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 Zai Revamp [Ninja Hand Seal]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Zai Revamp [Ninja Hand Seal]   Mon Sep 11, 2017 7:38 pm

» Name Of Character: Henrex Astillon
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading:

Zai – Zai is one of the most sought-after secrets of the ninja, and rightfully so. The ability to control the elements is something that many people wish to have for themselves. However, it is not all as it seems. To begin things, the hand sign is incredibly simple. The user simply has to hold their hands out in front of them with their fingers spread out wide. Then, they must touch the tips of their thumbs and index fingers, before speaking the mantra. There are, surprisingly, two effects to Zai, only one of which can be active at a time. The first effect would be more of a passive one, as they do not have many active components, outside of being used by the user's will.

To begin the effects of the first ability of Zai, it should be noted that this is mostly internal, and sort of "physically" boosting. When the hand sign is performed, the user will gain the ability to use basic elements to infuse into their attacks. These five elements of Japanese philosophy, fire, earth, wind, water, and sky. This primarily affects the arms and legs of the user, as they allow for more powerful, and much more unpredictable moves. For example, one could use fire to heat up their limb, or set fire to their limb in order to deal a large amount of damage. This is something that constantly drains energy throughout the time that it is active, but will never drain someone's energy entirely.

However, as said before, there is another way of utilizing Zai -- although this delves into more of Chinese mythos, rather than staying in the Japanese theme. The secondary execution, otherwise known as the active component, creates five stones that are about the size of a man's palm, which float around the hand of the user. These stones are able to release blasts of energy, akin to the element that the user picks. However, there is a small additive than just small energy blasts. Upon every fifth attack, a large blast of lightning, with the ability to heavily slow, and potentially paralyze someone who is hit, and has low durability (Adept or below) will be fired.

Furthermore, these elements can be combined. While this is something that is not easily handled, and is something that has to be trained in order to be able to do this with some form of control and quickness. In the beginning of learning it, one would only be able to keep this managed for about three to four posts, especially whenever one is combining their elements to create more potent and more deadly blasts. However, with the proper training, someone with a large enough mastery over Kuji-in, as well as Zai in general, has been known to keep it up for eight, or even ten posts, although this is one of the rarest traits for someone, even for someone like Soke, who is the only known case -- as this leads him to be extremely drained afterwards, leaving the user with a five post cooldown, or up to a ten post cooldown for those who are able to drive out the best in Zai.

As a final additive to this ability, someone of 0 tier could have the potential of combining everything they have into a single attack from these stones. This is something that must be utilized, at the latest, in the second post of using this, as the energy drain will not be able to keep up with the instantaneous drop in energy with the usage of this. This is something that is equivalent to hundreds, potentially even thousands of Gran Rey Ceros to those of the extreme level, and has the potential to level entire cities. However, this has many downsides. This is something that can only be used once per month, and leaves the user unable to utilize Zai during that time.

Zai Mantra: "On chirichi iba rotaya sowaka."

» Why: I'm doing this because of the original Zai being literally nothing but a Naruto rip off, and I legit feel so shitty and ashamed for making that. With the ideas I've put in place, I wish to implement this as the new Zai hand sign.

» Extra: N/A

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Zai Revamp [Ninja Hand Seal]   Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:28 pm

[mod]Everything checks out. Although, christ @ month-long cooldown

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Zai Revamp [Ninja Hand Seal]
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