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 Defenses/Resources Of Mount Aneal

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I. General Stuff

Isolated Demi-Network: Saiko DOES have access to Shadow Fall's Demi-Network through the different types of equipment she has installed within her manor. It is also stated that she does have the ability to morph the environment around her via other resources installed through her connections with Shadow Fall. So it can be assumed that most types of defenses found in Shadow Fall areas can be found in Mount Aneal if Saiko wishes.

Reference Link -

Region Size:
Mount Anael itself is equal in distance to an average city. While, in height, it expands roughly three meters into the air. In these regions, there is a heavy amount of forest life, rivers/lakes/streams, open fields and other natural wonders. Towards the lower end of the mountain, however, there are underground bunkers where various Shadow Fall agents under Saiko control do lurk and monitor things for her. They usually keep an eye on Mount Anael, alert her to any threats and deal with any low-level intruders.

Improved Mental Wellbeing: Since this region was created by Saiko's power, it also has some of her influences on it. Therefore, most of the air, trees, and water that you find in this area are often able to relax and ease the troubles of one's mind. The reason for this is because Saiko's abilities themselves are capable of feeding off the woe, negativity, and sorrow of a person mind in order to indulge her own appetite for melancholy. This then leaves the person feeling as if they have a renewed spirit. Or, at the very least, the spirit may feel as if they had a fair amount of strain removed from their shoulders.

Energy Clusters:
Underneath the manor of Saiko's home lays a series of energy cluster which is connected through a channel of circuits built under all of Mount Anael. These help to empower the mountain itself, while at the same time serving as a backup energy source for Saiko, her allies or anyone else she deems as needing of this energy. It has enough power to otherwise equal a 0-4; so highballing this cluster would mean that it possesses enough energy to otherwise equal a small country. Therefore, it's more than enough fuel to otherwise maintain this mountain and help Saiko restore portions of her own energy in times of crisis.

High powered Shield: Across a five hundred meter perimeter around Saiko's manor is a passive barrier. Once Saiko or Mount Aneal becomes aware of an active threat, it can do one of two things. One of the first is that it is capable of creating a forcefield which otherwise makes it difficult to break through unless one is capable of producing multiple high powered attacks or one singular strike. This is because the potency of shield around Saiko's manor is equal to having enough potency to otherwise endure small planetoid assaults. The type of durability associated with this barrier is comparable to the one around Karakura Central, but scaled down to a much smaller level of range. And this is because Saiko created it while in her Bankai to ensure that no one could easily break through her humble home

Which is why in the event that someone does manage to break through it, Saiko has a secondary function which otherwise pinpoints the targets location and attempts to force them out of the area by releasing an energy attack capable of having the potency to destroy small continents, but focused solely on the area surrounding the opponents body(s) in one foul last ditch effort to neutralize whatever threat managed to get through her defenses. This function is only activated in the event that someone manages to break through her shield or destroy her barrier. As it takes the remaining energies of the shield and has it self-destruct over the intended target.

Drain Barrier: There isn't an active barrier that is put in place in order to keep most of those who want to find their solace out of this realm. However, once an active threat has been realized, the mountain itself is capable of draining the energy out of enemies. All throughout the air, the trees, the earth and the rocks are connections to the Za Koa in this region of Demon World which is empowered by Saiko's energies. From this tethering, Mount Anael can defend itself by trying to consume the energy out of various types of attacks that range from energy attacks, to magic and other things which are reliant on some type of fuel source.

For example, this drain barrier could have vines appear out of the ground, grab hold of an energy attack like a cero and attempt to suck it dry to prevent it from causing damage. With that said, if it were to do the same to a living being, then the forest itself would need to find a way to have physical contact with the target. Which means if they noticed if the forest floor was draining them of life, then the logical conclusion may be to take flight to avoid it. As Mount Anael can siphon off energy at heightened rates of speed which can leave opponents dry of energy:

0 Tier Rate: Drain Barrier capable of draining a 0 tier's energy at 10-20% per post.

1 Tier Rate: Drain Barrier capable of draining a 1 tier's energy at 20-30% per post.

2 Tier Rate: Drain Barrier capable of draining a 2 tier's energy at 30-40% per post.

3 Tier Rate: Drain Barrier capable of draining a 3 tier's energy at 40-50% per post.

4 Tier: Drain Barrier capable of draining a 4 tier's energy at 50-60% per post.

5 Tier Drain: Drain Barrier capable of draining a 5 tier's energy at 60-70% per post.

6 Tier Drain: Drain Barrier capable of draining a 6 tier's energy at 70-90% per post.

These effective rates can be varied depending on what type of durability the target has, what abilities they are using or any kind of equipment they are using. It is also worth noting that it's effectiveness can be lowered the more an opponent is able to cause large scale damage to the Mountain. Which is when Saiko herself usually steps in if these defensive measurements do not cease the foe.



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Defenses/Resources Of Mount Aneal
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