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 Dellapero Grance [Approved 0-4, 0-3 In Release]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Dellapero Grance [Approved 0-4, 0-3 In Release]   Wed Oct 21, 2015 9:58 am

The Spiritual Human Template

Basic Information

• Name: Dellapero Grance
• Titles:
• Age: 839 years old, though still appears to be in his early twenties.
• Gender: Male
• Affiliation/Rank: Though often saying he is a rogue, Dellapero serves the vanguard as one of the few exceptions to his qualm with following others. He has taken on the role of the third Unknown, moving around the world frequently to help those in need and sedate his own desire for adventure and entertainment.

• Appearance Description: Clothing: Dellapero Grance is a man that has taken upon his own unique look compared to the average Human. Aside from the personal details of his height, weight, eyes, and other features out of a person's direct control, what he does choose to wear that defines him is vastly different from the traditional clothing trends worn by people in the modern day. Over each hand is a set of finger-less gloves, silver in color and even retaining a shimmering chrome look despite being made from cloth.His outermost attire is a thick, short-sleeve shirt that is a darker shade of grey and has a multitude of markings that coincide with Japanese lore and mythology printed from the shoulder, down the length of his back and frontal body. It is like a canvas that has been given many different designs over the basic cover, making it more detailed and appealing than it would be without them. This same fact holds true with his pants, which are thick, baggy, and the same shade of dark grey with chrome patterns painted over the legs in matching patterns.A long white scarf s wrapped around his neck and trails behind him by three feet in length.

A matching white sash is wrapped around his waist, connected with the black sheath(s) of his twin blades. which he always keeps on his person. The sheath is imprinted with a silver,Chinese-style dragon coiled around it, the tail placed at the end of the blade while the dragon's open jaw ends where the cloth-encased hilt begins. On his feet he wears a set of open-toed sandals, made from a light-weight mix of oak wood with a softer gel-like bottom layer designed to cut the sound of his footsteps during movement. Lastly, strapped across Dellapero's back is a pump-action Remington shotgun. There are few differences between it and the common design of the weapon that was given out in the military. The metal has a dark-grey sheen to it and is well polished. giving it a reflective attribute. The gun is stored in a sheath much like a sword's, often confusing it for one before being drawn. The sheath's color is a matching grey to the shirt he most commonly wears, kanji for Hachiman the god of war and protector of Japan are printed on the the material.

Physical Traits: As for the man under these designs, as stated above Dellapero stands at a fair height of six feet tall. His eyes are shade of green, sometimes taking and unorthodox spiral pattern in the iris and his hair is charcoal black, shoulder-length, and very well kept. A portion of it is tied together in a bun by a golden band. The Human has attached earlobes and a slightly larger nose than average. Each eyebrow is thin and neatly trimmed.His body is defined with muscle on every appendage. His abdominal are chiseled and the physical form he presents in general is a perfect picture of health. The skin tone is a dark tan and has a rough surface, with the exception of his hands, which are kept smooth. It isn't uncommon for minor wounds, scabs, and other injuries to present his reckless activity in battle and day-to-day life, but he has no permanent scars of injuries that are apparent. Grance is most often seen wearing a warm smile with a friendly, accepting gaze in most situations. He has an air about him that naturally tells of his good intentions, but also that he isn't a pushover when things get rough. Even in battle one can sense a lack of murderous intent in how he fights. but that doesn't mean he won't break every bone in your body to make sure you stay down! There is a strong sense of determination in his voice and movements, that he is always sure what he is doing and he fully intends to carry through with what he has set his mind on.

Spiritual traits: Dellapero's spiritual energy takes on a light-green hue, the same as his eye-color. This energy most often manifests itself in the form of a double-helix that traverses around his body and fades off to a more transparent look the higher it gets, eventually fading entirely. With it is the soul of the man's determination and unbending spirit, shifting the energy to expand out and take more imposing visual appeal when he is set out to do something in battle. The feeling of it is unlike a Shinigami, a Hollow, or anything tainted and evil. The nature of this spiritual essence is one all its own, best depicted as the raw manifestation of willpower and manly spirit.

Languages: Over the years, Dellapero has come to speak in several languages and dialects. His homeland language of Japanese from his time growing up was the first he learned to speak. The second was Old English during his time in England, and even some ancient saying in Indian from his venture at that time. Spanish is the second-to-last manner of speaking he developed into, and lastly the slang-filled American English, which took even less time than usual as it was a deviation from old English. Through his interactions with few people that spoke German in America and Japan, he has also come to know the basic sayings and speech of their language as well

• Appearance Picture:



• Personality:
Positive Traits
Neutral Good: "Dellapero is the definition of a man, one that takes charge of a situation when need be, will always stick to his guns and opts to leave his eternal mark on the pages of history. Growing up, he always had a sense of right and wrong that exceeded the teachings of his officials and even parents. Most of their rulings were legit, but there was the smallest hint of wrong-doings for the sake of order, greed, and other reasons such exceptions are permitted. It is because of these flaws, as minor as they may have been that he took on his own code of conduct, building himself into the paragon of his meaning of justice and righteousness. No matter how good something may seem to be, it can always be improved. In a battle of wills and viewpoints, he will push with all of his spirit to prove himself the superior in the conflict. Dellapero follows a sense of justice free of bias for either chaos or law. Whether something is lawfully acceptable or not matters little to nothing to him, but instead the moral applications of things. A true member of the Neutral Good alignment,he will do whatever it takes to make sure his view of justice prevails against any opposing force regardless of what they may be. The only person's perception of right and wrong that matters to him is his own, with very few exceptions, and he will act upon that perception in any situation. He is very protective of the innocent, an embodiment of his definition of good that will even defend the wicked if they find themselves in a situation where they're defenseless. Grance is a mixed package of benevolent and frowned upon aspects. He is caring for others and the well-being of Humanity as a whole. Very seldom does he leave someone to a terrible fate if there is a thing he can do about it, which there always is! He doesn't believe in limitations and preaches that a person is only as limited as they decide to be. To do the impossible; shatter the binds of reality and replace it with his own concept of it, these things and more define the man. He doesn't live to be the best, despite how much he may claim so, but to improve every day regardless of his stance in life, live his path and bring out the better of those he meets along the way, be it through kindness or hostility.

Willpower and Resolve: "If I say I'm going to do something, its going to happen." One of Grance's main characteristics is his willpower. When he makes a decision, he is bound determined to follow that decision through to the end. As with all things, there are cases where exceptions are made, but they are few and often the result of being presented with vastly game-changing information on a subject. Once he claims he is going to do something, he is going to do it and never give up on the task, no matter how minor until it becomes an impossibility, and even then he'll refuse to accept it as such and continue to try anyway. The more serious of an issue, the more he'll ensure that it will be done. Never will the words of others sway him from something he is e completely sure of and temptations prove ineffective in times where the man opts to complete his claims.His spirit is high, seldom dying down even in the most hopeless situation. He strives to always pass his opposition by anything in his power.and will fight on until every bone in his body is shattered to dust or it is better for the well-being of the innocent that he step down.

Accepting: Dellapero is a very open-minded person socially. So long as a person upholds a good moral'd nature, he'll have no issue getting along with them regardless of their race, quirks, and unorthodox characteristics. He even will attempt to get along with the mentally insane so long as they're not going out to commit mass genocide or something! Though while he is accepting of others for the most part, he in tune expects to be accepted for his own characteristics and identity. What defines people is their actions, and it is the actions they take that decide how he will treat them. The savage, soul-hungry nature of the Hollows often leads up to a violent conclusion; but should he ever find one with a sense of humanity and individualism left, he wouldn't have a problem befriending them.

Honest: Grance more often than not is a very honest man. Lying, whether it be for good intentions or bad just doesn't sit well with him and he likes to avoid doing so at all costs. Of course, this does act as a double-edged sword. You can expect him to tell you the truth on a matter, but that is exactly it. He will at times be blunt and possibly even offensive to some people with what he says so long as he sees it as the truth.

Progression: What it means by Progression is that Dellapero is the type of person to always look forward in life. There isn't any point looking back to the past more than needed. The thing that matters most is to follow your path and keep following it no matter what blockades come in your way. There is no true end to a path, only a shift in direction from time-to-time. So long as a person always goes forward on their path and never turns back, they can't go wrong. This heavily toes together with progression, a sure sign of advancing down your path as things change. Where one starts out following their path of ambitions and goals they can progress to forging the destiny of their future path and the paths of others.

Perceptive: He is very perceptive of everything in his direct vision. Despite being ignorant of what half the things he sees are or their meaning at times, he usually notices them. The minor twitching of the muscles, a minor alteration in pitch from a lyric; these minor things are fairly easy for him to see. This also aids in telling certain attributes about a person based on their facial details and stress they are feeling from the muscles. Grance can easily point out minor changes from one sight to another and discern the severity of the change in little to no time at all.

Comforting: Dellapero can be comforting toward people when they’re in moments of great distress, be it personal or public issues. He often tries to assure them that things will turn out for the best or to help them cope with a loss or tragedy. He doesn’t like to lie which does restrict what he can say in some instances, but his genuine character and switch in attitude from an epitome of action to a more gentle and refined person for brief periods can at times help people cope with things. In other events he may even throw himself into their personal affairs to fix the issue himself if it is something that could be fixed. His word choice might not be the best in this type of thing, but the friendly presence that makes up his being further amplifies the comforting aspect of his words when he is trying to come of off that way.

Youthful: Despite his age, Dellapero still maintains a very youthful personality and mannerisms. This can also be negative as it often makes him seem unwise and more lax than most soldiers, especially as one in such a position as his own. Despite being well over eight hundred, his mind, mannerisms and personality still fit that of one in their early twenties, just now entering the world on their own and living life to the fullest. He isn't tired of anything yet and tends to put on a positive outlook in most situations. This can be seen in how he talks, his preference for adventure and roaming the world and adrenaline-junky habits like free running.

Negative Traits

Impulsive: Dellapero is the type pf person to act first, get all the facts down later. There isn't always time to think, and times like that stopping to think whether it is proper to think can lead to a bad time. This can be for things as minor as deciding what to order for dinner and going with the first thing he catches eye of on the menu or to go straight up to someone and punch them in the face when he feels they need to be punched in the face! The repercussions vary and at times aren't healthy. While at times this is a good trait in the case quick action serves better than thinking it out, it more often leads to having a negative effect on things.

Libido: Grance has a very high interest in the opposite sex. He is perverted, shamelessly lewd in some comments, and opting for the goal of man since the earliest years of Human kind. This was something he didn't originally have a large focus on, but it has expanded in his interests over the years. It isn't too uncommon for him to be distracted by a woman's assets and is one of the few temptations to have a serious effect on him. This trait tied together with his impulsive and honest nature tends to lead to less-than-healthy situations for the old Human.

Unwavering: Dellapero has no real conception of when the right time to get the fuck out is. Whether it be a battle between two people vastly superior to himself, rousing the fury of one many times above his own level, or being caught watching the women's locker room, he never runs or even has a conception of why it would be a good idea to leave. He views all people in the same light regardless of their strength, affinity, or nature and will never retreat for his own sake. The only times where such an action could occur is if the health of others were only the line because of it. The fact he hasn't been killed from these traits together is nothing short of a miracle.

Over-confidant, Egotist- Grance is very sure of himself in everything that he does, including battle. He firmly believes he can and will win in battle until an inevitable moment of defeat occurs. No mater how much stringer an opposition, he thinks himself to have the higher chance of victory and will openly proclaim it. It is just as common in situations out of combat. Eating contest? He already won. Mundane tasks? He'll do them better than you can. Heated intercourse? He is the best person to pick for a partner!

Violent: Dellapero, despite being a nice and understanding person is also pretty violent. His means of violence, save for combating the world's malevolence often is taken in strong, but not exceedingly harmful methods. When someone is talking bad about him or other, they may find themselves with a fist printed into their face. A table may be flipped when he gets agitated, a chair might be thrown across the block, and walls may have a tendency of shattering to rubble. Though this does occur far more often than it should for a paragon of justice, it rarely escalates to an extreme and is an outlet for his stress and fury to prevent it building up. Unfortunately, this can be bad for his health. Someone's ranking or power matters little to him in these cases, and the odds of provoking someone stronger than him is likely

Lazy- usually Dellapero is a very active person who will put forth a lot of effort to get what he wants to do done, but that is just it. His effort all goes toward what he wants to do. If he needs to do something he doesn’t want to do? He’ll procrastinate, stall, and make any excuse to avoid it. Basic chores, time wasters, things like that he’ll try to avoid by most means. In most instances his force of will to not do something and stubborn attitude will overpower any force telling him to perform said action and move on to some event he actually cares to put effort into.

Merciful- Dellapero is an extremely merciful person when it comes to killing or locking away nefarious opponents. He does have exceptions, but they are very seldom and only taken against the most severe crimes to him and often that they have done something to personally infuriate him. This gives people the opportunity to prepare to beat or kill him in the proceeding battles and battle without the fear of having to die. The killing intent most have in battle doesn’t manifest in his eyes, but that isn’t to say he is at all restrained with his attacks. He also spares them for the sport of it; to ensure he can battle them again in the future and use the constant conflicts as a means to improve himself and the person he is against.

Easily Deceived: Dellapero isn't very intelligent or deductive. He can pick up on things and has vast experience in battke, but when it comes to things like puzzles, or even common tricks he is more likely to fall for them than the average individual. He lives purely through his beliefs, willpower, and feelings for what is right and wrong, often taking taking logic out of things entirely, This has lead to numerous problematic situations for him and will continue to do so in the future, but through determination he manages to avoid potential death time and time again when this issue comes to end him. Often his blunt approach can avoid too many misconceptions as far as manipulation goes, but if one plays their cards right it wouldn't be impossible to turn things in their favor mentally.

Insane-ish?: With all his over-the-top characteristics, one could conclude Dellapero is a tad insane. This isn't the sense of being a psycopath or a monster, but never understanding the weight of some situations. He often goes anywhere he wants without thinking, even into the heart of enemy lines just to have a chat. He is the type to stand against a god of unlimited power without a second thought and put himself in the worst situations just to follow his ambitions and beliefs. Its amiracle this life style hasn't ended his life already. In general his mannerisms can seem unorthodox and more fitting of someone from some type of cartoon than your average soul, always trying to do the impossible and change the perception of just what a single person can do for the world.

Likes and Dislikes


Food It could be said Dellapero is a glutton. often eating anything and everything presented to him without thought or question. Only on a very rare occasions is there something intended to be eaten that he wouldn't swallow in a gluttonous manner. His stomach seems practically bottomless. He does have a favorite; that being Italian style dishes. Have him enter an eating contest in Italy and he'll clear the house two minutes in! His love for food isn't just for the various tastes and experiences of it, but a need for copious sums of energy to support his lifestyle.

Freedom: More than anything else, Grance desires and respects freedom. Every person is the maker, editor, and molder of their own destiny and it is their decisions that will lead them to where they end up. Nothing agitates him more than when people try to remove this freedom by forcing their views on to others or taking away their ability to make choice. Extensive containment, dictatorships, all of them go heavily against his core beliefs and he will fight against them if need be.

Adrenaline Grance has an addiction for an adrenaline rush. The feeling of it coursing through his veins is one of the best parts of the day, regardless of the cause. This may contribute to some of his more risky behavior, but by how much is uncertain. His lifestyle is heavily based on activity to cause the rush to flow through his veins. Battle, his multiple adventures, standing before death itself and other stressful or enjoyable activity leads back to this point, to fuel adrenaline.

Battle He has a great fondness for battle for a number of reasons. It acts as a means to test himself and always push for improvement, gets his adrenaline pumping, and gives an opportunity to communicate with people over a new medium all together. Each battle is like a conversation, and it can have the same results as one. At times it will be fun, others it can really cause a gear to bust in your head. Grance takes most enjoyment from combat that is more for sport than anything else, but even serious, life-threatening encounters do give a sense of amusement. The difference with the second is that he can't focus on the fun of the battle as much with stakes set that high. Ensuring the safety of himself and others come first

Sleep Dellapero takes great comfort in his time resting in bed, especially with company Its relaxing, helps him regain his stamina for more heavy physical activity the following day or night and gives him time to think over and register everything he picked up during the previous day. It isn't uncommon for him to sleep ten hours a day, if not more. However, this leads him to be very irritable if disturbed too often or woken up earlier than he wants. The only downside is the vulnerability of being ins such a drowsy state. When he dozes off, he is out like a rock. He is the heaviest sleeper he knows.

Improving himself and others. He is naturally helpful and takes enjoyment from it. The thing he strives to help people with most is their own development; and in tune his own. This doesn't away shave to mean power, but a change in their identity for the better to cope with the world and improve it as a whole.

Free running Grance has taken a strong enjoyment from the sport of free running. It offers a difficult, but versatile form of exercise and training that adjust the mind to adapt with a changing environment and traverse it with great skill. This also functions as another means to get adrenaline running and further his training.


Being ignored Nothing pisses him off more than being ignored entirely. Such action often brings out immediate hostility for him; such as drawing close to their personal space or outright punching them! Every person has value in their voice, so even when the act isn't directed toward him, it still breeds great agitation and follows with a burst of loud anger-fueled yelling!

Failure By failure, this doesn't necessarily mean losing. Even in defeat you grow, you make an impact on people and may have still succeeded in doing something to help the situation.. Failure is to have no impact what-so-ever on a situation even after trying with the best of your ability. To not even be noted to a result, knowing even in your own head that you didn't change a damn thing with what just happened that is failure.

Gloating Though he is subject to it doing this himself at times, Dellapero hates when other people do it. He takes it as a challenge, and in most cases will step up to them and try to beat them at their own game, regardless of what it is. Even if he doesn't have any experience what-so-ever with the act, he'll give it a shot and claim he can do better!

Dicks The type of person that does something purely to lower the quality of life for another, even for a brief time. People that act with a sense of dickery, as Dell calls it are not people he likes. People of a purely nefarious nature belong here with no, or very few positive traits to support against it, Though he still wouldn't kill people like this without great reason, he just can't stand them and will publicly act out against these antagonist-like characters whenever he catches them committing the vile act of being a dickwaffle.

Wasting time- He really doesn't like wasting time on frivolous things that are just stalling him from the real action. Things like applications, waiting in line. all bothersome, tiresome, and annoying acts that drive him to the edge of madness!, He has better things to do with his time!


Dellapero's purpose has shifted much over the years. By now, he has come to terms with it though. His purpose and goal is to protect as many lives as he can throughout the time he has left to live, both from death and their own darkness and despair. He hopes to improve humanity as a whole and build a better future for generations to come. An era free of complete chaos and war. Chaos and war will always be present, as it is the unavoidable nature of the universe. Still, just because some evil must exist doesn't mean those just of heart can't put their soul into making things the best they can be.


Dellapero, despite all of the new spiritual beings coming to his reality, doesn't believe in what others would call a God. There might be some entities that resemble the role of a God, but a true God doesn't exist. Nothing is all-powerful with a value above any mortal man. Everything can die, and they can be surpassed; as this is the entire basis of his philosophy and one of his many, many goals. To believe that something could qualify as a God would go against his beliefs of always evolving. In tune with this also comes a disbelief in perfection, an ideal that can’t exist because of the fact it in itself is flawed, and boring as well.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Dellapero Grance [Approved 0-4, 0-3 In Release]   Wed Oct 21, 2015 10:02 am

Natural Attributes & Supernatural Powers & Equiptment

• Natural Attributes:

Over the centuries fighting alongside his unique spiritual powers, Dellapero has evolved to have many Superhuman characteristic that set him far above the traditional man. He had become more than a simple person, but the epitome of perfect Human physiology. To some, it may even be difficult to call him by the term Human.

Self-Sustained: Through his history and ability, as well as constant exposure to conditions a normal Human can't survive, Dellapero has become a completely self-sustained organism. He no longer requires food and water to remain alive, nor need for nearly as much oxygen. Though he still eats and drinks excessively out of his own volition, it isn't a required process. He can remain in peak physical condition and exist from the energy gained during sleep alone. This was developed during the time his body remained frozen in ice for nearly half of his existence. He needs only a single breath of air to last for ten to twenty minutes, but still must obtain it eventually through some medium. His cells not only need less oxygen than normal to function properly, but also can use that air they have much longer, converting it to dioxide at a slower rate and leaving him more efficient. To counter excessive oxygen intake with fewer exhales, he can also exhale pure oxygen along with dioxide to avoid having too much O2 in his body.

The natural systems that make up his being, such as the intestines, lungs, and even the brain function at a much higher caliber than normal. This is such a vast increase in effectiveness that a single lung can function perfectly fine on its own if the other is, by some reason or another, removed or damaged. His immune system can combat disease and poison -far- more effectively than normal. Weaker poisons and disease, be they spiritual or genetic are completely nulled in seconds. More adept variants will be vastly reduced in effectiveness. Even stronger and more potent poisons are substantially less deadly against the meta-Human. It isn't a complete immunity, unfortunately for him. Most poisons designed for combating powerful spiritually-gifted souls will still effect him and be a hazard. The augmented system does give him a much higher resistance than a normal person of his power though. Lastly, he has a much higher ability to survive with damages higher than a normal man could endure. Even the removal of his heart isn't enough to put an end to his life instantly. His brain has been augmented to double up as an epicenter to every other organ's function. If any of them are removed, this allows the brain to work around it until they can be regenerated. However, heavily damaging the brain or removing it via decapitation or some other means will end him like any other.

Temperature Resistance: A unique adaptation from his personal experience has given Dellapero exceptional resistance to cold and heat, even to lethal levels. Being frozen in a block of ice for half of his life has made it so he can function perfectly well under lethal temperatures for the average person. Frost bite, slowed reaction, burns and other attributes caused by cold or heat will seldom occur for him; save for the most spiritually unorthodox levels of altered temperature.

Speed: Dellapero is exceptional physically in every way. The most powerful of these characteristic is his speed and agility. Most of his life has been devoted to battle, free-running, and high-octane adenaline-fueling activity. On top of a vast power always feeding into his physical characteristics, he has become a practical speed Demon with very few that can come up to match his pace. It isn't uncommon n for explosions of sound to be generated when he enters his peak velocity. Lack of a speed-oriented technique prior to his later evolution in power made it even more important to develop his own pace to be above and beyond what is expected for an average, or even exceptional soul of his power level. Heavy gusts of wind are left in his wake when he moves at his peak velocity. This isn't to be mistaken as manifesting around him as he maneuvers. Rather the man moves at such a pace that the influence he has on the world around him doesn't become apparent until he had already moved far from where he once was. This can make tracking him exceedingly dificult. Most eyes are unable to see him at peak velocity, making it common for his passing to be entirely undetected and left up to an unorthodoxly powerful gust of wind from nature itself. He will often keep his speed restrained in order to enjoy a fight more, but can maintain it at these ridiculous levels with ease if need be. It isn't uncommon for dozens of after-images to be left behind with each move he makes. For those less skilled in tracking spiritual signatures, these light-generated replicas may even still feel as if they carry his spiritual power for brief moments.

The Super Human's short-term speed for attacks, blocking, and narrow evasive maneuvers are no less effective. He can easily block multiple attacks from multiple directions in the blink of an eye with no warning beforehand. His attacks come swiftly, often leaving brief after-images behind the arc of his blade's path or the motion of his fist.Combined with his high velocity speed, it would be child's play to dart past an average adversary and deal dozens of strikes before he left close range without ever slowing down or changing direction. In a moment's notice he can even combined close combat speed and movement speed to twist his body rapidly with blades extended to create a tornado of steel around him to defend from a wide variety of attacks. Dellapero's reaction time is even more surprising than the rate he moves. Given many battles at speeds well above human perception and his unique adaption, he can easily see and attempt to react to attacks ten times faster than even himself, including movement skills like sonido used by the most skilled masters of the technique. While this doesn't mean he can successfully evade or defend against them, it does mean there is always a chance. He can't recount a time in the last century of his life where someone has ever caught him off guard from a display of speed. Even when the rare case come that he is outmatched, he will still understand and adapt to what is going on.

Unbreakable: The next most powerful physical characteristic of the superior warrior is extreme durability. This goes well above the natural endurance of the average Superhuman, even giving some of the more durable Arrancar competition in how much punishment he can absorb. Over years of taking hits and blocking powerful attacks from harming others in his life, his very flesh has become like a barrier that coats his body. Attacks that would obliterate the average combatant could be endured without any extensive wounds present on his body. Burns and bruises are not uncommon, but to inflict serious damage to the man isn't something done easily even by those above his caliber in power. Even normally weak parts of the Human body are quite durable for Dellapero. Cero-like blasts and point-blank explosions can be charged through without injury. Constructs of energy near his level could be deflected by his bare hand without leaving a mark. Even strikes that could shatter a normal warrior of his level and leave them on the ground nigh dead can be endured and followed by a counter-attack of his own. His internal body is less vulnerable to wounds. organs are less prone to failure, bones take more force to break down, and his overall being can endure ridiculous levels of pressure This, combined with his great speed makes for a potent defense few can contend with.

Ridiculous Might: While the weakest of his main physical talents, it is nothing unworthy of note. Dellapero is a purely physical combatant, devoting all of his evolution and power into close quarters and exerting talent and brawn over the wide variety of unique powers grasped by others. His strength is a testament to this. The muscles that adorn his being are not just for show, but a visible warning of the immense physical strength at his disposal. Pushing back a speeding bullet train is well in the bounds of his might. When stretching the limits of his ability, he can lift dozens upon dozens of tons worth in weight, and that limit continues to increase every day. Though often restrained, the full power of his attacks can easily crush diamond and other exceedingly durable materials. Most armor can be broken through with fists alone, and his precision and skill with a sword makes most objects as frail as paper compared to each swing he makes. The man is even able to wear weighted attire or equipment that has weighed as much as fifty tons during his training exercises and continued to press on without being too heavily hindered by it. Giants the size of skyscrapers would find trouble keeping up with the immense strength this soul holds,, and it continues to become more immense with each passing day. His strikes are on another level entirely when coupled with velocity. Being specialized most highly in speed, it czn more than triple the output of his physical attacks when given a moment to reach peak velocity. In the best of conditions Dellapero's fist could cause the very ground to quake for miles and generate a shockwave that decimates everything around him with a fraction of the force of his fist.

Energetic: Dellapero's energetic personality amd disposition is more than just a personality trait. He has excessively ridiculous amounts of energy and stamina stored in his body. This is both due to changes made by his unique power and a natural affinity for an energy-demanding lifestyle. It is a large contributor to why he demands so much rest each day to recharge compared to the average soul. He can push on for hours without pause or rest when he needs to. The Superhuman could fight for hours straight with energy still left to spare. This is more than just willpower, as he can literally hold more energy in his body and convert it more effectively than physically possible for a normal living organism. His body has forcefully evolved to allow continuous activity for as long as desired as a survival trait and to compliment the very nature of his ability itself. This can even allow him to dismiss the need for sleep for weeks on end by using excess stores of energy to remain healthy, though eventually will require a resting period equal to the time missed in order to refill the stores.

Exceptional Regeneration: Dellapero has exceptional regeneration. This isn't fueled by his ability anymore, as it has been adapted into the natural functions of his body. All Humans have a minor healing factor, but his has gone above and beyond the conception of what it can repair. The rate it heals is far less than the means of an Arrancar's unique regeneration, about on par with traditional healing kido and techniques without the need to apply extra energy or thought to the process. It is entirely automatic and will be done whether he wills it or not. With this adaptation, the man can grow back entire lost appendages over the course of five posts. Smaller wounds like cuts and bruises may vanish by the end of the post they were inflicted. Even organs can be repaired quickly, taking even less time than limbs at only three posts for full restoration, two for heavy repairs, and one for light repairs. This is due to the organic material needed for the organs is much lower in quantity than the flesh for an entire arm.Broken bones may take as long as a post and a half to repair properly, scaling as high as three if the amount of broken bone is over a larger area than just the hand or ribs. This ability is another large contributer to the man's ability to keep a physically young appearance and live as long as he has. The ability fights decay, most often the decay of his own cells from aging. Not only does it stop natural processes of decay entirely, but can stall supernatural causes to half of their normal pace or less depending on the potentcy of the ability at work. Lastly, this healing factor prevents the build up of lactic acids in the body and further bolsters his stamina by reducing the feeling of fatigue.

Kinetic Absorbtion: Through taking excessive beatings and giving them out in return, Dellapero's body has permanently mutated to absorb kinetic energy that strikes him. This does not mean he won't be damages by a punch or anything like that. It does not weaken attacks or make him less likely to die from a force too great striking him. Rather, this allows him to replenish his own stock of stamina from the forces he collides with. In a long battle of close-quarters combat, it becomes nearly impossible to outlast him in endurance due to this factor. Each strike that connects with his body will restore his stamina equal to the amount of energy needed for that attack to be performed. This does not make it wise to take hits, but offers minor benefit alongside the injury the attack causes. This applies to energy-oriented techniques as well should they posses a high amount of kinetic force. It strictly applies to the physical energy of the construct though. A blast centered on heat and explosive power would offer little energy in this regard. The largest contributor would be the shockwave it generated from the connection. Though not a large contributor, it is just another thing that makes Dellapero an unstoppable machine that will press on eternally for his ambitions.

• Powers:
Evolution: Originally, Dellapero only had one ability of his own and used it for all its worth to get through the years. That ability still remains as potent as ever and his primary power in most confrontations. His energy has a unique effect on his body. It bonds with it on the molecular level and adjusts it to the changing world around it constantly. It is as if he is in a constant state of highly accelerated evolution. His Human nature had been contorted to something more perfect, going above a traditional super human and becoming all that a living organism could become. This has lead to physical prowess on a level of impossibility and levels of bodily efficiency overshadowing the flaws of traditional humanity. The very ability itself has even undergone its own changes over the years.

Evolution is a passive effect and always has been. Dellapero could never call upon it at will, nor could he reject it when it takes effect. It is like a natural part of his being. Whenever his being is pushed to a limit where he can no longer work at peak ability or surpass his opposition, this power alters his very composition and improves natural cells to a supernatural level in order to excell in any situation in only a matter of moments. Each time a stronger foe locks blades, his strength grows stronger. Physical might and durability have been the main function effected by it in most occasions, but that is not the full limit of its effects. As seen in his bodily functions, it can even alter his biological nature. If submerged in water it could even permit growing gills and a fully functioning respiratory system for an underwater environment in seconds. There is an endless number of potential changes that could occur from this, including reversing adaptations if they are no longer needed. There are guidelines to their function though.

In order for this ability to even apply at all, Dellapero must be faced with force at the very least equal to his own power or a force of nature he can not function in naturally. As listed above, this could be an event like being forced under water or being matched in pure physical talent. When this occurs a green aura of spiritual power will spiral around him. Rather than being the root of the change, it is a sort of exhaust for the effect taking place in his flesh. Though quick, any changes are not instantaneous. Most of the time it can take an entire post to complete something substantial. This process can be expedite at the cost of excessive amounts of energy in a dire situation, but doing so is exhausting even for someone like him and is ill advised. Any changes that occur are not Dellapero's decision. The body will naturally take the most simple and biological approach to any situation it is faced with. It will directly correlate with the main problem regardless of secondary factors. One such case could be if someone fought using hundreds of poison needles. Rather than thicken the skin to block the needles to begin with, it would severely bolster the immune system to contend with the poisons directly. While effective, it is less-so than blocking the attacks all-together.

In terms of increasing overall might, the strength in Dellapero's body will build up, gaining average boosts in the area he needs to improve on each post. Alone, they don't amount to very much at all. However. over time this can theoretically, given the appropriate time, allow the man to gain near infinite strength or durability; supporting that his opposition had near the same to permit it. While it is measured by opposing forces be they physical or spiritual, it is not limited to their maximum. These changes aim to surpass the obstacle, gaining additional strength, speed, or durability three or four posts after they had already become evenly matched. Once that mark is reached though, it can no longer build. The exception to this rule is when he is faced with power far greater than his own. This can be on an overall level, or a powerful attack greater then an adversary's traditional power. In that event, this effect kicks in to overdrive and rapidly amplifys his physical might to contend with it over the course of a post. This is very draining as well and can leave Dellapero exhausted for a short period of time. The modification will also die down from its maximum unlike the normal rate and end up as a large boost, but not nearly as much as the explosion of ability needed to contend with lethal odds. Usually 33% of the power gained to contend with such forces will stay with him for the remainder of the fight.

When contending with natural elements, these changes can even make him react very positively with natural forces. In the event he were struck by lightning, Dellapero could adjust and turn the electricity into fuel through the bio-electric functions in the body. The same can be done with excessive thermal energy, kinetic pressure. Of course this only applie to natural forces. Nothing spiritual or supernatural can be drained in this manner. This also can not effect elements like those of nature forged by other mediums. This would offer no great benefit against spiritually-generated electric currents unless they strictly followed the normal rules and function of lightning.

This power is not fully spiritual. The ability to bend his molecular structure and change him as a whole is fueled by it, yes. However, once the changes are made with the exception of the above, they become natural abilities that require no supernatural energy to maintain. This gives Dellapero a distinct advantage in many situations. Not only do currently set changes not require reishi to maintain, but any abilities that would center on negating such powers would be ineffective against what has already been done. At the same time, that leads to a very dangerous drawback a smart individual could use. The modifications are not willing, so if they could force something to happen that could trigger a short-term change good for a moment, but detrimental in normal combat; one could negate his ability from reversing the change and leave him with the negative drawbacks that come with it. As cited earlier, this could lock him in the state of having gills without being in the water and be unable to inhale on land.

Lastly, it changes the individual cells as well. This is how a Human body can contend with titans of the spiritual world with ease. Each cell is supercharged with spiritual energy, mutating them to the point of allowing such feats as crushing buildings. These supercharged cells do not run on spiritual energy outside of the moments where they are mutated to be more potent and effective. Once all is done, the improved energy efficiency of the body can maintain them and makes Dellapero seem like a Demi-God.

Though these alterations apply as natural abilities once done, they are not completely permanent. By the end of a battle or series of events, all changes made will be slowly undone. The body can not maintain such extensive power for long periods of time. It must adapt to it, which is why the current natural talents that always reside with him have been developed over hundreds of years. After each conflict, Dellapero will permanently gain a small boost in every area he improved on through this power, but only a fraction of how far he had come by the battle's climax. The more he is pushed over a battle, the greater the benefits in the end. Yet still, the peak of potential showcased must be built up once again by another worthy adversary that can force the ability to trigger.

The last balancing factor of Evolution is the cost of the above. In the end of every battle, energy is used to revert the changes made so the body can function without being strained. However, this takes energy and to avoid not having any to reverse the changes, it permanently locks out the reishi required until it is used. This means that if Dellapero invests twenty five percent of his spiritual power in increasing his strength, twenty percent he has not used can never be accessed until it is over in order to return hin to normal. This essentially means that, despite how much potential and endless might the man has, he can never use more than 60% of his spiritual strength for that purpose, even less counting the other things this energy is spent on changing. Being an unwilling expenditure as well, it can even become problematic later on in a series of events. For example, if it were to happen too often it could lock out the use of his stronger weapons from taking proper form and keep him in a restricted base state for an entire battle.

Hiten Kaiku- Hiten is Dellapero's variation oof high speed movement developed only recently as a response to the lack of a good counter to it otherwise. It is unique in that it is much more reactionary than other variants, but in the same light is versatile and potent. When someone uses a high speed ability, be it a generic shunpo or unique variations of abilities, this skill utilizes Dellapero's power of adaptation to match, or even surpass that ability. His body rapidly changes, much like in normal evolutionary bursts when confronted by insane forces. Only this operates on a much less draining, but also less long-term effect. Energy is used to temporarily alter his muscles and evolve his individual footsteps at an instantaneous rate to grant him the same speed and ability as other techniques, or an even better variant of them.

Like the core ability it is derived from though, its function is restrained. Dellapero can only use it in direct response to someone else using such an ability. Though it can apply to any number of things that revolve around drastically increasing speed, it isn't something that can be called upon at any given moment. When a person accelerates through some kind of technique like sonido, he can immediately increase his own speed a nano-second after his adversary has used it. This can even work -better- than the original technique that is being emulated, but under very strict time constraints Hiten Kaiku can apply any time in a post following someone else's use of a high speed movement ability, even multiple times if the other person did the same. However, the closer it is use to the initial skill, the better it can cope. Using it immediately after is where it is at its strongest, even surpassing the speed of the original move. However, as time goes on this effect drastically weakens. Even waiting a fraction of a post, or three to four seconds could reduce the gained effect to half the efficiency of the original. This makes timing very important, and it also makes it easy to predict after its original application.

Additionally, while this does copy the quality of technique it is up against, it can also be much faster or slower than the original user as well. This is because it only emulates the multiplier of the actual skill and not complete speed. So if Dellapero is naturally faster than an adversary, he will have an even greater advantage when copying their high speed movements. In the same light, he'll be slower copying the ability of someone natural faster than himself, as seldom as that may be,. It should also be noted that this ability can not copy additional effects unrelated to high-speed movement unless they are directly related to the speed or power of the technique (like creating an explosion from hyper sonic speed).

It has one minor advantage in addition to a nifty counter. For the remainder of the post after this ability is used, there is a slight lag in the evolving energy coursing through Grance's body. This causes his natural movement speed to be slightly increased after every use of Hiten Kaiku. Though no matter how many times it is used, the speed will vanish by the end of the same post. It can still build up to aid in clutch situations. Each use of Hiten will increase his movement speed by 1.2x, stacking with additional uses if applicable. Though minor, it can still leave large impacts in the right situation. Overall it is a very powerful utility for a man that had no good counters to the myriad of speed augmenting abilities until now.

Jiten Ittou Tatsumaki- It is less of a technique and more a complete fighting style derived from improving upon individual improvisations from multiple battles. Though it can be used diversely, it revolves around one simple concept. Spin to win. The majority of feats and actions regarding jiten utilize rotational energy alongside the various weapons. This is made possible through two things. First and most importantly is speed. As Dellapero's primary specialty and focus in battle, his speed allows his body to move at a pace quick enough to carry momentum and power through his movements on a large enough scale to weaponize it through the spin. The second factor that makes this more applicable for him than even other speedsters is his body's adaptable nature and augmented senses Where rapid rotations would cause most to get dizzy or even block out one's ability to detect things in the world around them, Grance does not have this problem in the slightest. Even while utilizing the spin he can see just about everything going on around him, if not better than before due to a complete range of vision due to his movement.

Though appearing simple, there are a wide range of applications for this unorthodox style of combat. Firstly are the basics. He can turn almost any kind of turn into a complete rotation with relative ease, drastically increasing his speed in both turning and movement through conserving momentum. Momentum is the key player in this style's perks, using speed as a physical force to create exceedingly powerful attacks. The most basic form of this is effectively turning the entire body into a metal tornado that will rip through most materials it comes in contact with. This is most effective when using two blades, as it doubles the number of rotations around the user and bolsters damage. Though it can still be done with only one sword, this method is far less effective. The basic spin has one of two weaknesses. While this rotation provides an almost full-body defense, it can only defend one of two places at a time. The very top of the head or the bottom of the feet will be vulnerable, though this can alternate very quickly to protect one over the other, it can never defend both spots at once.

The spin can produce many unique effects, especially when Dellapero is moving faster from evolution or released restraints. With his power and speed it is not uncommon for the spin to create gales, or even complete tornadoes. Whirlpools are also common if this is used in an aquatic environment. These events will become stronger the faster he is moving, often times on a scale large enough to deflect certain attacks like a barrage of knives or poison gas. This effect is at its strongest at the core of the spin though. The area directly around Dellapero during this period, especially when using the Lightbirngher is very strong and can deflect or redirect techniques that Grance couldn't overcome normally. This is done by diverting either an attack like a cero or thrown explosives a few feet outside of the blade's reach, but still close enough for the rotational energy to grasp them. This then moves the effected ability complete around in the same arc as Dellapero himself which can then be sent right back at the caster, broken apart by the sheer force of speed, or sent in another direction. This is far more difficult with more powerful attacks like gran rey cero, where diverting its direction slightly may be the best possible outcome. Meanwhile attacks on an even grander scale or by someone exceptionally powerful may detonate on the spot when meeting the wall of spinning force.

The last effect is unique to the Deathbringer and more of a reaction with the power the blade already has. Normally it will cut through space and only leave behind a temporal mark in reality where it has been. Using the excessive force and numerous cuts of the spin though, a much different effect is created. The space around Dellapero will be completely destroyed over time, creating a gap in reality that attempts to close itself by drawing things in. This gives the spin alongside the Deathbringer a very deadly -pull- that draws in attacks and people. The power of said pull depends on the man's speed, but in most cases will pull people right off their feet and into prime striking position for the Vanguard operative. Those with high levels of strength or the spiritual power to stay rooted will be far more resistant to this, but it is still a danger all the same. The void space used to create this vacuum with not harm spiritual or organic creatures, but will disperse attacks like cero on contact by pulling them completely around Dellapero and using the material to close the gap in space created by the blade. This effect will very rarely destroy an attack entirely unless they are on a small scale. However, things like cero will be substantially weakened and then subjected to the ripping force of the spin in a more vulnerable state.

The downside of the Deathbringer's spin is that it will draw in attacks just as it does people. While it does weaken them, it isn't purely directed toward attacks that can easily be stopped. Even grand scale moves like cero oscuras will be directed toward Dellapero during this process and hit him with most of their overall power. The spin still serves as an excellent safeguard, but severe wounds can and likely will happen due to the vacuum drawing in attacks too powerful for his strength and speed to contend with.

Overall, Jiten Ittou Tatsumi is a very powerful application of speed and multiple blades that can prove a threat to most anyone in close range combat. it does suffer from an additional drawback of being more taxing on stamina than basic combat and should be used in moderation to avoid early fatigue in battle. Additionally as a newly forged style of fighting, no techniques have yet to be developed for it outside of the basic concept. Over time it should develop into a truly devastating form of assault and defense.

Supercharged-Body: Dellapero's entire body is charged with spiritual power. This is not only to fuel evolution, but the result of him becoming so in sync with his own soul that the power inside it has become one with his flesh and bone rather than a separate force. This has given him a unique effect when meeting other constructs of supernatural energy. For the most basic example, if the man were to punch a charged cero in the midst of battle; things would go a little differently. He can fight constructions of raw energy directly with his might due to this odd composition and won't cause them to immediately explode in his face. So long as his strength can overcome a supernatural power, he can break it through raw force and prevent it from causing him, or anything around him harm. The construct would instead be broken down into particles and dispersed.

This effect also makes his spiritual power appear vastly weaker than he actually is. As it is tied together with his flesh, even the more potent eruptions of power from him will appear fairly underwhelming. This is far from the truth, for if it could be sensed and seen in its entirety, the full mass of Dellapero's spiritual power would rise like a giant pillar and pierce the sky. Instead, it is densely packed in his atomic structure. This goes even further to vastly increase his durability, making him less prone to damage than even some of the strongest materials around. He can take hits that would leave most fatally wounded and push through it in retaliation. Perhaps it is why he has managed to survive all these years with all the reckless decisions he has made.

Weaponry: Dellapero only has three weapons as of now that he carries with him. Two of them are his ever-useful swords attached to his side in their respective sheaths. Each blade has been reinforced with his spiritual power over the years they have been together, becoming much like zanpakto to him in nature. This is true both in experience and their actual nature. On top of being able to evolve into the Lightbringer and Deathbringer, each sword is exceedingly durable and sharp. They can endure damage on par with a Shinigami's shikai and cut through nearly anything that the man's strength allows. They are both traditional Japanese made, designed for professional use in the war for unification. As in many weapons, the swords are composed of two curvatures. One side is flat and meets up with the end of a curving edge. The other is curved for slashing and makes a half-circle point to meet with the other edge. It has more slashing power than a strong point for stabbing, but can still effectively accomplish either task. When these weapons take on their next state, be it the Lightbringer or Deathbringer, their durability and cutting edge will match that of a bankai. This holds true even for the Lightbringer despite it being unable to cause harm. It may still cut through other objects that are not spiritual beings or living organisms.

The last of the trio is a less refined, but still powerful weapon on its own. Over Dellapero's back is a world war two model shotgun, enriched with his spiritual power and adapted to be a monster of its own. It has the durability of a shikai-level zanpakto and is strong enough to be used as a blunt weapon if need be. As one would expect, its main use is to fire off shots like any gun. It had evolved beyond the use of traditional ammunition and drains energy directly from Dellapero instead. This energy is then molded into an explosive amount of power to be released at the pull of a trigger. The gun rapidly refines energy, making it more potent, explosive and with great pressurized force. As a Remington it has poor accuracy at long-range and is thus better at close-to-mid range combat. It can only fire one type of attack from the barrel, but it makes up for the lack of versatility with raw power. Despite looking simple, if one were to take a shot from the gun at point-blank range,, it would have the destructive power of a cero oscuras compact into a small area with the large explosion replaced by very high piercing power. It is the strongest attack in Dellapero's arsenal in terms of raw destructive force, easily obliterating nearly anything in front of it. It costs less energy than a traditional cero oscuras as well, trading in any versatility for the power to use that kind of destructive force in bulk. The gun can fire up to six of these attacks before needing rest. Afterwards, the weapon needs time to recharge and cool off for six posts. This is often not used due to being more excessive than Dellapero likes, but is still useful in many situations. The kinetic force released from points of impact is nearly as potent, easily crushing entire skyscrapers to rubble if it passes through them.

Weighted Seal: The only other thing Dellapero uses is a unique seal on his attire, This seal takes the form of a small cartoonish weight inscribed on the inside of his attire. What it does is caused his clothing to increase in weight drastically when effecting him. It will not increase his weight on the world or even feel heavy if someone else carries it. Only to Dellapero will the increase be experienced. This effect makes the fabric together weigh as much as twenty tons! Being more than just lifting, but entirely surrounded by that weight makes him drastically slower and even weaker. So why do it? Well first of all, it is one of the many things the man does to train and give weaker opponents an edge to have more fun in battle. It is also one of his few smart ideas to trick the very nature of his own power. As he can't control it, doing so without a need is impossible,. but with this weighted restriction, he can go above and beyond his traditional limits. Any time he is wearing his traditional attire, his speed and strength will be reduced by one rank. When battle starts, this restriction will cause his body to react, adapting to the restricted weight and growing stronger to compensate. On top of helping his normal might grow over time, this self-forged illusion can cause him to force his evolution to take him farther than normal.

Over three posts his strength and speed will gradually increase. On the fourth post he will be able to operate at normal levels once again even with the weight still in place This may seem pointless, but that is only until he deactivates the magical properties in the clothing. This can be done at any time simply by willing it and can only be ended by Dellapero himself. Other negation-like properties may do the same if they reach it, but in most cases do not since it is a separate thing from Dellapero himself. Upon deactivating the seal, the man will gain back his full strength if he did not have it already. If his strength adjusted to the weight properly, then instead of a deduction, he will be able to fight at one rank higher than normal in strength and speed from then on. This can be taxing on his spiritual energy at the start of a fight, taking as much as ten percent of his overall power to fully adapt alongside the fatigue of moving under that pressure. It can be worth it both in the long and short term though. On top of the drain, it is also risky depending how aggressive an adversary is throughout the period where he is weaker than normal. This effect can be maintained even if his attire is badly damaged, so long as it isn't obliterated. The material is very well made fortunately, and the excessive weight created by the seal makes it even more durable to maintain itself. It is almost like a weak hierro, even though this is not intended. The extra defense does not remain once the seal is deactivated.


Sacred Release Lightbringer

• Sacred Release Appearance: The Lightbringer takes on the form of a sword. It is conjured through one or both of the two blades in Dellapero's posession. It will manifest as a new form for the blades, surrounding them in a divine, just light. The Lightbringer is a five foot long bastard sword with few unique features from traditional weaponry. Its shape is straight with two flat edges that come together and meet at a point at the very end. The guard is white, wrapped in golden fabric that forms the shape of a tipped over cross. The depiction is of a modern cross on its bottom-left edge falling ten degrees to the right. Its entirety is surrounded by a veil of white light. This light gives off a feeling of purity and warmth to everything around it and acts as a clear indicator of the weapon's holy and just nature. Despite being a weapon, it oddly doesn't appear able to inflict harm. How bright the aura resonates wiill depend on the will and feeling of the one holding it, primarily Dellapeo. It can be formed as a single blade, or be forged through both of his swords to duel-wield.

• Sacred Release Powers:
The Lightbringer is an odd weapon, but its purpose is clear as soon as it is dawned. It is a weapon of light designed to defend and protect and is a manifestation of the largest part of Dellapero's righteous soul. It is also the only form of his new developed powers he tends to use in most battles. Extensive time using this form of his Sacred Release has given it exceptional power, mastery, and more than the means to face any opposition that comes against it.

The Lightbringer is a representation of Dellapero's primary mind set given form. It is restraint, benevolence and hope for all realms to break through the darkness of war and chaos and reach a brighter future. Its holy attributes are linked with faith, the belief in things turning out for the better in even the worst situations and finding the slightest light in endless darkness. These all contribute to the theme of the Lightbringer serving as a construct of justice and benevolence. It works to heal, to save the lives of others and defend from corruption. It is a guiding force for the world and the power of Dellapero's will given form to mend the world around it. It is a tool to purify without cost, to fight without malice and a warming embrace to the coldest soul.

it is Dellapero's firm belief in the above that manifested it in its full power alongside the constant flow of energy that courses through it, Over such an extensive life, it adapted, becoming more than a sword, but a part of the man's very soul. Never once had he changed the twin blades at his side for another, and during their long path they became closer to him on a spiritual level. Absorbing the light of his very soul, the Lightbringer was forged and developed the power to mend the world around it from the scars left from war. It is faith, future, and resolve.

The Lightbringer's primary ability is to purify. The aura it radiates is one that soothes the very world around it and disbands influences that would disturb the nature of the world or whatever dimension he is inhabiting. This comes to be used in multiple abilities, most, if not all focused on defending or mending. Naturally, as a construct of purity the power and energy of the weapon can not be combined with any other form of power outside of one exception. The light it radiates naturally brings about the passive effect of the weapon. It creates a field around the wielder known as the center of origin.

Center of Origin: The Center of Origin is a small area around the wielder that comes under the effect of the blade's natural purifying power. It purges evil or unnatural powers from the air and everything directly in its range. This area of effect is around twelve feet from Dellapero in every direction, creating a sphere of sorts around him that even goes underground. In this sphere, any corrupting or malicious power will quickly be destroyed or weakened depending on their potency. This applies to anything with the intent to seriously harm or kill, being more effective for the latter. For things that only briefly pass through the center of origin, there will not be much effect. For example, a general cero to cross through it may have its power reduced to about 80% before it made contact with Dellapero. That measure can be increased or decreased depending on the will behind an attack. it operates by the intent and nature of a technique. If a mass of energy made of literal evil or malice with the complete intent of obliterating Dellapero and everyone around him, the center of origin may work to reduce the damage even further, even close to 70 or 60% if it were slower and in its area of effect for longer. Where as an attack forged by reishi only guided by the intent of self-defense will be nearly unaffected by the field. The more malicious and close to vile manifestation is, the more this barrier effects it.

However this effect also depends on the power of the things it is effecting. It depends on a minor degree on the power of the technique itself, but more-so to the level of the one that cast it. in any case, the effects will be highly effected by the intent and nature of the power still even in the least or most effective cases.Anything forged in holy energy and free of killer intent will be completely immune to any effect the center of origin could have on it at any level.

Someone on equal terms with Dellapero in power will have this reduce a technique's potency anywhere from 10 to 40%.

When at the point of someone at lower tier, regardless of how small or large the gap it will be the same. The effects range from a deduction of 25% up to a maximum penalty of 60% in the most severe cases. This is the most the center of origin can ever effect a technique or ability outside of those that stay in the center's range for extensive periods of time.

For those one or two tiers higher than Dellapero, this effect will reduce a technique's potency anywhere from 5% to 25% depending on the same aspects as the above. In the few cases anything higher than that contends with the field, it's effect can range from as low as 1% to a maximum of a 10% influence.

This even applies to Dellapero himself, meaning any attack he throws from the confines of the center of origin is effected in the same light. Fortunately this ruling tends to favor him over most opposition. More passives effects inside the center of origin will be uneffected, as well as people themselves. The exception is with things that intend to break someone down or corrupt over time, such as poisons or soul-eating parasites and malefic powers of distortion. Any of such in the Center of Origin will be slowly broken down or drastically slowed in effectiveness. How fast depends on the strength of the thing in question and the level of the one who cast it. Traditionally more powerful techniques than Dellapero's own power will last long enough to complete their cycle of duration, although slightly weakened. It can not harm, but will make those with vile or killer intent feel an uncomfortable burning sensation on their body when in its confines. It does not actually damage, but can cause severe discomfort. The area takes no energy to maintain unless it is effecting something. Even in that case, the drain is typically minor. It serves as a continuous effect to aid the wielder in battle

On top of that the Lightbringer has two more unique properties that occur passively. The first and easily summarized is an increase to Dellapero's speed and durability. This increase is powerful, but not excessively so. They take him just up to the next level in those areas and help him better act as a shield to what he feels should be protected. The more unique and worthwhile passive though is the blade itself. It gives off the feeling of harmlessness, and that isn't just for show. It is a sign of the actual nature of the weapon itself.

Lightbringer: The Lightbringer as a sword can not harm. No matter what happens, how weak someone is or how powerful the swing, it will never induce injury, Instead, the blade will pass right through someone without leaving a scratch.That does not make the blade worthless though. Instead of cutting, the weapon will strike the energy supply of a person directly, regardless of what it is. Each time the blade connects a target will feel enormous pools of energy being removed from their body. This is in tune with the concepts of the Lightbringer. It is not intended to harm others. Instead it incapacitates through fatigue,. This drains both physical energy and supernatural energy each time it connects. Depending on the opponent, this can be advantageous or a disadvantage compared to raw damage. One example are glass cannons who live off excessive energy and have the bane of low durability. It does excel at combating more durable fights though. One can not heal, or even defend from this effect as the blade does not incur damage. It will pass right through hierro or other defensive skins and wipes away large chunks of their energy.

It is focused entirely on wearing someone down quickly, but also has the benefit of increasing Dellapero's own energy store. As a blade of purification, the energy drained with each swing is converted from whatever it once was, purified multiple times over and drawn back into Dellapero's body. This can even take in toxic or unstable energies like death energy and fully negate their ordinary side effects. Generally the amount of energy drained will be slightly higher than the force of the swing behind it If the slash has enough power to kill someone, it will instead completely drain them if energy and leave them unconscious. Since the sword is designed for dispelling energy, it can combat concentrations of energy such as cero much more effectively than a normal weapon. In all instances of conflict, the Lightbringer can repel or sever energy-oriented techniques three times more effectively than a normal spiritual blade. This cuts back on the amount of effort Dellapero needs to contend with things like cero and allows him to break through vastly stronger techniques.

Lastly, the Lightbringer can produce arcs of white energy that have the same effect as the blade itself. These arcs follow the path of the blade and can stretch out as far as two hundred feet in distance and or length. It makes it easy to take out a large number of weaker opponents without killing them or overusing his energy. In the event Dellapero draws in more energy than he can normally hold, the excess power will be used to give him an overall increase in efficiency for short periods of time until he has burned it all off. This increase can vary in time, but usually doesn't last very long. However, it does increase his strength, speed, and durability by a substantial amount and can be continuously replenished if hits continue to occur.

The Lightbringer can induce three techniques using the purifying light at its disposal. These techniques all follow a supporting property.

Purification: The first ability in the blade's power is purification, As the blade is designed for, this technique induces large amounts of its purifying energy toward an object or person and aims to purify them. This process tackles anything that would be corrupting them such as foreign power, internal demons or even toxins. It enters their body, calming the individual and suppressing the negative influences in their body or the object. This process is extremely potent, enough to even give a rampaging Vizard in their full Hollow state a much easier means to regaining full control of their body or something of that nature. It burns away at parasites at a much stronger rate than the center of origin and helps cleanse a subject's soul of malice and hatred. Of course success can still vary widely depending on the power of the subject, their corruptions and whether or not they even want to be free of their more vile natures. Even then, it is only temporary and does not change someone's nature. A evil soul will regain their killing intent in moments and it can not stop someone from giving into darker powers if they fully desire it. With enough force this can destroy things like curses or means of mind control and return something or someone back to their original state. This can even be done to Dellapero himself if need be. In the chance he needs to, this can even act as a stronger varient of konso to purify lost souls and return them to their path in the soul cycle.

White Veil: The White Veil is a defensive barrier created from the center of Origin. The Center of Origin is expanded to cover anything from its original size up to a one hundred foot area around Dellapero. This new space is then rapidly augmented and changed to form a barrier around it. This barrier is extremely strong, given such might from the soul commanding it and the Lightbringer's natural defensive focus. The barrier is absolute in what it can prevent, keeping any form of alteration, be it raw destructive force or changes in space time itself from effecting things in its confines. However, this does take concentration to maintain and can be broken by something powerful enough. Should the barrier be broken, the effects of the center of origin will also be out of commission for two posts afterwards, making the white veil a bit risky. At the same time though, few defenses can contend with its absolute nature, making it worth it.

Mending Presence: At any time the Lightbringer can create a mending aura. This aura is a very potent form of healing outmatching most, if not all kido intended for the task. It is one of the more powerful aspects of the weapon. By hovering it near someone or by having others inside the Whit Veil or Center of Origin, the Lightbringer can induce Mending Presence. Mending Presence is a healing aura that rapidly heals the wounds of others on par with master-level high-speed regeneration. This can even heal fatal wounds such as removed organs or brain injuries if given proper time uninterrupted. On top of healing others, this energy will restore some of their stamina and spiritual power by an amount equal to how much Dellapero puts into the technique. The process aims to return someone to their original state prior to the wounds that plagued them, even combating toxins and impurities in the process. This can be quite draining though, especially if done while also maintaining the White Veil. On top of that Dellpaero can not use this on himself. It can be used to repair objects as well though, even things like damaged zanpakto and potent tools of that rarity. This in tune with the others make the Lightbringer one of the most effective support-type weapons around.


Ascended Sacred State Deathbringer

•Ascended Sacred State Appearance: The Deathbringer takes on a form more close to the original state of the sword it is forged from,. It is a Japanese curved blade with the same shape as the original, only with cosmetic changes. The metal is entirely black made of an unknown material that can't be found through analysis. In any form of data bank the metal would come up as unknown or as an unidentified material made from spiritual power. The sword's length is extended to six feet, though the width remains untouched. This makes it appear very thin for its size, but still extremely sharp. The edges of the blade both on the flat and curved end are permanently refined, having an unorthodox property to never dull in that form. Around it is a distorted purple aura that moves one inch away from the blade in every direction. This can be assumed to be many things, even death energy as the presence it gives off is not far from it. It adds tension to any air and makes those near feel uneasy. However, the aura is actually small bits of space being distorted by the blade's presence. It has no direct effect on things, but are a sign of the weapon's power itself.

• Ascended Sacred State Powers:

The Deathbringer is the flip side to the Lightbringer. Where the Lightbringer represents hope, faith, and benevolence, the Deathbringer represents finality and truth. The Deathbringer is the creation of Dellapero's deepest memories and the rejected emotions of his soul given life. It is the piece forged in many wars, created by the inevitable and unavoidable passing. Even if one has the most righteous intentions, there is jo avoiding that to truly achieve peace and a better world, there is much suffering, death, and sacrifice to reach it. That is the Deathbringer.

It is the unavoidable, the finality of life. It is everything people don't like to think about and often reject with their hope and faith. While dark, it is not evil. Death is a kin to life, a natural flow of the universe and the most inevitable thing there is. It is the blade that represents every life Dellapero had taken in eight hundred and twenty years. It represents everything that has passed before him and vanished to oblivion despite his best efforts. The Deathbringer is passing,reality, and acceptance. .

The Deathbringer is an exceedingly powerful tool, designed exactly for what it is named. Most, including Dellapero himself even consider it evil. He refuses to use it in most conflicts and considers it his last resort. This makes him less experienced at using its power, but he can still use it skillfully when the time comes. It has four effects, no techniques or utility like its counterpart. However, like the former it can be manifested in one blade or two, making duel application possible. It makes up for its lack of options with potency and the bizarre nature of its power.

The first effect of the Deathbringer is a drastic increase to Dellapero's strength and his speed. It makes him even more efficient in giving the sword the power it needs to fulfill its task. He becomes strong enough to effortlessly slice apart buildings with minimal effort and can create large destructive waves of kinetic force with each swing that decimate everything for miles in that direction. When combined with the speed boost of the lightbringer, the man can move at ungodly speeds. He can match the pace of an advanced level movement techniques at his general level constantly while using the two of them, making him very dangerous if he desires to be at this state. The two forms of his evolved power can be used together as mentioned above unlike normal forms. To do this, one must form around one sword, while the other is forged through the other. This gives him an overall increase to all physical characteristics, especially speed as highlighted above. However, if the Deathbringer is used at the same time as the Lightbringer, the Lightbringer's abilities outside of draining energy will all be cut in half for their effectiveness. The Deathbringer's influence is strong enough to completely sever the center of origin as well. Though the white veil can still be created.

The second, and debatable more scary effect in the Deathbringer's power is pseudo omnipresence. This isn't in the sense that it is everywhere at once, but that it is everywhere its fixed location could ever be and every composition it could be in that space. What does this mean? Well firstly it is the cause of the spacial distortions that constantly flow around the black metal. It means that the weapon is in tune with every form of space and time and interacts with every other version of itself in each realm of possibility. It is everything that exists, could exists, and doesn't exist and has influence in every dimensional plane closely knit with the major realm it currently inhabits,

This means the Deathbringer has the unique ability to interact with everything. This doesn't mean it will cut through everything without question, but that it can collide with anything. If one used a type of anti-matter or outer-dimensional force that effected the real world, it could slash against it as if it were any normal material. If someone became intangible or entered a sort of pocket dimension just outside of the current state of things, the weapon could still cut them. Even normal things like sound that can't be damaged by a sword could be cut with this weapon.

Stronger materials or forces can still defend from it, The weapon does have increased cutting power compared to a normal weapon, but not enough to make it perfect. It may be able to make contact with anything, but the force behind it must be appropriate for that to matter. Any defense with enough durability or an opposing force greater than the strength of the cut will not be effected by this. And even though it can combat more unstable or unorthodox forces that normal means can't, if it is unable to best them through sheer physical strength than it is near-useless to begin with. As doing this requires multiple versions of the blade to exist in one space, extra energy can not be filtered through the weapon to give it increased cutting power or new abilities. It is too unstable, only able to be effected by the pure strength behind it. This effect ends once you reach the point of major dimensions, such as the gap between Hueco Mundo and the Soul Society. It puts the weapon on even grounds with any kind of opposing force it would need to combat, providing the man behind it can conjure the strength to best them.

The third, and nearly equally deadly power of the Deathbringer is death's curse. Death's curse is a marker forged by the blade whenever it effects another object. This can be a rock, a person's arm, or even a simple string. The effect of Death's curse will make any wound or impact forged by it permanent, or at least drastically more difficult to mend. This can even apply to unorthodox situations that can be confusing, such as creatures with no true state. An entity forged entirely of water that takes any shape it desires could even be effected this power. If the blade cut their arm, that mass of water would become "dead" and unable to be used or returned to the whole of their being. Sure they could reshape to gain a new arm, but the mass of what they were will always be reduced by that amount. To those with healing factors, it may still be possible to undo a wound, but it will become drastically more draining and take at the least five times longer to repair! Coupled with its unorthodox nature, Death's curse makes the Deathbringer a terrifying weapon to go up against for any warrior. This effect is created by the dark energy of the weapon, and as such it can be weakened by other effects that focus on it. A strong enough spiritual pressure can also weaken, or in extreme cases nullify the effect as well. This still seldom works, especially if the wounds are extensive, but is an option for more powerful souls to combat it. The curse can also be removed by the Lighterbringer's purification as an exception.

The last and least present ability of the Deathbringer is what ties it together with the Lightbringer. Despite being a weapon of a darker nature, it is not evil. Death is the course of nature and the final act of purification their duality offers. Any soul the Deathbringer kills, or even cuts at a time close to their death will have their soul adversely effected in passing. Any evil in their soul will be purged and they will be forgiven for everything they did in their life. This is similar to how a Shinigami purifies Hollows, but on a much more powerful scale. It will even mend the wicked and give them a second chance in the soul cycle to continue to the Soul Society or the world of the Living. This even goes for Demons, removing their ties with Hell and letting them start over. Any binds or limiters placed on someone killed by the Deathbringer will be removed and their essence entirely purified. Additionally, the blade can detect those that it kills and tell when a reincarnated soul cast by the weapon's power is near, and upon inspection it can even tell who they once were. This only applies to those it has ended though or that it had some part in the death of. Dellapero hasn't come to fully understand the nature of the blade and its purpose due to how difficult this is to spot, only being obvious in more severe cases that have yet to occur.

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Background History

• Background: The Beginning

The year is 1575, feudal Japan. Dellapero Grance is born in Edo with three brothers and two sisters. He was the youngest of the four and was set out as a favorite to inherit the shop later in life. He spent a lot of time there, assisting his father and siblings when possible Time at the shop offered a lot of educational value on the rare goods they managed to acquire and sell and allowed for frequent social interaction with unique and entertaining characters daily. Even high-ranking officials were noted to visit the shop once or twice a year. He was taught mainly by his mother about the law of the land and was apprenticed by his father to be the future owner of their business. The future seemed bright and a new life was forged before the boy. He did enjoy working there and socializing with all the customers that ventured there, but deep in his soul he knew there was something more fitting for him, something he needed to find for himself and could pursue.

In 1585 he met a Samurai in the midst of their shop that he found particularly interesting. Their kind wasn’t too uncommon in the city, but the difference with this man was choice to utilize not one blade, but two in battle. After a brief conversation, the youth discovered the man’s name; Miyamota. The rarities and unique features like that in people gathered his attention; the premise of wielding twin blades and taking on hoards of enemies being cool in his young mind.

When bringing the topic up with the family, the majority of them were supportive of his interest in taking on such a role, save for his father. Samurai were a respected breed of people and carried with them great power, but the elder had intended to turn him into a proper shopkeeper to continue the family business. The two had an argument about it in private, a rather heated one at that. Just as it seemed he wasn’t going to be permitted to pursue his new goal. The eldest brother in the family took on the reigns of the business. This allowed Dellapero to search out an instructor in the arts he wished to learn and proceed through life down his new path.

Grance found an instructor willing to aid him in his goal to an extent. Learning how to utilize a single sword was a stepping stone to emulating the figure from before. Though still required to work at the shop, the mass majority of his free time was now devoted to training, properly wielding a blade and utilizing it in battle. The instructor he worked with was generic, not the most skilled in the art due to limited funds to afford his mentoring, but the basics were enough. Dellapero knew once he had a foothold, he could advance himself well enough to improve on his own terms.

Dellapero adapted quickly, learning at a rate far faster than most and having an almost natural skill with the weapon. It was nowhere near on par with the master’s out there, but he made remarkable process immediately upon taking the course. At age twelve he had become proficient enough to drop the class, succeeding to stay on par with his mentor long enough in a duel to no longer need their aid in his work. With what money he gathered from his work, the growing warrior set off from his family the next year in search to further bolster his skill.

What money he had didn’t last him very long, so he was forced to take on the job of a low caliber bodyguard for a series of merchants he met during his travels. It wasn’t a bad living, and he never ended up coming to any real life-threatening battles during his ventures. In 1595 A.D he finally found a more advanced teacher to request aid from, When asked why he wanted to become better at wielding the sword…Dellapero stood there, unsure himself. Come to think of it, he had done this mostly on a whim, why –was- he doing this? When failing to come up with an acceptable answer, he was denied any chance to train with the elder. It was an upsetting turn of events, but alas, that was life. It didn’t always go as planned.

His venture leads him to the Tajima Province where he became a long-term bodyguard for one of the local store owners. It paid decently and actually didn’t take much work, so where Grance lacked training from a master swordsman he worked to make himself one from practice, time, and determination. It was a good life for a few years, and he even took upon the rarity that inspired him to start his practice. Though not yet proficient, he had started to practice the wielding of two swords in battle.

One year after being employed in 1596, Dellapero committed his first act of murder, and the first battle where his life was put on the line. A thief skilled with an ax made their way inside the store he was employed. Most were discouraged at such a thing when they saw an armed warrior standing at the front door, but this man was different. He had an air of murderous intent about him. It all happened in a flash. Grance drew his katana on sight of the marauder, reacting on instinct. Metal struck metal, and after a stressful series of defending swings against the ax, he took the offensive; dodged and incoming strike, and landed a perfect slash at the bandit’s jugular, leading to a quick death for them and the young Samurai’s first kill. There are two types of people. those that can kill a man and sleep well that night, and those that feel guilty about it for life. The latter doesn’t last long in the lifestyle of a warrior. Fortunately, he was the former.

It was after that kill that he realize his purpose. Throughout his progression to the man he was today he had always been guarding others, working as a sort of protector. Maybe that was his calling? It was still the point in his life where he was trying to figure out his own identity.

Dellapero spent his remaining years under the shopkeeper perfecting his personalized style of duel wielding. It wasn’t an easy process, but it was worth it. In the year 1598, his employer succumbed to illness and passed away. He was out of a job for a time, one of the rough patches of his financial life. He found new work, this time in the military in the Toyotomi military. It was more of a desperation call for pay than anything, as he never had any intentions of partaking in the war prior.


It was around this time that weird things began to happen. In the corner of his line of sight, Grance started to see the silhouettes of foreign beasts. There weren’t many details to be made out at first, and with no one else making mention of these sightings in the camp, he decided it was best to keep the information to himself, as bothersome as it was. He spent several weeks in a training enclosure with a battalion of other recruits under a single commanding officer that went by Raiden at the time. His means of training and operations in warfare were widely known among the army as unorthodox and risky compared to other units. Duels between soldiers with their own preferred weapon of choice and simulated scenarios of things that could happen in the war took place frequently. One day the food supply had even been purposely poisoned in the event of being forced to fight under the ill effects of it.

Though regretful at first, being out through this type of training swiftly changed his mind. This experience would have limitless value when the war finally ended, should he manage to survive it. He could feel himself becoming stronger, faster, and more durable every day. His rate of improvement had excelled to an unorthodox rate, earning him a place as the number one combatant in the battalion in a month’s time. It was around 1600 A.D now, the first real battle of war their battalion was assigned to take part in coming in a few short days.

However, the visions that haunted him seldom in the night were becoming more frequent. The details of the monsters were becoming clearer. They had deformed flesh, bone covering their body and were varied from the size of a rodent to the towering height of a battering ram. Unable to sleep with these things so often appearing, the man took a walk just outside the camp, taking in a deep breath of the nocturnal air. Originally he intended not to stray too far from the settlement, but in tune with the sightings, loud cries echoed throughout the night. Again, no one else awoke in response. as if only he was hearing them.

Out of frustration, Dellapero ventured onward to the sound of the demented howling to find out what this was all about. He had his swords at the ready and determination to find out if he was going insane, or if something was really out there. It became clear under the luminescent light of the moon. Standing in a clearing was a monster of red flesh with a bone mask connected to its skull. It stood at a monstrous eight feet tall with sharp claws and bulk far greater than any man he had met before that day. It was surprising to him at first, but he had concluded the source of his haunting and from the look of the thing it was feral and bloodthirsty. Sleep-deprived and fairly agitated, Grance approached the unknown creature with his blades drawn, staring at it and waiting for a response from the entity. As one should have expected, the monster let off a loud howl and immediately attacked the man with great speed and power unlike anything he had ever seen. Blades struck the claws, managing to effectively block a few attacks from the creature and even cut its flesh. The impossibility of victory faded away the longer things played out, but in time the samurai fell to the creature, a long clawed gash inflicted over his chest and leaving him bleeding out.

As he was about to fade to unconsciousness and accept his death, he heard a gunshot. A bright light shined throughout the night and the beast let out another hollow cry. That was the last thing he saw that night when he passed out...

Dellapero awoke the following day in bed covered in bandages and in better condition than he anticipated. The wounds didn’t hurt much and he had received proper medical care for the time back at the enclosure. The story he was told is that he had been ambushed by enemy troops during his night out and had been badly cut up, but he knew what happened last night was more than a simple encounter with soldiers. A question remained though, just who fired that gunshot? His recovery was remarkable, only taking the remainder of the day to be up and on his feet, and the following day he was nearly at peak physical condition. There wasn’t any logical reason known as to how he recovered so quickly, but not many opted to complain with the coming battle the following day.

The battle of Sekigahara ensued as one of the largest bloodbaths in the war. Despite being injured not long before, Grance took part on the conflict. He managed fairly well throughout the event, having a few close calls on his life, but never any that drew out the threat of death presented by the Hollow not many night ago. Despite fighting his hardest, the battle ended in a loss for the Toyotomi with thousands lost in battle. With his skill in swordplay and experience, the man never took many lives in the conflict, instead disarming his opponents and rendering them unable to fight rather than killing them. Such actions would get most people killed, but he managed to maintain this style of combat with few exceptions.

The remains of the battalion retreated to camp, only a hand full of soldiers and Raiden still alive. Corpses riddled the war zone with the stench of blood and decay and extended for miles, even affecting the enclosed camp. They didn’t have to stay very long before relocation, but the time spent there was as close to Hell as he could describe when. Dozens of masked demons roamed the area and he swore he could even see the spirits of fallen soldiers that once lived in the settlement chained to the walls. There were so many questions about these things he saw and heard, and during the last few days he is confronted by non-other than the commanding officer. This was where things began to click.

Raiden had their doubts at first, but judging from Grance’s reactions since they returned, those doubts were silenced. The two met in private just outside, and everything was explained. The souls that remained after death and their identity as pluses, the masked Demons referred to as Hollows, and the origin of that earlier gunshot. The two of them had been blessed with unique spiritual energy that gave the pair refined physical attributes and a sense for the supernatural. The origin for this power was still unknown even to him, but what Raiden had done that Dellapero didn’t think possible was weaponize that energy to create effects normal men could never hope to do. Raiden’s energy focused through his rifle to fire shells of extremely explosive energy that could tear a man asunder with a single bullet, as well as the majority of basic Hollows.

This new information opened a whole new world for Dellapero. What power could he achieve with this spiritual energy in his body and what kind of other unique creatures would be encountered in his life time? In truth Raiden originally joined the military to find other spiritually adept people to discuss with over these things. Despite being able to bend their energy to create powerful effects, the commander was nearly as in the dark as Grance as to the true extent of the spiritual world and this power they possessed. They made a pact that day to explore the spiritual half of the world together and advance their ability in any way they could together, both as friends and rivals to push one another to greater levels of strength each day.

They had their first duel that night, a battle between Dellapero’s twin katana and the energy-powered musket used by the commander. The match was surprisingly even. Despite being far newer to this than Raiden, Grance had naturally exceled his speed, strength, and durability to higher levels than he should have had at this point in his life. In the end the general took the win from tactical use of their explosive rounds and greater experience manipulating spiritual energy to their will.


The Toyotomi army fell to the Tokugawa not long after that battle. Having acquired enough funds to make it without work for a few good years, the new team of spiritual Humanss made their way back to Edo where he lived prior to all of this chaos. Since Dellapero was last there, his father and two brothers had passed away, the eldest taken by the same plague that killed his old employer and the others met their end in the war along many others. Despite partaking, he had no idea of his family’s involvement in it until then. The youngest brother inherited the shop and managed it in their father’s place.

The next few years were spent in rest, adjusting to the new status of a spiritual being and relaxing after the war. Once or twice a week, Raiden and his new acquaintance engaged in sparring matches in secluded places of the city, both improving in power and skill every battle. Grance’s true talent remained hidden still, neither of them able to discern what exactly his unique trait was. Perhaps regeneration? With how fast the man recovered, it was a possibility.

It was time to set off again to find a line of work. Words of heavy poltergeist activity was spreading throughout the land, which gave the two an idea. Using their spiritual affinity, they could take on the role of exorcists and slay the various Hollows that remained from the war. With how flooded Japan had become with those monsters, the job had the potential to keep them well off for half a lifetime!

The business venture was a successful one, quickly filling their pockets and offering many chances to test their improved metal against the masked beasts. They had even come across much larger Hollows the size of massive towers that proved trouble to take down, but together they managed it. Life was good for them, living this lifestyle of monster hunting for pay was an ideal. It appeased Dellapero’s sense of justice, his desire for combat, and his need for money.

There was one meet that changed him though…Twenty years into their career as –“exorcists”, the two were confronted by a man who, like themselves had evolved into the state of a spiritually adept Human. Unlike them, however, this man had nefarious intent with the power they were fortunate to get. In order to keep himself as the strongest in Japan, the Human assaulted the two with the intent to kill. Utilizing a series of sixteen swords, the criminal made quick work of Raiden, slashing their musket in half and slashing through their abdomen. Dellapero had trouble even defending himself against the barrage of swords, taking heavy damage during the encounter. It was when the finishing blow was struck that ended Raiden’s life that something snapped in his head. Over his life thus far, Raiden was the closest thing to a best friend he had met, and to be unable to do a thing as he was killed off like that.

A helix of green energy built up around Grance. Every aspect of him had been improved. His mental processing power, the strength behind muscles, and the toughness of his skin. Using this new power and the anger coursing through him, he engaged the unnamed assailant. Still having trouble fending off so many blades and nearly dying in the battle, but as it prolonged, his chances only got higher for victory and he managed to overpowered the sheer number of attacks with concentrated willpower and skill. One last slash decided it the duel places breaking the mystic sword of the murderer and driving through their body straight down the middle, leading to a quick death.

Moving on

Dellapero retires from exorcism and attends a memorial service for Raiden’s death. As everything else in these types of situations, a cover story was made to explain his cause of death. He didn’t spend much time mourning after that. It was a sad day to lose one of the only few people to understand and relate on spiritual issues, but it just meant he needed to carry on for the both of them. With his power now brought to the surface, he spent the next year working to perfect and master it to make sure nothing like this happens again in his future. He came to understand his power as a form of high-speed evolution. His object of affinity to which this power spawned was his own soul, his genetics and body structure shifted to recover as fast as it did in the past and no longer age as it should have. It seemed he had been using these abilities without being consciously aware of them until now. He accelerated the rate his body adapted to situations in battle and expanded his new understanding of soul alteration toward his blades as well, making them an even greater asset to him.

Grance returned home once last time to Edo to say his goodbye to the last sibling, his brother. The others passed on, leaving behind a new generation of sons and daughters that he didn't want to meet. His condition of no longer aging was becoming more noticeable with each year; additionally he no longer had a great reason to stay in Japan.

The man caught a ship heading off to the new unexplored regions of the world where an English trading ship had recently arrived. With the end of the year 1610, Dellapero set sail for England as a passenger along with several other Japanese to meet more of the new set of people they were introduced to. It was a long venture, lasting sixteen months with few supplies and very little to do. The trip wasn't entirely boring though. They had plenty to look upon over the vast sea, and in the Human’s special case, he had Hollows to kill in the midst of night on the deck.

When they arrived, Dellapero immediately took off from the main populace. searching for anything of significant greatness to catch his interests. He wanted to learn everything about this new land, and so he did. Over the next few years in England, the Human spent their time adjusting to the new culture, learning of their methods, technology, and even adapting to their native tongue. The rate at which he excelled in English affairs was unorthodox, so much in fact that a few people even believed him to be of an arcane descent. Those claims, along with Grance’s less-than-cooperative personality at times resulted in minor conflicts here and there with the military. He seldom kill any, having outclassed them in skill and power by such a degree that disarming any opposition he faced was possible without seriously harming them.

A new venture

After five years in the land, a story finally emerged that caught the sense of adventure Delapero was looking for. Walter Raleigh was gathering an assortment of people for a venture to another unknown land in search of El Darado, a land of immense wealth that could expand the might of an empire to the fortune of a dominion over the entire world. Whether it was true or not, it was sure to be a great experience. At the last days before their departure, he signed up for the crew, having to negotiate his way on deck with word of his skill, weaponry, and value to the team. With reluctance, they accepted.

The crew made their journey toward South America, Guiana. The trip was much like the first, slow and with few events to note. Once they arrived though, the lush jungles and warmer environment were a more than welcome setting to arrive. They moved across the land with formation and a means of backtrack, should they get lost. Throughout their walk across uncharted landscape, Grance couldn't help but ponder in his mind what other new things he could find here and what the city of gold would be like. Caught up in his day-dreaming, the Samurai made a single wrong turn, splitting from the group and being lost in a sea of plant life. This did little to bother him as it meant he was free to move and gaze at his own pace now, no longer bound to a peer group. And so began his personal quest to search over as much terrain as possible. He could always meet back up with the majority of the party later on.

During his freelancing, Dellapero was suddenly stopped by a sharp spear lunged from the trees and nearly striking him dead in the chest! It scraped his shoulder instead, but it was still surprising. Many more followed. He wasn’t sure why he was being attacked now, or by who, but things were getting heated just the way he liked them. Drawing both blades, he took upon the defensive; slashing slab of stone from their place and deflecting one spear into another. The ground and trees were pierced by sharpened stone, but an oddity could be noted. It was faint, but blue spiritual energy radiated from the stone. Making his way into the trees, he spotted the elusive assailants as a set of brown-skinned people, barley adorned with primitive weapons in hand.

…With one pretty big exception. In the midst of the crowd was a single woman, younger than himself and appearing to be the age of fifteen. The spear in her hand was transparent and entirely constructed from ice. It must have been another spiritually enabled human he thought. The majority of the tribe backed away with exception for that oddity. She took aim with her spear, eyes narrowing with killer intent. Grance had no idea what problem these people had with him, but if they wanted to fight, he’d gladly oblige them. The two met in a heated clash of speed and power, his steel blade striking the spear of ice several times, breaking off small shards with each hit. Any damage done was quickly repaired by the woman's affinity with her element, leaving any onslaught of attacks least in effectiveness. The two jumped back and her next move was made.

The spear was thrown, and the sword in his hand met the jagged tip of ice.The frozen water shattered to thousands of smaller shards instantly, but what the evolutionist didn't count on was the shards attaching to his clothing and flesh, then rapidly expanding around him! He made every effort to escape the growing prison, but he just couldn't break it. He had not been given enough time to build up energy and was left victim to the unique traits of this unknown figure. He fell to unconsciousness as the last pieces of eye enclosed over his face….

This was far from the end. Though unable to break from the prison, the genes in Dellapero’s body began to adapt in an accelerated rate. His body shut down, but it didn't die. Rather, he entered a state of suspended animation to make sure his survival in the block of spiritual ice. The tribe took his frozen form, assuming it was deceased and left it in a cave with the corpses of other Englishmen they had captured and slaughtered earlier. His eyes remained open, the spiral pattern in them still shining brightly for the entirety of his time in the casing. Time went on without him, but one day the man would break free from this state and redeem himself. He needed to get stronger, and such an utter defeat was nothing more than further proof that this wasn't just a want, but a necessity for his ambitions.

The Future

....It was now 1941, the remains of the others had decayed to nothing more than skeletons and the effects of nature closed off the cave entirely. A bright green light manifested in the darkness and a helix of energy burst to life. The means he used to survive greatly reduced the rate he could gather energy to free himself, but after so many years, it was finally done. The prison broke apart and a new level of strength was granted to the Samurai. He screamed out as the out pour continued, his spiritual essence in full flourish from the circumstance at hand. His blade struck the stone wall that separated him from the world. Fueled by his peaked potential when, it easily severed the stone and cast a ray of light into the cavern.

Not much had changed from the last he saw of the place. There was still copious plant life and the sounds of birds in the sky, but not a sign of other people. Panting heavily from the energy it took to finally escape his long slumber, he rested against the stone walls and focused on regaining his composure and state of mind. After ten minutes or so his senses returned to him and he could more properly analyze the area. There was only silence. With a shrug, Grance picked himself up, holding his twin blades close in case of any more surprises. He was completely ignorant of the fact so much time had passed, but that would change very soon.

After some time stumbling throughout the forest, he finally arrived at the city of São Paulo. It wasn't anything like the town was earlier given what he heard of it..The buildings and people there...It wasn't anything like Japan or England. That is one of the reasons he ventured though, to discover new places and learn their secrets. Maybe he could find that woman that assaulted him earlier and give her a piece of his mind too! The first few days were spent trying to gain an understanding of the language and grasping the structures around and their purposes. Once he adapted to speaking in Spanish a lot of things became clear.

Throughout his conversations with the locals, Grance came to find it was not the same place as the one he visited before..It was, but it was a new time entirely. He had been frozen far longer than expected. This came a shock, both in confusion to how he survived that long in a block of ice, the fact it took him that long to shatter it, and what happened to his old expedition pack and the tribe that assaulted him. Taking it upon himself to do some research, he quickly got up-to-date with the new times. After a week adjusting to things and taking all this new information in, he decided to do what he did best and head for the nearest source of action.

According to a text he read, there was another war about, one of a larger scale than the warring states period of Japan. His best bet to get involved fast was to venture to North America over the bridge and get to the United Stated, a place formed by previous members of England. The journey wasn't nearly as long as one would expect. These new vehicles they called cars made things easier! It took roughly two weeks to traverse the land, crossing the bridge between the two continents and arriving in Mexico. Here was where trouble started.

It wasn't just a single case, but multiple times people attempted to steal his transportation in a car jacking. Though they sported new firearms with vastly superior power to the muskets of his time, he managed to bring them down with ease time and time again while gaining a new understanding for the weaponry of the time. Perhaps one might be fitting for his high-speed style of fighting now that they weren't limited to such slow fire. Even though he met trouble with the Humans, there weren't any signs of Hollows or other spiritual beings during his venture, which he found odd. Perhaps they all migrated somewhere to this new war torn land?


Things continued when he reached the border linking Mexico and the United States. He read a lot concerning the new nation, and based on its ideals and government it seemed the perfect place for him to reside in. The first issue was the border itself, blocked off mostly and guarded. It sure didn't seem like something they would enforce. Not one to back down, he swiftly found an alternative means inside. He lost the vehicle, but finally made it there officially. From there he looked for a place to sign up for the military and the now-raging world war two. After finding the place to enlist and doing so, he was taken to another camp to begin a whole new set of training and preparations.
At the facility, Grance spent the majority of his time honing his skills with firearms,hand-to-hand combat, and his personal Fullbring in the shadows. He took specific interest in the Remington Shotgun. It was powerful, much more-so than the old guns of his time. It was to be a worthy addition to his set for the coming battles. Months passed and he was never sent off to battle. The strict rules here annoyed him greatly, so much in fact that after half a year had passed with still no send off, he stole his weapon of choice and fled. Of course they tried to stop him, but they could do little against his superior physical ability and skill.

Over the remainder of his time between then and the year of two thousand, Dellapero explored the vast lands of the United States, spending a year in each and every one ti get a good feel for their customs, media, laws, and trends. The music that built up over the years was one of his favorite things, but despite all the good things he was told and read about; it wasn't the utopia of freedom he desired. It was better than most places he ventured to prior, but if there is any room to improve at all, he wouldn't settle for it. With his last year in New York coming to a close, the man had fully adapted to the language and customs of America, keeping it in memory for the future. He never went to the war and learned carrying around swords, a gun, and wearing his type of attire lead to constant trouble with authority. He also took a strong liking to a new and rising sport called free running. It tested creativity, reflex, and skill to traverse complex areas with speed and talent. He respected it and performed it as a regular activity in his free time.

Back to the Homeland

He returned to his homeland of Japan after that. Not by means of normal transport, but by accelerating his skills of high-speed movement to a new level through excessive training, hard work and innovation to cross great distance with little time consumed. Society had changed there as well, but many of the traditions and aspects of his own time remained, giving some familiarity to things. The Hollow activity had risen substantially since his last time here, back at the rising point it was when he took on the role of an exorcist. The remaining years passed, each day time spent on improving his mastered art of swordsmanship even farther and pushing his talents as much as could be done. Nights were spent hunting the monsters that inhabited the lands and Grance took on the role of a freelance bodyguard for people under threat from organizations like the Yakuza or who needed extra protection on objects of great value. Something of note that he specifically spent time improving was his manipulation of the three weapons at his side, developing at least one unique ability in sync with each to use with his main power in battle.

Current day, life had become boring for the spiritually developed Human. He needed something new to fuel his adrenaline, new experiences to write in the book of his life and new people to meet and become close with. Dellapero's search for the unorthodox in Japan intensified, overtaking his career as a bodyguard to give him more time to bend his path in a new direction and find a new action-filled quest to embark on.

Rising Chaos and a new path.

The next four hundred years marked extensive changes in Dellapero's life. In one respect the very nature of the world had become less boring and in demand of his attention, but on the other side of the coin, it had also become plagued by darkness and a Hell for some unfortunate souls caught in the middle of it. Though much happened, it all seemed to pass like a nightmare in his mind. The Demon incursion of the living world, the destruction of multiple places and the retreat of Humanity itself to the stars above. It was an era of chaos, one that needed defender more than any other before it.

Over the years, the man fought in many battles, working to save as many lives as he could across the globe and put an end to the rise of damnation. His powers naturally flared in this new environment, needing his strength to grow exponentially in a short period of time to stay alive and continue following his ambition of forging a better world. Even as it degraded, that thought never left him. It only doubled back to retaliation to the wars and corruption that ravaged the Earth. His former ignorance had been cast to oblivion in no time, The interaction of the spiritual realms finally allowed him to fully understand the Shinigami, Arrancar, and the newly risen Demons. All of them had armies, powers far greater than he ever thought possible in his eternal roaming. It was in response to it that his first ascension in power took place.

With his rigorous ambition strengthened ever higher, the unorthodox energy that guided him in battle began to infuse with the twin swords he carried each day since they were forged. Not only were they made stronger, but hidden powers crafted by the most benevolent parts of his soul that still yearned for utopia. It all came naturally, a midst the storm of battle his blade evolved, becoming a glowing beacon of his resolve and desires; the Lightbringer. He didn't act surprised, simply flowing alongside the power being crafted in him as each battle progressed. The war of Europe, the capture of Australia, the hoards of new monsters that plagued the land and took humanity to the heavens, he worked in the background in all of it to act out his will and prevent as many deaths as possibly, nurturing his power through each conflict and becoming one with it.

Not too long ago, Dellapero met with the Vanguard, a rising battalion once united with the Soul Society above. Though skeptical to joining another army after his old experiences, his failures in each greater conflict to even make an impact on his own was too apparent. With great thought, the man joined the initiative, honing his prowess even further and testing himself against any that were willing. His might was unquestionable after constantly battle. His soul and body adapted, becoming a machine of war and his will to bring about a better future. .His devotion to Earth and people as a whole was second to none, devoting the majority of his life since inception to protecting others.

In the Vanguard, the Human quickly darted through the ranks for his skill and will to push onward through any darkness. He had a spirit few could match, an undying flame that burned brighter each time it met with despair's chilling grasp. His time in the open was short lived however. The warrior's unquestionable feelings for the betterment of life and his rapidly expanding power made him a prime candidate to go even further into the unknown. Under the judgment of the Vanguard's superiors he had been offered the opportunity to take his quest for absolution further. Not one to pass it down with the new state of the world, Dellapero left the initiative, instead beginning intensive training under the head of the organization themselves and other high-ranking individuals in tune with the program. It was here that he attained the seal he keeps on his person. It increased the weight of his attire by as much as twenty tons, putting a figurative weight of the world on his shoulders at all times during the training exercises of the following years.

The formerly common Samurai pushed forward, breaking every obstacle in his way without pause. Even the new weighted power on his body had become normal to him, pushing him just that much farther to the best he could be. Once all was said and done, he finally reached his current place in the world, a far higher position than he ever expected in his life. Dellapero took the place of the third Unknown, a faction that represented one of the core aspects of his beliefs and life styles. The Human took on this role without hesitation, but had experience with it long before the concept even existed. It was the way he lived and as such, was familiar with the best way of doing that job. It was during the final days of his training that his powers manifested in his doubts. Throughout his life, Dellapero had always questioned himself on the concept of death and whether times called for it. Where the majority of his being sought out a better tomorrow, a fraction remained that doubted himself for those he killed, and those he failed to save.

Throughout the intensive training process and his ability to adapt exceedingly quickly, the unorthodox power that flowed through him allowed him to grasp the next evolution of his weapons The Lightbringer's second stage was surprisingly dark, fitting called only the Deathbringer. It seemed evil, a demented power Dellapero couldn't understand at first, even feeling a bit out of touch with it now. Despite this shaky union, its power was unquestionable. He was a force to be watchful of before, but the potent blade now in his possession had the power needed to crush even the most powerful and vile Demons of the Earth. He begrudgingly trained alongside it, keeping its identity completely hidden except from the highest ranking figures in the organization.

A drifter he became again, wandering the world in search of lost souls in need of an and quelling the seeds of chaos any place he went. The difference this time took the form of the unique seal a midst the Unknown. With it, despite his roaming nature, it would be easy to return it the vanguard at any time when he was directly needed while also watching over the world as a whole until that point.With his new power, experience, and allies to join when need be, the attempted Hero would make his efforts once more to restore the world to an age of peace and help it progress into a utopia by any means in his power. So began a new chapter told a thousands times over, waiting for the time where his devotion would be called upon for the Earth and its people.


See Skill Sheet for More Information

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Master
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Advanced

Human Reiatsu Sheet
  • Power Control: Advanced
  • Energy Usage/Regeneration: Advanced
  • Energy Resistance/Endurance: Advanced
  • Physical Augmentation: Master


Roleplay Sample

• Roleplay Sample:

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A lot of the stuff here looks pretty solid, but I just want you to fix this.

Quote :
Center of Origin: The Center of Origin is a small area around the wielder that comes under the effect of the blade's natural purifying power. It purges evil or unnatural powers from the air and everything directly in its range. This area of effect is around twelve feet from Dellapero in every direction, creating a sphere of sorts around him that even goes underground. In this sphere, any corrupting or malicious power will quickly be destroyed or weakened depending on their potency. This applies to anything with the intent to seriously harm or kill, being more effective for the latter. For things that only briefly pass through the center of origin, there will not be much effect. For example, a cero to cross through it would have its power reduced to about 80% before it made contact with Dellapero. That measure can be increased or decreased depending on the will behind an attack. it operates by the intent and nature of a technique. If a mass of energy made of literal evil or malice with the complete intent of obliterating Dellapero and everyone around him, the center of origin would work to reduce the damage even further, even close to 50 or 40% if it were slower and in its area of effect for longer. Where as an attack forged by reishi only guided by the intent of self-defense will be nearly unaffected by the field. The more malicious and close to vile manifestation is, the more this barrier effects it.

The mean thing I have a problem with is the 80% number. For something like that, I'd based that upon the difference in tier with his foe for both that and 40-50% number. I.E.

0 Tier: 20%
1 Tier: 40%
2 Tier: 60%
3 tier: 80%
4 tier: 90%
5 tier: 99%

Tell me when you've fixed that.


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« Application Checklist »

• Let's Get Down To Business •

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Advanced

  • Comments/Notes: The reason why I'm giving this application that tier is because it seems to be related for plot, the app is well-made and it'll be good to see where he goes with it. If there are any concerns, let me know in PC.

  • Tier: 0-5 [0-4 in release]


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Edited in skills.
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[mod]This is being moved to inactive! If you wish to see this character moved back to active, please contact a staff member[/mod]

Tsubine's Character List
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[adm]Moving back to approved.[/adm]
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Dellapero Grance [Approved 0-4, 0-3 In Release]
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