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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 A Wish to be Heard

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A Wish to be Heard   Tue Apr 29, 2014 4:10 am

Seishin Buki: One Who Steals Light, Izayoi

Song:Ataraxia - CrownLess


Org: K-WORLD: Amethyst Cross Lieutenant

Her wish. A star in the sky seemed to be favoring her even in this endless white realm. She had finally began her dream, hands held to her chest and eyes closed, a silent prayer to whomever had been watching over her for further good tidings and less misfortune for all. She heard everything in the city, all of the chatter and endless sounds of the concrete jungles. This was her first experience in such a place, a city so massive and grand to her. Her favorite colours were all around, whites, blues, reds, creamy pale's and loving greens of nature. Everything was as she had hoped, and far more grand than even her dreams could take her. It was a heaven, to be able to stand in Kin Iramasha's lands. Kin's justice in her eyes, seemed much like her own. Kin, shows value in those under him. He tries to grant their wishes with his resources, and thus sees value in them. This, was merely how it appeared to Zalera. She could see it. That her new master and lord held a value of mercy. It may be some form of a trick, but Zalera refused to let such seeds plant themselves deep in her subconscious. No. She would not doubt the one who's intentions were better than the Soul King's. Miko had one told her, that while Kin is a very un-liked and even hated individual, she always saw his visions as correct.

This tale was one of the many reasons Zalera felt she could entrust her views of Justice to Kin, and her wish to find her family. Perhaps she could even become strong, and protect the family she will find with her wish. Was she foolish for aimlessly believing in Kin's promise? No. She held a small dark passionate thought. It was of what if she did not find them? Even with her lord's help? What to do when this event occurred? She smiled to herself, content that with so much power and resources, that her wish would finally be granted after 26 years of life. A mere fairy tale, it may be, but Zalera was a hopeful sort, and always positive within her own outlook. Like the bright white's of this city, she was bright with hope and admiration for the lands she had traveled after having been granted such a high position. With a small breathe, she felt the wind breathe through her camellia coloured lock's, and removed her Seishin Buki from her head. Taking the winged beret into her cloak to latch it to her tome and sword, she left the open balcony to begin her walk through the realm.

Soaring down through the skies, Zalera's wings lifted into the breeze with a joyful laugh followed with a smile. She loved flying, and Izayoi had given her a great gift. Miko had always taken her out and carried her while she flew around the Isle. Once she promised to fly with Zalera one day, and it was once a distant dram and memory. Now however,it seemed such a day was not far off. With her hope in heart, her arms stretch wide, her halo appearing above her head by six inches. Her beret's wings, also grew in size, while the pages of her tome flew out to swirl around her. Izayoi, her Seishin Buki, had always been protective of Zalera. Ever since approving of her as its wielder and becoming her Seishin Buki, Izayoi seemed to always create and extra layer of protection around her young body, as if expecting great harm to befall her one day. At times like this, Izayoi wished she could do more than be a mere Seishin Buki that stole the light from Zalera's eyes.

Zalera, trusted her Seishin Buki even at times when it rejected her in the past. A bond was there, and Zalera held the tome of Izayoi at her chest almost all the time. It wasn't long before she lowered herself to the streets to make her way back. Her stroll back to the Dragon's Den began, as she had an audience with Kin Iramasha to keep, her lord. Her slender legs carried her across the pavement, tucking her tome into her arms tight, wrapped around it as she ran hysterically towards the Dragon's Den. It was within ten minutes she remembered that a simple Chaos Warp, would have brought her to the doors faster. Checking the time on a nearby clock tower, Zalera sighed. She had far more than enough time to look around more. Her steps became slow and paced, watching the walkway before her for a bit until satisfied with something or other. It was then, Zalera saw everything around her closer than before.

Zalera's eyes marveled and shined at everything around her, white stoned buildings higher than anything she'd ever seen before on her life. But again, she was young and naive. It had always became apparent after Miko's disappearance. Perhaps she could find Miko as well, as she was family. I hope this place will become my home... I'd love to find a forest and build a nest or something for myself and my family in the trees. A massive forest... all for my family I wish to have. Zalera smiled to herself, giggling as the face of her lover came into mind. Ion would be terrified to love so high off the ground. The thought of him peeing himself made her place a hand on he wall, people staring as they walked around the giggling woman slapping the bricks. Taking notice of a few children asking her what she was laughing about, she blushed and pulled her hood over the crimson locks on her head and dashed away.

The children chased after her for a bit, before her wings took flight, sending her soaring back to the open balcony she had dropped from earlier. Or it should have. Her wings were tired, and she swiftly Chaos Warped to the open balcony at the Dragon's Den where she was supposed to meet with Kin. Her rushed walk carried her through many hallways and stairs, as well as elevators before reaching the line to the Audience chamber. Speaking to a few guards and presenting her newly assigned Amethyst Cross Lieutenant emblem, Zalera was right on time as she entered the doors to a massive room where she was to meet with him, the Ruler of the Kokuryuteshi. A silent few words, left her mouth in some sort of song, low and small, if only to pray for good fortune.

"We'll dance on silver rainbows. We'll see dementia fall. Crimson queens and rotten fairies. We'll sail against confusion. We'll reach your deepest thought. Still I will remain in the dark. Listen to me, reality is here. Take my hand, everything's breaking memories back to life."

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A Wish to be Heard
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