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 The Wings of Freedom [Demonica]

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She was hopeful at first, elated even; it looked like it would work this time! No. It didn’t. To her surprise the panties had been torn and broken in their way to being worn. It produced a rather audible groan from the Quincy as she pinched the bridge of her nose, closing her eyes for just a few seconds. Monica was indeed pretty new and naïve to such clothing items, but there was far more to it than that. Then it became far too much when she wore the next dark thong like a hat, adding even more insult to injury. In an abrupt motion, Sofia would yank the panties from her hands, keeping them to herself for the time being before she spoke.

“You need to concentrate; focus. You need to learn how to better control yourself and your energy Monica,” said Sofia with a more disciplining and harsher tone. “Ease and relax the energy around your body. You can do it.”

Although Sofia wasn’t completely aware of the extent of the abilities Monica possessed, it didn’t really matter. Regardless of the race, each individual of significant power had the ability to influence the energy coating their body to behave in very specific ways. Otherwise there would be people walking around with blades that touched the moon, or mass genocides due to massive amounts of energy released on a whim. And while Quincy like Sofia were masters in energy control, it wasn’t something that was entirely unique to them. Given the power and skill someone the likes of Monica enjoyed, it should have been no problem to exert some further control over herself. Surely she could do so here, lest she wanted to earn that very specific and challenging stare of dominance from Sofia as she declared herself the superior of the two.

“Let’s try this again,” said the raven haired girl as she handed the panties back to her. “Look.”

Once she handed them off, Sofia lifted up her skirt. It was a good thing they were both inside the dressing room. No one else needed to see the lacy beautiful look of the navy blue panties…which looked a lot more like a thong as she did a little twirl. In any case, she would expect her partner to control the energy surrounding her body, and keep it that way. If she was successful, the dark panties with a general design of a thong would finally be able to slide up her thighs with ease, secure her womanhood, and stay there. In the whole strangeness of the situation Sofia hadn’t even stopped to notice the exact color the Demon had chosen to wear. Once she had them on though, she’d make sure to check.

What was for certain however, given her body shape, the design, and how well they could slide up, was that they would certainly look perfect on her. With everything else turning out well, and assuming the wear-the-panties operation had been successful, the Quincy would walk out the dressing room, waiting on Monica to do the same. With basic clothing shopping done, the two were ready to hit up other areas of the mall including, but not limited to the food court. With their looks and their nearly matching outfits, they were bound to draw a large number of well and ill-mannered stares from both sexes, ranging from the thirsty to the envious.

“By the way,” said Sofia before reaching for her friend’s hand, “this is still a business meeting, but there’s no reason we can’t have a little fun.”

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