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 Hum a Few Bars and I'll Fake It! (Yaksha/Ravan)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Hum a Few Bars and I'll Fake It! (Yaksha/Ravan)   Wed May 10, 2017 2:21 pm

Yaksha, The Anthropophagus

It had been too long, and not nearly long enough. Time had a strange way of stretching and contorting when you got as old as Yaksha; he had once realized without much emotion attached that he'd been listening to a song on repeat for a week straight, even when he was sleeping. And now he was looking back, thinking, trying to wrack his brain. So much was happening, lately. He'd met so many people, changed so much, and all of it had come almost without him realizing it. It left him feeling galvanized, every muscle in his body filled with nervous energy.

Was this how it felt, to live life on easy mode? Was this the sensation mortals got from playing their wish-fulfillment video games? He felt so damn strong lately, like it was all unfurling right in front of him, as he watched. And yet, thinking back on it, he was strangely...disappointed. He'd been at this for weeks now, nearly months, and for all the speed it had happened, he'd never quite expected it to be this slow. Had he underestimated the information networks of the Gotei? Of Shadow Fall? Was it really an explanation as simple as expecting too much from the competition? In a way, that was almost disappointing as well. Hadn't he come to Vegas to take a chance, and start really courting with disaster? And yet where was the risk? He was fleecing the rubes every day, and it was so rare people actually worth his time showed up.

Oh, well. All of this was a topic for another time. He adjusted his tie in the mirror, smiling that crooked, insouciant grin that had gotten him so far, and stepped outside, into the spotlights. It was time for another performance, and today he was actually even feeling a little mischievous. As he got onto the stage, he bowed once, deeply, gracefully, and then spoke in a smooth, warm, pleased tone.

"So...anyone have any requests on what to start with? I'm all ears."

As he said this, Yaksha's face and hands could be seen, indeed...slowly and hideously morphing into ears. Dozens upon dozens of ears seemed to bulge and protude from his flesh, as he grinned a toothy, careless smirk of absolute certainty.

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Hum a Few Bars and I'll Fake It! (Yaksha/Ravan)
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