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 Chronicle Four | The Catalyst - Chapter One: Buried Feelings - Part 2

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Chronicle Four | The Catalyst - Chapter One: Buried Feelings - Part 2   Thu Apr 16, 2015 2:06 pm

The sound of the tempered water sloshing around under the sea vessel known as Lex's ship was quite clear, almost reflecting the amount of excitement that the fair skinned man displayed about getting to his destination. But not quite, and thankfully so. It was a sunny day out, white puffy clouds were slowly rolling through the blue skies as the smell of salt air dominated the seas. Lex was embracing it openly, standing at the bow of the ship as he looked out over into the vast distance with his arms crossed and his clothing fluttering a bit in the wind. Slowly the blond haired girl would approach his direction, her eyes glued to the unrolled map that she had been looking at for the past hour. “Lex, are you sure the Azure Knight is in this direction? China is quite a longs way from Europe and it's been weeks since he's been spotted there, how do you know he didn't just go west instead?” she asked, finally glancing up from the parchment. The man didn't bother to turn from facing towards the other figure, his gaze fixed upon the very distant patch of land that was starting to come into view.

In all honesty, I'm not fully certain. He could be anywhere in this hemisphere for all we know, but something tells me that he's going to be in China. I believe the sword draws me to other strong entities, as crazy as that may sound. The Azure Knight is one formidable foe and his strength shouldn't be taken lightly, it's only natural that the Catalyst would lead me straight to him.” he explained, tapping his right hand against the hilt of the new sword he brandished by his side now, the sword moving slightly from his hip. Veronica had seen a lot in her time, things that most people couldn't even fathom. And despite even being only a year younger than him, she had to admit that her acquaintance with the man made her gain a bit of mutual respect for Lex. Still, this was something left to the whimsical powers of a sword and she wasn't exactly fond of that. She was never thrilled at the idea of so much traveling around away from her homeland, but if it was necessary then she couldn't argue.

“Alright, then let's hope that he's there. The Azure Knight is not someone to mess with and I wouldn't want him getting more powerful with each soldier and civilian that he slaughters.” she insisted. The young man nodded as he turned back towards the sea, his mind drifting onto just how difficult it would be to fight this monstrosity. The legends spoke of some vile things that he could do, but not only that, his raw and violent power that could destroy structures with single blows. It was going to eat at him of course, questioning if he could defeat such a creature and help keep balance within the world. He would just have to find out once he came across the cursed sword, something he was becoming more confident of doing with the new blade that he had acquired in that cave.

The muffled whirring sounds of plane propellers continued droning on as Lex faded back into the present, realizing that he was still within the air in his biplane, flying towards one of the most important sites yet, India. Sometimes he wondered how his visions didn't get him killed, creeping into his mind like that while he was flying an aircraft, that seemed rather dangerous no doubt. But it seemed to stand that such imagery wouldn't even form in his mind if he wasn't expected to be safe at the time anyway, so he simply left it at that and checked the map that he had brought along. As the air blew around him while he breezed through the darkened blue cloudy skies, both the piece of paper and his faded blue scarf fluttered gently through the wind, his eyes glancing up from the map to see the sun disappearing into the horizon, making its way to the other side of the planet while the stars began to slightly become visible.

After taking another moment to confirm where he even was, he tucked the map into his coat pocket and then adjusted his course a bit, steering slightly to the left before his gaze fell upon the surrounding cloudy sky around him. It was times like this that he wondered why he didn't fly his aircrafts more often, despite having the time and resources to do so. 'Perhaps I should stop working so often...' crept a suggestion into his mind. Well, he could do that, but who would find the artifacts and make sure that all of his original equipment didn't fall into the hands of anyone else? He couldn't have that, so his focus went back to getting to India as fast as he could, his leisurely flying session that he figured he was going to have no longer became a luxury, pressing a bit more on the throttle so he could go faster and reach his destination faster. It didn't take long to reach it actually, at least, according to the map's coordinates logged into the plane's GPS.

But what he was looking at brought so many questions, the young man grumbling to himself as it struck him that the large piece of land floating in the sky couldn't be a good sign whatsoever. He was nearby India, but the first thought that came to mind was that the floating 'structure' could very well be a part of the burial site he was looking for. He had never heard records of Earth being split into pieces at some point, at all. Not only that, but he also never heard of a gigantic wall that bordered the outside of India like that, which would serve to be a problem. He had to admit, this wasn't going to be easy at all. With no equipment or worthy weaponry, both him and his biplane could be shot out of the sky in a moment if he tried anything sneaky. The safest route, the only route, was to check with the authority of the place. Something told him that the floating island was more or less the location to find such a thing, since the actual country was far larger to be searching for someone in charge by scratch.

He ran the options through his head, pulling back on the throttle quite a bit so the plane could slow down and he could think about them. Anybody he would come across could be hostile, in which case he assumed he would most likely lose his plane in during a fight with anyone but safely get away through magical means. There was also the notion that they could in fact be friendly, but of course they would watch over his shoulder during his entire stay there and inquire him about what he was doing there and what he was trying to uncover from the earth. That exactly wasn't going to go well, it was always safe to assume that anyone hearing about the concept of power would try to take it for their own, so he had to come up with some way to escape the moment that he got his hands on that sword. The last option was to agree working with any hostile authority figures for a while until he got close enough to get to the burial site and get that sword. That would take time though, and not only that, but give them more of a chance to find out more about him and what he wanted to do in the first place.

Lex hummed in thought as he slowly approached the floating island, merely meters away as he realized that with what he was equipped with, he didn't have many choices besides extreme violence or being subjugated to hide within their own walls. He made no attempt to hide his approach, the whirring sound of his plane being a fair warning of his arrival as he coasted the skies and circled around the area to look for a safe place to land his aircraft, lifting up his goggles for a moment to glance down at the paved streets of Szalnor, staring in amazement at its seemingly perfectly symmetrical design. Eventually he would find an airstrip after several minutes of flying around the island, slowly approaching it to have a safe landing and get his mission started.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Chronicle Four | The Catalyst - Chapter One: Buried Feelings - Part 2   Thu Apr 16, 2015 7:38 pm

It was one those moments, those inevitable moments that Minerva had. She had to scratch an insatiable itch, the need to explore. A curious girl over three thousand years old will of course will find many ways to try to entertain and occupy herself as the days and years go on. New experiences, new people... all of which Minerva had an interest in. She had spent considerable amount of her life traveling the world of Asteria, but this time...this time will be different. She would travel to another dimension. Admittedly, this wasn't her first time to do so, but her previous travels left her curiosity unfulfilled as many dimensions did not have magical items or magic in general among the people she encountered. For Minerva was a great collector of knowledge and items, particularly those with magical properties. However, lately, Minerva was also gaining an increased interest in technology. After all, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

But anyway this time she traveled to a very interesting version of a planet called Earth in which magic and technology of the highest form were in equal abundance. So Minerva could not help but decide that this place is where she decided to spend a considerable amount of time in.

Stepping out of her portal, she appeared in a back alley in a large city which so happens to be floating in the sky. She wasn’t sure what to make of the local populace, and figured that she would naturally stand out as her appearance was of a Victorian era petite girl in her late teens, with pale skin and dark blue eyes. She went out and walked the streets trying to mimic the behavior and mannerisms of those around her. Everything...was just beautiful and pristine and everyone ...was happy. It was too ideal and Minerva found it boring, but decided to hold judgement for now.

She had spent the last few minutes pickpocketing the locals seeing if she could find something interesting, but she only found normal everyday items like keys, writing utensils, tools and even candy (which she kept but returned the others). She was able to find a small restaurant on the edge of the city. It was one of those with a few small tables outside next to building to where patrons can enjoy the beautiful weather. It was a perfect time to relax and enjoy a cup of tea as she people watched. Not much time had past before she spotted a figure off in the distance who had just landed on a distance airfield. From a quick glance she could tell that he was not from around here. She mentally compared herself with this supposed foreigner who was presumably coming here to explore a distant land. She giggled to herself at this mental image as if this somehow made her similar to a person she had never met. A silly thought like was enough to make him stand out in her mind.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Chronicle Four | The Catalyst - Chapter One: Buried Feelings - Part 2   Sat Apr 18, 2015 7:47 pm