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 The Monsuta

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Monsuta   Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:21 pm

The Monsuta
The Rampant Vagrants

(Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack - Last Hunter ~Battle Theme~ -3- (Disc 2))

Note: The Monsuta is open to members of all races and creeds

Background Information

Who are The Monsuta? The Monsuta were a dedicated group of vizards who have banded together under the control of one man: Hakai Chikara. Hakai Chikara had established The Monsuta as a team of Vizards to band together and oppose the sides of light that people such as Zin so desperately fought for. The Monsuta were the polar-extreme opposite of those within the Vizard Corps who fight for justice and the good of the living realm, alongside their allies. The Monsuta were opposed to the Vizard Corps as a main, but also their allegiance lied heavily on Shadow Fall and The Kokryuteishi. As they were aligned with these two major groups, Monsuta quickly became a target, being aimed at by the Gotei 13, The Yayjuu, The Vizard Corps and even The Vanguard. As they held such strong ideals against the Vizards within the Corps, these warriors were best known for their destructive tendencies and ability to wreak havoc over the areas of their choice, if pushed to that extreme. This isn't to say that they were just mindless beings however, they were filled with extreme intelligent types. In short, the members of The Monsuta definitely knew how to put up a fight; and would rip off your head if given the opportunity.

The origins of The Monsuta dates back to over three hundred years ago. Until the recent years, The Monsuta acted as a small group of rebel Vizard led by Hakai Chikara as a revolutionary movement to overthrow Zin from his position in the Vizard Corps. This wasn't successful however, and eventually stemmed into Hakai forcing investments and allies with K-world and Shadow Fall who could provide funding for his upbringing of his new organization. Once having a stable base and income, the few members within the Monsuta quickly spread and searched far and wide for the members the could potentially recruit, to combat the forces that opposed them. As this slowly established, and time went by, more members joined and built it into a full-blown organization of people fighting against the people allied on the other side of the spectrum. Since then, Hakai had been replaced by a man known as Stefan Soan, who had long since been a commander in the Monsuta, for a few years leading the Organization into a more neutral place. This man sought to create a paradise for warriors, and didn't focus on merely 'fighting the good guys'. Unhappy with their direction, Hakai had come back into eventually, and currently, assume control of the Monsuta, to throw them back onto the track that they wished they would be on, the path the he built them on after Stefan left.

The Monsuta have always been known for being devising and evil beings, Hakai wished for it to stay that way. Never the less, the kingdom built was a haven for all vagrants in need of a home to join and built up their resources to combat in the name of their beliefs, or to serve a cause that follows the decimation of others. True mongrels fighting for a cause. However in recent years the changes and struggles in the monsuta has forced a change in leadership, Hakai leaving the vizards in the hands of one Tora Lionus. Tora was the first true stereotypical villain leader the Monsuta had, and as such their goals and meaning shifted to represent that. This was something that differed from both of the previous leaders, Hakai and Stefan. While the original had a specific goal in mind, and his successor was more focused on fighting in general, the new leader had been a representation of evil and strife. However, change was around the corner yet again for the Monsuta organization.

With the departure of Tora Lionus from the leadership position, the previous Monsuta King Stefan Soan returned to reclaim his place on the throne. Disliking the paths both Hakai and Tora set the Monsuta on, Stefan believes his return will be the final leadership change the organization will go through, dead set on bringing it to new heights. While he himself does have plans for both him and the Monsuta, the objective the organization will focus on for now revolves around the recruitment and advancement of new members.

The Mission:

  • Provide a safe haven for peoples of all races, creeds, cultures, and species
  • Bring out all beings' true potential
  • Protect the stability of Earth? (as it pertains to Earth)
  • Encourage and emphasize the individual, hence the absence of a standing military and the preference of growing around each member's own unique worth

Monsuta Imperator

Monsuta Dux


Elite Division

The Dark:

The Light :

The Beginning:
Zwei Yuki (Cookies)


Dead Guard Commander
Demonica Nightfang (Shizuo)

Dead Guard Lieutenant



Combat Specialist Commander

Combat Specialist lieutenant



Medical Expert Commander

Medical Expert Lieutenant



Black Operations Commander

Black Operations lieutenant
Ryoichi Kallen (Henrex)



Research and Development Commander

Research and Development Lieutenant



Advancement Zone Head

Advancement Zone Second

Advancement Zone Members
Athanase (Zaz)
Yoma Yazaki (Ludalfa)


Division Information

The Dead Guard

Equivalent to that of the former Royal guard sector this group acts as a sort of reserve force there to back up other groups when needed. In addition to acting as a sort of home defense, this group also has a secondary position as the Organisations security force acting as both an internal affairs group and the security force that will seek out insurgence among the Monsuta's members. Because of the amount of trust placed into them this is usually made of the most loyal members to the Monsuta and often times the strongest making the division one of the highest honors to be apart of, some members among them on par with even those from the Elite unit.

Combat Specialists

The Combat Specialists of The Monsuta are, as the name suggests, the people within the organization that are hungry and specialists for combat. The combat specialists is led by a single leader that usually coordinates their division without having to answer to the head of monsuta, meaning they have often been found to conduct their own procedures without actually contacting the leaders. The former Front Lines has combined with the Combat Specialists and these members are usually the first people to get some of the action, the first people called in when a danger or assault is taking progress.

Medical Experts

The Medical Experts are the people who look after the wounded within the organization, The Monsuta. They are responsible for making sure the wounded they come into contact with are healed to full health; although they aren't likely to heal their enemies, simply working to heal the forces of their allies and themselves. The Medical Experts don't have to be pure medical based either, they can also be quite advanced in combat; so to fit this position, it isn't a total healer-type character that is needed.

Black Operations

The Black Operations division is considered to be the stealth side of the Monsuta division. Members put into this category are usually found to be that of great speed as well as capable of sneaking through many areas, not just simply attacking an enemy head on. In regards to the Gotei, they could be compared to those within the Omnitsukido. These members carry out missions that could be considered highly clandestine and with great secrecy, part of what makes this group 'Black' Operatives.

Research and Development

Implied by the name, the Research and Development sector of the Monsuta is to create, develop and research all of the different aspects that could be used to advance the Monsuta and their allies. This doesn't simply mean combat means of aid, but it also means that development in transportation, communication, war readiness, etc, all of this is encompassed within the Research and Development sector. Although the Research and Development also develops personal and unique items for combat; meaning they can create things similar to that of Kenpachi's eye patch which consumes his reiatsu.

Elite Division

What makes someone "elite"? Their power? Skill? Intelligence, proficiency? For this division, all of these and more hold true though not as expected. What differentiates the Elites from other members of the Monsuta is the distinctive "something" each contributes to the organization. They aren't run-of-the-mill soldiers or members and are held to a higher standard than any of their peers, and each possess something unique or great enough for Stefan Soan to hand pick them for their position. Despite this, there is no tier requirement for these positions. An Elite doesn't have to be the strongest or fastest or most intelligent, however they are all individuals capable of greatness. At the very least they must be deemed worthy of the position by Stefan himself.

Advancement Zone

The Advancement Zone is a new division created by Stefan Soan for a specific purpose: to train and empower a new generation of warriors and members. Basically, members of this group are essentially students of Stefan himself and as such may benefit from what he can provide. Joining this division puts individuals on the fast track to unlocking their potential and rising to new heights they've never experienced before. Applying to this division can net you incentives and upgrades at the Monsuta's (and Stefan's) disposal.


Co Vizard head pay: 520,000 Yen
Elite Division: 480,000 Yen
Commanders: 450,000 Yen
Lieutenants: 330,000 Yen
Underlings of the squads: 100,000 Yen

Template for Joining

[b]Name: [/b] (What is your character called?)
[b]Link to Application:[/b]
[b]Tier: [/b] (What tier level is your vizard?)
[b]Division:[/b] (Which division do you wish to join?)
[b]Position applying for: [/b] (What position do you wish to obtain?)
[b]Extra notes:[/b] (Anything extra about your character is written here.)


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The Monsuta
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