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 The Wings of Freedom [Demonica]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Wings of Freedom [Demonica]   Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:48 am

The Melody

Artist: Carrotwine - Song: Dark Side Of The Road

In an aging world, everything had its beginning, and it had its end; people and races, and hopes and lofty ambitions. Even the very strongest of beings had their ends. Even those whom at different points in history and myth were deemed as gods sooner or later met their fateful end. Even those who boasted immortality and transcendence would one day draw their last breath, see the last face, and feel the last emotion. Almost everything in the world was finite; almost. There were very few sentiments that transcended space and time, the strongest beings who had ever lived, and those that were to follow. It was the desires of the heart and not the flesh that most often sacrificed a life in exchange for another. It was those desires that willingly left a life behind for the chance to fight and triumph in their struggle to earn the one they deserved. That sort of struggle never quite vanished, especially when it was so deeply burned into the self of the individual or the race as a whole.

Such was the case with the Quincy. The group had been to the brink of extinction more than a few times. Every time they had barely been able to hang on, just to endure and thrive, only to face potential extermination yet again. There wasn’t any doubt they were a resilient race that simply refused to stand down and die. In their process to create their own legacy they went through a number of changes in leadership and in organizational personality that shaped them into who they became. But at the very end, it was their choice to choose their own path that finally earned them the freedom to live as they pleased and die as they willed, and be happy about it. Sofia was far from having all of her life and her problems figured out, but she was getting there. As for the woman with whom she had scheduled to meet, it seemed she faced similar struggles, and at the very least needed someone to talk to. The Quincy wasn’t the type to go out and talk for the sake of helping, especially not a Demon, but there was far more in Demonica that met the eye.

”I’ve been expecting you,” said Sofia.

Her words were directed at the shadow that projected a few feet before her, and at the energy that made its presence noticeable in her vicinity. There wasn’t much the Quincy knew about Demonica, but what she knew was enough. The Demon once had significant presence among the biggest names in the hierarchy of the Demons, and among other notable though decadent organizations like the Monsuta. She had been formidable in the worst of ways, and made a name for herself and her power in the very best of ways. Still, it seemed that defeat or failure had been a plague she hadn’t easily rid herself of. And whether it was that very thing, her pride, or how her people shunned her, the woman was done with everything she had once served and been loyal to. Of course, that was simply Sofia’s understanding based on the information she had available. There was enough room to be wrong, but with their meeting, it seemed al their questions would be answered.

”I trust you know who I am,” said Sofia with arms crossed underneath her bosom. “I am Sofia Montero, Sternritter Grandmaster of the Vandenreich.”

Her words were firm, and though she didn’t intend to gloat, there was pride in her voice. The girl had to be cautious, and with duo reason. There was no telling whether the Demon had a change of heart, or if her intentions had suddenly changed. Besides, given her level of power there weren’t many up to task to meet and face up to her. And more importantly, even if there were, she wouldn’t have missed the chance meeting. The Demon’s reputation and power preceded her, but so did the Quincy’s. Sofia was still widely known as the prodigy to her race that despite her youth was able to rival and surpass those over millennia older whether in battle of brawn or brains. She had simply matured in body and mind faster than most, earning the respects of beings several generations her senior. Her attire was rather formal and representative of the Sternritter uniform. It consisted of a white military uniform with outlines and edges of gold. Black pantyhose and gloves matched perfectly with the dark ebony look of her flowing black hair, and contrasted with the rich bright gold of her eyes. A pure and silky white ribbon on her hair finished off the look, with a katana, likely a spirit weapon, sheathed to her side.

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