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 Attack on Titan - Brazil/Monsuta Intrusion

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Attack on Titan - Brazil/Monsuta Intrusion   Thu Mar 30, 2017 2:33 pm


Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: 1059
“What am I doing here?”

The words that echoed through Stings head, his sights set on the clouds that passed steadily above him. His sight was locked and his body levitated slightly above the ground in the center of the Brazilian rain forest. Every so often, creatures attempted to pry at the Chikaras body, only to be met with a sudden electric burst that would tear the creature limb to limb.

He wasn’t phased by the attacks that were employed by these animals, his body reacted almost naturally by sending short and sharp jolts of electricity that pierced through the feeble creatures. His mind wondered aimlessly as he considered his situation and position within the grand scheme of things. He was a nobody, a nomad who was rather uncontrollable. His electric personality manifested in his strengths, making him a rather potent fighting machine. Much like the creatures of this rain forest, he was too an animal; but the fine line that separated him and the creatures that approached him was his tenacity to fight.

While the butchered animals laid limp and lifeless around him, a strong odour quickly began filling the immediate proximity. This was the only problem with having such a hot and humid climate; the immediate vicinity was filled with a vile stench that wardened off any other on looking predators. The ground beneath Stings body slowly deteriorated, creating an outline of his broad and muscular body.

“Wonder what Hakai would want me to do…”

A thought transversed through the darkest regions of his mind, his eyes wondered briefly before returning to their previous position. Hakai was the older brother to the younger and more electric Chikara; the brother who brutally murdered their abusive parents: the brother who saved him from a life of suffering: the brother who abandoned him in his darkest times.

Throughout his life, Sting became less and less dependent on his brother; after all he had achieved everything in life without him only to cross roads with him at the penultimate stage of his ascension to power…

“Listen carefully. I, Izanagi Shinsui stand atop the statue of Christ the Redeemer and order thee to adhere to my declaration. The Monsuta, you and all affiliates hereby have sixty minutes to vacate the Brazilian land. If any of you develop the notion to challenge me, don’t. If you fail to vacate the country within the timing constraints, you will face consequences. If you vacate the area as requested, you will not be pursued. You have one hour. ”

Sting wasn’t too fond of people intruding in his personal space, never mind his mind. The sole fact that this Shinsui piece of shit had communicated with him on a mental level angered him. Who the fuck was he to be dishing out orders? String grimaced, as his blood began to boil; his spiritual energy began decimating the surrounding area; discharging electric properties in the process. The man claimed that he was at the statue of the Redeemer, Sting knew of its whereabouts but was never any good at sensing any spiritual presence.

Quiet like a blind rat, he had to ascend above the tree level to identify the general direction that he would have to travel. The only issue was that the clouds around him began impeding his sight and thus with a spark of electricity, hundreds of clouds nearby shattered as his spiritual energy exploded out into the horizon. The leaves of the trees beneath him began scattering in every possible direction because of the air pressure generated by the outburst of his spiritual energy, but before long he had found his intended target.


The electric barrier that was erected by Tsubasa was assimilated in a split second as the energy that bared the electric affinity surged into Stings body.

Stings body vanished leaving only small sparks of electricity in its wake. Whoever the attacker was, he must have had some sort of power to lay claim to Brazil in such a calm fashion and that’s exactly what Sting needed. A good challenge, or at least a decent warm up at that. His muscular figure catapulted through the air at his top speed, closing the gap between himself and the piss poor statue within seconds. His eyes darted around the battlefield, as his tender tanned ears heard ‘I am Izanagi, of the Shinsui Clan.’…

Yellow currents of energy began engulfing Stings body as he approached at his top speed. His sights were set on the man who called himself, Izanagi. Stings right arm extended out as his speed accelerated because of absence of air resistance thanks to his electric current armor. As his closed the gap between himself and Izanagi, he positioned his body to the side of Izanagis, aiming for his forearm to connect to the side of the man’s head in a technique more commonly known as Lariat.

As Sting approached, his eyes slowly moved in the constraints of his skull as he eyed Hakai Chikara. Because of the sheer speed at which Sting was approaching, there was no chance that he could stop at this point, nor did he plan to. Naturally, there were other individuals in the immediate proximity but it wasn’t like Sting to analyse situations before diving into them. If any of the other individuals wanted their share of a decent serving of a knuckle sandwich, then he would deliver.

Upon contact, the Lariat would produce a lot of pressure. Enough to take a grown man’s head straight off his shoulders. However, because of the pressure generated by the lariat, the area in the immediate vicinity of the group would crater and the fresh statue of the Redeemer would fly off into the distance as if it were a children’s toy. The ground beneath the duo would shatter and disintegrate; the large gusts of wind that would follow would soon decimate the slums of the Brazilian capital.

Sting didn’t care for anyone anymore, he lived for the fight and hoped to die for the fight one day. If the Lariat connected with Izanagi, surges of electrical energy would began surging from Stings body, moving in sharp and condensed beams that would decimate the area. Sting knew that Hakai could handle himself if it came down to it, but he wasn’t too sure about the rest of the onlookers.

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Attack on Titan - Brazil/Monsuta Intrusion   Fri Mar 31, 2017 8:50 am


Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: 707

Izanagis eyes were focused on the Vizard King of old, while his mind was focused on the rapidly approaching foe. His attention was partially split, but he listened to what Hakai had to say, before slowly diverting his attention over to another arrival. This individual was one of the most talked about people in the world right now. He was the new leader of the Monsuta, the creation of one of the previous leaders. His arrival was rather untimely, as Izanagi wouldn’t be able to convey his agenda across to the individual with the imminent threat of Sting Chikara.


In a flash, the barrier that was erected by the leader of the Unabara clan vanished. Izanagis left arm ascended while his eyes remained fixed on the older Chikara. It was almost as if Izanagi wasn’t too phased by the attack that was about to clash down on him; instead he raised his left arm, opening his palm in the process.

Hakai was under the impression that Izanagi had planned to put the people of Brazil at risk, he was wrong however. There was two things that Izanagi kept in consideration as Sting approached; the first was that if he dodged the attack, the air pressure generated by his rapid approach would still decimate the immediate proximity: the second was that if countered the attack with his own, the damage to the vicinity would be cataclysmic.

There were a lot of approaches that Izanagi could have taken. Considering the speed at which Sting was approaching, it would be rather difficult for him to alter his trajectory at short notice. Therefore, all Izanagi had to do was summon his Zanpakuto moments before Sting arm was set to connect to his head, essentially allowing the man to run into his blade. Naturally, the area that Izanagi would aim for would be the heart, after all if Sting was focused on seeing blood split on this battlefield, what better way to satisfy his desire but to cover the landscape in his own thick red blood?

The only problem that Izanagi was faced when taking that approach was that the blade wouldn’t offset the attack, and considering the pace at which Sting had attacked, he considered that regardless of whether a blade cut through his chest or not, he wasn’t stopping. This meant that if Izanagi was to employ that approach the chances of the Lariat striking him were high; with that, the chance of destroying a good chunk of Brazil was also prominent.


The one and only thought that entered Izanagis mind as his left palm began being engulfed by a thin layer of navy reishi. The instant Sting got within range, the palm connected with the forearm, diffusing the pressure generated by the attack. The kinetic energy that was generated was absorbed by the Reishi, which saw the thin layer become thicker and thicker. As the palm connected with the forearm, Izanagis feet shattered the ground beneath him; however, the technique diffused the attack to an extent where the air pressure that exploded into the vicinity was nothing more than a winters breeze.


Izanagi understood this technique wouldn’t contain the Chikara for long. However, he was also under the impression that his affairs in Brazil would not progress past their current stalemate. As the word Sekienton passed through his mind, the immediate surrounding hundred-meter radius was engulfed by navy smoke that blocked the sight of the individuals in the area. Izanagis spiritual presence was diffused across the Smoke which created the illusion that he was everywhere! As the smoke, obstructed Stings sight, Izanagi motioned his right arm.

With the movement of his right arm came a distorted sound of the diffusion of the very fabric of energy around the group. But with it came a Senkaimon with a size relative to Izanagis stature, as it formed, his left hand released the grip on Stings forearm as his body vanished into the newly forged black hole. His brief adventure in Brazil had come to an end and thus the instant he passed into the Senkaimon the opening shut.

The battlefield was still filled with Izanagis spiritual presence and thus the group would be none the wiser as to the whereabouts of the Shinsui Clan member. Izanagi had a unique ability that he acquired while operating as a member of the Zero Division that enabled him to completely conceal his presence. With the Sekienton containing traces of his spiritual energy, his actual whereabouts would be unknown.

As the Senkaimon closed behind him, Izanagi glanced down at his hand as it remained motionless by his side, bruised by both the kido and the impact of the Chikaras Lariat. It was no easy feat to pierce Raintoningu but the one known as Sting came close to shattering the kido and Izanagis wrist in the process…


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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: Attack on Titan - Brazil/Monsuta Intrusion   Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:11 am

Ok. This, had gotten confusing. Guy dude still totally ignored her, Tsubasa came in and snatched that Uruk before throwing up a barrier and then leaving again, Azuma from Monsuta appeared in a very flashy entrance that Mirja couldn't help but applaude and finally the lightning dude that had been coming finally came, and ate the barrier because he was lightning natured. Part of her wanted to throw up Avalon, protect the landscape of Brazil from the damage those two could cause, but the other half of her didn't really want to trap anyone here because that might make them angry. While the powers arrayed here could break through Avalon without too much trouble, they would have to put some effort into it, and when you were running away or just wanted to make a casual exit, the last thing you wanted to do was to ask for some help smashing through a barrier that cut you off from the real world. So she didn't.

It seemed as if she was no longer needed, or wasn't needed in the first place, she had no idea which one it was to be honest. She was just here to distract the guy while proper people came in, and then proper people came and she stuck around to talk to the guy a bit and then it got super busy and went crazy out of her hands so she just turned away from it all and shrugged. Sure there were interesting sights that could be had if she stuck around, but she was a busy wolf, and didn't have time to just hang around and watch people punch each others' faces in like she did when Hayden threw down with Ghislain in the Vastimian Training Grounds. So she left, her Slip-Stream carrying her away without any evidence of her departure save her, simply not being there anymore.

[exit thread]
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Subject Post 14PostSubject: Re: Attack on Titan - Brazil/Monsuta Intrusion   Tue Apr 04, 2017 10:09 pm

Yoma was evacuating the area of residents, he knew the man’s words were correct. He could feel the rumblings of his other self within his body. The anger, frustration, and confusion that existed within him pushed outwards as the one in control focused on keeping them away from himself. He knew he could not allow emotion to consume him resulting in something stupid. Yet, a part of him wanted to return and confront the one who started this damn conflict. Even this one viewed the monsuta as his home and did not want to lose this. He knew he had to do something but couldn’t be sure if it was even worth returning. He was pulled out for safety, someone like him at his level could do nothing. He had to just engrave the moment to his heart and very soul to guide him to further strength.

Unexpectedly in the far distance Yoma could feel a powerful strength, and could feel a wave of power coming from the area he had been removed from. The energy was so strong he could feel it passing through his location. It had sent chills through his whole body. Yoma sped up his evacuation of the area and when it was completed readied to return to the site of battle. He knew he had to be careful or face the possible consequences that were to come. The painful rumblings of his other self could still be felt and Yoma did what he could to fend these off. He began following the path to where he could feel all the pressure come from. He felt it continuously build up on him like it did before for his other self. He pushed aside all his struggles and kept moving back to where everyone was. He grew aware of new powers in the area, he could sense them even with his extremely poor sensory ability but knew they were there. As Yoma struggled to arrive he spotted two new faces. One he knew as the current leader of the monsuta while the other someone he had no idea. He could feel the pressure coming from them and almost crushing him but lost his reason to even be here, his target inzangi shunsui was gone. Yoma turned himself around and left, he wasnt sure where to go at the moment but decided to leave brazil as even if this battle resulted in the loss of his home the person his anger was directed at no longer was here, nor did he carry ant strenght to do anything. All he could do is be leave this be to the leader.

-exit thread-
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Subject Post 15PostSubject: Re: Attack on Titan - Brazil/Monsuta Intrusion   Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:21 am


破 壊 -- 花 力

This situation was getting strange. The threat of an invader was on the minds of everyone, seemingly posturing to attack and seize Brazil as a one man army. In the end, Hakai and Hana were caught in the cross fire, belonging to neither group yet standing up for the independence and control of his previous group. Hakai couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of confusion, and at his side stood his daughter -- someone who failed to follow the current situation even more than him. She spoke purely in Japanese, yet every person she met spoke words completely foreign to her. Even through translations, nothing made sense. The purple haired woman did not want to fight, her ruby red eyes piercing deep into Izanagi as a aura of sadness lingered over her body. A hand from Hakai was placed on her shoulder as he stood behind her now, spear still grasping the shaft of her red spear.

"Leave! I don--" Just at that moment, her speech came to a stop. The crashing sound of lightning and electricity rampaged over the area as the barrier constructed by Tsubasa came tumbling down and swallowed whole by a being slamming down onto the Brazil ground like a comet. Initially, Hakai did not know how to react - the sudden burst of lightning and speed as he came in and completely obliterated the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Pulling back on Hana's shoulder, the two Chikara's disappeared in an instant through shunpo, completely missing the land radius as he hit. Dust exploded into the area, the once tense atmosphere being completely altered into hostility.

Large and heavy coughs came from the side of Hana, the dust that tracked and entered her lungs making her heave a bit. They managed to get clear and dodge most of the impact, their extremely heightened defenses making sure that Hana and Hakai would not be damage in the process.

Hakai's body went cold for a moment, before he finally closed his eyes and then realised that all too familiar feeling. That reiatsu, the energy he was feeling... Belonged to his brother, Sting. It was someone whom he had not seen in a long time, and someone whom he assumed was dead. The cold aura remained with Hakai for one reason: he knew the type of man Sting was. Perhaps in the past Sting and Hakai would have kept a very similar mindset, working together as beings of destruction: yet the two were changing. For Hakai, he was a completely different man from what Sting once knew. Not only did he abandon the Monsuta, but he was no longer the 'destroyer' he was once labelled. A lot had changed, and Hakai didn't know what to make of it. "Who's there!?" The hand that was grasping her zanpakuto pulled the long red spear from her back and twirled it elegantly above her head before extending the tip out towards the location he crashed.

Hana, on the other hand, had no idea about Sting. In her relatively short infancy, she had met him on multiple occasions, but not ones in which she could remember. Her mind went blank, and her serious persona began to take over. All features of childish nature faded as a frown covered her face, her intense stair locked on his location as the dust cleared. She did not move a muscle, she simply waited, staring down her opponent, right arm extending the spear outwards. Hakai coughed shortly before speaking. "What are you doing here, Sting?" His question came before the navy-coloured smoke could even fade, the being at the center of it already locked within his thoughts. He wasn't quite sure how to approach the situation. Hopefully it wouldn't come to a fight, he thought.

"If Izanagi is leaving, then my purpose here is complete. What are you trying to accomplish, brother?"

Hana's eyes widened at this point, even as she felt the waves of spiritual pressure overcome her body, she stood there strong, eyes tracking briefly to her father who now stood off to her side. 'B-brother?' She thought. Without a doubt, there was tension here. She didn't believe Sting knew her identity, so she would keep it hidden. If she was told to fight, she would fight. It all hinged on Sting's reaction.


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Attack on Titan - Brazil/Monsuta Intrusion
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