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 A Visit to Vastime

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Mirja listened to Ghislain talk about removing limiters for things. Which was never a good idea, limiters were designed specifically to keep you on the right side of being alive. Start faffing with them and you tend to go bye-bye pretty quickly.
"Don't break your limits, that'll just cause damage to your body and probably cripple you so you can't do anything ever again. What you should do, is push your limits so they expand, and then push harder. Your limits are there to ensure you survive and stay healthy, so it's not good to break them. Just expand them" she counseled, before grinning and swishing her tail.

"Like right now, there are limits to my speed. Which is kinda sad because I love going fast. But you have inspired me to push them harder and faster and further so I can one day reach the very apex of speed. And on that mountain I will survey the lands below me and see that is is good" She seemed to be exclaiming things of less sense now, but the idea was still there. Mirja wanted to go fast, and would do anything to do it, but would keep her limits in place because she saw them as important.

"I mean, you can do what you want to, it's your life and your body. I'm just saying that my advice is, don't" She finished, before looking around, and back to Vastime proper, pondering softly. "I best get back to some running training. Inspiration is nothing if you don't act on it. And you have inspired me, Ghislain. So now I must act on it or it will all be for naught, and I don't like naught, he's greedy"

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A Visit to Vastime
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