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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 A Time to Flourish [Hero Quest Mission]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: A Time to Flourish [Hero Quest Mission]    Wed Jan 20, 2016 9:17 pm

As he advanced with speed he had never once before held in even his most heated battle space seemed to ripple, reality shifting around Cirno and himself. Her being became one with the wind in a more complete and whole way than he had ever encountered before, where he should have got a clean through and through stab with his Zanpakutō only a shallow cut appeared. It was to be expected but that wouldn't stop him from the next exchange. He heard her speak, his mind absorbing her words but the thing that threw him off was that he felt as if his body was acting of its own accord. He could focus on what she was saying but still he pressed on, pivoting on a foot and aiming to slash across her back.

The words hadn't come from her mouth but from her mind and the instant she spoke them he found himself following her command, denying the rules of reality as he tapped into the light of this realm itself, he could feel it pour into him while his own inner light pushed outward, his body becoming transparent mush like Cirno's had when she tapped into the primal power of the wind. He wasn't even trying, it was just coming to him, she was telling him to do something and his body was listening. It was as if his own soul was picking up on her soul's actions and managing to adopt them to his ideals. Every nerve ending in his body, every part of his being felt like it was made of light, he felt as if his being unraveled and became one with the all encompassing element only to reform right in front of Cirno after his attempted slash at her back. His mind seemed detached yet aware of the actions he was performing, she was hands down the best mentor in the world. Her lessons coming out and ingraining themselves within the core of Carter's being the moment they were said.

She would vanish only to appear behind him, her hand going to the center of his back, even though he was picking up the lesson quickly he still couldn't wholly match her speed yet. Her hand patting his back, the pat would carry a certain amount of pressure in it. More of her words would echo in his mind, in the air, in his soul. Once spoken he could feel the wind rush around him as the girl reformed in front of him, aiming to attack him with her palms again, he was caught off guard by the first to his sternum, but his body would break down and fuse with the light again, moving of its own accord with element, he would side step the blow to his pectorals, leap over the attack on his ribs, but it was his stupidity that got him. The leap had left him defenseless to the attack on his liver, the force of it combined with that to his sternum caught up with him even in his light infused state and made him cough up blood as collided with the earth and tumbled head over foot, bringing up bits of the earth with him. He was learning but in the last moment he had let his mind take over rather than let his body work on its own.

He had thought gravity would carry him back down and the thought added weight to him again, making him tangible and in doing so opening him up to a powerful hit. Coughing up another spurt of blood his right hand would go over his mouth, wiping it off before he pushed himself back to his feet and looked at Cirno. She was wise beyond his deepest understanding and it seemed as if that infinite wisdom could be given to her students with just her words of what do to, she made it so clear and simple that his body adapted to her teachings before his mind even processed what she said.

Now he would attempt to match her blows. Something telling him to set his Zanpakutō aside for this training, Nacuto letting him know it was okay. His left hand would stab the sword into the ground before he rushed forward, the first few steps in his earthly form before allowing the elemental force of light to flood his being and make it one with him, in all his time he had considered himself a being of light but looking back it was such a shallow title compared to this now, now he truly was light and with that light came speed he had never imagined before and a sound and level mind. His being appeared within inches of the girl, his right arm manifesting in a tangible state as his open palm went outward at her shoulder, aiming to smash into her rotator cup and try and disable her powerful attacks, next would fall to his hands as his legs went out while he twisted his wrists, aiming to sweep her legs before coming back up, against the rules of gravity with a light push off of the ground form his hands, and aiming a downward kick at her skull.

Once down he would push backward and put a bit of distance between the two so he could gauge her own movement speed and wait for her next lesson. The experience already rooting itself deep within his being as one could almost look through him and see the Zanpakutō sticking out of the ground behind him in his semi tangible state.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: A Time to Flourish [Hero Quest Mission]    Wed Jan 20, 2016 11:11 pm