past, Sou greatly underestimates his opponents at a level where at times, he goes easy on them in order to give them the upperhand at a battle, and this 'underestimation' leads to his loss in recent battle and of course, almost got himself killed from Shadin's blasts and a few more people he had encountered on the way almost risking his own life in fighting them. Taking those into an account, Sou eventually cleared out most of his weaknesses and loopholes he once had in the past and now never underestimates nor has he now overestimates his opponents which led to his loss in the past, a lesson that he had learnt.

Making use of his photographic memory and his newly-developed personality, he fights his opponents with clear conscience and full control of himself in fighting his opponents. He takes everything into calculation and makes use with all the informations he throughoutly gained about his opponent and allows him to know exactly how much force, energy and power in order to defeat his opponent, which completely wipes out his weakness in underestimating his opponents. Truly, this is exactly something that one should fear against for someone whom neither underestimates nor overestimates those candidates who are willing to fight him, and Sou, would gladly fight them wihout any hesitations behind him, as long as he doesn't end up killing them, of course.

ϟ Observant: Sou isn't a random berserker who fights people with pure rage wihout any second thoughts during the combat. If you think about him that way, you're dead wrong. He is very observative about his surroundings, especially his target. He observes his target's abilities, its nature, energy, force, momentum, speed, intensity, pressure and so forth in order to take into an account of what their power is made of in terms of combat. Although there are things he may not understand with his limited knowledge under his photographic memory to remember things within a blink of an eye, his observative nature allows him to hold an advantage once he had measured and calculated how much momentum, intensity, pressure, wavelength, energy and force to exert a specific strength, or to manipulate a specific object or element in order to land a hit to its enemies.

This observative trait of his are later supported by his device, the IEBN, also known as International Electronic Brace Network. With its calculation appliance installed within the very systems of the device, this further helps out his ability to calculate his surroundings and his opponent to greater heights, something like an 'extra eye' in terms of calculating his surroundings since he can both use his IEBN device to calculate the wind's speed, heat, intensity, pressure and so on, while his eyes would do the work of calculating forces of an individual's attack and their motions and wavelengths in order to exert a certain attack, force, strength or blast by any means of power. Despite being a human himself and does not possess any sort of supernatural powers on his current state after a long run from every possible disaster he had landed himself into, Sou does cross the boundaries of a mortal from being able to be called 'normal & pure' human anymore with all of these supernatural human characteristics that he holds, even if he doesn't have any actual nor a specific chi energy in his current state.

ϟ Ignorant: Something that he picks up after the Australia War. Realising that he has minded too much of other's words and are too easily provoked by any means of psychological attacks from mere words, Sou decided to pump it up by becoming an ignorant to many people around him that are attempted to talk to him, or rather, trying to break his cool with insults. In most cases, whenever he talks to an individual, Sou can throughoutly maintain his cool despite all of the insults he is getting, tolerating with all the anger filling up inside of him, of course. In social conditions, he talks rather casually and calmly wihout minding all about the surroundings nor any of the offense that he is taking, but in the inside, he is sincerely and absolutely pissed off, but Sou takes everything into an ignorance in order to tolerate everything around him throughoutly wihout any unnecessary destruction due to his own anger. At some point, when an individual is beginning to cross the line of his tolerance, he would ultimately ignore you, and even going through an attempt to deflect a specific soundwave of a specific person he wants to ignore using his device across his electromagnetic field.

ϟ Heroic Yet Villainous: There are times where Sou is lost between the path of being a hero or being a villain himself, that judges him for being a protagonist or an antagonist to be loved by many or hated by many. His past greatly haunts him for a long while with all the realisation of the mistakes and wrongdoings he had done on every encounter he has. For short, everything he tries to do are always at the opposition of his expectations, and ended up being misjudged by everyone around him, ending himself wihout any friends, comrades nor family to understand him with.

However, Sou does exhibit some of his heroic sides, but rarely at some cases. Unlike most of the villains around him, he doesn't kill off his opponents too easily when they are in the verge of death or losing, and willing to go as far as saving someone he cares about deeply or has a friendship with, to risk his life to save them in exchange, that's how his heroic point can go far off the course. He cherishes those are around him, friends, family and comrades, however, in a wrong way where he breaks into violence and had to harm them from tip to toe, and even unintentionally involves those he wanted to protect into danger and wihout a second thought, bringing harm upon them. He is someone that cherishes his loved ones in a wrong way and destruction, and are mostly mistaken as an 'evil one' because of his mistakes and violent personality.

While he has his own heroic side, Sou sometimes 'replaces' his role with his villainous side, somewhere that suits his position. Trying hard to redeem himself with all the lives he had taken and all the unforgivable sins that he has done in the past, he convinces himself that there is no way he could reach the 'hero' that he wanted to be from the start, and eventually, the evil side of him takes its place, masking every possible desires he holds of the need of being a hero and turning himself into a villain, being once the 'Nightmare' he always was. His villainous side are as his main personality describes, someone that lusts for stronger opponents and enjoys his battle against anyone he deems interesting. and going as far as getting excited knowing full well that they are on par or even stronger than him. His determination to win never fails on him, being a hero or a villain.

ϟ The Light: As described previously, Sou is someone who wants to be a 'hero', to be loved by the many and respected by the strong and weak ones and be taken as a role model for many warriors. However, things never seemed to come out as a good result, drifting away from his expectations than something else that he wanted to happen. Because all of these reverse incidents, his personality took a dark turn and consumed himself into the darkness, eventually becoming a so-called 'villain', 'evil', 'wicked' or 'antagonist', away from his dream of being a hero instead.

Even to be consumed by darkness and being 'evil' himself, Sou still holds the will and determination, as long as he is alive, he will try and redeem himself, becoming a hero that he once dreamt of and hopefully, join the light that he always wants to be into. This, determination of being a hero and the need to be part of the light, can sometimes, unintentionally drive him to the point where it takes things into the extreme, destruction and the wrath of the nightmare. These hopes and determination of his can sometimes grow too strong inside of him, the unwillingness to die yet within the battlefield and the urge to show it to the world that he grow strong and protect to those he cherished and loved can drive him insane, only to build up the true side of his power and personality, opening up both the darkness and the light within him in order to achieve his goals. It is good to dream big, but sometimes, his needs can get too powerful when it comes to an attempt of being a protagonist, or a 'hero'.

ϟ Protective: Unlike any type of 'your protective guy', Sou's protectiveness to his loved ones, comrades and friends takes things to another level. Knowing well that his ability were meant to bring destruction and could bring harm to others, in order to protect those he cherishes, he would take his opponents head-on with extreme violence, doing whatever he could, even risking his life just to protect them at all costs. However, this protective personality of his are very rarely to be seen, given that he has hardly any friends, or to be more specific, he has no family, friends and comrades, taken note that Sou is a loner type who prefers to survive and fight alone wihout requiring any help from the outside, relying solely on his strength to fight to the death. We can't really point out how his personality runs when it comes to protecting others, but what Sou himself knows that if he had someone important to protect, he would go through the fires of hell, the wrath of the heavens and death in order to protect him/her at all costs, to the point where he is willing to give up his life for them.

ϟ Unbreaking Will: One of the stronger points about Sou, at a level where his determination/willpower can sometimes exceed limits beyond the imaginations of a human. Although this is rare, his never-ending will to, one day, becoming a 'hero' and become stronger can fuel him to greater heights, unimaginable by humans of how Sou can achieve aspects where most humans and average shinigamis cannot achieve with just power itself. Most source of his power comes from his determination to be stronger, to win, to protect, coming from extreme emotional pressure that backs up his willpower and fuels himself with an even greater power in order to advance foward. But not to mention, his unbendable, unbreakable, and an-almost invincible willpower that he always holds within him brings him to the knowledge of his own life, allowing him to know the purpose of his life and why is he struggling so far to be alive and become stronger to defeat his enemies. In order to find all the answers he needs and to be able to protect those he loved and cherished, Sou always maintains his strong willpower at all costs, even if someone is pushing him back with power, as long as he holds the determination to fight and protect, he will stop at nothing to crush his opponent and make them squeal.

Living Nightmare's Past

Sou never remembered much of his own childhood, although he always find them more of a nightmare than a 'childhood'. Abandoned when he was a newborn baby, he was sent to the Saint Church, his home where he was adopted by the sisters and the priests there, and has raised him quite well. Although, the only thing that he will never remember was the identity of his parents, no matter how much he struggles to know who they are and what they are that turned him into his current state, the answer will never appear before him.

A nameless boy during his childhood days, he was later given a name, Sou Yuuki because of his fierce appearance as a child, his smile would scare away even childrens that are older than he was. Somehow, he was different from the rest of the kids because of his inhuman strength that cannot be called as a 'person'. During the age of 5, many kids within the church, that was associated with him, even the bullies, ended up the hospital when Sou unintentionally exerted his strength in order to defend himself, only to shatter their skull and ribcage, and led them into coma because of these 'accidents' he once made as a child. The kids, his friends, even the adults stood away from him, further and further, influenced by the fear within their souls, to a point that drove him with loneliness, with no friends nor family that comforts him. There are times he asked himself the reason of why he gained such power, hurting his friends and driving people away from him. He never wanted such abnormal strength in the first place, and calls them as a 'curse' with the fact that he has harmed many children of his age. He couldn't stand the pain, and despised his so-called 'gifts' until the very end.

As he grew older, the authorities began to take action, which are the polices at first because of many reports that a 'demonic child' damaged their property and harmed their child, but that wasn't Sou's intentions. They wouldn't listen to his reasons, and only to view him as the son of a monster, a demon, a Satan's spawn that came all the way from hell to reap away their very souls with his bare hands. When one is different from the rest, they would be treated differently as childrens that has problems, and would be feared by the society when they find out that he or she is different from them and is not 'human' at all. That fact simply drove Sou into pure insanity, the dark side of his personality just like today, because of sadness, loneliness and the rejection of the public against him and his existence, the news quickly spread when the polices that came to investigate the matter was simply.. annihilated by his bare hands.

Escaping from the reality world into the woods, that was when Jace Beleren, despite Sou being different from others, there were no signs of fear in his eyes nor rejection against him, as if he was treated normally as a child. That was a light that the warmness grew in him. Though afraid of hidden motives from this man, in the end, he ended up taking part into his 'calming technique' that teaches Sou to keep his calm wihout submitting himself to his own insanity if he were to be provoked by his opponent. During the teaching, because of his suspicions, he would sometimes not to attend to such part and usually do come by and visit Jace, but never really paid attention to his teachings, although surprisingly, his ability to memorize things in a glance took effect and forced him to remember them, even if Sou doesn't really want to since he acknowledges that no matter how much he tries to stay cool, there will always be the time where he would break apart into a monster. And not too long, Sou never really appeared and met his mentor again a year or two later after their first meeting.

His personality and mind was soon disoriented, all of the rejection and loneliness, the citizens avoided him when he took a step near them, hatred flowed within his nerves and of course, it ended up into a huge destruction because of his own rampage. This was the time when his brutal, asshole-ish personality came into the development, the rage was never-ending and his temper was short to break it easily with a step. There were reports of a crimson-haired male making a great hassle and destruction in the streets, corpses were littering everywhere with blood raining before the road of Karakura, his existence was not made known to the Yuudeshis until 2413 arrived.

Not too long, when he reaches the age of 18, he was finally at a point of being called a 'monster'. He was involved in many fights and destruction, seen to destroy a portion of the Karakura Hospital, destruction of the downtown and misusing his abilities within the limits of the city, and not too long, Sou finally triggered a code within the Karakura City defenses and became a wanted bounty, many wanted his head but never seem to get through his inhuman strength that surpasses the boundaries and the limits of a mortal human. Hence, the title of 'The Nightmare' was born and self-given to him after he bloodied his bare hands with many of his victims that tried to take his life with their blades and weapons.

Australia War Arc, the timeline when Australia War broke out, and it was the war Sou involved in and changed his life entirely after it ended. Something that changed his personality, point of view in life and made a new goal for him to actually achieve with these newfound powers and the strength he detested since he was a child. He appeared within the depths of Hobart, and him alone, fought against more than 5 fighters with his bare hands and a majestic underarm crutch, the Annihilator that he built specifically for such situations and had served him very well until it reached its destruction. What actually started to change him was the lesson he very well learnt, Shadin's blast from the Mesosphere, before it had the chance to take his life directly, Sou was able to direct the blast by a few degrees away from its waypoint and took him right across the chest, completely frying his nerves and veins, something that should've killed him either way.

But his determination to live and win is what drove him foward and alive until now, fighting as the determination engulfed him and gained him a new power, a new awakening, the true awakening, a manifestation of his actual power as the Nightmare, he became a monster that nobody can explain, and not too long after Ibiki joined the fray, both of them was in their weakened state but Sou sustained the most damage, and fought until to the very end until he was punched right out of Australia before he landed his final attack against Ibiki, the Infinite Strength. Both had fought for a short but fun while, Sou ended up losing despite using his full power. Later on, he was absent a couple of days for rehabilitation and to heal from his mortal wounds after taking a significant amount of damage and still standing under sheer willpower, it was something to admire of.

And now, it was his return with his changes, a goal, a purpose, a changed man that stood him right now. Escaping from death once, it won't be twice. Only the results may show his future against his fight against many more fighters, for now, more power has to be gained, to find the true purpose of his power and existence.

Living Nightmare's Equipments

ϟ International Electronic Brace Network
ϟ Basic Description: A bracelet-shaped electrical device developed under Sou's intelligence and creativity against equipments, thanks to his photographic memory to develop these sort of weapons. Under speculations of his own, the equipment that he made, the IEBN, or Intersectional Electronic Brace Network, can hold the potential to, as far as developing multi-elemental users that shinigamis can't achieve through their zanpakutos, and using the equipments he developed can forcefully create a Zanpakutō with multi-elemental use after installing it, however, it is just his speculations, as no evidence has been proven that the method may work under any means necessary.

Either way, the electrical device resembles rather greatly to Shadin's choker-like collar, named by The Accelerator, however, the style of design, functions and its placements are completely different, since this was made after Shadin's nuke against him, some of his nervous systems, and a couple of his veins is as good as fried like french fries, broken beyond repair by any known means in technology and knowledge. It was made mainly as a support for his internal parts of his body to keep him alive, otherwise, within a few hours, he'll turn into a corpse sooner or later wihout assistance. The device was made rather complex, yet small for conventional uses in both transport and in combat.

Appearance of a plain, non-stylish, dark grey in color with small white stripes at its sides and with a few visible electronic parts of the device at its outer appearance, especially the battery with a wire or two extending out of each ends of the battery, strapped tightly to his wrist with a few visible wires that is implanted directly into his wrist, each wire to his muscles, nerves and veins that transmit electrical signals directly and throughout within his body. The electricity within his body is weak enough for his mortal body to sustain, and strong enough to unleash basic electrical attacks and even create a weak electromagnetic field that wields as his temporary protection as long as his battery lasts. Interesting fact is, the electrical signals in his body cannot be manipulated by any means of how great one's electricity manipulation is, unless they have the way to get around it. His signals flicker every picoseconds, so fast that even an enhanced sense could have a great issue over manipulating to flickering electricity, as it dissapears and reappear, it cuts off the 'flow', otherwise, the connection between the manipulation and the manipulated electricity before the connection itself was even able to connect itself directly to his body's electricity to manipulate the electricity and eventually blasting his body to pieces from the inside, but that is how it works.

It was made mainly for combat and a constant protection when he is unaware of things around him, or he is just have too little time to care about the surroundings than just.. wandering around. As far as it does, it keeps his body functioning as always and allows his body to always perform at its peak, however, anything that happens to the device may result him to stay alive for a few hours or so, some time to replenish his battery back, reparing the device or at the worst, waiting for help.

ϟ The Original Annihilator VERSION 1
ϟ Basic Description: Soon after a few explosions and destruction upon many of his battles, he had found that the underarm crutches, from the hospitals and pharmacy, can be proven useful and more than just a support in balance of the user's body if used probably, and since this was the first time he had found interest in such things, he had himself decided to modify this all-for-nothing crutch into a destructive weapon beyond the eyes of the victims that came upon the beast, which he had named, The Annihilator.

Using the scrapped materials from a junkyard, Sou was able to combine many parts of the weapon and removing the outer parts to install nano-chips and such in spite of his lowly engineering skills to create such devastating weapon and only seem to have a knowledgement over such modifications when it comes to his favourite weapons, such as the underarm crutch itself, which he named it as 'The Annihilator', which meant to be a very intriguing name for a weapon like this. Although made with scrapped materials and old chips, its functions are vast and well-function, fast and convenient at his own use, providing an excellent support from awakening himself and using his pure strength alone. Given to its appearance, underestimating Annihilator's unworldly functions is not recommend with its many functions that such simple weapon provides.

ϟ The Annihilator V2
ϟ Basic Description: N/A [ Will be added soon ]

Living Nightmare's Relationships

ϟ Shadin Yuudeshi: His relationship with Shadin Yuudeshi was not much, apparently that Sou view him as his 'secondary' enemy, aside from Mana. Although it doesn't seem that they have communicated much, Shadin became his target ever since the Australia War, after the strike that has happened within the grounds of Hobart, where it almost took him out if his electromagnetic field was not active.

ϟ Eiji Youjai: Only to meet each other for a few minutes, Sou takes him as an enemy that he should fight against once he has 'grown'. Not much of an information about these two.

ϟ Ibiki Suika: An opponent worth fighting, with their differences in race, they seem to hold the same physical capabilities with their strength, Ibiki became an opponent of his that he looks foward to rematch against once they meet again. Defeated under the hands of Ibiki, that was the first worthy fight, fist-to-fist, for the first time wihout involving weapons nor swords.

ϟ TCCU Clones: Taking them as a part of his 'interference' when he fought against Slenderman, they were only opponents that he would try and destroy after messing around with his fight.

ϟ Mana Asthavon: From the beginning, Sou always view Mana Asthavon as the main enemy that should be slaughtered by his own bare hands, taking her as the cause of his darkness and the dark persona he always had within him, the cold-blooded, anger-driven man since he was little. Creating a fake fact that eases himself, that if he were ever to defeat Mana, he may be able to resume back to a new life, a life wihout pain and anger, destroying the darkness that has always crawled behind his back and shine outwards with light. To him, this was the only way to redeem his own sins that he has caused, the lives he has taken with two bloody hands. Because of the facts he had made up himself, Sou became so driven with both anger and determination that he would fight anyone he could to gain more power, become stronger and fight Mana when he has reached that level, the only goal he can find that will cast himself a death wish.

ϟ Slenderman: One he despises the most out of every hollow he've seen, Slenderman. Just to put it in a simple way, he is the enemy who he has urges to punch his guts out until he bleeds and die miserably. However, he got away before Sou had the time to finish him off when the TCCU clones interfered. Their relationship is somehow enemies, given how much Sou hates Slenderman.

ϟ Dansen Sukamada: Someone who he seemingly respects so far, as they've fought more than three times against each other, and has always ended in a draw. Sou finds him an interesting opponent and fight against, and considers him as a 'neutral enemy'.

ϟ Reigen Okogi: Unknown. Presumably enemies.

ϟ Tamari: Their relationship is clearly a predator-prey type, or more specific, enemies. They have a sharp eye against each other and has always been pitting each other's powers against each other over and over again.

ϟ Sherri: Both of their relationship is unknown. They have met for only a short while but can be considered as enemies against each other.

ϟ Jace Beleren: Not much known between Sou and Jace, they have a rather teacher-student relationship.

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Living Nightmare's Natural Attributes

ϟ Unrestricted Unlimited Strength: A seemingly mysterious natural ability that Sou possesses since birth, only to possess strength beyond any normal humans can achieve, and to achieve superhuman strength, they would need at least some spiritual power in order to pour out their strength akin to a superhuman. To Sou, he doesn't need any of them, not even machines or superpowers in order to achieve feats that even humans cannot have wihout any supernatural energy. He uses his natural stamina, that has quite an enormous capacity inside of him to use his strength for a long period of time and at its highest peak with only wounds and scratches around him wihout forcing his head to explode and splatter around him. While it seems that every supernatural strength has its own limits to exert a specific amount of strength at a certain range, to him, his strength can achieve at an infinite level, something that advanced technology or science can't possibly explain nor able to measure the amount of strength he can pour out from his physical and mortal body. Even to Sou himself as the wielder of this mysterious strength he possessed, it is near-impossible [ Not completely ] to be able to comprehended, analyze, measure, almost-physics defying [ Not completely ] and cannot be explained by mankind and even the greatest technology. Even now, it is still a mysterious achievement for a human to possess strength beyond recognition.

In 'Unlimited Strength', Sou can possess strength where he can exert force at an infinity amount. While it is unknown how it was achieved, to many people, our human brain restricts us from using our full strength and locked away 90% of it, and only allowed humans to release that potential in case of emergencies, and of course, we can't release that hidden strength willingly. However, in Sou's cases, the limits does not apply to him, and he has the ability to exert as much force as possible with all of his strength and might wihout being bothered, tied or restricted by the human brain that normally restricts one's hidden strength unless it is an emergency-use. Within the very core of his brain, he can release as much as strength as he desires to, whether within the range of 0.01% of it or above, Sou can control the movements of his muscles and the flow of energy, for short, stamina that allows him to exert his strength however he feels so.

Not to mentioned, since his limiters is mysteriously removed in the past, even using his strength under 5% is considered a deadly force to reckon with, but not as deadly as it seems, since between that amount, Sou can both conciously and subconciously control vibrations created under the force of his muscles that releases the energy, potentially causing his muscles to vibrate and 'transport' the force of his strength and its energy in a form of a vibration created by his muscles and gathering the energy behind it into a form of a specific vibration that he creates from his muscles, coordinating a desired location he wishes to send it to and to a point, he can allow the vibration itself to burst with power, as if an invisible type of Sou was crushing the earth and applying force to it, but instead, he 'transported' the force in a vibration.

However, there is an unnamed ability that he has with the possession of his strength. The ability was never given a name and was only used once, witnessed only by very few individuals, where he called it an 'Infinite Strength Mode'. An ability where he breaks through the limits of one's strength and brain, and the limits of his physical body, which at this point of strength where it reaches infinity, a level of immeasurable point. It changes his surroundings when this ability is activated, where the pressure around and across his body becomes so dense to a level that not only nearby houses and the very walls of the apartments would break apart under the extreme pressure around him, which can cause an average human to only suffocate and having their heads exploded to a pool of blood seconds once they step into the wall of pressure around him, the fabric of space-time would seem to be distorted and it twists and bends when observed by the naked eye due to the extreme pressure around him that had became too dense for the atmosphere to handle and eventually disturbing the fabrics of space-time.

Although this may or may not be entirely true but at the least, this is the most likely theory that Sou came up with when he used the 'ability' when his body performs the 'infinite strength', almost a level of immeasurable and a huge-scale power that allows him to use just only his natural stamina itself to destroy a city, even a continent if used at its peak, and as if that he used the ability both conciously and subconciously at the same time, where he conciously knew that he is using the ability and executing the attack while subconciously going through the process wihout being able to understand how he did it. At his point of view, he 'knows' how to do yet 'does not know' how did the process went through in order to allow his strength to reach the point of infinity. In his own theory, Sou thinks that, in order to focus all of his stamina and strength at a single point to his desired limb, he uses his own method of 'reverse energy flow' is where he, somehow, 'manipulates' the energy/natural stamina that flows within his body by controlling the movements of his muscles and compressing its energy into a single point which would begin to increase the pressure around him as more energy gathers in a single point of his limb. How it achieves the infinity point is incomprehendable and unknown to Sou himself, but it is possible that the energy/stamina he gathered and compressed in the specific point became so great and dense that it may have become reactive with the elements of the very tiny particles of his chi energy and possibly against some sort of an unknown element which forces it to collapse internally into an infinite source of power wihout harming his internal body or explode within him like a supernova, and potentially allowing him to release the compressed force to explode against a specific target or the earth beneath him with any forms of physical attacks, weapons, punches or kicks and it would 'explode' as the compressed energy is released from his very body.

As proven and witnessed by many, there are its good points and drawbacks from using it, since the body he is using is not an immortal body nor is it a spiritual body and what his physical body is using are not chi energy, soul force or any sorts of energy in this world. What's interesting about this ability is its ability to achieve infinity within a flash and allowing him to use an amount of strength that became immeasurable and incomprehendable by the laws of physics, the infinite itself. When the infinite strength is released/exerted from his physical body, the force of his punch, kick or any possible physical attacks becomes so great and powerful that a single punch is enough for him to destroy an entire continent of Asia together, of course, if it was used at its fullest potential. But for Sou, this ability of his are still at its prematured stage and is not fully calculated, observed and researched yet for him to use its full power. In its prematured/weakened state, the infinite strength ability only allows him to, as far as he knows, could only destroy a city as big as Hobart itself than a continent given that the nature of his physical body's strength in achieving an infinity, immeasurable level is still an unknown cause to him, where even the Grand Masters in strength & hand-to-hand combat would have problems trying to understand the nature of the strength that he possesses.

Its good points are very few but enough to make up most of what he lacks in terms of supernatural powers. The Infinite Strength ability can be activated at will and may or may not require charging time in order to toll up the amount of energy he gathers in each attack as his body begins to collect his natural energy into a single point of his limb to execute attacks at a stronger point. With the infinite strength, his natural strength becomes ridiculously, no.. its almost a level of an incapability of understanding how much his strength has ascended, it limits him in using it once and able to use execute it once as well due to its severe drawbacks that can deal a serious damage to his mortal body once used. It allows him to possess an amount of strength that is incapable of understanding and potentially being able to destroy at least a city, as far as his infinite strength can evolve until now. Not much to know about it for its extreme rarity in nature and the laws of physics and the world itself, further research will be concluded in the nature of his Infinite Strength achievement.

The bad points are as obvious as it is, this ability takes away what's left of his natural stamina in his body, and its destructive level can be changed with how much energy that is left within his mortal body. A one-time use ability per thread is enough for him to take out an entire city of Hobart, and of course, bare-handedly wihout any external assistance, and once it is used, Sou will no longer be able to fight in combat anymore due to the amount of stamina that it takes away from him, almost all of them, every single drop of it, this is why it is recommended that the Infinite Strength ability should be left for emergency uses, in the case of using it against the likes of Ibiki due to unfortunate circumstances. Another drawback is the damage to his mortal body. Once the ability is executed, wounds would begin to appear and split open ever so suddenly across his body, causing an intensive bleeding, damaging his internal muscles at an extreme level but still repairable and at worst cases, he may even lose the limb where he executed the attack. The damage he sustains after using the ability is unknown but at every cases after usage, he suffers from fatigue and heavy damage across his body after using the ability, at max, losing a limb or two from where the ability was executed from. It can be nowhere causing his death through using it but there is a probability of it once the ability evolves to a higher planes of level where it can, one day, be truly an 'Infinity' strength.

In normal combat, his strength is indeed monstrous when observed, since his strength breaks through the boundaries of human limitations, there is no such thing as 'restrictions', 'limits' or 'maximum' in his strength level if you were to observe and measure how much force he can output from his physical body. His bodily fluids and muscles that has the durability to withstand the pressure in his body to exert these extreme forces allows him to do things which average human can't wihout any superhuman strength that aren't supernaturally boosted by any external sources or from any spiritual beings. As described, his strength can stretch indefinitely in many ways, whether in a form of a physical attack, a vibration or a shockwave, as long as it can be affected by his extreme strength and could be created out of the force of his physical attacks, his combos and tactics can be almost limitless.

Truly, after Australia War, Sou has a better grip of his own strength, as far as he knows, he wouldn't have any problem with his physical body just by smashing apart an apartment with a single punch right from his fist or even get lifted and thrown by him. Not to mention, he becomes more proficient in melee combat and a higher control over his strength, where he can release a specific amount of strength, rather it is the same amount or different sets of strength that he exerts from his punches or kicks, Sou can release them in a quick succession using a rapid-fire punches or kicks against his opponents, which allows him to perform some monstrous combos wihout minding that his strength may go out of his grip when he gets too absorbed into fighting his opponents. He becomes so accustomed to his strength that Sou was able to know exactly how much force he should exert, no more and no less, against his opponents in order to successfully knocking them out wihout wasting much of his time and energy, a trait within his strength that can be feared by many warriors, even the Grand Masters of strength, since that trait behind his strength and personality can cover off most of the weaknesses that he used to have when he underestimates his opponents or becomes too excited in his battles.

However, there is a few weaknesses to it, despite being able to possess strength that can go beyond his actual limit, that achieves infinity. In all cases, since he always restricts his strength from being used over 1% and has always been using his strength percentage lower than 1%, where even a very little percentage released from lower than 1% can be devastating enough for him to puncture a good hole on a man's chest like there's no tomorrow. While being able to perform feats of strength beyond any human could and could as far as create explosions with just a punch through a disturb across the air pressure and through the use of vibrations, Sou is still a mortal being where even feats like these can still damage him despite possessing strength and endurance in pain above any humans and spiritual beings.

As he starts to increase his strength little by little, or even every 1%, of course, his strength will increase almost in a dramatic level, but the muscles in his body will become increasingly stressed out, which is the first state of drawback when he starts to tap his strength to a higher level, and when it gets even higher, sudden scratches would start to inflict on his body out of nowhere, until to a point where sudden wounds, scars would split open and become bigger each time it rises an even higher level, which eventually, will have himself pulled out from the battle due to the damage he receives from an increase in strength. In rare cases, his limbs can explode to pieces when it gets too far, just like the Infinite Strength. And since it doesn't rely on chi energy or any possible spiritual energy, his natural stamina can be drained away depending the amount of strength he exerts from his physical body and because of this, his mortal body can be damaged under the use of natural energy inside of his body. There are possibility that less damage can be inflicted to his physical body when he exerts a high amount of strength from his body if he induces his strength with spiritual energy/chi energy, which can also potentially increases the damage he can produce with a single punch since spiritual energy is also used within the process. Not proven as of yet, but possible.

While being able to distort the fabrics of space-time when a certain extreme amount of strength is gathered & released within/from his body, where his surroundings becomes so pressurized with air that is can be akin to a vacuum space around him and that pressure can simply make the fabrics of space-time around him become distorted because of the unexplainable and extreme pressure that creates indefinitely high from his Infinite Strength. However, even if it can distort the fabrics, there is a very low chances that Sou can actually 'rip' it apart with just pure strength alone but it is possible at some point, although there is no evidence nor any actual proof of it happening unless he is lucky enough to force a huge 'rip' between the fabrics of space-time and cause a distortion to the real world, where the vacuums of space would intensively absorb any possible nearby the broken gap of the fabrics in order to fill it and eventually repair itself. The risks are high and the chances are low from happening.

ϟ Temporarily Enhanced Durability: As the ability suggests with 'Temporary' there, it is indeed an ability that temporarily applies to him when the I.E.B.N device, International Electronic Brace Network, activates. As stated, upon the activation of the device, Sou's physical and mental capability would drastically increase from its initial state, which would be like as if he is under his full power state. His durability against attacks would be enhanced as well, which means his skin becomes more durable against attacks if his electromagnetic field were ever penetrated by stronger form of attacks. At best in its enhancements, it is tough enough to take a full blow from Kenpachi with his eyepatch on and shrug off multiple normal ceros shot by a trained arrancar in its tier between 0-3 and 0-5 wihout being able to inflict a wound on him, however, an exception is made if the attack has a piercing capability, even the slightest present of such ability can cut through his skin. Otherwise, if the device is not under its activation state, his actual durability cannot toughen itself against any attacks, turning him vulnerable against all attacks, even from a pocket knife or a sword wielded by a shinigami that has not graduated from the shinigami academy yet. That is how far his durability can stretch for now.

ϟ Extreme Pain Tolerance: Sou's forte aside from his strength, almost everyone knows Sou is a heavy tolerant against attacks, no matter how powerful of an attack you throw at him, he seems to be able to shrug them off like nothing with pure insanity, this is why he gained the title of the Nightmare. If you imagine a tank that can soak up a lot of damage wihout its armor, that is how his capability in tolerating pain can reach. Ever since his childhood days, because of his ability in physical combat, his strength was sometimes unnecessary unleashed when Sou was a child, and these 'unnecessary attacks' took down some of his bone structure over and over again, even split open wounds to his flesh and ended up in the hospital more than any child with a sickness would. These continuous pain that inflicted on him for many years made his body becoming rather used to it, to a point where he can find severe wounds inflicted to him as a 'mere damage' and 'nothing compared when he was a child' level. Although it doesn't mean he can shrug off EVERY damage and pain he takes, as there are times when the damage is too much for him to tolerate, every 'pain' that he previously tried shrugging off would sting him at once, completely dropping him down into the world of pain itself. Even if he has quite some skill in tolerating such pain, he has his own limits, but making him feel more pain and damaging him further would only drive his insanity to a higher level, to a point where you cannot imagine the actual devil he can turn into when he reaches the climax itself.

ϟ Photographic Memory: One of Sou's best abilities and it plays a huge role in combat, something that he has acquired ever since he was a child and was something that he always hated, no matter where he is. The fact that he hates his photographic memory, also known as the Perfect Memory, where one can memorize everything within an instant in a single glance, no matter how complex it is or even if it was the first time seeing it, all those information, shape, form, all of it would simply be absorbed into his brain and be remembered forever, no matter how long the time passes, it would simply become a legend in his memory, something that he cannot forget even if he wants to. His brain will memorize even the smallest things no matter how less important such information is, this is why he loathes such ability because of its perfect memorization capability implemented in his head. Sound, taste, appearance, smell, just everything..

However, a human brain's capacity is limited and since he is not a demi-god or a spiritual being like shinigamis and demons, in order to store more 'important' memories, his brain itself has a system that allows him to store more memories that is vital to his survival and knowledge. It does so through the discarding of memories that the brain ITSELF deems useless, information that cannot help, appearances that is not important, or/and it is not detailed enough to be kept within the storage of memories. Because of such capability, the achievements of his Infinite Strength and photographic memory allowed his brain or mind to gain self-conciousness, and by self-conciousness, means that the mind itself is aware of everything just like Sou, aware of his surroundings, conditions and such. However, there are no cases where his brain takes 'control' over his body because of its ability to attain self-conciousness and self-awareness. Otherwise, there are nothing else special about his photographic memory than its usage to serve as a storage for his memories and calculations that is required in combat and would not need to recalculate or repeat once memorized and can be used naturally by breaking into the depths of his memories.

ϟ Temporarily Increased Mentality: As stated again, this ability only applies under the activation of the I.E.B.N device, where one's physical and mental capability would undergo a tremendous improvement because of the body's entire nervous system, bone structure and muscles would become increasingly more powerful under the influence from I.E.B.N's capability of producing faster artificial bio-electricity and fires them much faster, and because of that, Sou's mental ability would improve, allowing him to solve puzzles more quickly, pinpoint weaknesses that allows him to observe his enemies at a logical way and makes faster calculation of his surroundings, turning him into a beast-like human. Such improvement forces his brain to expand, and when going through a scan of his brain using a machine, it can be observed that the entirety of his brain is completely active and running every possible seconds, that he uses all of his brain structure at once unlike a normal human that keeps some part of their brain idling when unrequired, Sou's mental capability in his brain would undergo a huge change.

However, despite having an increased mentality, where his reaction becomes faster, his thinking ability becomes wider, creativity would increase, calculation ability would also improve and Sou would have a better control against his internal structure, flow of energy and the controls of his internal muscles, allowing him to use his strength at a more efficient way through the usage of his brain which also altogether allowing him to form complex tactics that most humans would be limited in their thinking ability, the only flaw behind such improvement is that under the circumstances of using every part and capacity of his brain, his personality would undergo an alteration, which means there would be a small chance that his personality would override, or to be more precise, the chaotic or dark side of his personality would grow and take over what's left of his will. Although such cases are rare, there is one in a million chance that it may happen, depending on the circumstances that can drive him to the end. However, the greater his willpower/determination is, the lesser the risk would become.

ϟ Regeneration Capabilities: An unnatural ability that Sou himself seemingly gained upon his birth as a human. The case is unknown of the method of gaining the regenerative capability. While a human's wound can repair itself and regenerated, Sou's regenerative ability increases that speed 50 times of its actual speed, and can be considered 'abnormal' for even a human like him that consists no spiritual power at all to be able to reach in such an extent, to a point where he cannot be considered as a human anymore with his regenerative capability that exceeds human limits.

The ability is capable of two things. Unlike a normal regeneration ability like shinigamis, arrancar, demons and such has, where they only regenerate the limbs, if not, their organs as well and regain the parts of that certain limb including its blood. However, his ability works a little different. Its main ability is not to repair his wounds and regrow his limbs at a fast speed that exceeds human limits, it was to regenerate his blood cells, which he called his 'Blood Regeneration', where the ability itself prevents a human like him dying from blood loss, which unlike humans that requires blood donations from a specific blood type, his body can simply recreate his blood no matter how much he had lost them in a battle. For an example, if he were to spill out a pool of blood from a wound, despite losing an intensive amount of blood, more would still come out due to his body that consistently recreates blood cells that are lost, not too much and too little, and apparently, it is able to recreate them and stop when a specific amount of blood that is required to sustain his life reaches, that is how its main ability works. Blood cells including his brain cells, which is quite extraordinary as humans cannot replace nor recreate blood cells, his body could do so wihout the usage of any energy, as if it was a naturally-gifted ability, and plasma, platelets, red blood cells, white blood cells, brain cells and so on can be replaced no matter how much is lost. It is theoretically said that the ability allows Sou to gain semi-immortality since humans die from aging and diseases because of the infection of blood cells, death of blood cells and so, but his ability somehow prevents such facts and even if a cell is infected or is dead, his body would simply produce a new, fresh one to sustain his life, thus stopping the process of aging altogether under the capability of his own ability. Not proven, but its theory suggested such facts.

However, despite its great capability that is different from normal humans, it can malfunction, although rarely, but it is possible to be done by anyone who has enough stamina and strength to do so. One way was to inflict as much damage as possible to his physical body, and by doing so, when his body continuously loses blood and the ability keeps functioning in order to balance his body's blood cells, once it reaches a point where it works itself too much to its limits, it may break down and malfunction, which means either it would overflow his body with blood or completely stops its functions, which may cause blood loss in his body. Though, this may be a hard task to perform during combat since it requires the opponent to inflict a tremendous amount of damage to his physical body, but it is not impossible altogether. Depending on the circumstances, it is unknown how long does it take to regenerate and replace dead or lost blood cells in his body under a microscopic view but it may take just about 1 to 5 posts to do so but the process may be rather slow.

Its secondary ability is, of course, as simple as fact, is the regeneration of limbs and wounds. Although, the limbs will only be regenerate and recreated once a thread ends, unless a special circumstances is given, this regenerative process can be forced in order to provide him an instantaneous regeneration and recreation of his lost limbs that are detached away from him, removed or/and turned into dusts, completely reforming the limb's bone structure, muscles, nervous system and everything that is required for his needs to be used normally for combat-use and normal use. Otherwise, if the circumstances are not given, the limb will not regenerate until the thread ends or if he ever enters his awakening state. In case of wounds inflicted from weapons or projectiles, in minor cases such as scratches and small wounds that aren't too deep in terms of damage, it takes one post to heal. For average wounds inflicted by shinigami's zanpakutos, blades, knifes or daggers, even damages from Cero shot by Menos Grande takes no less than 3 post. Higher level of wounds that are either mortal or above it, can take 5 posts and above depending how damaging it is.

ϟ Spiritual Awareness: As simple as one can describe, while sustaining the final drop of chi energy within him, it would simply serve him as something that allows him to be aware of spiritual beings like shinigami, demons, pluses and so on, and high spiritual power doesn't seem to clearly affect him despite the fact that Sou is weak in spiritual terms when one compares the spiritual power he has against seated shinigamis, as if their levels in spiritual power, when measured, are far off from each other. This fact, however, is unknown with the reason why high spiritual energy even in captain level or lieutenant level have no flinch to him, no suffocation nor trembling from the immense difference in power. BUT, if one's spiritual power is enough depending how he or she stands at a level, it is possible to affect him with sheer spiritual power alone. Otherwise, he still attains his normal capability to gain awareness against spiritual beings and that will never change, and such awareness alone still allows him to have a direct contact with spiritual beings, hence how he ended up fighting them directly. The source of how he gained such ability is unknown since there was never a single bit of information about his own parents but it may be an inheritance.

ϟ Master Melee Combatant: This fact was proven many times throughout his battles against every opponent he could fight against, that Sou Yuuki, excels in melee combat, whether would it be a sword [ Not Proven As Of Yet ], underarm crutch [ The Annihilator ] or his own fists, which is commonly used throughout his fight, he seems to excel in such places to make up his inability to perform any supernatural abilities. Despite that he is not the best of the best within melee combat, he is considered a rather tough opponent, even if one tries to use a projectile weapon against him, a gun or even an energy blast, a sword or just about anything, Sou would always or not, sometimes pick up a way or two to deal with them with just his bare hands or anything that can be used for his tactics. Many people find him a berserker-like fighter, but he has the capability to excel in such fields, as the example during the Australia War arc in the depths of Hobart, his bare fists was enough to deal with multiple people and lasts longer than one could imagine a human pulling through in such situations. He does put his strength to a good use and even if he is not the best in fighting in melee combat, when duty calls, he would risk his life to find a way to get past the obstacle in front of him, and with just his hands only.

Living Nightmare's Chi Powers

ϟ Vindeca 'Heal': Using Chi in order to get their bodies to the best shape as possible, using the chi flowing in there own bodies they are able to regenerate faster then the normal human beings this doesn't mean their bodies heal instantly, it's almost like the Shinigami, there bodies can heal faster then normal humans can, this doesn't pertain to any injuries like a cut off limb, they cannnot regenerate a arm or a thumb or anything, these are flesh wounds to the body. But for his case, this ability will only activate if his regenerative capabilities were to malfunction [ If the malfunctioning does not overflow and blow up his body ].

Living Nightmare's False Awakening

ϟ False Awakening: Unlike most humans do, he possesses 2 types of awakening, or more precise, three if you added the fully awakened state. The first one is the False Awakening, a much weaker version of his actual awakening and possibly 1/2 of its actual power but still can be considered strong force to reckon with.

False Awakening is quite a tragic name, however, it CAN be considered a 'false' awakening of his, since this only shows half of his actual power in awakened and is not considered his true form of power. Unlike his true awakening, this can be activated at any time and at his own will, and does not require any 'drive' in order to activate it and can be done willingly wihout any problems otherwise. To be more precise, this is his 'False Power' rather than 'True Power'.

In this state, there is not much of a change to him. While retaining his very attire and personality, his body does not undergo any drastic changes, as the only noticable change is the 'wings' he gains in his awakened state. These 'wings' are seen as wild tornados, spinning fiercely and rapidly as if it would rip anything apart that it touches or touched by in contact against it. These 'wings' are sometimes acted as a flight or a weapon within combat zones, otherwise, these so-called 'wings' don't do anything else, however, it is believed that it acts almost like a radar, a calculating-based wings which successfully replenishes his loss of balance and an 'outer network' that allows his body to move even with the damaged nerves and veins he received from Shadin, considering that he does not require his devices anymore after he has awakened in this state but it is not theoretically proven as of yet.

ϟ False Awakening's Abilities:
⚛Plasma Manipulation/Generation: How his power originates from are unknown, but he has shown a mastery over manipulating and generating plasma around him, and even within him. There is actually a list of abilities he is capable of doing through plasma manipulation, and definitely not an opponent to play with once Sou has been tapped into an awakened state.

⚛Electric Strike:Simply put, in his awakened state, he can generate electricity throughout the outer layer and inner layer of his skin if he wills it, allowing him to deal damages to his opponents at a far larger scale than when he uses his strength wihout the use of his electricity, even at full power. How does he do it? By generating a considerable amount of plasma throughout the outer layer of his skin, his body is capable of connecting the generated plasmas altogether to create an electricity that would shock throughout his body wihout harming his physical self. Once the electricity is generated throughout his body using the generation of plasma, in any direct contact with his enemy, depending how much force he places into their body through direct contact, the more force and impact he places against his enemy, the higher the electricity output becomes. Which means if he were only to touch his opponents with a finger, it could only create a spark between both himself as his opponents.

If he were to a land a punch against his opponent, it could create an electric shock against the impacted area. There is also possibilities that he is able to create a pure lightning off of a single punch with his 10% strength being tapped, which its already dangerous enough to swipe down an army of shinigamis. It is quite a complex 'calculation' to summon a pure lightning down from the clear sky with only a strike of a punch, but lightnings usually appear to 'discharge' their electrons and ions off from the clouds to the earth since the earth is neutrally charged. And sometimes, cloud-to-cloud discharge can be seen, although it is particularly rare. If cloud-to-cloud electrical discharge was able to be performed 'naturally', which means one cloud were to transfer its electrons and ion discharge to another cloud.

For his 'custom discharge', once impacted against a human body with 10% strength, a huge amount of electrical discharge would shock throughout their body. And oddly, once the body of his opponent is shocked with either positively or negatively charged electric shock and most clouds are 'neutral', lightning should be shot forth from the human body, instead, a pure 'neutral cloud' would fire off a lightning before the body of his victim, thus electrically shocking his opponents with pure lightning. The chances for Sou getting caught within the lightning strike is highly possible due to direct contact with his opponent, but thanking to his immunity to electricity, he only receives minor damage from the lightning strike although its damage may be severe to majority of non-electric users. Though, this ability is used mainly on punches more than kicks.

⚛Splitting Plasma:This ability is fairly simple and does not consume much of his own natural energy and chi energy off from him, but can be considered deadly enough if on direct contact. This ability was first introduced during Sou's escape from Eiji, capable of creating a huge ball of plasma that splits into several 'missile-like' plasma and approaches his desired enemies, but because it is not a 'homing type', it does not follow the desired enemy and will, indeed, approach directly to whatever is in its way and range.

First of all, Sou generates a huge ball of plasma by collecting it from his own generation of plasma, from bits to bits of plasma to create altogether, a plasma ball. The plasma sphere's size can be vary, which the bigger its size is, the stronger it is when it was used for an attack. The plasma sphere's purpose was mainly to use an ability called 'Plasma Bomb', but the plasma sphere itself has many uses when it comes to its size and energy that was gathered altogether into one. Which splitting plasma can be an example.

Once the Plasma Sphere has been created, he would evenly split the plasma sphere into 4 parts, in each quarter parts. and eventually firing off the plasma in a missile-like figure against his desired enemies. Not too destructive, not too harmless, but plain painful to burn off his enemy's nerves like there is no tomorrow. It can be fired off once per post due to its multiple-target use and high voltage firepower that may bring in a severe damage to their body through electrical shock, and fast enough to catch up against an advanced user in shunpo or sonido in terms of speed but its cooldown is approximently between 2 to 4 posts depending the size of the plasma sphere, since the bigger it is, the more devastating the ability gets. In fact, the plasma sphere's expansion is almost limitless, but capable of draining a lot of energy with more plasma generating from his very body.

⚛Plasma Bomb: This ability requires both the usage of his plasma manipulation and wind manipulation abilities in order to work perfectly. Wihout one of these categories, this ability would almost be impossible to do.

Everyone knew how the plasma sphere was created the Splitting Plasma ability, by gathering a large amount of plasmas, whether be negatively charged or positively charged, his generated plasmas would mix altogether into one to create a so-called 'Plasma Sphere', A.K.A 'The Plasma Bomb'. The main purpose for the plasma sphere to be created is the plasma bomb.

What does it do? Hell, your spine will chill so much that you wouldn't even want to witness how much destruction the plasma bomb itself could do. The plasma bomb would be thrown off, or smashed beneath himself which would then compress the air around the plasma sphere, or simply put that the implosion of the plasma sphere, before detonating into a massive electrical discharge, or explosion that may take down, or burn off any electrical appliances, even nuclear reactors, like EMP could do and, but more devastating and could send an electrical shock against anyone who are caught within its range, which it is capable of stretching out a whole city like the Karakura City. It is unclear of the affects that can do to an average spiritual, or normal physical being, but its most common affects are sudden exhaustion, loss of energy [ Spiritual and natural energy ], sudden paralysis due to the electrical discharge, melting bones and burned nerves. But that isn't the only thing it could do. During the detonations, it works much like a nuclear bomb, annihilating those that dares stands down against its way, and reaches out so wide with enough power to bring down half of a large city like New York.

But so much for its heavy firepower and destruction level, it is capable of giving out a severe drawbacks for the user. Not only it would force him back to his original state after use, it may put him into a severe paralysis that may force him down no matter how much he tends to struggle, including the loss of a few limbs, mostly his arms more than his legs and of course, loss of his own conciousness due to the extraordinary amount of energy that the plasma sphere would be able to take from his body and may as well damage the inner part of his own body which may possibly be proven unrepairable, unless it is being repaired by some ungodly, unworldly or unknown healing techniques that may be capable of healing almost any 'inner injuries' of his body. Once per thread may be the best way to keep himself alive, although he is capable of using it multiple times, but death awaits if he were to use it more than just once, since its effects are severe enough to kill off a normal person, which explains that Sou himself is 'abnormal'.

⚛Plasma Orb: More of a mini-version of the Splitting Plasma. Although not demonstrated, he is capable of generating a plasma sphere above him and splits them to approximently hundreds to millions of plasma orbs, that is a size of a pebble, but it is not something to be underestimate with in terms of sizes. How exactly? It is quite simple, by seperating the atoms, ions and the neutrons that was suppose to be sticking each other to form a huge plasma sphere had its connections either discharged or crushed in order to seperate the plasmas altogether into a size of a pebble, thus allowing him to fire hundreds or thousands of pebble-sized plasma orbs to his opponents.

The ups of the ability is more likely the quantity of the orbs more than its firepower. Since its 'firepower' is nothing less but a weak, mini explosion that is deemed harmless even to the weakest opponents, the quantity of the orbs and the speed of the orbs makes up for the weak power that the ability has. One direct hit from one of the orbs may results a spark between the victim's body and an orb, thus resulting a mini-explosion of the plasma orb. If used in a huge 'army' against his opponents using the plasma orb, it would be more like an ability that can take down a couple of jets if used properly on his desired targets, able to turn a small mini-explosions into a bombage of mini-explosions in quantities that may soon turn into a large explosion to take down various of opponents, regardless the size. And the speed of the orbs can as well as rivalling a master shunpo user due to its small size and lightweight, and may probably be hard to 'avoid' with by most victims of this ability. It is also an energy-friendly ability that does not consume much energy, since Sou is able to adjust of many orbs he intends to fire by changing the size of the plasma orb through increasing or decreasing the generation of the plasma to lessen the amount of plasma orb that would be fired off.

Unrequiring to touch an electrical appliances like security cameras, electrical locks or anything that uses electricity, it comes to the use of these orbs. Their small size allows him to hijack many different 'simple electrical appliances' as long as their circuits are not very complicated, unlocking doors that uses electricity and many more. Shutting down security cameras that gives him an unrequired 'attention' from the cameras that may be searching for his existence, but out of every ability he has, this ability has the most useful functions of all.

The downs of this ability are pretty simple, and surprisingly, this gives an advantages to even to the weakest opponents, since its low firepower and defense may easily sweep clean of the orbs like it was nothing wihout much effort used. The defenses that the orb holds are exceptionally weak, breaking into pieces with a slash from a beginner's sword, by meaning of beginner, from a tier 6. And easily hijacked by many adept electric users and go against Sou's controls because of its less-complicated shape and easy to control by many in terms of quality more than quantity itself. Not only that, thanks to its weak firepower, victims can protect themselves even with the weakest defenses, since its explosions are more like a 'pop' more than just an explosion, giving the victims even more advatages if they were on their defensive stance.

This ability is the most favourite out of all of abilities that Sou possesses, because of its energy-saving consumage and yet deadly to use when it comes to forcing his enemies back to where they came from, unless they knows the weakness that the orb holds. It can be used continuously wihout limits, although consuming his chi energy, it does not take much from him and requires a 1 post 'adjustment' in order to complete the cycle of the ability, before using it against his opponents, but he is unable to reuse the ability until all plasma orbs are destroyed.

⚛Discharging Bolt: Not much of a big deal, but devastating enough where even Sou himself has a hard time maintaining its recoil and firepower. Of course, it is powerful and takes no longer than 5 seconds to fire it, but the recoil would be as easy as to miss his target even when it is used in close range, in exception if used directly on contact. More of a blast than the bolt itself.

Its effects is something that you should force yourself to be reckoned with the beast, even Sou does not underestimate the use of this ability. Although it has a rapid charging and a considerable firepower, it has its ups and downs in its own ways. One round being fired by Sou was enough to rip apart the ground during its approach, and shock his opponents with twice the power of a pure lightning bolt that would shock, or electrocute his opponents with a devastating high voltage that would force lower-tiered opponents to stay unconcious or paralyzed and fry half of their nervous system, while higher-tiered opponents would feel the burning pain from the fiery voltage of the blast. Not only that, a direct contact against the blast is something that you should be assure that you may have to avoid, on contact may not only burst his target's flesh apart, it would burn through their bones and fry their nerves apart like there is no tomorrow. Scary? It is not, if you know its down parts.

Its weakness are fairly easy to understand. Although it seemed powerful, it has 80% chances that he may miss his targets upon firing, which means the other 20% means that he could hit them, giving his opponent a whole load of advantages to avoid them as long as they don't jump straight right into the blast. Why does it miss so much? Its heavy recoil was deemed to be too much for Sou himself to control, despite his relentless strength that had no limits. Another weakness only applies to electric users, unless they have a large immunity over electricity, like Shadin, the blast can be easily hijacked by any Master Electric Users and can almost render useless against those that has heavy immunity over electricity.

⚛Electromagnetic Field: This ability is completely automatic when he is in the awakened state, but it is fairly simple and a fair ability against his opponents. The protective field around him that uses electrons and ions, or simply put electricity would become stronger as his tier grows, capable of deflecting 'almost' any attacks from lower-tier opponents that attempts to land a hit against him, unless their attacks are capable of rivalling against of those that are higher tiered that he is.

What is very amusing is that the electromagnetic field is like an invulnerable sheild when it comes to taking on against electric users, and comes with a very interesting ability that the sheild itself provides. Any electricity, even a spark to his field, may he will be able to absorb the energy off from that electricity, converting it into an energy and transfer it to himself as if it were his own energy, whether it is from someone else or his own powers, he may absorb the entire spiritual energy that was used for the said electricity 'ability' or normal electricity and absorb the energy like it was his. How? On contact with his field, the electromagnetic field that was made out of his own raw energy would split the atoms, neutrons, ions and everything that resides within that certain electricity, then combining it with his own raw energy before fully converting it into his own, and transferring it into his very body. Unless that certain electricity was originally his and fired back from his enemy, he requires no less than a second to fully convert it into a raw energy to his very body. But that only applies to electrical abilities only.

In many other ways, unless those users are master electric users, his electromagnetic field is almost impossible to hijack to begin with, made up with a complete ingredients of his own brain wave signals, chi energy and 'mind', as if the field itself were one of his own self-concious, giving himself a huge opportunity in terms of defenses. While capable of absorbing a complete set of energy from an electric attack or ability, this condition does not apply to other elements, or abilities, like flames, water and such, where his electromagnetic field will only be capable of deflecting attacks away from him that is incompatible with electric, or plasma elements, but enough to deflect even a cero as long as the user is a lower-tier than he is.

But there are many exceptions in his electromagnetic field although it is capable of deflecting, or redirecting attacks back to lower-tiered opponents. As it seemed powerful and capable of almost an invincible sheild, it can be hijacked by master electricity users like Shadin with just a touch as long as they are calculate his energy wavelengths, reiatsu level and brain waves, it would be as easy as a bean to hijack his electromagnetic field. The exceptions are place on higher tier opponents than he is, which means that he will be unable to redirect, reflect or even taking out his opponents that has a higher form of tier than he is, where he'll have to bring his fight into an offensive stance more than defensive if that were to happen.

There is another surprising exception. The electromagnetic field would constantly drain his chi energy as long as it is active, and since it is more of an electromagnetic field that grows stronger as Sou's tier becomes higher, the amount of chi energy it consumes becomes even more, but its protection and energy conversion from electricity would replace its large amount of chi energy that is consumed constantly when active, and shuts down once his energy is left only half of it left.

The electromagnetic field can be turned on and off by his very own will due to the amount of energy it can consume when active, as much as everyone wants to know, the field is turned off at majority of times when he enters his awakened state, to prevent the loss of his chi energy because of his electromagnetic field. Very protective, very powerful, yet very consuming. Its use is infinite, turning on and off at anytime he desires to, the only thing he needs to worry about is his own chi energy and natural energy that needs to be kept for combat use, otherwise his energy will run out in no time.

⚛Plasma Acceleration: Not much to note about, first demonstrated during his attempts to escape from Eiji Youjai and proven to be a teleportation ability that uses the acceleration of the plasma to get himself out of a dangerous situation. While its specifics are unknown, it has one up and one down about this ability.

When he keeps himself sealed within a circle of plasma that its speed will begin to accelerate to almost the speed of light, it would teleport him off from his location just quickly enough, even from another dimension before his enemy was able to touch him, but the downs are, that the teleportation doesn't allow him to teleport him to any of his desired location, teleporting him to any random possible location, almost anywhere, even from Japan to Paris, but because of the Karakura Central's barrier, this may be impossible to achieve wihout having the barrier down. This is used once per thread for escape, or emergency purposes. Be aware that this ability is completely disabled in Karakura City, due to its teleportation regulations within the city itself, unless permitted to.

⚛Wind Manipulation/Generation: The origins of his powers with wind is unknown, but he seems to have an advanced user with manipulating wind and generating wind, and less skilled with wind manipulation more than plasma manipulation, and proven to be a secondary element of his during his awakened state. He gains a pair of vortex-like wings behind his back the moment he enters his awakened state. It is unknown whether the wind manipulating ability is either his main or secondary, but for now, wind manipulation is his secondary element more than primary due to how less he uses it.

⚛Flight : Sou doesn't gain a pair of vortex-like wings for nothing. The pressure from the spinning vortex behind his back has enabled him to use them for flight. Although there is not much use behind these pair of vortex-like wings, the only known function that these wings he possesses is only for flight use, but one interesting thing is that it is capable of increasing his speed in general, allowing him to move much faster than an average human unlike his normal state, but not much of a surprise than that.

⚛Vortex Strike: The first ability that has ever demonstrated with his wind manipulation ability during his second fight with Dansen, allowing him to generate a wind across his arm and form a spinning vortex that is strong enough to rip apart a ground and cause a huge hole beneath its strike from his either the arms or legs.

Its destructive power is unknown, but capable of ripping apart and force the ribs of his opponents to break apart and burn their nerves for some reason. It seemed that the ability is only meant for close-combat use and not meant for long-range uses, and functions like a deadly vortex when used close against his victim's body. Its ups are a little but few, while its destructive power and defenses are unknown, its approaching speed is about at an adept speed, in general, while the defenses can at least protect the vortex itself from getting ripped apart by a Master Strength users.

Its down are not too much, not too little, but its slow approaching speed, in exception if used in close combat, or close range, it can be as easy as to avoid it even for low tier victims, as long as they dodge them at an appropriate time, but it is not impossible to take down the vortex itself if the opponent were to compare his durability, or defenses against the vortex, and possibly able to destroy it with sheer defense or power. Its uses are once per post, with three post cooldown.

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Living Nightmare's True Awakening

ϟ True Awakening: First witnessed in Hobart during his fight against the TCCU Clones, Sherri, Tamari and the rest of the fighters within the city before Ibiki appears, however, it is witnessed by many within the city. Many can say that this is a 'true form' of his powers as a human, the dark persona and the darkness that engulfed him since the beginning, demon that has awakened.

This awakening can only be activated, triggered, used, tap, ascend or evolve under specific circumstances, where he undergoes an extreme emotional pressure such as determination, rage, regret, depression, excitement and any types of emotions that is taken to an extreme, and potentially ascending into the awakening, called the 'True Awakening', where in this state, the true natures of his powers is awakened and unlocked in this very state, where he takes on almost a devil-like appearance which reflects his emotions that he had suffered during the combat. This awakening is rarely seen because it has to be triggered under specific circumstances, although in this state, its power is extraordinary and immense, enough for him to overpower multiple average captains and lieutenants alone in this state while fighting them in their shikai/bankai. But truly, in this very state of the 'True Awakening', it awakens the true potential of his powers as a human, which is completely different from his 'False Awakening'.

His appearance aren't change much, although there are couple of huge overhauls in his physical appearance and mental states. In appearance, his pair of eyes can glow crimson red in the dark, strong enough to even overwhelm the sunlight itself with its glowing ability in the light and in the darkness. He also gains a different pair of wings, where unlike a pair of tornado-like wings from his back that spins wildly, a pair of black wings sprout from his back, as if it was made out of a mysterious energy of sorts and can possibly be a 'Dark Lightning', since electricity can be visibly seen to be discharging from the wings and crackling against the earth, breaking and devouring the pebbles and the stones of the very earth. Nothing else but those.

When it comes to mental states, he can either be concious or unconcious. In his concious state, that can be triggered when he becomes extremely determined, overwhelmed by his own willpower and eventually triggering the true awakening, which he can still retain his sanity and conciousness and allows him to fight with his eyes and mind wide open within the combat. In other words, any positive feelings that went through an extreme state can allow him to attain his full sanity. While being unconcious, Sou would turn into a berserker-like fighter, while still retaining his melee capability, his sanity and conciousness are all taken away, and during combat, he fights with only the feeling of negative emotions that surge throughout his entire body and mind, regret, rage, depression, any negative feelings that underwent extreme emotional pressure would trigger this mental state, becoming a ruthless fighter and would annihilate anything and anyone that stands in his way.

ϟ True Awakening's Abilities:
⚛Imaginary Plasma Manipulation & Creation: As the name suggests, in his true awakening state, it allows Sou to take his manipulation ability with plasma to a whole new level in such form. In his true awakening, it grants him to create and manipulate plasmas that are inherently unknown to anyone, and it is only special to Sou's knowledge of it. To be more specific, the Imaginary Plasma he creates cannot be explained, described and cannot be comprehended by any natural laws, science, technology or knowledge, becoming one of the most special plasma that actually uses special properties and elements that is not in this world, this is why it became special to only Sou's use. Even if it is converted into a source of energy by an enemy, its insides would unnaturally break down and before it is given even a millisecond of a time for its enmies to absorb its energy, it would disperse into an empty fuel, an air.

Its origins are unknown, and the element itself can only be accessed by Sou himself only, and it has more functions than a plasma manipulator, since his contains more properties and elements that can function differently than a hot plasma inside of an electricity. It is true that the Imaginary Plasma is formed by his chi energy, but it requires more than just chi energy itself to create such plasma. Unable to define what sort of energy it uses than chi energy, when Sou enters his true awakening, the second his actual abilities are awakened, his body functions rather differently than a human, as if his mind temporarily creates a 'law' of its own within his physical body, building a type of 'system' that runs his body differently, unlike how humans manipulate and use chi energy or soul force, the actual 'flow' of the energy itself is apparently different and it is hard to describe how. As Sou himself is not sure about it as sometimes he loses conciousness of his own body when being too induced to rage, but during his concious period, he describes his mind was filled with ancient knowledge, something that he both understand and does not understand at the same time, as if his body naturally adapted to such language and laws that it gives him the 'feeling' and the ability to use it for his own.

The moment the plasma was made into the existence, the chi energy that was formed and used for the Imaginary Plasma to be created was first twisted apart, before breaking it down to many pieces, and these 'pieces' held the tiniest bits of an unknown element and properties that is also inherently unknown to him, but his mind seems to run its 'systems' on its own, rushing all the knowledge to him and allowing him to create these properties wihout even requiring the need to even think, simply creating and break down these energies until it fills up the core of the plasma itself, eventually, turning into something called an 'Imaginary Plasma', that allows him to construct plasmas that does not exist in this world and are made through his imagination, although Sou does not know the fact of such. Howeverm it does grant him abilities that he previously cannot possess on his normal awakening, the false one, allowing him to do more than he normally could.

It is rather tough to list out all of the abilities he could do with it, since the list can be considered almost endlessm considering the potential of his Imaginary Plasma, that can be done due to its unknown properties. But a few abilities would be listed out with the ones he commonly uses at this state. Be aware that he rarely enters such state, so not all of his abilities would have a great detail.

⚛Chaotic Spiritual Power: With his actual potential unleashed in his true awakening, his spiritual power would simply spike into the ranks, and if it is to measure it, his spiritual power is oddly powerful, something that cannot be described no matter how much one tries to estimate or analyze it. His spiritual power gives off the feeling or an aura of 'darkness' in there, a feeling of a monster residing behind that chaotic power he gains in his true awakening. The spiritual power his body unleashes is simply suffocating, as if one does not have the sufficient spiritual power that can at least stay on par against him, they would pass out from suffocation instead of dying just by getting near him. It is hard to describe him as a human anymore at this point, more akin to the devil itself if he or she is forced to describe it if they were to ever witness the true power of the Nightmare itself. Upon speculations, his spiritual power is in a mixture of both crimson red and black.

⚛Ancient Knowledge: This is JUST a speculation and it is unknown whether it is true or not. During his fight against Yukuri, Sou was able to speak an ancient demon language that is inherently unknown to him, and to him, it was as if he was speaking normally and does not know that he is speaking something of an ancient language. This gives a theory that Sou might possess an ancient knowledge, expanding much bigger than that of a human's but because of the fact that he is not a demon and has the blood of a human, he does not have access of using the ancient knowledge that he gains upon the activation of the true awakening itself. Although, there is another speculation that there is a possibility that he has gained at least a small access to it, not proven but his Imaginary Plasma may be the evidence considering that it is 'outside of the natural laws, cannot be comprehended, described, explained and understood by any current technology and knowledge' sorts. This may or may not be true, it is just a speculation and a theory, nothing else.

⚛Electromagnetic Field: Both passive and active ability, just like his false side of his own power, the True Awakening also possesses the same trait of attaining an electromagnetic field, however, its defensive ability is given to a much higher extent. Using charged particles like protons, electrons and neutral particles like neutrons, the usage of these particles would put the neutron in the center of the field itself, while charged particles would be placed into the solid-gas electromagnetic field around him, providing him an 'almost-absolute', NOT entirely absolute, as his electromagnetic field has its own weaknesses despite the fact that it covers out the entire area around him and leaves no hole for an attack to bypass.

When it comes to redirection or absorption of attacks, he has his own method of doing so. For the redirection case, Sou uses the compression of energy and blast off an attack with an equal amount of force wihout completely destroying the attack itself, whether would it be an energy blast or a physical attack coming from a sword or an object, its passive ability activates through the compression of energy on a certain area of the electromagnetic field, and to redirect it, the energy implodes against the object or energy with an equal amount of force wihout causing the destruction of that certain attack or an object, and with a throughout calculation, before the redirection, he can either increase the capability or the force of that certain affected object by his redirection or redirect back the attack with an equal or with its original power back to its target, and to do so, he uses his Imaginary Plasma ability and tunes some properties within its structure by removing its destructive elements and only to use a blast of recoil itself through a compression, and when the energy cannot contain it anymore, it would explode into a burst of pressure and wind instead of an explosive force, and would simply create an 'extra force' in order to increase an affected object or attack, wihout minding it whether would it be an energy blast or physical attack, it wil be affected and its impact force, firepower and speed would increase 2 to 3 times more powerful than its original state.

What fully extends in his absorption ability is that unlike his previous electromagnetic field, that only converts electricity into raw energy to supply him more power, in his true awakening, he could simply convert every possible element into raw energy and supply him with more energy than usual. To do so, the moment the element gets into contact against his electromagnetic field, he would break down the contents, elements, properties and energy within it by producing a countermeasure against the energy wavelengths of the certain element through a creation of the Imaginary Plasma under its modified properties and elements, and after it breaks down to millions and billions of atomic-sized energy particles under the effects of his countermeasure, and using the charged particles to attract these energies to collect into his field and to be converted into an energy. However, this method cannot be abused, as sometimes during the breakdown of an element into energy, there are times that it would detonate into an explosion, three times the power of an explosion caused by a grenade, and the chances may vary depending how powerful a certain attack or element is. The lower tier it is an attack from an opponent, the easier and less riskier the breakdown of the energy may take.

The electromagnetic field itself follows Sou's tier at all times as he starts developing overtime, which means if he is a tier 0-3, he could redirect or absorb attacks below his tier level. Although, there are a flaw or two behind that redirection & absorption ability, is that it cannot affect any attacks that are considered as something that is 'unknown' or 'against the law of nature', attacks that 'does not exist yet exists at the same time', those can break past his field like it would be nothing, however, strangely that spatial attacks cannot bypass his field. It is possible that using the universe's law and calculation, he was able to provide a nigh-impossible equation made only through the work of his brain and uses that formula to redirect spatial attacks and teleportation-based attacks to simply shrug them off out of his range wihout needing some attention against it. Though, if it is an ability that 'rips apart or through space', that would become impossible for him to bypass that boundary and redirect it, but if it uses spatial attacks as a projectile attack, he could throw them off like there was not much of an effect against him.

It is not actually impossible for lower tier opponents to bypass his electromagnetic field, as long as they have a certain way to go through, such as a decaying or distortion ability, may it be something that destroys particles or atoms may work as well. However, if they are going to hijack it, they would need to meet requirements somewhere at Shadin's level, since his electromagnetic field extends much further than his original's, whilst having a rather powerful capability to redirect or if possible, absorb spatial attacks by breaking down its 'artificial laws' that allowed it to exist after it was made through a use from a being's ability, and finally, converting it into raw energy for him to use. This is something that should not be underestimated despite being just an electromagnetic field, since it far stretches away from a normal one, one should analyze it before actually trying to go against it.

Less consuming in energy, it is considering more longer-lasting and using the own 'laws' and 'systems' that his own mind had created, his electromagnetic field can last quite some time in combat, however, be reminded that it constantly drains spiritual energy from his body as long as it is active, and Sou can switch it back on and off if he is willing to, which means there are times when it is not active, and there are times before an attack hits him, he would activate the ability itself and redirect them again. Its uses are presumably infinite, and the time it lasts, depending on the situation, it is possible to last until between 6 to 9 posts, if not, two or three posts longer than the presumed time.

⚛The Great Explosion: A mere nickname made up by himself, it is actually a generated explosion made from the plasma he used. Unlike his false awakening, he would not need to take any time to charge and these can be summoned through his mind or any type of action he takes to summon them. These explosions are average-sized, stretching no less than 500 meters. The process he does was, of course, the creation of Imaginary Plasma. Summoning them in an orb shape in the size of a cero itself, how the explosions were made were the modifications of the particles within every single orb he summons before the explosion occurs. How he manages to do under an atomic level, given with the enhanced knowledge he was given in such state, is still unknown since the ability of his are considered something that is outside of the law itself. However, Sou had a slight hint of knowing what he was doing ouright when he has his conciousness retained under his true awakening, currently speaks that the modification was done by tuning the 'insides' of the Imaginary Plasma, through removing one or two particles and switching some or not, most of the charged particles of the plasma to the opposite, particles that are proton are changed to electron, while electrons are switched to protons, and keeping several particles on its own state in order to throw off the stability and balance of the plasma, which the unstability of the plasma itself would've become too great for it to handle under the situation that its 'structure' is wrong, thus the results of detonating itself into an explosion.

When it detonates, it is highly recommended that one should not get a direct hit from it, whilst these explosions has a rather high firepower, that each of these bombs are akin to a compressed version of a nuclear bomb, holding a firepower so great that if it weren't done properly, it is estimated that a single orb that is mistakenly modified, even the slightest bit can simply devour up to half of the Karakura Forest, although it is just an estimation and it is not always a true fact. However, its firepower is not something to underestimate. If someone like an arrancar in their Resurrección state and attaining a Hierro or durability in advanced level, a direct hit from one of his explosions, by 'direct hit', which means that the detonation would be done before the body of his victims, and the power itself would be enough to simply turn even a released arrancar to shreds, devour right through his flesh and turning their ribcage to ashes, inflicting a terrifying amount of damage to his enemies with a single orb. Sou tend to detonate them not too close nor too far from his enemies, since he would find it rather of a mood killer of doing so, but even from a distance when the detonation occurs, it can leave a good deal of damage to his enemies from a distance.

This can be done indefinitely, although it does take quite an amount of chi energy from him, it is something that he uses rather frequently against his enemies as a starter for them, though he could only summon up to 5 orbs at once per post, due to the amount of firepower it produces.

⚛Punishment: Again, it is just a nickname that Sou simply came up with, although the actual ability was actually a blast of Imaginary Plasma. Its hard to measure its firepower, since it is constantly used in different sizes and power, ranging from small blasts to a tremendously large one, however, it can be described of how it was made and used.

By constructing the elements of the Imaginary Plasma, it can be created wihout the need of using his hands, and can be made through his mind, which means orbs of energy can simply appear anywhere within his vicnicity of 200 meters, and unlike the orbs, he can summon just as many as he would, but it would begin to limit the amount he could summon as the blast he summons becomes more and more powerful. When it is constructed, he was quite an odd way to shoot these orbs into blasts. He uses the method of 'compression'. By compressing a part of the orb, he would continuously compress them to the point where the core would not be able to handle the pressure, it would explode into a burst of energy, and that is when the blast comes by, and interestingly, he can direct these blasts at his own will since it is his own element to begin with. These blasts can bend or fire at a straight line, any way he wants in order to hit his target.

When it comes to damage, it has a variety of damages since he could manipulate the sizes and the destructive power of the blasts, although there are 4 specific sizes, if one were to theoretically measure it, but it is mostly precise. When fired in a small blast, much like the size of a baseball, they do not take much energy, does not deal much damage and allows him to fire them rapidly like a minigun. The small blasts are much like a tank's rounds, explosive and destructive, enough to blast a hole on a building while for his victims, depending on their tier, they would only get a minor wound, as much as a wound inflicted by a short sword, it would have a little of an extra burn that would sting if grabbed directly by hand or in contact with any objects, especially water, both hot and cold. If one has sufficient durability and/or hierro, approximently advanced and master, would only receive a burn instead of being wounded. Because of its low energy consumption and low damage, he can fire those infinitely but it doesn't mean he won't wear out.

Moderately-sized blasts are akin to the size of a cero's blast, and of course, its damage are like a cero shot forth by a trained arrancar within its tier 1, and it limits him up to 10 blasts at once. Depending on the opponent's state, it would most likely enough to make them suffer with the destructive power, not to mention it is rather powerful despite in its moderate size and having a considerable firepower, it is enough to simply make a large crater before the earth with just a blast from it. However, given its size, the blast is rather slow itself, so an advanced speed or above is enough to shift out of its way wihout a sweat, while below advanced, it is not impossible to avoid it, but they would have some trouble against it if they don't have the sufficient durability or even a hierro against it to minimize the damage. So, be aware of this. Sou doesn't get into this level too quickly since it drains more energy than the smaller version but not too much out of him and he could still keep it up by firing a hundred more of them with only a drop of a sweat.

Large-sized blasts, how to describe its size? If you compare a 2-stories house and combine it with 3 or 4 more, it is more or less the size of it. Because of its huge display of power given by the blast, it is rarely used and limits Sou to only fire 5 of them at once per post. One blast is enough to have an average shinigami in their bankai state to have an issue dealing against it. Not to mention, five of them would become a huge problem by then. Each blasts holds a sufficient amount of power to simply wipe out a small portion of a city or a forest in Karakura, and if it is compared to a Cero, it is 'just about' the level of Gran Rey Cero. If one were to get blasted directly by it, it has a high chance of losing a limb or two, while sustaining moderate wounds with serious burns to their body, but it would not be able to kill them even if they got blasted directly again multiple times. The higher the level of their durability is, each level starting from adept, would sustain 5% less damage, while Grand Masters would take half of its actual damage, and it would be the same to arrancar's hierro, and if combined with their durability, each level of their durability starting from adept would only decrease 1% of its actual damage. It takes quite a portion of his spiritual energy and it is not recommended for Sou to use it too many times. It is estimated that about 5 times of using 5 blasts at once would completely drain his spiritual energy like a cake, so he should be aware of this.

The last type, should be an event-only use or emergency use only if the situation calls for it. Its size is akin to two football stadiums combined together. If estimated, it can wipe out half of the recorded largest city in the world, and its power is certainly terrifying to a point that even an experienced vizard with both their mask dawned and in their bankai state would truly fear it. This is why it is considered as an event-only or an emergency use-only 'type'. By concentrating every possible energy, from chi energy to his body's natural stamina into a single point, it would fire a terrifying large blast that can engulf up to between 5 to 10 miles wide, powerful enough to obliterate just about anything that stands in its way, and requires a power of multiple bankais at once to completely stop his blast from advancing, which means it requires at least 5 captains in their bankai state to 'completely' stop the blast itself. If under the required amount, it can lessen the damage caused by the blast up to 90% if it is 4, 70% if its 3, 50% of its 2, and 10% if it is only one captain in his bankai state alone. Having vizard in both their bankai and mask can multiply the chances to obliterating it or even to lessen the damage. It completely takes away all the energy that is possible within him, which means the moment after using it, he will be forced to retreat from the thread whether he likes it or not, because he will be in a condition where he cannot fight anymore.

⚛Imaginary Plasma Construction: This ability, as its name stated, allows him to construct anything within his knowledge. While being able to construct objects or weapons with his Imaginary Plasma, its shape and size must be something that he knows and has seen before that once stored within his memory. Take for an example, if he once seen a katana, its edges, shape and size, he can make an exact replica of it but it does not have any abilities that the original has and is entirely made out of his own plasma, glowing in blue. Depending on its modification and size, the energy consumption may vary. By 'modifications', means that he can modify the properties and the functions of the object or the weapon that he creates. Be aware that he can only construct up to 3 objects, and do not mix up with Kakine's CreationConstruction.

He can freely modify the objects or weapon just about anything, from explosives to powerful slashes, but noted that he can only have one modification to it, which means he has to choose only ONE ability out of every possible modifications he can ever do, just for an example, he can modify his sword to create explosions with each slash, fire projectiles per slash, high durability or has a terrifying cutting power, and he has to choose one out of the four, and once it is chosen, it cannot be changed until the destruction of the weapon or object or if he removes them by throughoutly deconstruct it. If it is deconstructed, he cannot recreate a new one until 2 posts cooldown passes. However, if it is destroyed, it can be recreated again wihout the need to cooldown, that is how the system works. Either you take it out yourself or have someone else do it, as a choice. Otherwise, he can do this indefinitely as long as he is aware of his own limits and spiritual energy.

Living Nightmare's Full Awakening

ϟ Fully Awakened:

ϟ Fully Awakened Abilities:

Living Nightmare's Skill Sheets

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Grand Master
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Master

Human Skill Sheet
  • Anima Stone Strength: Beginner
  • Soul Sorcery: Beginner
  • Soul Dash: Beginner
  • Soul Detection: Beginner

Chi Skills
  • Geppo: Beginner
  • Vindeca: Master
  • Tekkai: Beginner
  • Yang Surge: Beginner

Coding in template By: [THEFROST] Graphics by: Kylekaotikk

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Edit: This upgrade should be automatically applied including the will skill sheets once it is approved with the upgrade thread that has been done and approvelz:

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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master [From Upgrade]
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced.
  • Pain Endurance: Master.
  • Focus: Master.

Comments/Notes:I think you're all Gucci here great App now go kick ass and take some names.
Tier: 0-3++

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This was a great character, but his path was doomed from the start.
Upon being slain by The Beast of Karakura, I am moving this character into deceased section.

R.I.P Sou

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