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 The Town Of Sorrow [Shizuo/Tsukuyomi private ]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Town Of Sorrow [Shizuo/Tsukuyomi private ]   Thu Jan 08, 2015 2:19 pm

Artist: N/A - Word Count: N/A - Transformation: Dormant - Tier: 0-2+

Sparks were flying from this location, As the fervent wishes of the two combatants attempt to ring true to the their respected owners. Tsukuyomi's iconic grin was then peeking out the side of his mouth, Looking at the demonstrated skill that was just exhibited in front of him; As he attempted to the three tier spinning slash on her rear flank, She seemingly blocked every single attack with ease- This made Yuri smile as to that attack could have easily ended the match of anyone of lower skill level- It was also relieving to know that she could keep up with 40% of his natural speed with the sword without incorporating any of his reiatsu into the nature of the attack. He knew this was going to be a good fight considering what just happened, allowing him to not hold back gradually throughout the fight - He didn't want to go full burst, He needs to feel this out before knowing the course of action he needs to take.

With the battle raging on, The torrent of ice that was hurdled towards her was that cleaved in shards right before inches of her person; Steam was beginning to manifest from the pure friction of the blade slamming against the ice. He smirked once again knowing that was just another precautionary measure to make her react. With the mist beginning to fill an area about fifteen feet, it was't very thick, But, he was shrouded in a 360 degreees- This would prove to be very beneficial in the time being; Almost having a ninety percent certainty that she would attempt a strike within the pale white smokescreen. Of course, Like moth to a flame. She disappeared from his sight, Appear at his side but before she rolled into action, Yuri swiftly lunged out of the way, His amethyst eyes looking at the sudden crater created from the strength of the attack. Yuri's eyes narrow before locking his eyes back towards her.

"Hmm. Impressive."

Without even a delay, she sprung forth continuing her assault with an upward reserve strike; Brandishing his Zanpakutō with his left hand, The Dark Enforcer swung his blade downward with just a little bit less force than she implemented allowing it to rebound up slightly, carrying the follow-through to swiftly spin around to carry his Zanpakutō at a counter attacking horizontal slash with his blade at a tilted position so the edge wasn't brandished towards her. However, He meant to attack her midsection with a blunt strike, He caught feint footwork Kick towards his face but connecting with his sword, Lifting his arm upward and sending his body flying into a singular tree about fifteen feet away with rushing speeds; The wake of the winds ripping branches out of the strong bark of the lesser trees. Even though moving at extreme speeds, Yuri back flips once more, his left arm and blade pointed downward as he plunges into the side of the tree as if he was a dart, ripping it out of the ground and making it tip over.

As it got to the apex, it seemed he was standing right side up before taking his sword out of the tree watching her Jumping into the air. In response, He leaps into the air after her, blocking the upward strike swiftly. However, she makes a very nice maneuver of a 360 spin around allowing her self to be on his rear flank. Yuri's eyes narrow as he couldn't spin around fast enough to dodge so he couldn't do that- He had to do something.Dropping his Zanpakutō towards the ground aimlessly, Tsukuyomi grabs the handle of Yato Issen with his right hand, and his left hand at the bottom. Quickly positioning the Sheathed weapons guard directly behind his head allowing it to embrace the attack sending him hurdling toward the ground. Slamming into the ground, Yuri's boots being embedded and skidding about seven feet from the impact area.

"Well Hot damn! You sure know how to work it! Alright, Let's make you sweat!"

After his smart ass comment, She descends towards the ground, Speaking to him to only use his sword. Only the sword ? The sword was his life and he's fought some of the strongest swordsmen in the very universe. The Dark Enforcer's Zanpakutō was about three feet forward from his person, Plunged in the ground by the tip. Cracking his knuckles, and rolling his shoulder from his last blocked strike, Yuri darts from his location, Grabbing his Zanpakutō from the ground with his left hand as he flew past. Within a couple seconds, He appears on her right side, jumping to a spinning clockwise round house kick aimed at her ribs; Although while he spun with his leg, He spun his sword at her shoulder level. Even if she blocked or evaded, He Shunpo'd to her nearest location directly in front of her with a Stern upward swing at her chest before twisting his wrist downward allowing the edge to be faced in turn the opposite direction to a even fast strike downward on the same path. If he didn't strike there, Tsukuyomi pivoted on his right foot, spinning swiftly and grabbing the bottom of the sheathe on his back attempting to thrust the blunt weapon into her diaphragm attempting to knock the wind out of her completely. The very moment it even clears the distance that it would take to hit or miss, Yuri shrunk downward seemingly , Attempting to connect a spinning tripping attack to sweep her off her feet. He then rose instantly in a spinning rapid slash at her legs and midsecton again. immediately afterward using more speed to pull off a shunpo that allowed him to slash at her arms, legs, and chest once again simultaneously as if it was strike, but appearing behind her ten feet before saying aloud.

"You're going to need more than that to reach me"

His stance was always defensive if he was idle, He anticipated a very damaged opponent or a very pissed off on with the amount of attacks given.

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Subject Post 7PostSubject: Re: The Town Of Sorrow [Shizuo/Tsukuyomi private ]   Tue Jan 13, 2015 1:52 pm