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 The New Horizon

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The New Horizon   The New Horizon EmptySat Sep 30, 2017 3:39 pm

The New Horizon 6EdIfMt

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The sea slowly moved along it's given route through this world. The water was like the vein's of the world in a way. In the Human World, it played a large part in things. Though no one had done what he was setting out to do now. Tsubasa sat upon the air his clothing rustling in the breeze. His eyes looked on empty at the water below him. With this, he and the Nest would Withdraw from the world above. They would begin building and making preparations. For now, it was best to focus on today. As it was going to require a massive amount of power from him. Using the Magnetizing portions of the earth to set the Island to a life. Tsubasa wouldn't be able to do this without all for one, what was required needed work. His eyes stared in the vastness of the ocean. It wasn't like this could be done without them knowing. Oh, he intended to cloak the entire Island and erase it. But first, it needed to be born into the world. He held his zanpakuto as he silently pondered his mistakes. Men who wandered down the bloody road he was upon.

They didn't walk away with scars or injuries upon the soul. Tsubasa considered them carefully as he knew what was needed. Tsubaki was reborn despite her outer shell being destroyed. His eyes remained closed as he knew what was to come. If he released his zanpakuto in this realm. It would certainly draw attention from those who lived here. He knew it well enough that his presence wouldn't go unnoticed in the open Ocean. He was far from land or any form of the place really. He didn't bother hiding his presence or doing such things. He needed to find his resolve to continue forward. He'd walked through the fires of war and hell. He'd seen the chaos of this world and the balance being walked through it. The Balance was the goal of the Unabara, no matter the enemy. But could he in truth wield his sword against the Gotei if needed? He felt hesitation a feeling of something he'd not felt in ages past. Tsubasa's eyes opened as the electricity sparked around him.

The crackling of the lightning that sparked through the sky. The roar of the Thunder echoed across the barren seas. Nothing lingered out this far in the abyss. This was a perfect location as he exhaled softly. Tetsuya had begun the process below him of constructing the Island. Tsubasa could only watch from above as his son began crafting the solid earth and such required. This wasn't an easy feat as the Clan was feeding energy into Tetsuya to help him. Tsubasa would be shaping the Island and Tetsuya would populate it with plant life. But that wasn't the only thing needed as the Unabara began. Tetsuya was doing this favor for his father. They'd both been condemned by the Gotei to Exile. It was up to his son where he went next. For now, the goal was to build something akin to the Home. Tsubasa's eyes opened as he looked down at the fully released Tetsuya. This place was a beacon of power but something was about to surge through it. This would require almost pinpoint control of the area.

His fingers curled slightly as he inhaled softly as the chunk of earth was massive. It was built into an almost large sphere that one could walk on if they desired. Tsubasa's gaze was staring at the orb as he slowly unsheathed his zanpakuto. His body began glowing as the massive spike in energy surged outwards. Tsubasa's eyes stared at the mass of earth and compounds. Tetsuya had done well, the rest was up to him to sculpt a land. To build something for them to call a home beneath the savage seas. To allow people to enter and exit this place at one point. He was going to build a special base that never remained in one place. His arm holding his zanpakuto swung outward with a precise swipe. The chunk slowly split on the top as though being open like an egg. He vanished with his immense movement landing. Slowly he sat down crossing his legs. He rested his zanpakuto upon his lap as he began to focus. Tetsuya would enter and provide food and other things and begin once he finished.

The soil and nature of this island were much like one would imagine. His Son couldn't do this alone obviously, making this large a mass would normally sink. He was boring energy from other Unabara and using the transfer to allow for this to even begin. He brought his right hand down softly feeling the ground. This feeling of rock and dirt beneath it among other things. What a marvelous creation Tetsuya had made with his powers. Giving life and creating a future for them with his own power. His son would be a true future for them. When he retired from being the Pale Rider. But for now, he was needed as he exhaled softly. Lightning surged through the sphere beginning to carve meticulously. Rock and soil being carved into shape by him. Tsubasa was building a structure and beginning to craft their life here. This dome-like structure was massive for what he expected. Buildings and such could come soon perhaps but for now. He was building a landscape and a home for them.

Making room for Forest and tree's as he focused on feeling the energy. Controlling his power carefully as he created this city. It was almost time for the Unabara to truly begin their new stay. Feeling the pulse of the energy as it flowed through the solid Island. He was building each small trace and location now. Each access point and something else entirely. The city itself was being made now with a large care as Tsubasa exhaled softly. He'd carved the entire area out as he saw forest and such begin to form. The shame was none of them used water-based techniques. Next came the Unabara Headquarters, this Village was the home for them. It was going to be the place they could be found. Those who'd decided to walk this path. Walk the path that required a greater resolve. His people had brought metal and tools from Mongolia and Thailand. Everything was in place now came the next portion of things. Tsubasa's digits slowly came up. The home was now something that had become a true realization.

The building would begin now as everyone pitched in to do their part. Tsubasa's form vanished to a set of steps he'd created. Crafting and cutting like a fine edge tool for stone cutting. Tsubasa could have made them homes out of that. But his job wasn't done as he'd been holding this Island up in the air. He slowly brought it down, letting the magnetic force sync to the Ocean. One last thing remained to do as he closed his eyes and began to focus. It was almost time for Stage Two of this building process. This Clan would begin the phases set in place long before Ibiki or even he joined the Gotei. It was best to have plans in place for every possible outcome. This one was something he could predict entirely. This was a tiring day and promised only to be more so. His body still ached from his clash with Saiko in Hawaii. But the wicked never got rest. So why was it expected for him to get some? Tsubasa would simply do what needed to be done. This Island beneath the waves and above it. Would be home for him from here on, those who sought him would notice it. He'd never tried to do something like this before. He'd make the entire Island Vanish from here soon enough. Create an Ion-based storm to cover it and then begin the process of sinking this city beneath the waves. Let it ride the Ocean's current and pick up stones and rocks there. But for now, it was time for him to rest his eyes for a moment.

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4u @Shizuo


The New Horizon 6EdIfMt


Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

”This isn’t my domain, don’t worry; i’m not gonna hurt’cha. “
A request from dearest tsubasa~ Why wouldn’t she come? As the ground was formed, as creation cleaved from the ocean of life, the visage of inami asthavon was cleaved from the dimensional fabric. Threads tore asunder and bridged the dimensions, hellish miasma of discord and strife for a moment permeated the skies and warped them with the putrefying color of inami’s will. The incarnate of ceaseless primordial chaos reared it’s ugly head for but a moment before the vassal of a small girl appeared from the midst of the chaos.

The skies returned to their normal color, the seas settled and no longer stank of blood. As this gal poppet forth from the dimensional rift, her limbs coiled around tsubasa’s neck in a hug. One that lasted only long enough for inami to take a large whiff of the scent of determination that blanketed tsubasa’s flesh. Only after her fleeting figure could be seen hopping off and landing lightly on the back of her heels as she glanced at the male.

Her eyes glowed with their emerald hue, glistening like gemstones in the light. A brow finely sculpted of the purest white was arched inquisitively towards the shinigami who stood near the apex. Her arms coiled behind her back lazily, while she rocked back and forth; from the front of her toes to the back of her heels. A soft hum reverberated in her throat, it’s sound soft and melodic, yet worthy of driving even the soundest of souls astray.

As her eyes slid across the grand creation, a tapestry for the ages, she couldn’t help but feel her power roiling beneath the surface, wild and untamed; awaiting freedom! Her words rolled from her lips and graced the air as the faintest hint of smog radiated with it’s blackened hue around her petite form~

”Tsubasa, are you wishing for me to aid you in this?”

As her question was asked, the lazy cockiness that oozed from every pore of her receded and in it’s place a raw power encompassed all. The entire island instantly was enveloped by her demon domain, raw power blanketed this land and aided the process, as inami glanced at tsubasa, the insanity dimming as in it’s place a soft smile caressed and teased the corners of her mouth. She couldn’t help but ask tsubasa in a soft tone as the saltwater frothed at the shores.

”Shall i create for you? “

It was a simple question, but there was a seriousness about it. If it was for tsubasa, she’d aid him in crafting a magnificent kingdom which would last long after they were gone. She’d use her powers to the upmost to create this majestic home of the unabara. However she would not do so lightly, he had to ask it of her. This fickle creature was surprisingly kind and considerate in the face of her long-time friend and companion. And now with everything poised for creation she merely awaited tsubasa’s call to action.

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The New Horizon
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