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 Chitai Yuudeshi

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Coding In Template By:


» Name: Chitai Yuudeshi
» Titles: The Night Empress
» Race: Sueki
» Age: 450;19
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: Rogue

» Appearance Picture:

Personality Section

» Personality:
Immature: Though she has the appearance of an adult, Chitai has the mind of a child. She is a very fussy and loud person, who frequents tantrums whenever she doesn't get what she wants. She tends to pout when she's angry and cry when she's mad. Chitai also tends to be very irresponsible, blaming her mistakes on other and never owning up to anything. All in all, she hasn't really gotten over youth.

Dramatic: Chitai is known for blowing all of her problems out of proportion and carrying them out for way too long. She also likes to say things that flow with the moment at hand, with different scenes bringing out different personas.

Slooty: Chitai can't help herself from flirting with every man and woman she meets up with. She basically throws herself at people, with sex being her overall goal. It's not like she can really help it though, it's in her blood. Due to this, she isn't able to keep a stable relationship nor want/have children.

Sadomasochist: This trait is self-explanatory, but basically any sort of pain or abuse turns her on. She loves to bash on people and hurt others while also being on the receiving end of abuse too. She's basically your definition of kinky.

Indecent: Chitai has no morals and no boundaries. Whenever she wants to do something, she'll do it right then and there. Some think that she's just really oblivious to those around her, but really she doesn't care. A few examples would be when she tried to replenish her energy with one of her siblings, or when she tried to have sex in public. Things of that nature.


Chitai was born as a soul in the soul society, child to Haruko Yuudeshi and Hideki Yuudeshi. Chitai was one of the younger children among her siblings though still relatively old and strong. Her name originates from the Japanese word for 'war zone', Kōsenchitai. Despite this name given to her, Chitai had grown up as a peaceful child so to speak. She didn't really cry much, but she did get into fights a lot with her older siblings, mainly over trivial stuff though at the time she didn't really know what was trivial and what wasn't.

She wasn't really raised that well though, because not soon after her birth her father had gotten his hands on Oni Chiita. During this event, she was too young to notice what was really going on. After her father was sealed inside of her brother, her mother wasn't really in the condition to raise her. At the time Haruko had become ill, so her main role model and guardian in her life was her older brother, Zin. She learned almost everything she knows from him.

Though just when she had started to understand the world around her, she was kidnapped by a person named Nero. Though Chitai wasn't the only one who was kidnapped, she was one of the few that was tortured. Nero had pierced her soul chain, removing any and all of her spiritual power and then proceeded to heal her. He then put her into a human body. This ultimately made her into a normal human.

Once she was saved by her brother Shadin, she wasn't able to return to the Soul Society. Instead she decided to run away from her family and took home in England. During her time in England she had live on the streets along with a few other kids. Chitai had slowly learned English from her friends, and survived off of scraps and stealing food from the marketplace. To Chitai this was where she belonged, this was the life she had loved and wouldn't have it any other way. Or at least that is what she thought before she was attacked.

On her 19th birthday she was attacked in her sleep. This person had stabbed her multiple times in the torso and cut her neck. Chitai was slowly slipping away into death before another person had approached her. This person's face was black, and to this day she has no idea who this person is, but they had injected her with blood. Though this blood wasn't any normal blood; it was Sueki blood.

Slowly her injuries were healed, but also at a cost. She had a strange craving: she had, for the first time in her life, lust. It was an odd feeling to her being as how she has never really longed or loved someone in her life besides her former family. Not only was the lust a new thing to her, but also the powers and drawbacks that came with them. For instance, the sun was no longer something she was able to enjoy. Chitai learned very quick about this fact after her hand slowly turned into dust. A small tail had also accompanied these new powers.

Stuck with new abilities, Chitai was scared. She fled from England, not knowing exactly where to go and ended up in Karakura. It was there that she had started to hone her skills and decided to truly understand the power that was bestowed upon her. With nobody to guide her, it was hard. She had made a living off of selling her body to random strangers, benefiting both parties as she needed money and to 'feed'. Chitai had learned something about herself while going through this time of her life: she had an interest in both genders. Normally it wouldn't have been a big deal to her, but it greatly widened her feeding potential when she found out that she was interested in all people.

After her 100 year mark of being a Sueki, Chitai had decided to confront her shadow. Up to this point, Chitai had decided to ignore her shadow. Her shadow was an evil character that had always followed Chitai around wherever she had went, but never really acted upon her. It would tell her to do various things, some of them way worse than her current situation and some just flat out irrational. One night, Chitai had enough. She sat down in a dark room and called upon her shadow. She was surprised to find that the shadow looked very much like her, but she refused to believe it. There was no way that she would think such awful things, let alone say them. But as the shadow had begun to tell her about her past, Chitai slowly started to accept it. She knew that she always had a darker side of herself but never actually embraced it. In the end, Chitai had acknowledged her shadow and became one with herself. This whole fiasco allowed for her Umbra State, though she has never really found a instance where she needed to use it.

Chitai had come to terms with what she was much later in her life. By this point in her life she had given birth to few children but never really took care of them, leaving them with their father's. After the fifth child she had sworn to not give birth to another child, but every now and then she does end up forgetting to use her Sueki powers to restrict herself.

Today, Chitai has decided to affiliate herself with nobody, even her family. She had made herself know to them a few years back, but even then she didn't really want to speak to them. Those people felt more distant to her than anything and she feels as if their bonds can't be repaired. Some of her siblings have moved on in life as she has too, staying away from those she used to know. Most of her children are dead by now, to her knowledge. Every now and then she'll interact with her nieces and nephews. Her main source of income is from the Yuudeshi Network, but she doesn't like letting her siblings know that she's using the money.

Sueki Powers

  • Kumopu: The ability to burst into an artificial veil of shadows and dash to a target location at extreme speeds and reform back to your usual form. This ability is the Sueki version of Shunpo and Sonido, granting them similar speeds but with a shadowy visual effect. During the moment they are shadows, they become physically invincible and cannot be interacted with but they cannot physically attack until they have left the shadowy state. The state will only last between the jumping point and landing point.

  • Kumitsu: The ability to cover oneself in an artificial veil of shadow that blocks of energy from the outside and from within. This allows any Sueki that has covered themselves in shadows to become undetectable by people outside of the veil. Also, if used at night or in very dark places, the Sueki becomes invisible to the naked eye. More powerful Sueki would be capable of conjuring vast amounts of shadow to cover a large area, be it a car, a small park or even an entire house. At night, this is amplified greatly, allowing an entire fortress to be coveted in darkness and block out external influence.

  • Kumotabi: Sueki latch onto the darkness of shadows and of the night all around them, churning darkness around their feet. After a few seconds of this, the churning becomes an enveloping whirlpool of shadows that can expand and contract to hold multiple people depending on the Night Energy levels of the Sueki using the ability. Once everyone has been highlighted by this ability, the user stops channelling it. The darkness sucks the Sueki into it and disperses. This ability can suck in other races so long as the user allows it. Anybody that stands on the swirling darkness that isn't granted permission to travel by the user will not move at all.

    During travelling, the Sueki fall through what seems to be an endless chasm of darkness lit by candles on strands of dark material that sway to and fro. The distance required to make it to the other world is about a mile of falling. At the bottom is another swirling vortex that spits Sueki out at the other end. High level Sueki may target structures, dragging entire buildings to another location. This is the ability that moved the Sueki race from Earth all those years ago. It is possible for a Sueki to force another person to move through the portal, but this requires triple the effort and can be fought against.

  • Blood Sucking Nymphs:: All Sueki characters live off of two things: sex and blood. If either of these are ignored, then the Sueki will start to age rapidly and turn to ash during the night of the 7th day without drinking blood or having sex. The-withdrawal symptoms slowly start to becomes noticeable on the 3rd day and get worse leading up to the seventh when the Sueki will look about 100 years old. After drinking blood, the Sueki will feel full and no longer hungry. After having sex, the sueki will feel energised. After both has occurred within 7 days of each other, the body will deteriorate in age becoming more young. The actual age it stops at changes depending on the person and can be altered as Sueki may have preferences on how they look. There are some that even choose to look elderly.

  • Child of the Night: When outside in the light of the moon or covered in natural darkness and shadow, the Sueki's body begins to react faster, move quicker, think rapidly and generally become much more aware and agile than if the sun was out. This also means, training and fighting in the moonlight or dark places enhances their potential, increasing their general power and giving them a small advantage. It's also no surprise that some Sexual activities are held on balconies or in the nearby forest due to the moonlight and darkness that envelops them. It is said to enhance the experience. Consider darkness a type of reishi to the Sueki and being around it can push them beyond their limits. Outside of darkness, a Sueki cannot achieve their full potential.

  • Lords of Darkness: Sueki are able to see perfectly in darkness. Everything becomes brighter as if somebody had flicked the brightness switch on a video game to the max. This does not remove a Sueki's abilities to see darkness as it appears in a darker hue than the rest of the world.

    Beyond this, Sueki are able to use darkness to track their prey. Stepping on a shadow is like treading on a landmine to a keen Sueki on the hunt. Moving through darkness, A sueki can track the targets every movement, but too much focus can be a bad thing as a Sueki may tax their bodies more than intended. Focus when you need to.

    These abilities cannot backfire, as a bright light in darkness merely appears white in their vision. Solar energy appears yellow.

  • Solar Frailty: Sueki have a very big weakness: The sun. They cannot come into contact with solar energy or sunlight otherwise the ageing process within their bodies starts to rapidly react and they will die within ten minutes. This makes it difficult for Sueki to fight or do anything while the sun is out and have a disadvantage against solar based characters. Fire, electricity and other non-sunlight abilities do not cause this effect. Thus, candles, light-bulbs etc do not age them. How your Sueki falls apart into dust is up to you, but ten minutes will ultimately kill them. This can occur faster in varying intensities of sunlight, and on which parts of the body are afflicted. Only the body parts being soaked in sunlight are affected and the rest of the body is fine.

  • Human State: This is not a form in the slightest. Sueki are capable of entering a sort of meditation that shrinks their fangs so they appear to look like normal teeth. They also deny Night Energy access to their powers in this state of meditation. They can move and react as normal as though they were 5-5 tier humans. However, holding this state for too long eventually tires the user. They are still weakened by sunlight as normal.

Heritage: Royal

True Blood:
(TB) Sexual Burst: Your lust can create a blast of sexual adrenaline, empowering your physical speed and strength whilst allowing you to derive pleasure from things you would not normally be attracted to be it a person, an object or battle itself. These bursts only occur when you are around that thing that turns you on.

Royal Aura: You exert an aura of power, making you appear important to everyone that may notice you. Your words dominate conversations as your class pushes you above everything and everyone. This may cause you to drown out the voices of others and luckily has less effect on people that have gotten used to your dominance. Sueki royalty do not remain silent and may force others to do their bidding even if they usually would not. (if you have the spectre ability, you may shout) Willpower can counter this.
Protect: When threatened, you may exert an distress signal. This signal can be picked up by absolutely anyone, but most may choose to ignore it. The signal comes as a urge to protect and can cause random strangers to flock to the Sueki to defend them.
Sueki Identify: Being of royal descent, you have the ability to scan a Sueki and learn their name, age, how strong their urges are, when they last travelled to Orbis Cruento (the homeworld) and their alignment to you be it Good, neutral or Evil.
Incomprehensible: Some may not be able to withstand your presence. To them, you appear as a blur. You may also choose to become incomprehensible and blur automatically to everyone.
Death Empowerment: When living things die, the Royal blood within the Sueki excites. Your physical body becomes empowered whenever something nearby is killed be it a tree, a dog, a human or a spirit. This only lasts temporarily.
Banshee Song: A forbidden hymn known only to those of royal blood, you utter words no living thing can comprehend. As you speak, living things begin to wither and die around you. Given long enough, you are capable of turning everything within earshot of your voice to decaying mush. This includes anyone that is not a Sueki, however the rate of decay is slower on mammals. It may take a single post for a powerless foe to decay completely, or 20 for someone of the same power level as the royal sueki. Machines and structures are not effected.

Visual Alterations: Lust Sueki have a strange tendency to grow a pair of horns, a tail and other Subbubi/Incubi traits.

Unique Powers: N/A

Shadow Personality: Chitai's shadow is one of a stereotypical villain character. They don't really consider the feelings of others, or even Chitai for that matter. Her shadow is also brutally honest, speaking whatever comes to it's mind with no filters. It's also quite talkative too, as it likes to make comments on every little thing that is happening in Chitai's life. Contradictory this though, she's a very shy girl that doesn't really talk to anyone but Chitai. While other people are around, she is completely silent even though she knows others can't hear her. Shadow isn't that smart, with half of the idea's she suggests making no sense or just flat out idiotic.

Shadow is a one and done type of girl. She doesn't like to stick to one problem for too long, having way too many in her life to deal with. She's also very organized and responsible, taking care of only things that she owns, which isn't much considering she's just a shadow.

Umbra State

Umbra State Appearance: Chitai Yuudeshi 147861302882024
Umbra State Abilities:
Nightmare: Whilst in her Umbra State, Chitai is able to summon illusions. These illusions are different depending on who sees them, but no matter who sees them they all have one thing in common: they are the person's worst nightmare. Their biggest fear. These illusions cannot be touched by others, but the illusions are able to touch others. The only way to overcome these illusion is to overcome one's fear, overcome their nightmare.

Jaakuna kurōbā (Evil Clover): To most his would appear to be the work of voodoo or magic, but it's actually a quite simple ability. First, the contract is made by blood. If the target's blood comes in contact with Chitai in any way, the contract is then sealed. The next phase of this is the curse. The person who's blood had come in contact with Chitai will have a black clover on their forehead, with a leaf adding on for every time that person's blood comes in contact with Chitai. So after two drops of blood, there would be two leaves, with five leaves being the maximum.

For every every leaf, that person takes a quarter of the damage Chitai takes, with four being 100 percent and five becoming instant death. While also in this state, Chitai is immortal as long as the one with the Clover is still alive. Any limbs cut off of Chitai can simply be reattached and the clover instead feels the pain of loosing the limb in full force, no matter how many leaves.


  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Sueki Skills
  • Racial Affinity: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Umbra Control: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Dependencies: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Sexual Amplifications: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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