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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active]

This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 A new addition to the team? (Open)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A new addition to the team? (Open)   Sat Aug 01, 2015 5:30 pm

Artist: Spirited Away OST - Song: One Summer's Day - Word Count: 610

A small girl was found within The Vanguards base, and more specifically, an area near the barracks that was open. She sat behind a small make-shift counter held together loosely by wooden boards as she sat on a folding tail, legs crossed as hands balled together on the top of the counter. She seemed to look a bit odd, two sharp, pointy horns poking out from each side of her head, only a few inches in length as a long, thick tail rested on her lap. She seemed almost draconic with these features, fins and frills lining the length of the tail she had rested as the more normal features began to come into view, deep blue eyes looking all around, long hair almost just a beautiful as the color of her eyes falling down halfway her back. A dress hugging her frame, light blue in coloration as the large smile on her lips grew larger and larger.

What was before her seemed to be a tray of cupcakes, each delicately and as beautifully made as the girl to manage. Colorful wrappers of all colors seen as there seemed to be chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, and even some different colors like blue and green cupcakes littered along the tray. Icing and toppings seemed to range from simple vanilla ice cream to lots of chocolate with sprinkles and M&Ms on top. Selia was actually quite proud of herself, happy that she could have made these with her attempt of finding and meeting new people she would be with for a long time. She didn't seem to publicly announce it with yells of having cupcakes, only kicking her legs out under the make-shift desk she created as whenever someone passed by, they were greeted with an overly friendly wave.

The girl herself had a few unpleasant thoughts running through her head. Memories of the Academy flood her mind, reminding herself of the times she was left alone during lunch and had no one to speak too for quite a while when she first joined. It was saddening to her, and for a brief moment it seemed like the smile faltered if anyone looked. She at the very least remembered one other person here, and that was enough inspiration to try and force a smile once more, scooting within her seat to get closer to the edge, mid-section pressing against the edge of the counter as she tried to peek out and see anyone approaching. With the cheerful smirk now painted on her lips, single canine poking past her lips, her joyful mood seemed to have returned. And with her mood, a bit of a sweet tooth returning as well. With a quick glance from side to side, a hand quickly snatched at one of the cupcakes she made for others, wrapping torn off as she took a large bite straight out of the vanilla cupcake with normal chocolate icing.

Within a few moments of sitting alone, a blue, red, and white wrapper were seen balled up on the edge of the wooden counter, toothy grin on the girls face as she seemed to almost wiggle in her seat from excitement and most likely a large intake of sugar, bits of chocolate icing even seen remaining on her lips. Her tail slipping out of her lap and thumping softly against the ground, slowly sliding from side to side to reveal the excitement she was starting to have, or sugar overlord. Both seemed like options for her, and honestly, she couldn't care less about them, her focus on spotting someone and trying to tempt them with cupcakes in order to get to know them.

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A new addition to the team? (Open)
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