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 Baron Samedi: Upgrade #1

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Baron Samedi: Upgrade #1   Sat Jun 17, 2017 2:22 pm

» Name Of Character: Baron Samedi
» Link To Character: Baron Samedi

» Upgrading:
  • Shadow Movement: The very basics. He can do what most demons at the start can, as traveling through realms, increased movement speed and move from shadow to shadow. It isn't much and the Danava grows quickly tired from extended use of it. While not being able to open smaller portals yet, he had learned that by combining this with Akuma Kyōdo the demon can boost his regeneration rate for few moments, though, it creates great strain on his body, if needed to heal more than minor damage.

  • Akuma Kyōdo: While possessing the full body seals, it seems they are malfunctioning in a way, that he can't absorb energy through them. Still, he can still feed them with his energy gained from worshippers to apply the basic perks of this power, being higher resistance to damage, as well, as increasing the bodies healing factor.

  • Conceptual World: Unlocked for use.

  • Origin Ability - Soul Cemetery: This is a passive power, that is works on those becoming an worshipper of Baron Samedi's cult. Those who believe in him as an actual god and had received gifts from the god bind themselves such that after their death, the persons soul travels through the soul circle, but instead of reaching Soul Society or Hell, they appear in Samedi's conceptual world, where they can continue the worship they gave to the god while being alive. While these souls doesn't generate as much power, as their living fellow believers, they still provide reasonable amount of power for the voodoo god. What doesn't change, though, is that these souls can still lose their faith, if given reason, and become unappeased with their god. In this case Samedi needs to calm them down or expel them out of his Conceptual world before they can cause any real damage to it. Once expelled, these souls, like any other, soon would turn into Hollows until put down.

  • Origin Ability - Voodoo Spell: Life Link; One of the most simple voodoo spells, it allows to find someone you have a strong bond with, emotional or physical. In Samedi's case it allows him to locate his followers where ever they are, if not hidden by special means. If that is the case, then the Barons tier most be equal or higher then the one, who had put up the cloaking spell. If, for any reasons, the follower himself had put it, Samedi can bypass it and still find where his follower is hiding. At the given moment the radius for the spell is the same realm the Danava resides. Materials needed, map, pins and a red thread.

Edits: These are powers and abilities I didn't quite understand, when making the app first and now I would want to change them and put in the right places, as I'm applying for this upgrade.
  • Bad Juju and Good Juju moved from Origin Powers to Origin Abilities.

  • Gods Life moved from Origin Abilities to Origin Powers and updated to fit the concept:
    Old Version:

    New Version:

  • Skill Sheet - Pain Endurance: Adept ---> Advanced

  • Tier: If seen as a possible result

» Why: Solo thread: Bloody Mary

» Extra: I'm doing this for the first time, so, if I haven't gotten quite right how upgrades work, I'm sorry!

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Baron Samedi: Upgrade #1   Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:08 am

[adm]Approved. If this is abused, I will come back and revoke this.[/adm]
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Baron Samedi: Upgrade #1
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