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 Zunza Lowelen (WIP)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Zunza Lowelen (WIP)   Thu Jan 21, 2016 8:15 pm


Magus Template

I. Basic Information

» Name: Zunza Lowelen
» Titles: The Phantasm, The Dreamer
» Age:
» Gender/Sex: Male
» Origin: The Sugiuran of Imagination
» Kingdom: The Eastern Kingdom
» Affiliation/Rank: N/A

» True Appearance Description:
Standing at 6'3 and weighing in at only an unimpressive one hundred and thirty pounds, Zunza Lowelen is not much to really look at. He lacks the physical traits that would qualify him to be an unbelievably skilled fighter, as his body is not built at all due to the nature of his upbringing, and the lack of formal education in the arts of combat outside of magic. This is further shown by the lack of actual colorization in his skin as a man who would prioritize his own physical build and fine tuning his physical traits would have at least slightly darker skin than his fairer complexion. Its not that he chooses to not go outside, far from it, he loves nature to an extent as it always seems to stimulate the mind, and help broaden one's imagination. His physical traits, according to him, matter very little in comparison to the power of his mind, and vastness of his control over it as such his lack of physique doesn't bother him that much.

As for his facial structure, he doesn't appear to be anything more than slightly average in terms of facial appearance and looks. Usually sporting a serious look on his face as he always seems to be deep in thought, Zunza's face supports that look very well. His ice blue eyes topped with gold rimmed glasses give him the air of a learned man and with the serious look he usually sports its quite easy to see why most people seem to avoid Zunza, thinking he is way too nerdy, and in his own world to be "one of the guys". To add on to the appearance, he has rather thin eyebrows which are kept nicely trimmed, and a smallish nose. This seems to give him a snobbish appearance even though that is far from the truth in concerns to who he is as an actual person.

His blue hair is kept nicely trimmed at medium length and stylized to be easy to deal with during his long sessions in his own personal library. The one bane of his perfectly kept hair is a single curl which goes up which he can't seem to keep down no matter how many times he tries to. He usually smells nice, mostly because he chooses to use only the finest shampoos, colognes, and conditioners to keep himself in tip top shape in terms of appearance. This is due to his upbringing and his father's teachings about how to present one's self and one's self should always look their best, which of course he has taken to heart.

As far as fashion goes, many people seem to point to his general lack of fashion sense, and his choosing of more simpler or archaic forms of clothing. A large white cloak, hand sewn by his mother before her passing, is one of the most common pieces of clothing he wears. The cloak has two golden embroideries on opposite sides of the top where his neck goes through, and to keep the cloak from falling off the tie off point is marked by an orange locking mechanism to help keep the cloak from falling off in the events of travel. Underneath the cloak is usually commoner's clothes which can be found all over the Eastern Kingdom and is of no real import. Usually these are a shirt, a pair of green cargo pants that are kept up by suspenders, and a pair of boots.

He can usually be seen also sporting a satchel that he himself made out of old beast's hide and bound together through simple sewing techniques. Inside of this bag is special herbs, medical necessities, an extra pair of glasses, and currency for when he travels. As far as his sacred weapon goes, he carries a staff which has been finely crafted to be the perfect catalyst for a young man like himself. The staff is made from a wood that was grown in a forest from the Sugiuran's home world and has been handed down from generation to generation of the Lowelen family, and due to the nature of the wood itself it doesn't truly appear to be that way. It is however, cared for extremely well by Zunza, and is constantly shined. He also tends to use it as a walking stick when he does travel outside of his home and venture through the lands, making him easily distinguishable in a crowd. To further differentiate himself from a crowd he also has a Laurel talisman which is used to also help him channel his Ancient Magics more effectively.

» True Appearance Picture:

II. Personality Traits

» Personality:

Confident: Zunza has been driven for years by his family to succeed in his own pursuits of knowledge and creativity. Through that route, Zunza has gained a great deal of confidence in his own personal skills, as his family has always had his back, nurturing his skills, and helping him foster his own route of magic. Some would say Zunza's confidence is always teetering on the brink of overconfidence, not that the driven and confident Zunza would ever believe it to be as such. This confidence applies to more than just attitude, but to all ventures that Zunza undertakes. He always goes into things with confident stride, be it battle, or merely researching new intricate spells, Zunza never gets frustrated because eventually he knows he will find a solution or work around.

Imaginative: Some would think that due to the strictness of the culture he heralds from that Zunza would be an atypical Magus who follows the ancient Gods of Sugiuran culture. While true that Zunza believes in them and wishes to restore his people's link to said Gods, he also believes strongly in innovation, and that tends to put him at odds with the majority of his family and culture. He strives to pursue new and intuitive ways to combine Ancient Magic's Potency and Modern Magics speed to create new and sensational innovation of Magic. This stems from his origin, but more so than that it also a passion, pure, and simple. This mere part of his personality is what drives him to research new spells and push himself to new heights in terms of creativity.

Dreamer: Ever since day one of his practical magic training, Zunza has been labeled a dreamer. Head always in the clouds, thinking of something far off into the future, or something so far fetched that it might never come to fruition. This was his nature and continues to be so to this day, though he is much more earth bound than he was before, and is able to focus on tasks set before him very well. Though to those that know Zunza on a more personal level than the Magus that they see tending the libraries and focusing on the pursuit of Magic innovation, they would soon learn that Zunza's old habit of disappearing into his own world is very much still a thing. And that isn't such a bad thing. Sometimes the best things in life start out as dreams and this is something that Zunza uses for motivation as he dreams of a brighter future for his people.

Highly Intelligent: Having read many books and studied many different ancient tomes, Zunza isn't just skilled in Sugiuran magic, but also skilled in many different areas. He learned to cook when he was five and learned the art of metal crafting when he was ten, in fact some of his favorite books are those that do not pertain to the use of magic at all, but self-help books that teach people the simplest and most common ways to achieve their goals. Some have labeled, due to the fact that he has learned so many things so quickly, Zunza as a prodigy, and it has only inflated Zunza's ego greatly, strengthening his confident nature.

Teacher: Zunza, with all of his training and all of his self-gained knowledge, is well known in the East as a teacher. He is more than willing to pass down his knowledge of Sugiuran culture, spells, and even basic knowledge from the self-help books he read in his youth. Though at times he has been known to scold those who he believes to have less than stellar comprehension levels and then give them an inpromptu lesson of how to improve themselves. Sometimes this gives off a negative vibe to those around them and makes him come off as a bit of a snob, but that isn't the case. Zunza is a kind man, who wishes to spread knowledge, and believes strongly that through knowledge the world will become a better place.

Driven: While Zunza has a kind heart and is willing to teach, he also remembers the fundamental goals of the East and what they seek to do. So though his pursuit of new innovative magic may go against that goal, his main drive is to reunite the Sugiuran people with their gods, and help them defeat their ancient foe. If anything interferes with that plan or hinders his pursuit of knowledge and innovation, Zunza would surely ignore it, or in case of further interference...destroy it to reach the goal of his kingdom.

» Likes: Knowledge, books, teaching, people, and honoring customs (not just Sugiuran customs, but most customs)
» Dislikes: Enemies of the Sugiuran people, Elitists, and those that can't be taught

III. Character Background

» History (Here is where you write your Sugiuran’s history, it needs to be three paragraph (15 sentences) minimum. No matter the age.)
IV. Abilities & Equipment

» Natural Abilities (Does your Sugiuran have abilities in which they naturally gained either by their origin, or by training?)
» Sacred Weapon (What special weapon does your Sugiuran intune themselves with? What does it look like, and what abilities can they focus into it or gain through it.)
»Personal Mystic Eyes: (When/if a Sugiuran achieves a Master skill in Mystic Eyes, they are capable of developing their own personal mystic eye with a unique power unto themselves. If you will not have a Master level mystic eye, strike this section.)
» Equipment (Does your Sugiuran have weapons or other type of equipment in which aids them in battle? Do they have any extra items that your Sugiuran keep on them?)
V. List of Magic Spells

    Name: The Name of the Spell
    Type: Modern or Ancient Magic
    Subset: The subset of the spell, Oscillating, Speed/Mass, etc
    Rank: What rank is the spell (E/D/C/B/A/S)
    Effect: What the Spell does

VI. Skill Sheets

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved.
Remove this message afterwards)
Magus Skill Sheet
  • Modern Magic: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Ancient Magic: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Mystic Eyes: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master
  • Martial Arts: Beginner/Adept/Advanced/Master

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

VII. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample:(Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)

Template By:


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Zunza Lowelen (WIP)   Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:35 am

[mod]Hello is this till a WIP?
Please be sure to follow the rules and keep WIP in the name unless it is finished.
If it is finished please put FINISHED in the name instead.[/mod]

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Zunza Lowelen (WIP)   Tue Jun 14, 2016 6:55 am

[mod]Beep Boop! Just checking in real quick to see if this is still being worked on! If it is, just drop a message right on here, if not, you can ask for this to be archived riiight here!

If you don't respond in three days, rules state that I will have to move it into archived, so if that does happen, just drop a message over to the staff request thread and we'll move it right on back to WIP![/mod]


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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Zunza Lowelen (WIP)   Thu Jun 16, 2016 10:52 am

[adm]Archiving due to member inactivity exceeding two months. If you'd like this app moved back into active WIPs, please ask us here.[/adm]

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Zunza Lowelen (WIP)
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