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 Lessons [Blank]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Lessons [Blank]   Lessons [Blank] EmptyMon May 02, 2016 5:14 pm

Henrex sighed as the breeze flowed throughout his scarf, which covered his nose and mouth. It was a beautiful day, since it was near where he was born. Toba, Japan. Where he was born, and where he experienced some of the most pain. Why would he return to somewhere so close to there if it hurt him so badly? He was awaiting the demon girl Blank, who was very experienced with the religion he was requested to talk about.

Khalaism. The primary religion of the Demons. Henrex was very interested about this, since he was always willing to seek new knowledge. Blank had seemed to know so much about the religion. He had requested that the two meet here, since nearby was the way he would reach the Moon. The day where Neoveta Asthavon would attack the Moon was nearing. He had overheard talk in the Soul Society and signed up, and the day was growing near.

He sighed once more as his eyes flashed blue. The sign of his Cyberbrain activating. He searched throughout his database, searching for anything with the word "Khala" in it. Still nothing...a common result. Henrex was so absolutely sure that he had heard of it before, and normally, when he hears something that might be important, he would register it into his database. But he must have forgotten that time. Well, that was the reason he had wanted to talk about Khalaism with Blank. So he could know. Perhaps...he might even become a part of the religion.

He heard someone approaching. Blank? He wasn't sure....his eyes flashed white, as the light around Henrex would bend and reflect, rendering him near invisible. This was a Cyberbrain add-on that Henrex had installed short after receiving his surgery for PhantomTech. This would cause him to be very hard to see, but if someone looked hard enough, they would be able to detect him. Henrex, while in this state of invisibility, hid behind a tree, waiting for whoever was approaching to come into view....
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