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 Splish Splash neveraskedforthis

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Noticing her wincing, the Moon Iramasha slowly shifted his hands, being more gentle. He was glad that she was able to return the grin which he gave to her, before seeing it fade away along with his own as he spoke.

"Cahah… I can see it on your face, Shocky." Moonie told her, deciding on the nickname he would call her essentially on the fly. "Ha… This world isn't fair. Voi, if there is someone out there who could defeat me to the point where my body returns to stone… voi, they'd be strong enough to beat five of me. I've seen it before…" He trailed off, one hand lifting itself up as he traced along the base of his neck. He was recalling his last encounter with the Flash Goddess, when she had removed the very head from his shoulders… primarily because she was able to ignore his defenses.

"Voi, but don't get too sad." He told her, before smiling as that same hand slid along the bottom of his neck as he smiled now. That finger then began to slide all over his body. It trailed along his stomach in a circle, slid around the entirety of his right shoulder, trailing along his cheek and even his forehead. "Cahaha… in each one of these places, voi, I got a chunk of me ripped or torn off by someone who wanted to fight me for all the RIGHT reasons. Voi, the Way of the Fist isn't supposed to be dark or depressing. It's about the light of one's so-"

Moonie was cut off as her bronze and cradled his own pale palm, seeing her staring at it intently. "Voi… cahahaha, I keep forgetting that's not normal, is it?" He asked her, before smiling a bit slyly as his blood, black as it always was, dripped down his palm… before his flesh seemed to… reform. Almost like how a stalactite looked as it grew within the mouth of a cave over hundreds of years… so too did Moonie's finger slowly form back before Elysia's very eyes.

"We've gotta teach you a lot still, cahaha!" Moonie told her happily, before lifting up the fully restored hand and putting it on her head, gently rubbing it before he finally stood… though he still had not a single garment on. "Voi, well, if you're healthy enough to get worried over that little finger… then you're healthy enough to get yourself checked out." He told her, before walking back over to the side as he took out his peculiar skirt-like bottom, wrapping the bow around it as he firmly affixed it around his waist. Walking back over to her, he dropped a towel in front of her.

"Voi, hope you enjoyed the bath…" He told her, before looking up at the sky as he grinned once again, feeling the breeze blow gently past his still-damp body as he looked into the clouds...


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