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 Horizon Of Slaves [Vastime Thread]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Horizon Of Slaves [Vastime Thread]   Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:13 pm


Enter Liu tounao

Song: UNKNOWN - Artist: UNKNOWN - Words: N/A

Burning bright like a beacon of blazing hope, the sun of Mombasa radiated with a giant warmth which enveloped the nation within a warm glow of comfort and relaxation. Not many of its citizens were worried about the impending war of the world looming in the shadows. In fact, you couldn't even tell there was tension because many of the citizens of Vastime were caught up within their own purpose or reason for being here in this life. There wasn't much time in this developing nation to really sit back, enjoy the breeze and indulge in the passing sights of a finite time in the universe.

Which is why Liu found it rather odd why the General of the Unified Forces of Vastime requested they'd randevú in such a time of expansion and work. While the calming air of this coastal city was a rather nice leisure to indulge in, the greater part of The rakshasa found herself more curious in the pursuit of seeing just what this world was going to do: choose liberation -- or subjugation. While there were many different forms of infused enslavement and freedom, this Overseer of Hell was more intrigued to see where exactly this world was heading and was going to do all in her power to otherwise see that vision roaming about that abstract head of hers.

It is why there was a sigh of unrest which uttered from her mouth as she stared outwards towards the Indian Sea. In comparison to her ambitions? Not even this vast body of water could compare. There was no space in her heart for anything else but the self-serving interest of flowing along the stream of her life. Even the Vastime was but a means to an end to filling her interest, time and entertainment. While she was very much interested in liberating the spirit of Hayden through that fateful encounter in Greece, the much greater influence of that action beyond it was what was captivating her interest for the time being.

So, as this horned devil awaited for him to show up, a sense of uneasy energy overflowed from a crimson aura as a mist of steam exhaled out of her mouth. At every second of every day this woman's liberating energy worked towards freeing the construct of "restraint" and "impossibility" for the nation of Vastime. It was such an ethereal concept, but her Liberating Prowess yielded such capacity and it is a part of what made these deals, fortune, and power arise within the nation to occur in such a short time. As this Devil was fulfilling her deprived interest in seeing the world alter. Even Nizhuan herself was quivering in delight at the ripples of distortion they spread throughout this nation to see it rise to power behind the scenes.

Hence, with this on the backdrop of her consciousness, The Minister Of Foreign Relationships found herself leaning against a palm tree. As the balmy breeze blew past her alabaster dress, those crimson eyes of hers could see well past the material view ahead. All Liu could see was the bright horizon and the ultimate choice that this world was going to have to make soon...



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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Horizon Of Slaves [Vastime Thread]   Sat Feb 18, 2017 8:06 pm

The Iron King

Desmond Hayden