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 Fusion General

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Fusion General   Sat May 31, 2014 11:33 pm

What is a fusion?

> How to Fuse
A fusion is performed when two characters use a Fusion Device, causing both of their bodies to combine. When this is performed, the two characters literally become one person. This means that from start to finish,t hey are now essentially different than either of their sum parts. The different traits of these changes come from both parties, and even having the capacity to include things which can only exist as a result of the fusion.

For example, if Yoma, a fire user, and Cirno, an ice user, were to fuse, then a woman with flaming hair and clothing made of ice would result named Cirma. Her personality would be a bit off-kilter but very motivated in battle, and her abilities would be mildly powerful in both the fields of ice and flame.

> The Fused Name
When two characters fuse, the fusion name is totally up to those who fuse them together. However, as the identities of the two are the base parts for the fusion and are used equally, the name generally is a combination of both identities.

Example: For Yoma and Cirno, Cirma was the result. For Dr. Hebi and Shizou, Hebizou. For someone like Goku and Moonie, Mooniku would be applicable. Such is how names are typically decided, however it is also possible for the conceptual bases of the characters to determine their names. For example, Cirma could also be named Flamice, a combination of flame and ice. It is up to the two parties who create them to determine the name.

> The Fused Gender
The gender of the character is dtermined primarily by which character in the fusion had the higher tier. IN the case of an equal tier, the resulting character is asexual. This is because of the fact that whichever soul is used to containing the most power has the most influence on the body's actual shape and size, meaning that their gender is the one selected as it is the most comfortable for the new being to be within. IN the case where the genders are the same, only the original gender is used, no matter the powerlevel.

Example: Cirma would be female, Hebizou would be male.

> The Fused Body
The body that results from the fusion takes the most dominant traits of both parties. For instance, a missing arm, a very important point for one person in the fusion, would be reflected in their fused state; the same for a missing eye or any other missing important limb. In addition, something vastly important like a cloak that is held dear to a part of the fusion and is linked to their soul will be used within the fusion, resulting in that same cloak being used by them. Generally, each original retains two of their original bodily traits and totally overrides the other, while they have three to five traits that spawn totally out of the combination, such as an undershirt becoming orange but the outer clothing becoming totally blue.

Example: With Cirma, she would still be wearing the same dress. However, her collar would be changed to that of a shinigami's uniform, and a zanpaktou looking sword could be found at her side. Her hair would still be its classical shape, but around her forehead is a headband like that worn by Yoma. Her shoes are sandals imprinted by flames, and her arms both spit out jets of flame and ice randomly.

> The Fused Mind
When the two parts combine, their minds also are totally meshed into one another. While they are able to think separately still and maintain their own conscious, the one totally in control of the body is the merged conscious. This conscious uses two of the most dominant personality traits of each of its parts, and then has a few parts that have been melded together from the original mind. The new mind is aware that it is a fusion and has the sum knowledge and mindpower of the two souls that make up its form. When the fusion ends, both of the parties who were in it retain the knowledge gained while in that form, but it is very difficult to retain the other's memories and experiences once they separate. Generally, the two conscious stay melded while their own conscious watches almost from afar the events that occur, and while they may have their own dialogue, they can only interact with one another, not the main body or conscious... as it literally is them. Also, the mind determines the level of Interpretation, the skill of a Fusion which determines how easily they can combine their techniques across one another, as opposed to their core concepts, such as a unique sword style or method of fighting or special physical attack.

Example: Cirma is both extraordinarily motivated and eager to learn. These traits come from Cirno. Furthermore, she has a subconscious partner called Alter and is not very motivated to advancing things other than battle itself as a result of Yoma. She has a love for both the Iramasha and the Shinigami, tries to empathize with people in a forceful manner, and also can have blank moments where she completely forgets what she was about to say before gaining it back with even more gusto than before.

> The Fusion Limit
However, every fusion has a limit. The limit is primarily defined by two functions: The relationship between the two parts of the fusion, and the quality of the item they are using. Each Item that is being used has a base of 1 posts that it can grant. With every two levels the item increases, that post length will be advanced by one. Furthermore, the level of the relationship between the two will also determine how many more posts they can maintain the form, starting from one, and is a part of their skill sheet. Beginners can only gain one post from this, Adept gain two posts, Advanced gain three, Master gain five, and Grandmaster gain ten.

Example: The fusion item being used by Yoma and Cirno is Advanced class. This means that it will grant their fusion two base posts. Furthermore, as they are both relatively simple minded, forming a relationship between themselves proved relatively easy, giving them an Adept class relationship. This means that their fusion can last for a total of four posts, as two are given from their relationship and added to the two of the item. That means that after the fusion has been completed, the Fusion character has four posts that it can make before it breaks apart for the rest of the thread.

> Creating Techniques
When the two are fused, they become able to create their own techniques based on the ones they had before. This means that they are able to keep two or three of their original abilities/concepts, use all the actual techniques that concern those concepts, and furthermore develop between three and five totally original concepts for themselves to use and explore. This is a factor of the skill sheet. At Beginner, the Fusion is not very experienced at combining the two parts of the original character, meaning that they can only make a maximum of one totally new concept. An Adept of this could comfortably master their first combination and begin developing a second, more complex one. An Advanced could have two well under his or her belt and begin to develop a third, or even a fourth. A Master could master all of the concepts of the combined state, and a Grandmaster could effortlessly combine the techniques and concepts of both combined parties, creating a true and real 'fusion'.

However, all of this is also determined by the quality of the Fusion device. A Technique level cannot exceed that of the Fusion device, except for a single set of fusion. However, if this is performed, the Fusion Device will break afterwards and will need to be replaced, in addition to both parties becoming completely and utterly exhausted after being forcibly ejected from one another, their very souls totally drained and using everything they have to stay conscious.

Example: Cirma has the ability to summon blizzards and has an intense amount of physical strength. At the same time, she is decent at swordsmanship and can also wield fire as a weapon. Due to her having a Technique level of Adept, she has mastered the method of creating Iced Flames, flames that spread ice after they have burned over a surface, and even done things like applying this to her blade to create burning, freezing slashes of energy. Finally, she has begun to develop a relationship with her sword, beginning to use its unique properties of being a merge between Zanpaktou and Seishin Buki to merge the abilities of both, the abilities of Yoma's shikai and those of Cirno's base.

How to obtain a Fusion device?

> Creation
The original Fusion Devices were all created by the Doctor, Kabuto Hebi. The original was a pair of earrings that were worn by Shizou and Himself, causing their two bodies to merge together when the Doctor leaned against Shizou's shoulder. However, after discovering the fact that the smaller the device is, the more effective it is, the Doctor determined that he could create simpler devices that could fuse parties. His second creation was a pair of gloves. Upon holding hands with another person wearing the other glove of the set, the fusion was triggered, and the fusion wore the gloves.

In a similar manner are the current fusion devices. The Fusion devices are a pair of a set, and while their may be similar functions, such as gloves, no two are exactly alike. The objects are unique in appearance except for their partner, and only with the connection of the part on the person who has the other will a fusion be triggered. Furthermore, the Fusion will always be wearing the fusion device, and when the fusion is ended, the two beings which separate will still possess the piece of fusion device they had before.

Example: Cirma is formed through the combination of the scarves that both Yoma and Cirno wear. Cirno wears hers as a bow around the back of her head, and Yoma wears his as the bandana around his head. This means that when the two bonk heads into one another, they fuse together, and their fusion has the band which connects and flows into the bow on the back of Cirma's head.

> Obtainment
The objects are randomly disposed by the Doctor and other parties who have received them to distribute them around the world. At the moment, the Doctor is still creating them, but he has planned out one hundred to eventually be distributed around the world, 100 sets of totally unique items that when combined with one another will create a fusion. He has even begun to change out typical items on persons' clothing to the point where they do not notice it has even happened, and may even encounter the person they are destined to fuse with unexpectedly. Furthermore, the Doctor is willing to give them away to contacts who know him and allow them to do with them as they please. However, at the moment, the Doctor can only create Beginner level items, unless those who are going to fuse are intensely intimate and can stand being pressed up close enough to use the small objects of Adept purity.

Example: Both Cirno and Yoma did not realize they had been given their items. The Doctor slipped both of them their pieces disguised as their regular clothing, expecting for Yoma to eventually slip up and bonk his head into Cirno. The Doctor saw this as the most likely way for the two to come into contact with one another, which is why he designed them this way.

>Quality Level
The trait that is given in the application for the level of quality of the item, the Quality level increases as a stat the more that the Fusion is used. Generally, after a complete fusion, the level of the item will increase from Beginner to Adept. From Adept, it could take anywhere from 3-5 uses for it to become Advanced. At Advanced, it would take either special tampering, an intensely increased relationship, or upwards of five more fusions for it become a Master rank. From their, only a bond of absolute purity combined with unique alterations and customization to the Fusion items themselves, resulting in truly powerful spiritual items that are bonded with the wearer's very soul and cannot be removed.

Example: Cirma's original level was a Beginner, as the surface area of the scarves was quite large. After the first accidental headbutt, the level rose to that of an Adept. After that, the awkward moments where the fusion continued to occur would end up in the item finally reaching the Advanced level, where it has stayed at due to the low likelihood of the two to create any more of a bond. However, if they were to do so, it would be possible for the item to reach a Master rank, and if their bond became completely pure with one another and they had the scarves' true power unlocked, it would be possible for them to reach Grandmaster. At this point, the band around her head would constantly be emitting dark blue flames which burn fiercely, in addition to slopes of ice that emerge and flow around her bow as if flames that rise and slow at the speed of flowing ice on the back of her head.

> The Dance...?
There is, however, one other way in which one can create a fusion without the usage of the Doctor's fusion items. This is the original technique that the Doctor discovered for creating the Fusion Items, and the Fusion Items reflect the actions the technique produces. This technique requires that both parties have their powerlevels totally and completely equal in order for it to be able to occur. Furthermore, the two must be of roughly equal height, as the physical mannerisms of the technique require it. Finally, the two must perform the technique perfectly, or else it will result in an imperfect fusion. The dance requires the two to act as totally symmetrical bodies, as if reflected of one another. As such, they begin with their hands pointed out away from the partner. They then bring the hands around, cycling around before pausing. They then crouch down, bringing their fingertips forwards as they thrust the fingertips together. The result is the true Fusion technique, creating a Fusion whose skill abilities all match that of a Master fusion.... at the down-side that it can only last for a maximum of three written out posts.

Example: Yes, Moonie Iramasha and the Shark Beast Radioactive could indeed perform the Fusion Dance if Radioactive was in his sealed state and Moonie was matching him. As a result of their dance, a warrior of immeasurable power, Moonactive, would be created, a being of such power, such immeasurable bloodlust, that the very earth would warp and bend in an attempt to escape his power of wrath. However, after a mere three posts, the two would break apart once again, reforming as Moonie and Radioactive once more. Such is a simple example, but such an action would cause terror in beings the world over.


> Fusion Quality
The overall quality of a fusion is determined as a result of the Item, Bond, Technique, and Interpretation. These three pieces make up the Quality of the fusion. The Quality is the overall power that the fusion has, and determines the tier of the resulting fusion. Even if two 0-2++ were to fuse, there is no guarantee that their fusion would also be that level. This is due to how the fusion works; the souls must be absolutely conjoined in order to bring out the sheer power of both parties. This means that generally, fusions among lower tiers are stronger than their individual parts, while those of higher tiers gain more adaptability due to the new effects their fusion can create which they cannot perform individually.

Beginners of Fusion Quality are in the low 2 tiers. Adept are within the high 2 tiers and low 1 tiers. Advanced are in the high 1 tiers. Masters are in the low 0 tiers. Grandmasters are able to reach any point up to 0-2++ and perhaps even beyond if approval is given. The Quality of the fusion, again, is determined by the lowest ranking skill of the Fusion.

How Does Control Work?

> Two Act as One
The two people who control the characters who make up the Fusion will only generate one post. Every post is performed by the person who did not post the last time. The two are free to work the post out between themselves or have one of them do it individually, even having the other post it if it is their turn. Overall, as long as the person who did not post last time sends the message, the only requirement is to have a post actually made for the Fusion character to exist. The person who is in control of the post, however, does have the final say on how the posting method is performed.

Example: With Cirma, Frost and Luda both have a decent idea of how she works, due to creating her application together. Luda's post is the one which initiates the fusion, so Frost gets to send the first post. Him and Ludalfa work out that Frost will create the post himself, as Luda has finals this week. Frost does so, and asks Lud to read it before he sends it. Lud does so, and tells Frost what Yoma would say within the post, so Frost adds it in. Then, Frost sends the post, and the thread proceeds. The next time it is their post, Lud goes, and this time they spend a good hour talking about how they are going to perform their intense post, Luda composing it with ideas that he and Frost generate.

How do the Two Communicate?

> Speak Within Mind
Within the mind, both of the consciousness are able to speak to one another and learn things. However, they do not speak with the actual character that is the fusion and can only watch that they do. This can lead to some interesting statements of interpretations of how the other acts; as the fusion can express things that were not known to the two of them. In the Fusion state, the two can transfer thoughts, images, and ideas effortlessly, helping the other understand parts o themselves and possibly increasing the level of the Fusion's Bond. Indeed, if the two raise the level of their Bond while fused, the Fusion may power up as a result of the increased synchronization.

> One Body, One Mind, One Soul
The Fusion character is a single person with a single identity. This identity means that it is totally autonomous; it takes no responsibility for anything performed by its individual parts. Because it is created from the pieces that make it up, it does not regret its short lifespan, but at the same time does not eel any compelled interest to last longer than it should unless it feels responsibility towards something that its sum parts care about. In which case, it can indeed attempt to resist breaking apart into pieces, but this generally isn't able to last much longer than an additional post, and the two who emerge from the Fusion will be badly drained as a result.

How does the Fusion work?

> Soul Split
When the Fusion items connect, it begins their special ability. This special ability is known as Fusion, and it is what combines the two. When the Fusion is begun, the souls of both beings are instanteously bisected. These four fragments are what is left of their souls. From there, one part of each binds with one another, and from there the other two Fragments become pure energy. This pure energy exists only within the two soul fragments that are making up the new soul of the Fusion, and are not able to be further manipulated in any way as a result.

> Soul Reformation
From there, the soul Reforms, forging an entirely new soul from the two parts. This Soul is the Fusion Character themselves. The pure Soul energy that is generated from the parts that are left behind become the binding that allow for the Fusion character to exist, binding their soul fragments together in order to make it possible for the fusion to exist. The Items regulate the amount of influence these fragments have, which allows for even characters who have a large power difference to fuse together, as the new soul is regulated completely by the Soul power of the fragments that broke apart. This creates the total, created soul, resulting in a Fusion character.

> Returning to Normal
Once the Fusion character has reached their time limit for existing, their bodies split into two once more. When this happens, the two parts of their souls which were used to create the Fusion character split them apart once more, and instantaneously use the remaining Soul energy to copy the half that were bound together. The energy splits the mixed souls away from one another perfectly, splitting the one independent being into two. The imprints of the original half-souls are used by the remaining Soul energy to recreate the other half of their Souls, spending the remaining Soul energy and resulting in the two beings being sent explosively away from one another in a massive burst of light and energy.

Do they have Forms?

> Super Fusion
Once the Fusion level has reached Master, it becomes possible for the Fusion to enter into a form, known as Super Fusion. This Fusion character gains a new title in front of their name, such as Super, Magnificent, Intense, or something of that caliber. This form uses up their posts twice as fast as before, but for the exchange of an absolutely massive increase in raw power. This massive increase of raw power also includes the massive increase in speed, durability, strength, and mental processing that the fused being possesses. It raises all of their abilities levels higher than they would normally be, and even the weakest Super Fusion could still likely decimate a city, given enough time.


Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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Fusion General
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