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 Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP]

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The KFC of PH
The KFC of PH

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP]   Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] EmptyThu Oct 13, 2016 6:38 am

Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] Headerimage_zps436c8d0e


- Name: Misa Harribel
- Titles: 24-Karat Bullet
- Gender: Female
- Appearance Age: 25
- Age: 58
- Affiliation/Rank: Vandenreich/ Sternritter Executive
- Type: Quincy based Hollow
- Height: 5'7"
- Weight: 143

- Appearance Picture:
Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] Bullet_zpsfe0a0e58
Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] Bullet_Concept_Artwork_11_zpsca641d84


- Personality:

A young spirited and free-willed individual, Misa has never really been one to look down on anyone or anything. She does what she does for justice and for a better world. She seeks to see the human world a more quaint place, a place where light shed and the dark lingered as it once did. She for times to be like they were before, the way they were depicted in the history books. She yearns to have what she thought they had, and she doesn't let much get in her way from getting what she wants. Though in saying that, she typically will do anything for anyone. Not to say she is gullible or easily swayed, her heart is just larger than her greed. She expects the best out of everyone and is easily disappointed when someone fails her. She doesn't hold grudges, but she never forgets. Getting a smile out of her doesn't take much, and just adds to the shining personality that she has. She does, however, have a bit of a morbid side as well, of course. She isn't timid to step in when things get messy and she's confident that she will come to be the victor in each and every fight.

Determined in most everything she attempts to accomplish she takes pride in her abilities and doesn't let anything like smack talk pull her out of the game. She doesn't waste time with meaningless banter, she's more of a shower. Being the unique race she is, she tends to keep it a secret, but it is certain she is different from other quincy. There is a darkness to her reishi that isn't like others and it's noticeable. However, you'd never think of it unless you have seen her in action. When it comes to friends and relationships she doesn't hesitate to jump when they ask or need her to, and won't stop to ask why. Though such a trusting person is easily betrayed and has been taken advantage of time after time again. She still continues on to do what she does though, not regretting anything that has happened the previous second. Treasuring each everyone of her relationships, she holds a high value to having both friends and enemies. Having the friends she does she has been able to discover herself a bit more than she once did.

Her enemies have shed light unto her as to what not to be and have also shown her that justice is defined by that who speaks it. Not by what she defines it. She knows there will always be a difference in opinions and is actually someone that is willing to listen to her enemies and hear their side of the story. She would be willing to listen to her victims last whims everytime if they so wished to have them and has declined contracts many of times after accepting them. Which has tarnished her name as a sniper, but has earned her respect by many of her clients.

She has high wits and a decent amount of common sense, enough to get her out of most sticky situations and high school. She's experienced a lot in her time and has witnessed plenty of death, and still to this day the site of pale skin due to fatal reasons brings an uneasy feeling to her stomach. However, she uses it as motivation for herself in order to keep her chin up and keep her blood flowing in her veins and not on the ground.

Playing her field with extreme caution, it is rare for Misa to miss a step in her mental instructions on how to perform her job. She makes sure her calculations are as accurate as they possibly could be, and if given a location before she sees her victim she will visit the area in order to plot the area and get a better take on the surroundings. In some cases she has gone as long as two weeks in order to get perfect shot on a POI.

Misa is a fan of sugary beverages and tasty snacks, she always has been since she was a child. With the sweet tooth that she has, she chooses to reside primarily in the human world and always know where the nearest convenience store is no matter where she is. Especially with how easily accessible information is in this day in age. While a fan of sweets, she is also a fan of the less delicate beverages. She holds her alcohol rather well, and doesn't let herself get too sloppy. She knows her limits as far as alcohol goes, and will not make herself look foolish because of a liquid substance. Smoking is one thing she does not tolerate for others to do, but is a hypocrite about whenever it comes to drinking. She prefers to have some tobacco to go hand in hand with the alcohol. She feels as though it just completes the image.


- Background:

Near two hundred years ago, a small white haired baby was born. The child was small and born into a family that was well known to those that dwelled within Hueco Mundo, and those that had crossed the name before; forever etching the name into their minds if they were to live past it being heard. Who was this family you ask? Why none other than the Harribels. However, while Tia was out doing what she does in Hueco Mundo, her family still thrived down upon the living world for centuries upon centuries. They continued on living their regular everyday human lives, not knowing of the infamous Tia. As the decades turned to centuries, the name Harribel didn't carry any echo in the town in Karakura, which just so happened to be where the young Misa was born. Yet there was something about Misa that her father couldn't quite put her finger on.

Misa's mother was a pure blood quincy capable of many great things, one of which was love. Her mother was a very kind and caring person, and she took great care of Misa even times of tragedy. Though, as time would lapse the young Misa would grow into a beautiful young girl. Her father worked rather vigorously never being home to tend to his daughter, but he put the bread on the table. So as Misa reached the age of 8 she was made aware of her lineage. Her mother told her she would do her best in teaching her daughter how to hone her abilities without her father finding out about anything.

As the years carried on, Misa began to slowly learn what it was to be a quincy. However, the golden heart that dwelled within the chest of the child wished not to harm anyone or anything. At least on a weekly basis, Misa would go missing from her home. Throwing her mother into panic, she would go out to find out where the young girl had run off to, only to find her playing around with some whimsical hollow that was a bit on the dumb side. Each time her mother would draw her bow down onto the hollow, to which Misa would respond with shouts and tears at her mother. She'd throw her body over the hollow, only blocking but a mere portion of its leg. Her mother would relinquish her bow in disappointment and just ask Misa to come home with her, she would agree and things would return back to the way they were.

As she got older, Misa escaped from her household more often. She had grown fond of the hollow that lurked the streets of Karakura Town, feeding on the sorry souls that were unable to escape its grasp. However, the hollow would always be at the park waiting for her, the hollow knew that one day he would eat the girl. The meal would be the most satisfying meal he had ever had due to the love and care that he had for the girl. Nonetheless, he would wait and try to savor the moment at which he ate her. Yet Misa was completely oblivious to his antics, and she would continue to be, due to her human nature. She always saw the best in everything. In the entire span of her life she had wished to slay hollows she caught in the act of feeding. She was the kind of person to visit memorials and try to get them to pass on to the Soul Society, though she didn't know what it was like up there she still thought it would be better than getting eaten by a hollow.

As Misa grew to be an adult, her mother released her from her training and advised she stay away from the hollow she frequently saw. Irate by her mother's words she drew her bow, tears running down her visage. She shouted for her mother to stop trying to ruin her life. As she began to ready an arrow, her mother closed her eyes. Silence spread out in the small house they resided in. Misa ripped off her quincy cross and tossed it to the ground. Telling her mother she wished to have nothing to do with her lineage, she wished not to have this hatred for other species just because she had inherited certain abilities. Her mother told her that she would regret such things, and it would come to be that she would.

As she returned to the park that same day, tears still running down her face she came to the hollow and told him what happened. She then went on to tell him about the odd feud their races shared and wondered why they couldn't live in harmony. The Hollow smiled then chuckled, he knew that this was his time. He had spent near 12 years for this moment to come, to find a vulnerability in the girl. Grabbing Misa up from the ground he laughed heavily and proceeded to go on and eat the girl. She struggled to release from his burning grasp, and even attempted to pull her bow back. To which, she would remember that she threw it off. All there was to do was embrace her fate. She stopped struggling and just hugged the arm that was carrying her. "It's ok, I understand... you've waited long enough. I too wish to be one with you." She told the hollow, as he inched her into his mouth. Though her words seemed to click with him and he pulled her back away. Placing her back on the ground he walked away, a solitary tear could be seen building up within his mask. He told her that he would return when his mind was no longer ill with hunger. The hollow did actually hold feelings for the girl, and that was something worth waiting for in her opinion. She didn't know what love was or what it was like, but she did know that she felt something for the hollow.

As the years progressed, Misa found herself in many difficult situations in which she would have to call upon her Quincy abilities. Soon she would be able to compose a spirit weapon in place of her bow. After a series of odd situations, she soon lost herself to her training. She wished to grow stronger and become wiser with what it was to be a Quincy. She had started to forget who she was, so caught up in all the slaughters her race came to find themselves in, she grew in anger with those that opposed her kind and soon began to contract herself out to her own organization as a sniper.

After taking many contracts she began to broaden her horizons and release her skills to anyone that would be willing to use them. By this time she had come to forget about the hollow she always met in the park. It was but some 8 years before she would find him again. In her attempt to bring herself back down to earth and to escape the chaos that was her bloodlust job. She returned to the park, and as she did she felt an aura that felt all too familiar. One that was long forgotten, it brought a tear to her face. As she turned around she would notice that the hollow she saw before her was, indeed, the same one that she had come to love so many years ago. Yet, this hollow had now reached that of a vasto lorde. While Misa was a highly skilled and trained Quincy. She was unsure of what she felt at this moment, but the hollow brought its hand up to the girls face wiping the tear away. It was clear that his feelings were still true to him. However, humans seemed to be a bit different than hollows when it came to love. The girl smiled and embraced the hollow, asking him to never leave her side. As she did so she could see over the hollow's shoulder a figure in the shadows. It looked to be a female, but all that could be seen was her golden hair and her silhouette. She released the hollow and dried herself from the tears that steadily ran down her face. The woman slowly walked from the depths of the shadows revealing herself. The number 3 clearly displayed upon her breast, though it was unknown to Misa what it meant. The woman announced herself to be family to Misa, and said that the hollow before her came to her in complete obedience, willing to sacrifice everything to be one with a Quincy. Though Tia was disgusted by the hollow, she thought his wishes to sacrifice himself to be with the Quincy was admirable enough for her to train him to become a Vasto Lorde. As much as it all was to take in, Tia went on to explain a certain type of Quincy that existed, but was highly rare. In doing so the hollow would be sacrificing his life, and potentially Misa as well. The hollow asked for her hand and she gladly swept it up. The two energies synergized with one another as Tia fell back into a garganta bidding a farewell. Overwhelmed with joy, Misa began to tear up.

The two had become one and the hollow made no efforts in winning over the body, leaving Misa to have his abilities at her disposal. The two lived harmoniously, and knew that this was what true love was. Sacrificing everything for the sake of being with another person. She knew this to be true, and would do all she could to not disappoint him.

As she went on with her new powers, the voice inside her head guided her and led her to learn how to use his powers just as efficiently as he once did...


Quincy Skills
  • Vollständig Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Blut: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Hirenkyaku: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Reishi Manipulation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Hollow Skills
  • Acid Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Garganta : Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Cero/Bala: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Regeneration: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Base Code and Graphic Style by: THEFROST
Graphics and Coding by: CPKallday

Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] Sbb1I7e

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The KFC of PH
The KFC of PH

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Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] Empty
Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP]   Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] EmptyThu Oct 13, 2016 7:10 am


- Human Skills:

Archery/Marksmanship: Misa has been in tune with her skills and abilities for well over a century now. This being so, she has trained herself in her accuracy and skill with a bow/spirit weapon in this time spent training. Her targets are rarely missed when of the same power/skill range, though she has been bested before and will be bested again, assuredly. In no way is she able to make every shot, but there is a high chance that such can happen. As a huntress, she has a honed skill for long-range sniping with her spirit weapon in its third phase. As such she has become accustomed to all aspects of a hunter: stealth, the element of surprise, and accuracy.

Enhanced Depth Perception and Analytical Skills: As a sniper, Misa is always set in a different environment. As such she has developed a greater sense and knowledge of distance, speed, power, environmental changes, etc. These skills allow her to make the proper adjustments to ensure she hits the target she is aiming for.

Abnormal Strength: As a Quincy, you would not see Misa to be a very gifted close combat fighter. However, she does excel at it rather naturally. This is due to her spirit weapon being able to be used as a thruster while in close quarters. Through pushing reishi out of the opposing end of the spiritual weapon she is able to accelerate and pack a more powerful punch. As such she is able to apply such things to lifting as well.

-Quincy Skills:

Reishi Absorption/Manipulation: Like most Quincy, Misa has the ability to absorb and manipulate the reishi in the surrounding area. She is able to do so in such a manner that she is able to replicate a Blut Vene's power, but not to the same magnitude. Using the reishi from the surrounding area she is able to gather large amounts of reishi and mix it with her reiryoku in order to make more concentrated and dense shots with her spirit weapon. As well as using it for defensive purposes.

Above-Average Spiritual Power: The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree when it comes to the expected spiritual power of a Quincy in comparison to other races. As they are well known for their amazing spiritual power, Misa finds herself in that bracket as well.

Heilig Pfeil (Holy Arrows): are the primary attack used by Quincy. It is basically the same as an average arrow, but if the arrows are shot continuously they will eventually injure the wielders hands. The arrows can be created by collecting Reishi, absorbing Reiryoku from an opponent or gathering spirit energy, giving the Quincy many ways to form their bow and arrow. The power of the arrows vary in power and size, while some arrows are more powerful than others, for every Quincy it is different, and normally comes down to skill, since the total amount of Arrow’s fired also showcases the amount of skill, while those who use only a few arrows at a time have more of an impact than others. Depending on what one spirit weapon is, the Arrow shape can change, as if one was a blade, then the arrows fired would appear as blades.

Path Control: When Uryū fought Cirucci Sanderwicci in Las Noches, he was able to curve his arrows' path after firing them, putting stress on the former Espada. This effectively makes the Quincy's Heilig Pfeil miniature heat-seeking missiles, but instead of locking on to heat, they target whatever enemy they have. It is unknown how long Uryū can control the arrow's path, or if there is a limit to how many can be under his control. So far he has only fired 3 simultaneously using this method. This also is affected by reishi control and marksmanship, the stronger one skill with it, than the longer they can stay on target, even when fighting those with high speed.

Negation of Attacks: If a Quincy can use these arrows precisely, they can to a point they can negate another attack on impact. To do this, the charges the arrows with a sufficient amount of power, and fires them to strike an incoming projectile. However, because of modern Quincy style’s, this use has fallen out of use, however, a few old style Quincy still use this a thump.

Spiritual Awareness: As a spiritual being, the Quincy can sense Hollows and other spiritual beings at a significant distance or tell in what direction they are in. Quincy are well known to sense the distance to any hollow, and capable of telling how much spiritual power a person has from a simple glance, making them living radars, only a small handful of beings are capable of not being able to appear to a Quincy.

Gintō: A capsule-shaped tool used by Quincies to store their spiritual energy.It is an antiquated tool, but the use of it allows Quincies to perform certain techniques.

Hirenkyaku: An advanced Quincy moving technique. It allows for high-speed movements by riding on the flow of reishi created below the user's feet. To perform the technique, the user gathers spiritual particles under their feet and rides them to the desired location. Like the air-walking skill displayed by most Arrancar and Shinigami, it can also be used to hover or fly for long distances. Mayuri compliments Uryū on being able to use this technique at such a young age, suggesting that it is difficult to master. Hirenkyaku enables Quincies to keep up with and overpower faster opponents depending on the user's skill. The use of this technique aided Uryū as he defeated a seated Shinigami officer, a Números Arrancar, and even a Privaron Espada in combat. However, there is apparently more use for the technique than simply moving quickly. Upon entering Hueco Mundo through the Garganta, Ichigo Kurosaki and Chad noticed that Uryū apparently had a platform of reishi under his feet. Ichigo and Sado had trouble controlling their reiatsu on the path they were given, while he used an instance of Hirenkyaku in order to make his own individual platform. Later on, Uryū used the technique to elevate himself and Orihime Inoue through the hole Ulquiorra Cifer created in the artificial sky, and above the dome of Las Noches. He reveals that he only recently realized he could use the technique outside Garganta, and in Hueco Mundo itself, halfway to Las Noches. He also laments the fact that if he had known sooner, he might have been of some use on the battlefield. It is currently unknown if Ishida, or any other Quincy, can use this variation of Hirenkyaku outside of Hueco Mundo, within Soul Society, or the Human World. Depending on one skill with it, can show how long they can use this before tiring out.

Ransōtengai (乱装天傀; lit. "heavenly wild puppet suit", "disheveled paradise puppet" in the Viz translation): This is a high-level technique that allows the user to control their body parts using strings of spirit energy controlled by their brain, forming lines or strings out of countless reishi. By using this technique, the user can control their body as one would a puppet, allowing them to move freely despite paralysis, broken limbs, or any other force that would impede normal movement. It was originally created to allow elderly Quincy to fight effectively and is rare enough that Mayuri had never encountered a Quincy (out of 2661 that he examined or studied) who could use it before Uryū. Mayuri stated it as "the most powerful technique for the Quincy," but he did not know of the Quincy: Letzt Stil, which means as far as Mayuri knew it was the strongest.


Heizen (聖噬 [ハイゼン], haizen; German for "Heating", Japanese for "Sacred Bite") Heizen instantly gouges and purges whatever is enclosed in the space within the four tossed gintōs. It is tremendously effective even against Menos Grandes. This technique creates a transparent, rectangular beam of energy from the silver tubes which then slices through the opponent. It is activated by the command: "Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice - Heizen!"(大気の戦陣を杯に受けよ)

Gritz (五架縛 [グリツ], gurittsu; Japanese for "Five Rack Ties") A film of Reishi emitted from a thrown Ginto surrounds the enemy. This technique forms a man-sized pentagonal Quincy cross which envelops its target. It is activated by the command: "A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed - Gritz!" (銀鞭下りて五手石床に堕つ)

Wolke (緑杯 [ヴォルコル], vorukōru; German for "Cloud", Japanese for "Green Cup") Cushioning the impact of a fall with Reiryoku contained inside a Ginto. This technique uses a silver tube to create a large blast. It is activated by the command: "Tilt the goblet to the west - Wolke!" (盃よ西方に傾け)

Sprenger (破芒陣 [シュプレンガ], shupurenga; German for "Explosion", Japanese for "Ripping Grass Formation") This technique uses five Seele Schneiders to create a pentagon-shaped seal which, when activated, causes a massive explosion within its borders. When an object or a person stands within the middle of the Pentagon the placement of the fifth Seele Schneider can trap them by wrapping and binding their legs to the ground with dense reishi. The Seele Schneiders function as accumulators, gathering the necessary amount of reishi to create the explosion. The liquid inside a silver tube acts as the trigger. The preparations for the technique combined with the charging time for the Seele Schneiders make its use in battle impractical unless the user has a partner that can stall to buy time, or has enough strength to create the formation while under attack.

Granate (lit. Grenade in German): A technique where the reiatsu stored in the Gintō is used to cause a large blast; much like a grenade. To activate it, one must add a drop of their own reiatsu to the Gintō, as well as say the command "Feel the blast with your soul, Granate." To explode, the Gintō must be tossed at the opponent and will explode when it is close enough to a source of reiatsu or when it comes into contact with any surface.

Einweben (lit. Webbing in German): As suggested by its name, Einweben is a binding Gintō technique. It creates a large, man-sized energy web that is useful for either trapping or deterring an opponent. It is activated by the command "The silver strands bind you to your place, Einweben." This technique can either be used up close or by throwing the Gintō at the opponent.

Licht Regen: First more Reishi than usual are stored inside the bow, before the Quincy uses Hirenkyaku to get over the enemy, and release a barrage of arrows at once. The number of Arrows depends on the kind of bow used.

Hollow abilities

Acidic Touch: Many Hollows, like Shrieker and Acidwire, have displayed this ability, although Rukia implies that all Hollows possess this power. When a Hollow grabs a Human with their hands, the spot where the person was grabbed is shown to get burned as if acid were poured onto it. This was shown when Orihime was grabbed in the leg and on the wound on Chad's back. These wounds seem to allow the Hollow's reiatsu to seep into the person, causing great pain to the victim. The wounds can heal if given enough time, though, and it is unknown if this ability works on Shinigami or other spiritually powerful beings.

Cero is a highly powerful and relatively swift energy blast that can be fired from various body parts, such as mouth, tongue, hand or fingers. Only Menos, Arrancar, and Vizard have so far been shown to use Cero attacks, and it appears that stronger entities can use it more efficiently and forcefully. Cero also requires some time to be used effectively, so the enemy must be either not moving or busy with something else, or too badly wounded to even simply dodge it, with the exception of a few Cero techniques and users. Additionally, there exists quite a number of variations of Cero, which are usually unique to the Arrancar using it.

Garganta (黒腔 (ガルガンタ), garuganta; Spanish for "Throat", Japanese for "Black Cavity") is how Hollows and Arrancar move to and from Hueco Mundo. Kaname Tōsen, Kisuke Urahara and recently Mayuri Kurotsuchi have also demonstrated the ability to use the technique. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, a torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.

High-Speed Regeneration is the ability that allows a Hollow to heal most injuries very quickly, with the exception of the destruction of the head or vital organs. Only Menos-class Hollows have demonstrated this ability. Ulquiorra states that most Arrancar gave up Regeneration for far greater strength.


Spiritual Weapon Name: Goldene Kugel
Spiritual Weapon:
Phase 1
Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] Bullet_Story_Mode_Artwork_Pre_Battlesmall_zps0ff18012

Purpose: Hand-to-hand combat
Specialized for fighting hand-to-hand and using extremely short ranged blasts that would be point blank. These attacks are much more potent and concentrated than that of the other two phases. These punches are backed with holy arrows and physical strength. Depending on the strength of the punch Misa's speed will either increase or decrease. The stronger the punch the longer it is going to take her to regather the reishi to replicate the attack, though if she uses less spiritual power and more physical power she will be able to land another hit with some moderate spiritual power along with it.

In this mode she is able to blast a plethora of reishi in order to pack harder hitting or more rapid blows. Using the opposing side of the gauntlet to emit energy from instead of the front.
Phase 2
Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] Bullet_Concept_Artwork_3_zpsae26d8f5

Purpose: Short-medium range combat
Used in combination with the hand-to-hand combat attacks and long-range attacks, phase two is used primarily to fight those that Misa needs to create a gap for. She's not one to fight a ranged opponent with sheer hand-to-hand combat. This would be her area where she holds the most experience as a Quincy, and her abilities with her hollow powers have led her to use this phase a bit more than the others as of late. It is just the most effective if she loses her cover. All of her abilities are typical for Quincy when in this phase and there really isn't much surprise when it comes to this phase.
Phase 3
Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] Bullet_Concept_Artwork_2small_zps1d1466af
Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] Bullet_Concept_Artwork_4small_zpsa904d59e

Purpose: Long range, sniping
In this form, the spirit weapon becomes a high powered railgun that has several mechanisms that are there for condensing spiritual energy into it's most concentrated form. In this form, she must spend ample time to gather reishi from the surrounding area. In its final production, the bullet that she fires will be 1cm in length and diameter. However, it will be a super concentrated bullet, in which it has the power of several thousand holy arrows, or bullets in Misa's case, and travels at a high velocity due to the high vibration of the bullet. Allowing the bullet to travel at velocities that match that of light travel. In most cases this shot will be a one and done, if she misses her target she will have to switch back to phase one and stick to hand-to-hand combat while she tries to recuperate her spiritual energy through reishi absorption.

Quincy Items:

Hollow Bait: This item is a small, coin-shaped disk that attracts Hollows when crushed. When used by Uryū, the bait, in combination with Ichigo's powerful spiritual pressure, was able to draw a Gillian-class Menos out of Hueco Mundo.


» Vollständig Name: Tengoku no Dangan (天国の弾丸 trans. Eng. Heaven's Bullet)

» Vollständig Apperance:

Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] R3PeRqU
Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] XuKXdvg

» Vollständig Abilities:

Base Stats:

Bijon no nai Kōkei:(ビジョンのない光景i trans. Eng. Sight without Vision)

Tenshi no Dangan:(天使の弾丸 trans. Eng. Angelic Bullet) Spreading her wings and throwing out her limbs, the scribes that wrap around her body light up with her spiritual power. Near a thousand highly compacted "bullets"(cylindrical masses in the size of a 9mm bullet) are gathered along the span of her wings. Once they have all been loaded in fractions of a second a thrust from her wings will push them to their destination. Through using Reishi Manipulation she is able to hone these attacks to a more centralized place, or they can scatter and strike an area of up to a mile in diameter. When the attack meets an object it will burst with a small explosion equal to the power of a bala. When this happens the outer casing of the "bullets" will blast off like shrapnel. When they do this the reishi in the surrounding area is absorbed and strengthens the outer casing, harnessing the same explosive power that the previous attack held. Thus, a series of more or less a thousand "bullets" are shot in a directed compact area, resulting in a series of around a thousand explosions. When this is being done a bright gold light is projected into the area, enough to make it difficult for the vision to adjust to the immediate area. This light slowly fades over the duration of one post(same round). The shrapnel from the outer casing breaks into two or three explosions per attack resulting in an aftershock of explosions soon after. The overall power of these small attacks can be enough to turn a mile in diameter area into a crater.

When the attack is being performed it can change targets at the wave of a hand and the focus of Misa. If this is done, the attack is subject to colliding into one another and still reeking damage to that immediate area. This can be used as more of a surprise attack while still damaging the original intended target. Though, in the general casting of the ability to a small, condensed target the likelihood of premature explosions is common and can result in the attack being thwarted overall or in a big manner. While this is happening, if some attacks still make it out of the explosion it will also have an element of surprise to it as the blinding, golden light will still take effect on the target. Leaving them with little reaction to the attacks ahead.

This attack is strong enough to turn the tide of a battle even if it misses. This attack does place a lot of strain on Misa when it is used as it takes a large amount of power to not only create the attack but to also guide the attack and let it perform all of the effects that it does and is capable of. The more movement she puts into the attack, the more it will wear on her. It can also turn the tide of battle for the opponent as well, as it leaves her open to attacks for a short duration of time.

Sourusaikuru Ichiji Teishi:(ソウルサイクル一時停止 trans. Eng. Soul Cycle Pause) A short pause in the soul cycle to prevent death, must be cast before attack lands.

Ten no Inomama ni Ayatsurimasu:(天の意のままに操ります trans. Eng. Heaven's Subjugate) Hollow control/charm ability

Sunaipā no Tatchi:(スナイパーのタッチ trans. Eng. Sniper's Touch)

Base Code and Graphic Style by: THEFROST
Graphics and Coding by: CPKallday

Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] Sbb1I7e

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Hollow Skills:

Void Manipulation:

The ability to use and create voids of energy for use in combat and out of combat. As she continues through her different forms of unification she is able to use different applications of Void Manipulation. In most cases, she uses these powers and abilities to keep herself concealed and untraceable when sniping in most situations. Though as she furthers into her unification forms she loses her ability to shift her spiritual weapon into its other phases. Though she rarely ever would use any of her forms in a sniping situation, therefore the abilities in forms outside of Soul Unification are used primarily for regular combat.

The way that she is able to make this work is that the hollow within her was able to erase itself from existence. Though as she came to learn of all of its other abilities she came to learn that the hollow had limited itself to just that and had not been able to discover the true potential of its actual abilities. In definition, Void Manipulation is the manipulation of nothing. In which can be used to delete or erase temporarily in the presence of her spiritual pressure. As her spiritual pressure covers the battlefield she is able to move reishi in the area in order to gain energy and erase things such as her own known existence around her, emotions within her own mind so that she doesn't become captivated by outside things that would distract her from her goal, remove gravity from the shell of her body allowing her to levitate or fly, removing herself from the realm and placing herself into the same realm in a different position. And other things of the like, which will be explained more in depth as they appear in each ability.

Hollow Modification: Upon dawning her mask she obtains an increase in stats around the table, as per usual for Vizards. Her speed and strength take the largest increases but are not enough to bring her stats over to the next tier. They increase slightly, but her other unification forms allow her to access more untapped power. Upon gaining her mask she is also able to tap into the hollow racial skills and abilities that she has learned over her time within the state.

Mask Appearance:
Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] Hollowmask_zpsed53e9d5

Inner Hollow Appearance:
Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] Url_zps80d41126

Soul Unification Appearance: No appearance change, mask obtained.

Soul Unification Abilities:

Tracking Evasion:

Using Void Manipulation, Misa is able to tap into fields of reishi and disperse them into the area in order to flood the area with her own energy. Though the energy will be known to the opposing force, it will shortly become unknown. As the reishi begins to fall into that other person's spiritual field it begins to deteriorate any memory that might be formed in their mind of who Misa was. This only lasts while in a reachable length of her spiritual pressure. If her pressure can be sensed and she is able to sense the other person's spiritual pressure she can quickly erase that memory. While her spiritual pressure will still remain, they will be unable to identify it to be a certain race or to even know what it is they are even feeling. This is all depending on whether or not the opposing force does not have a willpower that outshines her abilities. In this case, the Manipulation would have no effect or would only erase their ability to differentiate the spiritual pressure's race.

In most cases, she uses this if her shot was inaccurate. She would never want to use her ability to wipe someone's memory unless it meant the loss of her own, or if she was uncertain she would be able to win the fight with her target. Though she is rather confident in her abilities, as such she doesn't abuse the power and use it in an ill-manner. If she misses her shot, she fleas or fights it's as good as that. In a case where she would flee she would most likely just erase her physical presence from the field and all left physical evidence of herself(hair, dead skin, etc) would be sent into void spaces by her own spiritual energy, temporarily, until she is unable to tap into the reishi that was in her last known area.

In some cases, her humanity will even beat her and she will see her target and not want to complete the task. Therefore she will perform a more concentrated manipulation where she will make the person forget what it was they were doing. Which in most cases, would case them to leave the scene they are at. As an entirely humane person, she finds it hard to do the work of a sniper, but someone must bring justice.


With Regeneration, Misa is able to delete or remove injuries from her body and is able to cast away mental illness if it so permits. By sending mental or physical pains into a void within her mind she able to nullify the electrical impulses in her nerves. Allowing her to stay in battle longer without the nuisance of feeling pain. In doing this she would not be able to regenerate limbs or anything of that sort. She would have to tap into her natural abilities as a hollow to do such things and that would require a large amount of time and spiritual energy. Using this regeneration ability will typically shorten the time she is allowed in her masked, or unified, state. As it would require a plethora of energy in order to remove all injuries on her body, depending on how severe they would be. This is something that she must trigger and isn't something that just happens as she is injured. Nor does she really find it useful in all battle situations. As it will detour her from using her other abilities in order to successfully win the battle.

She is also able to remove emotions and other negatives aspects that fall onto her. Removing her hatred for someone or something while in the heat of battle can prove to be useful. As it will bring zen to her and keep her from making any rash plays or decisions. Doing this doesn't take near as much energy to commit to, as it isn't as intricate as healing or removing another person's mental skill on her.

Soul Expansion Appearance:
Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] Titays_zps8e9847ae

Soul Expansion Abilities:

Void Creation:

Using void magic obtained from converted spiritual energy into void energy, Misa is able to bring creatures to life. Though they are rather mindless and only built for one purpose, whichever it is for Misa. While they are mindless, they act and fight at their own free will not requiring the guidance of Misa, though she can provide such intellect with her inner hollow's connection. She has come up with three different types of "Voidlings" so you could say to fight alongside with her. She narrowed it down to these so that it would take less effort in thinking up what their purposes were. Instead, she just recalls the name of them and she is able to easily create the void creatures while using less time and energy in doing so. In Soul Expansion she is only able to make rather small creatures and she has chosen only three different designs to fight for her. Their abilities are drawn from Misa's own energy pool instead of their own individual ones, thus each attack and ability that is cast by them effect Misa's ability to stay in battle. When the voidlings are damaged they rapidly heal, draining Misa as they do so. If any are completely obliterated another will spawn to take its place. As all abilities do, this ability has a duration equal to half the max duration in the Soul Expansion state. After that, the voidlings will vanish.

Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] Blackagumon_Data_Squad_by_Datasquad_Girl_zps19f88e82

Name: Agu
Height: 3'
Purpose: Blunt damage done by the use of slamming its head into the opposing force. With its sharp claws, it is able to inflict a good amount of slashing damage as well. When a good amount of reishi is poured into the voidling, it can perform a fiery blast from its mouth. This drains energy from Misa herself and can wear her down. However, it is a small attack that isn't of any insanely significant damage in comparison to Misa's other abilities or that of her own holy arrows.

Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] BlackGabumon_b_zpsb320996e

Name: Gabu
Height: 3'
Purpose: Rapid slashing damage with the use of its paws and also piercing damage with its horn. Gabu is also able to bring an electrical charge to the point of his horn and use it as a stunning mechanism. If he were to break skin with his horn and use this electrical attack it could result in nerve damage due to the direct contact of the attack. Any other time it can result in a very minor paralysis or dazed feeling. Gabu is the crown control of the party and is often defended if cornered by enemies. He utilizes Guil's warps more than any of the other voidlings.

Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] Guiltymon_zps737f491c

Name: Guil
Height: 5'
Purpose: Much like Agu, Guil uses his head and claws to inflict damage. In addition to this, he has a skill set of his own. One of his abilities is much similar to Agu's where he blasts out a dark nether-like attack that implodes and displaces molecules, similar to Misa's Void Sphere. This is a small-scale attack that travels at a rapid speed, like that of a mage's basic fireball attack. This attack requires power from the source, Misa, in order to be used.

Another ability that the creature holds is void warping, just as Misa does. These warps are very minuet in distance, maxing out at five feet per warp. This ability is something that can close the gap and widen the gap between his abilities, which is its primary use. It can be used for the others to travel within as well as long as they go through the warp hole. This ability alone can make for a rightful engage and disengage for the team of voidlings if needed. As all other abilities, this also will drain Misa, whether she is willing for them to use it or not. The cooldown lasts for one round, but using the technique is still limited beyond that as the voidlings serve to aid Misa, not drain her down.

Lastly, Guil is able to dissipate his body to avoid taking unnecessary damage. This happens on command and with reaction, though it's typically rather spot on. The main part to this is that it takes a reduced amount of energy to dissipate his body as opposed to taking the damage and healing right after. Thus this helps in the long run of their lifespan in terms of draining Misa.

Void Sphere:

As the name suggests, Misa is able to create and control a large sphere of void energy. This sphere can be used as a small basic attack in place of a holy arrow, or it could be used as more of a spirit bomb type attack. The sphere can grow to be up to 30 meters in diameter of compressed spiritual and void energy that is enough to displace the Earth's mantle and create a rather large plateau from the implosion. Yes, the implosion. If she was to use the ability to its full scale she would be able to divide up the large void sphere and create near 900 one foot spheres. Though the chances of that happening are rather slim as it would deplete a good portion of her energy. As the spheres require constant maintenance to be preserved. Once she has lost the ability to hold the spheres where they are, she will lose the spheres as a whole.

The void energy doesn't disperse from the outside in, but the inside out. Creating a much denser and centralized attack. The void energy also doesn't penetrate, it displaces. It moves the particles that stand in its way, out of its way. Meaning that it is more of an internal attack to humans and creatures of the like, instead of an external wound. As it enters a body it moves the organs around as well as the bones. Solid things such as bones will break under such tension, and organs will get caught up in said broken bones instead of falling back to their natural place. As for skin, skin will move and be placed back just as it was, unless hindered by a bone.

In most cases, Misa will use a series of void spheres and place them around her field of combat. In which she will then use these spheres as traps for her opponents. Causing them to lose focus on her, in cases, as they will be more mindful to the spheres laid upon the field. She does this due to the slow traveling speed the spheres have. While weightless, they are a highly dense with spiritual energy that is being converted to void energy. Meaning a full sized void sphere at Misa's power could hardly travel much more than a mile per hour. Therefore, they are best used as traps or diversions, unless used in a wide scale attack upon one stationary target.

Void Push:

In a close quarters situation, Misa may need to remove the enemy from herself or gain distance between herself and her enemy. While she is able to just use void movement to move from place to place. She would much rather push them away, potentially startling them or pinning them up against another surface. To do this, she takes the spiritual energy that coats her body and simply converts it all to void energy and pushes it out in all directions. Pushing solid particles from her vicinity for up to 50 feet, this includes both things above and below her as well. A rather simple, yet effective ability in the right situation.

This ability can be used in tandem with the void sphere if she so chooses to stay within the sphere and remove herself when she feels safe. As gaining entry into the sphere can be rather difficult due to it constantly pushing particles away from its vicinity.

Void Movement:

Using void portals, Misa is able to move from one location to another, in most cases, it will be done within eye's sight. Though she is able to travel beyond solid surfaces as well, just not to a far and unknown area. She must be able to perfectly calculate the location of the exit portal in order to properly path herself to her destination. If she is unsure of how far she is going to be traveling then she could potentially end up in a completely different place than where she had intended. As usual, the further the destination the more energy as she must send the void energy externally from one place to another not from within the void portal itself. The portals can only be used in a straight line, therefore knowing the distance down an interstate would not useful as they curve constantly increasing the distance of the road, over the distance of the land. Placing another person into the portal is impossible, as she is only able to move herself using the void energy that is within her spiritual energy. Unless another person is a void user, she is unable to manipulate another person's spiritual energy in order to move them from one place to another. At least as far as she knows.

Ability Nullification:

Spirit Domain Appearance:
Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] Virus_metalgreymon_by_arrancarfighter-d4xe65w_zpscf5e5d74

Spirit Domain Abilities:(What abilities do they gain in this form/other information about it?)


Final Domain Release Apperance:
Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] TJKh98w
Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] Ub6TiUx

Final Domain Release Abilities:(What abilities do they have in their Final Domain Release?)


» Ascended Spirit Release Name: (What is the name of your Ascended Spirit Release, if anything?)

» Ascended Spirit Release Appearance:
Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] F1VPSaP
Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] SbU3TCU

» Ascended Spirit Release Abilities: (What abilities does your Hohl's Ascension grant them?)

Base Code and Graphic Style by: THEFROST
Graphics and Coding by: CPKallday

Misa Harribel[Hohl Arquero 2016 REMASTERED][WIP] Sbb1I7e
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