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 Winter Wonderland? [Hero Quest Mission]

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Steiner Franz
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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Winter Wonderland? [Hero Quest Mission]   Thu Dec 17, 2015 4:58 pm

Character: Steiner Franz
Time of Day: Multiple Days


The Iramasha settlement was a huge place, the size of Hawaii by what the brochure had said on the boat ride to this wonderful place that the Iramasha called home. It was a land of beauty, with massive forests, majestic rivers, and the kind of people that a man like Steiner Franz could relate to. However, he did find it odd that Cirno's message had reached him. Now, for all intents and purposes, Steiner was no hero. Well he wanted to be a hero, but that was beside the point. He was a powerless, run of the mill human who just happened to hear a voice in his head telling him to climb a mountain on a mystical island that was home to some extremely powerful people. I mean that happens to everyone right? Steiner chuckled to himself as he took his first steps out on to the Island from the ferry. He shielded his eyes from the sun and disembarked along the dock, seeing an assortment of individuals of varying cultures and walks of life. He paused for a moment to breathe in the sea air and to view his surroundings in all of their splendor. He was surprised he had gotten any vacation time this early into his new employment, but was thankful for the time because he wanted to get stronger. He wanted to protect people, he wanted to ease their pain, and do his best to make the world a better place. He didn't have the tools though. Not yet anyway.

This snapped him out of his "new place" daze and put him back into focus as to why he had officially came to this place in the first place. He was here to get stronger and to obtain the tools necessary to protect people. Powerless or not, he would do his damnedest to get stronger, and he wouldn't allow himself to doubt his potential any longer. "I have to get stronger. This crazy world of ours is just getting to damn chaotic and innocent people are getting caught in the crossfire. Enough is enough, I say...", Steiner realized he was thinking out loud as a couple of weird looking people walked past him chuckling at his heroic speech to no one. He blushed, readjusted the bag on his back, and then began to walk. It would be a long walk to reach the base of the mountain and who knew how many days it would take for him to reach the top. All the while he would have to be careful as there was always perils in climbing mountains. He remembered his one time in the Rocky's on a school field trip and how he had nearly fell into crevice so deep he probably would have never been found if anyone had ever looked for him. Just the thought of him getting lost on the mountain was enough for him to worry, but none the less he had came this far and he was not going to back down now.

For a while, he walked, and walked, and then he walked some more, until finally the largest mountain that he had ever seen loomed high above him. It stood stern and foreboding before him, a mere man, looking into the face of an unbelievable challenge. Yet, Steiner didn't feel scared, not anymore. He had already fought the metaphysical, he had trained with a man who was a task master, but none the less said he was capable, and now he stood one foot in the door before the entrance to unlocking his potential. He grinned, it was the sort of grin you get when you find out that you are getting that present you always wanted. It was bliss to him and as he walked over to a nearby shop to buy the hiking and climbing equipment he needed with the last bit of his cash, Steiner couldn't help, but feel that soon he would meet the girl who had spoke in his mind. He bought rope, snow shoes, and an assortment of other climbing tools and then set out clothed in only the best snow gear he had: A raggedy old sweater from his foster parent, a torn up jacket, and a pair of blue jeans with some hiking boots with snow shoes tied to him. Only the best cold weather equipment for a chilly afternoon.

So he set off, hiking up the mountain at first had been east for him due to his physical training, and his constant jogs to build stamina over the last few years, he found himself capable of climbing for long stints at first. However, as he went higher, and the air began to grow thin and cold, it became more difficult. His body began to grow cold due to the lack of true climbing clothes and his movement became sluggish due to the thinner air. He knew that things were only going to get tougher as he continued climb up the mountain so he would stop regularly to maintain his body, and to allow himself to adapt slightly while also trying his best to warm himself up with a battery powered heating pad from his bag. So, after each rest (and minor warming up from the pad), Steiner would continue up the mountain, taking his time as to avoid falling, and/or freezing to death. Eventually, it reached night, and Steiner began to set up a makeshift tent out of a tent set he had packed away in his bag. Once again, Steiner had underestimated the cold, and the tent did very little to keep the human from freezing within its confines, but still Steiner had come this far, and he wasn't going to wimp out now. He had been given this chance, this opportunity, and he wasn't going to squander it. He was going to embrace it.

He fell asleep rather quickly in his insulated bed roll and as he did sleep, the familiar dream returned. Blurry and distorted, once again he would find no meaning into the madness of what he was seeing. He could make out figures, but they were nothing more than blurred shapes, and it frustrated him that this was all he could see. It made him angry that his memories of what had happened in Europe were being blurred in such a way. He wanted answers. What had happened when he plucked the sword from the stone? How did he end up in Karakura Town? But most importantly, what was keeping him from remembering such things? He growled in frustration as he woke up from his slumber, sweating, and feeling rather chilled to the bone as soon as he opened his bed roll. He packed up camp (briskly as to avoid being stagnant in one location for too long) and then began his climb again. Maybe this girl, Cirno, would have answers for him. It was possible she knew something about what was going on him, answers as to what the old sword in his bag really was, and if had any significance. If she didn't, that was fine too though!

He would settle for guidance and training. So, he kept climbing, and climbing until finally he hit a point on the mountain where the cold was too much to bear. His body just didn't want to move properly, his breath was shallow, and his eyes watered from the extreme wind with a mix of ice. The menagerie of clothes that he had not helping and the battery powered heating pad dead, Steiner was now at the full mercy of the mountain top, and his body was screaming for him to just turn around and go home. He was a normal human, he had nothing to gain from following the command of some voice that could have just as easily lead him to his doom rather than his salvation, and he had done more than any one could have asked of him. It was then that Steiner took a deep breath, it had been the first time in a while that Steiner had breathed so easily this high up on the mountain, and then steeled himself. He was here on a mission. He was here with purpose and he would not allow the cold or the treacherous landscape get the best of him. So, he staggered onward, and blindly as the wind picked up with the ice making visibility almost non-existent. As he did so he began to see an igloo, much like he had heard the voice say, and instantly began to quicken his pace. His body told him to stop, but his soul and mind demanded he continue. So he did. Staggering and losing feeling in his limbs, Steiner fell face forward in front of the igloo. He reached out to the igloo's entrance way and groaned to whoever may be inside: "I made it...a little help would be nice."
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Winter Wonderland? [Hero Quest Mission]   Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:31 pm