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 Amidst the Falling Leaves. [Henrex/Magnolia]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Amidst the Falling Leaves. [Henrex/Magnolia]   Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:49 am



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”You know magnolia, drinking isn’t quite good for your health right?”

”Shut up, i don’t really care.”

Magnolia had responded to her zanpakuto spirit raijin as she had been drinking from a gourd of sake. Her head tilted back as the last drop fell from the rim of the container into her awaiting mouth. Only then did magnolia’s golden gaze shift to glance down at the buildings that dotted the landscape up to what she had heard was called the soul society. The place she had originally ended up when she was coming to this place from the inverse soul society by a random fluke. From her travels she had passed through many countries in earth. Wandering about and learning of the planet, and the culture. The diversity there was staggering, beautiful and worth protecting. She had met people who she could agree and see eye to eye with, and had come to this conclusion; that it wasn’t so bad that she had come here.

Shaking the gourd to see if had any more liquid within, magnolia made a face and set it down besides her. The crisp autumn air blew and caressed her hair, causing it to blow in disarray the golden locks blowing too and fro while the girl’s feet dangled from the edge of the building. Her lips curving into the faintest of smiles as her gaze shifted upwards towards the soul society, towards the great gates that guarded it.

”.. Raijin, what do you think of these shinigami who band together?”

Magnolia asked her zanpakuto spirit as she exhaled lightly. Allowing for her gaze to shift as it glanced upon the sight before her. To those who could sense it, there would be a profound electrical imbalance in the air. Almost like the electrons were under the dominion of a much stronger force. As for spiritual pressure though, there was very little spiritual pressure that was being leaked from the being that was waiting atop the roof.

”I think that these shinigami may be interesting to come to understand.”

She made a humming noise as she thought about it. Her brows raising as she leaned her body back to lay against the tiles of the roof she was sitting upon. Her hands firmly clasped behind her head as she watched the clouds go by leasurily. Watching as their shapes changed, as they faded and grew. Before she finally responded to the zanpakuto spirit.

”, you dont say, huh?”

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Amidst the Falling Leaves. [Henrex/Magnolia]   Sun Oct 15, 2017 5:25 pm



There seemed to be no shortage of strange occurrences that had happened in the Gotei within the last few months. Tension had been building since the Monsuta attack, with more and more strange occurrences even after the fact, it wasn't exactly a surprise for Henrex to be detecting an anomaly within the Soul Society. As the anomaly pinged throughout the walls of the Seireitei, eventually backtracking to its origin, before repeating.

Rising from his chair and slinging his cloak over his shoulders, Henrex immediately set off for the 50th District of the Rukongai. It felt so early in the morning for something like this to happen. Turning his head to the side and looking at a clock at the corner of his desk, reading the time. Six-o-clock in the morning. It was...definitely really early for something like this. Another night with little sleep. Oh well. The male stepped out the door after grabbing the rest of his things, before unfurling his wings and taking to the skies.

The morning sun beamed down onto the face of the male, causing him to squint as he soared above the various Rukongai districts, scanning around for where the anomaly was coming from. As he continued to fly out, following the trail continuously. As he finally arrived in the 50th District, the male descended from the skies, his feet silently and gently touching the ground, the large, feathery protrusions curling into his back as he did.

Henrex took in a deep breath as he looked around the Rukon District, people peeking out from corners and doors, looking at him -- someone who had just came out of the sky. Ignoring them, Henrex began to walk around, looking for the source and origin of the anomaly. Which was, admittedly, easier than he thought it would be. Allowing himself to spread his demonic energy throughout the area, Henrex was able to quickly send out his own mental pulsations that would detect for any sort of spiritual power in the area.

Hundreds upon thousands of small, unnoticeable pings came from Henrex, searching for energy sources. This came with millions of results from the occupants of the Rukongai, even if they were just Pluses, they still had a semblance of spiritual power. But, there was one that Henrex had detected, stronger than the rest.

As this occurred, Raiu, Zanpakuto Spirit of Henrex, materialized next to him in a mirage-like form.

As this happened, the spirit's brow furrowed. "Strange." He muttered.

"What's wrong, Raiu?"

"Isn't it strange that the civilians aren't gathered or discussing this?"

"Now that you mention it..." The male started, before looking around. "That is strange. Can't they feel or see it?"

"Perhaps it's something that can only be detected by those with electrical powers?" The spirit inquired, hand rising to his chin.

"That could be possible. For now, let's just get back to finding the origin, Henrex said. His eyes narrowed as his senses picked up the disturbance once more, feeling goosebumps skidding down his back. Swallowing roughly, Henrex turned his head to the sky.

"We're close, I know it."

Henrex breathed in deeply, before exhaling as he began moving once again. He was close to the source. As he walked through the district, Henrex's heightened hearing caught onto a woman's voice. Instantly, he halted and turned his head to the sound. The rooftop. Silently, yet quickly moving towards the building that it was coming from. Leaping from the ground -- his wings spreading to grant him a boost to the roof -- Henrex quickly landed on the roof, his eyes gazing upon the being sitting there.

While he couldn't feel much of a sense of spiritual power from her, he was easily able to determine her race, as well as what her comment had been directed to.

"So, this is the origin of the electrical disturbance."

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Amidst the Falling Leaves. [Henrex/Magnolia]
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