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 Hunter and the Prize 3, New Wars

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Hunter and the Prize 3, New Wars   Thu Mar 16, 2017 11:15 am

Shiki Yaminsenkira

The Third Twisted Sister
"Fall To My Poisons~"

She was thinking about gaining more territory for the evil organization hoping things go well dealing with those assholes in the place known as Samoa. Khala or Mana hasn't been seen for days hoping they would show up sooner or later so the woman could fulfill her evil dreams gaining the respect of either of them still action speak louder than words. In the demon world, Shiki was thinking of fighting a stronger opponent still someone like Cirno even Ketsu would have been a major challenge still if she fought them there was a chance of losing. Shiki Yaminsenkira was thinking about this some more but after all maybe but adventuring some more maybe but finding some strong fighters maybe loosen her mood.

But it couldn't be in the demon world; Shiki started cracking her knuckles this would be a chance to test her full potential upon an opponent having some doubts about this but she was a ziamichi. She has a ziamichi spirit within her as the spirit was giving some advice about this finding a warrior to fight and beatdown some people.

But if she was to attack and cause havoc around Karakura central then those butthurting punk superheroes will come and teach her a lesson and force her to leave. So whoever gets in her way then there going to be in some fucking trouble about killing a large number of people should get the attention or someone yet somebody.

Shiki opened a kage portal and left the demon world and makes it somewhere that the ziamichi doesn't even remember maybe by killing some people. After a long walk, Shiki noticed some people counting some money wondering where they got the money then overhearing a loud conversation about some blackmailing and robbery. This was something that caught her attention something a demon would love but who was blackmailing who the ziamichi as the woman walks over seeing some humans using such corrupted ways. However, Shiki didn't like it maybe because of some consciousness of Hanako being inside of her but by killing the assholes maybe should calm her down and drown out this stupid hope consciousness.

She started upon the robbers wondering what they were doing they were killing animals the fuck was wrong with them. The ziamichi didn't fucking care about humans or any other races but animals didn't deserve anything like that a bunch a rabbits died for nothing this didn't seemed right. "Motherfuckers, Welcome to the feature presentation of this the last day of your existences for what proving each of you are pieces of human shit. Really, I don't do jokes but you guys aren't strong not even at a fucking strong ryoka level just MAGGOTS this is going to be A Gore Human Massacre." Shiki got her seishin buki weapon and started attacking as some of them had some dodging skills but not good enough at all. They were helpless against her poison powers and started cutting them down killing about seven of them leaving the last one to die from her poisonous blade and snakes. She was very upset that weakling humans act like this for making some kind of statement still the last one crying about dying from poison.

"That's the spirit.....I guess you're the last one eh. It shouldn't be that long death is a blessing granted to give me and my organization every human having such corrupt souls. Granting humans an unique death upon crossroads of malice and wrath just the way a demon like.......HOLD ON, SOMEONE POWERFUL. I guess I'm done killing humans for now. A new warrior to test my full potential" Shiki felt someone with power but this was weird whoever this was had the power both hollow and shinigami powers. Someone just like Vanitas but she doesn't know who could own such power like that but maybe this will be a challenge.

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Hunter and the Prize 3, New Wars
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