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 Saga Misia Iramasha | Advent of Chaos [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Saga Misia Iramasha | Advent of Chaos [WIP]   Saga Misia Iramasha | Advent of Chaos [WIP] EmptyFri Jul 06, 2018 7:29 am

Advent of Chaos

NAME: Saga Misia Iramasha
MONIKER: The Nether Sovereign; Queen of the Abyss
GENDER: Female
FACTION: Iramasha Union
POSITION: Heir to the Devils
DEVIL CLASS: Degradation of Order

PERSONALITY: Saga will most always have an impact on her immediate surroundings; the best way to spot her in a party is to look for the whirling eddy of people flitting about them as she moves from group to group. Laughing and [self-]entertaining with a blunt and nonsensical humor, despite contentment without notice, if Saga was to be in an environment of focused attention, she would much rather prefer all of it to be on her.

Hypotheses, abstract concepts, and plodding discussions concerning mass-welfare and their implications fail to keep Saga interested for long. The girl is one to keep her conversations energetic, with a good dose of intelligence--albeit in quite the broad sense--preferring to talk about what is as opposed to hypothetical situations--or better yet, to just go out and do it. Granted, these conversations tend to move rapidly from one subject to another, frequently without much to bridge the two concepts aside from Saga's own broken train of thought. Those of the same litter leap without hesitation, eyes closed, and fix their mistakes as they go, rather than sitting idle while preparing contingencies and escape clauses. In layman terms, she acts before thinking; or, perhaps it's acting based on entirely incomprehensible, irrational thinking?

Saga is easily defined as the likeliest person to make a lifestyle of risky behavior. Living in the moment and diving into action, she is understandably the eye of the storm--or perhaps, the storm itself, with those she ensnares facing an inescapable barrier within the torrents. People with a personality akin to Saga enjoy drama, passion, and pleasure; and not for the stimulation of anything mindful, but to satisfy their primal desires, as unstable as they are. They are in no manner obligated to make critical decisions based on factual, immediate reality in a process of rapid-fire rational stimulus response, but entitled to commit actions based on thoughts which digress from common sense.

This makes any strict, organised entity a difficult thing to join. It certainly isn't because she isn't smart, and if not for the lacking rationale to her, she could do well, but the regimented, lecturing approach of formal guidelines is just so far from the hands-on learning that Saga not only enjoys, but is accustomed to. It takes a great deal of maturity to see this process as a necessary means to an end, something that creates more exciting opportunities: a trait profusely lacked.

Another challenge Saga faces in terms of the psyche is the mindset in which it makes more sense to use her own moral compass--which is fairly nonexistent--than another's, causing her to lack traits concerning sympathy and empathy, or understanding of a situation or mood. Rules weren't made to be broken in her mind--they just didn't demand to be so strictly observed. This is a sentiment few others are likely to share, and can earn her a certain reputation. But if she minimises the trouble making--albeit unlikely, harness her overbearing energy, and focus through the boring stuff, in all sorts of manners one can consider Saga a force to be reckoned with, if not already.

To some degree, many of these facets to Saga are genuine, but in some aspects they are to a degree artificially influenced. Despite her past, she's absolutely a sociable character, someone who finds it an easy matter to introduce herself given contentment with being the centre of attention at any given moment. For others, disregarding the more chaotic elements to her persona, she's someone easy to get along with in part thanks to the tendency to have the situation run at her own flow, making her seem comfortable with the matters at hand and--for those capable of keeping up--making others comfortable and acting naturally.

In some regards, this is the surface persona offered, though again many elements are genuine about it, such as her "truly wanting to emulate something akin to a god"; though that is an extreme equivalency she intentionally perpetuates about herself, Saga does legitimately want to be standing at the top in some effect. Her chaotic actions which pursue disorder for amusement reinforces this idea due to how she goes about inciting it, like a calculative chess player moving around pawns just to see the board in disarray and the pawns at unease. In this respect, you can easily call her sadistic, and rightfully so.

These desires offer the tendency for Saga to often be lost in thought, without entirely detracting her awareness of the surroundings. In that sense, Saga can impressively maintain a level of focus on multiple subjects at a time. Ironically, her thematic of chaos in part makes her immune to these elements of chaos to some degree, including a decreased level of vulnerability to situations and influences which put her mental state in disorder, such as being attentive to too many subjects at once.

This level of cognitive versatility enables her to put investments in many fields, especially as a result of her thematic and split developments power wise--though much information on that isn't necessarily fully expounded on just yet. That aside, given her main trait of chaos pursuance, it's plain to see that Saga's someone who embraces disorder and to some degree madness, so those vestments are partially fueled by having no sort of structure to her progressiveness. The devil iramasha pursues many fields with intent, though to some degree while she'd like to reach a milestone, there's no particular commitment; in that way, she's something of a renaissance woman capable of many things in a sort of jack of all trades, master of none sort of sense.

Due to that noncommittal attitude, she's generally content with chaos. Putting aside the fact that chaos typically further empowers her given her aether class, a chaotic setting is something Saga revels in, and because of that any sort of pressure around her is easy to sit in; the result is that Saga can normally maintain composure and a relaxed state at all times. That isn't to say that she can't be caught off guard or surprised, so much as that she more-so invites these circumstances and finds it to be a source of entertainment.

that sort of composure amongst other elements has Saga feeling superior to others, to the extent of having a sort of god complex, going back to her semi-earnest pursuance of godhood in a sense. In fact, if someone were to look deeply into her machinations, they might say according to her power and barely intact pattern of actions, she's pursuing the realm of godhood to justify that god complex, and in truth it's a sort of ethereal goal she doesn't mind attaining and moving towards, but in truth, noncommittal as always, the achievement actualised has no bearings. it doesn't matter, and she doesn't care, as long as the journey upward was fun. In that sense, her amusement takes priority, and is absolutely the crux of her motivations on a surface level. The main reason is her purposeful cultivation of a totally apathetic, uncaring mindset.

Compounding that, Saga often will go the extra mile to be obnoxious, spontaneous, rambunctious, if only to prove to others--and more importantly herself--that she doesn't care. Whether or not Saga legitimately cares or not isn't as important here as recognising that the self-confirmation of psyche is an necessary part in keeping this generally chaotically driven individual, more or less, "sane". To do that she can draw all the attention on herself; the pressure helps her think, keeps herself in-line, and at the same time calculating her own actions and the impressions they leave serves as a reference point. Saga doesn't care what others think, but it's important to keep in mind at times to further her goals or as relationships to use in the future, on top of the fact that what others thinks as valid outside perspectives gives her insight and influences into what she thinks about herself.

The pressure also helps her relax, as Saga doesn't have to spend that empty amount of time assessing herself or being consumed by introspection and self-analysis. Keeping herself busy or pressured helps offer a sense of comfort via pushing all her faculties and energy towards maintaining this facade, to which it's something of an instinct to hold up and makes it easier to portray, defaulting to an act shielding her vulnerabilities from the world and vise versa. In truth, this gives Saga some semblance of stability to herself.


PHYSIQUE: Saga embodies the typical far eastern stature, providing a small frame in all dimensions. Though she's constantly in full garb, it's not difficult to guess her lacking assets, from a modest chest to small hips. That being said, Saga finds no issues for reasons not far beyond just her, for lack of a better term, apathetic instability. Being just barely one-hundred sixty-two centimetres and around one-hundred eleven pounds, underneath her layers is a surprisingly toned body, mainly forged in thanks to her constant battering "conversations" with her

SKIN: Fair to the point of lethally pale, in line with the stereotypical bloodsucker's appearance, Saga has what a wuxia might call "white jade skin". Not quite light enough to see her cardiovascular system, it's practically sheer luck that, as an iramasha, she can sustain life with so little sun exposure. Even throughout her body, her toned yet slim body is even all the more easy to see.

HAIR: Long to the extent of inhibiting, Saga's jet black hair falls well beyond her waist, but for reasons unexplained (secretly, anime reasons) the length of her hair doesn't stay consistent. Despite her lazy attitude, Saga's hair stays kempt and silky, to the extent of being glossy and easily reflecting all kinds of lights and colours. Probably due to maintenance she'd never admit, from her eye-line length bangs to her hair in the back, Saga's hair rarely ever entangles.

FACE: A face of incredibly contrasting features that make her one easily recognisable figure, Saga's large scarlet eyes and long eyelashes pop out from the rest of her visage. With a small nose and low nose-bridge and thin lips, Saga's round face exemplifies her youthful appearance.

CLOTHING: Saga wears an odd military-esque dress uniform, fit with a lavish cape, golden highlights, and even a service-cap diadem. Whether this sort of uniform represents anything is up to question, but it's certainly not for practicality in combat or any of the sort. Saga adores this look, however, and gives her a heightened sense of superiority. Otherwise, given her age, so as to blend in Saga dons a school uniform fit for a high school senior, stretching her age-range a bit, though its not as if many could differentiate a nineteen year-old from any other high school senior.

Earth Attire:

Usual Attire:

EXPRESSION: Through a variety of emotions, negative and positive alike, Saga wears a broad smile on most occasions and states of mind. Of course, different smiles convey different emotions; surprisingly, even with an incomprehensible mind such as hers, Saga is one to wear her emotions quite obviously. Anywhere between showing an enraged expression through a hateful, plotting smile, to an empty, pained grin subtly expressing grief, or legitimately satisfied curled lips showing genuine joy.


ACCELERATED GROWTH: Hybrid Iramasha are characteristically rapid in development in many facets. More than anything, it's not uncommon to find them physically and mentally mature at an accelerated rate to the usual singular sub-race Iramasha, and though it's to a lesser degree than usual, Saga experienced this as well. As a long-lived race, you could say she's still growing and developing in these aspects as well, though considering the nature of Iramasha and their physical compositions, her appearance comes down more towards a personal preference of appearance and willingness to physically change.

The area which Saga experienced a level of accelerated development is more so in her powers. Despite her youth, Saga has always had a frightening level of potential to tap into, and this is largely influenced by who her mother and father are, whose powerful genes were passed down to her in full. On the note of her genes, one might find that she takes to her father, who was a Devil Iramasha, seeing how she seemingly near entirely developed as a Devil Iramasha. Due to that, she is furthermore incredibly well equipped in natural talent and potential regarding her Devil Iramasha related abilities.

Of course, like all other hybrids this sort of accelerated growth and for all intents and purposes "latent potential" has no bearings or effects on anything without proper cultivation. Thankfully, Saga had the Devil Company leader Ketsu Iramasha to guide her, taking the Advent of Chaos under his effective tutelage. As a result, combined with her own ambition to be akin to the gods and therefore put unprecedented efforts into her training and schooling, Saga has taken full advantage of a hybrid's inborn accelerated development, and continues to grow in strength.

AETHER ATTUNEMENT: The Devil of Order Degradation was born with an unnatural degree of talent in the utilisation and understanding of aether energies, and most traits encompassed by them. For lack of a better term, Saga is well attuned to aether, generally finding ease in manipulating and influencing it, as well as letting it influence her. In this sense, Saga is also able to exert unprecedented levels of control and mastery over aether, and from that exert levels of control over the creation and existence of her own abilities. Many influences around her has contributed to the development of her abilities, and though her connection to all these people aren't fully known or well established in a publicised setting, it's safe to say that the way Saga's abilities came to be was done in a very meticulous fashion from her own efforts.

This idea is supported by several people with a powerful understanding of aether, Iramasha at the top of their fields, including Kin, Yavriil, Ketsu, and Halo Iramasha. From their understanding of Saga's abilities, from even a young age they were created taking in the influences of the people around her to more acutely cultivate what came to be an extremely powerful and dangerous Aether Class. Though it's not been a tested theory, these members speculate that it would be within the realm of her capabilities to even reconfigure her aether class at will, develop new and additional aether classes, and as a result completely transform her being entirely; the main reason it's still speculation is that Saga seems to take care in having any of her abilities displayed as intrinsic to her Degradation of Order class. That said, it wouldn't be a surprise to see that she's had other aether classes this entire time, or in secret been developing diverging paths of power from her primary aether class.

This level of control is sufficient in Saga specifically separating the effects and conglomerated existence of aether iramasha in its three simultaneous states of physical, spiritual, and mental influences, allowing her to hone in her usages of aether into these fields and further empower the efficacy of her abilities. In essence, specifically when separating these energies to separately and solely influence those three fields, without a doubt they'd overtake any of her peers in power.

For example, if someone at her tier was to throw something along the lines of an aether energy blast with lower levels of control on their aether energy? Saga could reciprocate an energy blast of equal power, but charge her blast to specifically focus on influencing the spiritual plane; the result is taking out the element of spiritual influence in her opponents aether energy blast; and, if say Saga manipulated her body through an aether spell to occupy space only on that spiritual plane? The energy blast would lack its spiritual influences entirely and be completely ineffective against her.

If Saga instead formed a barrier made of aether energy, but honed its constitution to focus on the physical plane? An attack with an equal amount of power to the barrier that happened to be entirely physical, such as an opponent trying to punch through the barrier? While normally the barrier might collapse from their strength, since the constitution of the barrier only occupied the physical plane and its fortitude was refocused, it would prove significantly more powerful than its usual state, and this time around successfully block her opponents attack. Of course, if the opponent enhanced their attack with energy, such as using shunko which coats the body in kido, at least the kido portion of the attack would arrive in full efficacy uninhibited, as if the barrier wasn't even there since any sort of elements influencing the spiritual plane in the barrier was removed.

Aether Perception: Following her frightening levels of aether control, a talent and tool which largely contributes to her prowess is next-level sensitivity to aether energy. Regarding her physical senses, Saga is capable of physically seeing even the lower quantities of aether and other assorted energies--considering aether energy can incorporate elements of varying types of energies, which by extension makes her capable of seeing other energies at the same level of acuity as her aether perception.

It's not just on a ocular level, as Saga is hypersensitive to aether in other facets. Just that sixth sense capacity to perceive energy as many other spiritual creatures possess is raised to a frightening degree, such that she is capable of easily assessing many of the other elements embodied by these energies. Seeing as how aether energy often embodies a number of elements on several planes, this devil's acute sensitivity offers to discern that information with ease, quickly enabling her to understand the composition and influences of the energies around her--whether latent or personally generated by a person--with ease.

Of course like any other case of hypersensitivity, though there are great advantages including better perception and acute understanding of the energies around her, it also proves detrimental as she can at times be "too sensitive". Severe levels of energy output--specifically of those from a higher tier than her own--amongst other instances can spiritually and physically influence her more than her peers, in some cases mimicking the repercussions of someone being exposed to overwhelmingly more powerful reiatsu.

Fortunately, training and self-empowerment has served to lessen these adverse effects, and due to that Saga isn't as bothered by high energy output to any debilitating extents. At most, against those with energy outputs beyond her own level (above her tier), the iramasha can experience nausea, headaches, and being put off-focus, even putting her physically off balance with a large enough gap, though admittedly thanks to her incredible talents of concentrating, that area would be the last thing suffering detriment by any inhibiting amount.

It should be noted that Saga's aether perception functions similarly in that a lot of energy can inhibit her from sensing and perceiving other energies. Similar to how a lot of light from one source can drown out other light sources, or a very loud noise can wash out other smaller noises, energy at high output inhibits Saga from sensing and perceiving other sources and instances of energy due to her high sensitivity. For example, a hyper dense energy construct around her would inhibit that perception and acute sensory to anything beyond these constructs.

On the other hand, different energies can operate on different frequencies or planes in a sense, similar to how higher pitched noises--even when they're overpoweringly loud, won't serve to prevent lower tones from bleeding through due to being on different frequencies. Similarly, Saga can still perceive other energies functioning on different frequencies. A demon blasting out Za Koa energy without reserve may serve to inhibit Saga's ability to sense other demons from utilising smaller and subtler amounts of za koa energy, but she would still be able to sense and perceive a shinigami utilising their reiryoku without complication.

Nether Attunement: An off-shoot ability of Aether Attunement, given Saga's connection to aether and her status as a devil iramasha, it's literally to be expected that she has an equal if not raised level of affinity for manipulating and using nether energy. So, in that sense it's no surprise that every application she can utilise with aether also applies to nether--and frankly, even more. There's no energy Saga has better affinity and connection to than Nether in-fact, amongst the several different energies she synergises with--and this is due to a number of factors.

Primarily, her status as a devil iramasha. Of course she can utilise nether energy, but what makes her attachment to this energy so vibrant compared to the rest of them? Is it because of her aether class, which practically embodies all the elements nether energy draws from? That is a factor, yes; or is it her natural attunement to aether energy on an unprecedented level which fortifies the connection to nether through her status as a devil iramasha. That is also a very strong reason for which Saga developed a heightened affinity for Nether. Another large factor is without a doubt her genes, within her two of some of the most powerful iramasha to ever live, one of them often viewed as the uncontested most powerful.

While nothing specifically evident fully encapsulates why Saga has this connection, it's widely seen as the combination of all these factors coming together to exponentially fortify her natural connection to nether energy, such that at times the girl could attune herself to and manipulate nether through sheer force of will. The understanding she's developed of this ability and nether energy itself can be said to be at the utmost peak, and--to be noted in an ability further down--exaggerated comments claim her to be a personified embodiment of the nether energy itself.

It may be exaggerated, but the comments were rooted in reasonable observations. There were times when utilisation of energy was restricted, whether through items which inhibited connection or special rooms that removed or repelled the entry of nether energy and elements which it connects to, typically for training purposes, and in spite of these restrictions, through sheer force of will Saga broke through the restraints of these items, or flooded the room with nether energy, breaking through the barriers and magicks which restricted its access, most often with a grin of defiance on her face.

PARALLEL THOUGHT: The powerset and associated natural talents Saga has cultivated, in a sense both offers and necessitates the development of an unnatural degree of focus which enables next-level multi-tasking and an all-seeing attention span. Fortunately, that's exactly what Saga has.

Combining her aether class, innate persona, and training from some of the best, cultivated for greatness, Saga can accurately split and maintain focus on several subjects simultaneously and independently; the natural offshoot result is also an insane capacity to conduct complex long-handed calculation solely in her mind, provided she keeps track of everything and maintains memory, though that's kind of par for the course given her talents.

Equally necessary and largely produced by the aether class she utilises, Saga also maintains more than impressive insight, particularly enhanced by her sensitivities. Fortunately enabled by her next-level focus which happens to expand her mind regarding maintaining awareness of multiple factors with ease and breadth, this as a matter of course also enables her to hone in on any number of perceived cues, whether presented and understood intuitively, through visual cues--frankly anything of this nature.

Saga's general speciality is the metaphysical application of her abilities, with a large portion of uses having to do with influencing physics in contrast. The point is, it's a necessity to maintain focus, hone in on the information needing to be consumed, extrapolate the relevant notes, alter these portions and effectively patch up and sync those changes to the rest of the circumstance, as is the nature of her abilities--insertions and manipulation of already present elements, in a sense.

Admittedly, the devil doesn't tend to calculate situations beforehand and approach things meticulously--at least, to the perspective of those who watch over her. Her deductive skills shine more in heat of the moment situations, abruptly transforming herself and the surroundings to manage the situation without a forethought, dedicated to the situation at hand whether it was a product of natural progression or her personal machinations; either way, it clearly demonstrates her impressiveness.

Specifically, her talent lies in quick application, and she's extraordinarily good at this. This talent influences her utilisation of aether magic, to which her basis and general understanding of the art is wide and deep, mastery of pre-established spells being powerful as is, but her capacity to abruptly conjure new personal spells and decimate her opponents violently on the fly and spur of the moments--that's where the real fearsomeness of the Advent of Chaos comes into play.

WEAK CONSTITUTION: It's been touched on before, such as the sensitivity of her multiple senses, but in general Saga maintains a relatively weak constitution--relative being in comparison to her peers, as naturally something like a powerless human could still be crushed between her fingers. This is more-so the price she pays for the several natural talents she holds on a mental and magical level.

Saga is still young, and while there may be other people even younger than her lording over with much vaster pockets of energy or more impressive ability sets, regarding those in her class and race? Saga is an unprecedented prodigy, this is not contestable. That level of prowess doesn't come without a cost, and hers is a weaker constitution. The majority of her energy and talent is spent developing her enormous energy deposits and latent connection to multiple energies, that one-sided development leaving her physique underdeveloped.

This is evident in her stature and proportions, having a much younger body than her age might suggest. The dynamic between her physique and abilities works similar to a "container" having too high a volume of "contents" to operate properly. Either the top is left open, and the contents spill out, or if the top is closed, the amount of content pressures the walls of the container, cracking through and leaving it fragile until the whole thing breaks.

In this case, the container is Saga's physical body, the contents her energy levels. Maybe if she had more time to develop and strengthen herself, the container could be bigger, but for the time being Saga's energy levels are growing far more rapidly than her physical body, and the energy in fact contributes to the degradation of her body, though some study has presented that it's influenced by the girl's aether class, as well as her own machinations to allow the development of her energy to focus on increasing her attunement, sensitivity, and sheer volume of energy rather than allowing it to strengthen her physically.

(Without special enhancement, forms, equipment, or otherwise, Saga in base form cannot naturally exceed adept in any General Skills besides Martial Skill.)

Chaos Composition: In exchange for that lack of physical fortitude, as aforementioned Saga has allowed her aether class to take to this body of hers and develop it in uniquer ways. Firstly, the devil has an attunement to chaotic elements directly, and not just in the same manner as being attuned to nether energy. Even disregarding nether energy, anything inducing some level of disorder and chaos serves to empower Saga.

She senses, practically visibly sees some ethereal force of "disorder" and "chaos" taking place, whether it's in someone's mind, their body, in a physical location, propagated by a foreign energy, even in places beyond her senses and reach. This also allows her to utilise that level of attunement to employ a number of techniques and strategies, all which only cover the tip of the iceberg regarding Saga's "deformity", as the less amicable number of people have stated.

Saga's body is so attuned to these elements that staying true to its name, the devil's physical body can even absorb these chaotic elements, and with relative use. It doesn't really matter what the source is. Furthermore, though she can take these chaotic elements in to inherently induce order in the area by inadvertently restoring the location, person, or otherwise to their natural state, this generally won't happen. Though it's possible, it's not really in Saga's nature to be a philanthropist, and instead leave the circumstance in anarchy, particularly because keeping things this way only cycles back to further empower her.

Abosrbing these chaotic elements does indeed strengthen Saga, though pretty much never the potency of her abilities--technically. Usually Saga instead delegates the gained strength to her physical body, which is normally left inhibited by her weak constitution. Strengthening the "container" will enable her to also raise the output of her energy, and inherently also serve to increase the potency of her abilities since her overall usage can be much less controlled.

Given that she can absorb chaotic elements, Saga therefore becomes close to immune to these elements of chaos--at least those which directly influence her body. To be specific, attempts that put her body, mind, or spiritual self out of order and imbalanced are ineffective. This mostly involves "supernatural" attempts, as that often works more on a metaphysical level, whereas she can be resistant to material influences such as throwing the location in disorder, with objects coming down on her sporadically; alternatively, someone could also try their hand at silver speech, attempting to attack her mentally to put the girl in a psychological disorder, though admittedly it won't be easy this way either.

Indirect usages in general can be effective, so long as it's not directly operating off the idea of inspiring chaos and disorder. For example, attempts at rattling her brain physically can definitely incapacitate her brain and effect Saga mentally, or for the more creative, addling her through a pulse of electricity--especially considering her less than resistant body--would prove not just "not futile", but super effective. The work then lies in actually succeeding, and the irrational and wild Saga isn't one to find pleasure in being shocked.

  • Chaos Eyes: Being touched up on, Saga's eyes are capable of literally seeing elements of chaos and disorder. Technically, this also means she can see elements of order by the "absence" of disorder, but that's not really information she finds much interest in. Fortunately, it isn't a sight which largely obstructs from normally viewing things, though it can interfere to a minor degree since she still does see it, and combined with her Aether Perception, so many visual distractions can serve to be, well, "distracting". Good thing she has Parallel Thought.

    So how does this ability do much to help her? Well, it mainly involves inherently allowing her to understand a "system", considering seeing the lack of proper interaction and order in a given system also allows her to know how it's supposed to work. Whether this is say a system in the physical world which allows the universe to operate, how an intricately devised aether spell functions, what a computer program or system is supposed to accomplish, or even the alchemy of the Soul Evos and magic of demons, all this information comes to Saga with incredible ease.

    Conversely, she sees the varying degrees of disorder these sorts of things always start to fall into without outside interference maintaining it. What this means is that through some simple deduction, seeing how a system expands or maintains its function accurately, the devil can also ascertain the programmer, spellcaster, or whatever universal construct "governs physics" and their connection to the subject of interest.

    This ability most specifically enables the progression of order degradation and enables Saga's influence over the circumstances more effectively, particularly synergising with the Advent's talent at magic and attunement to energy.

  • Storm Empowerment: Chaos and the progressive change of terrain by the unhinged power of a storm--or natural disaster in general--so often attributed to some chaotic deity, and by extension is something Saga can attune herself to. Though admittedly this is a natural ability of Devil Iramasha called "Nether Possession", Saga takes it to a new level, doing it naturally and automatically, to the extent that she can dictate the will of the storm without extensive energy expenditure.


DRACONIC EMBODIMENT: Dragons are always creatures associated with chaos and destruction, and from their instrincit connection to the elements of chaos--and Saga's own association and level of control over aether energy--the devil has found it within her repertoire to adjust her abilities--and more specifically physique--to adopt dragon-like characteristics and enhance her physical self. This naturally isn't always present, and requires her to "activate" what she calls "Dragon Sense".

Mostly, this counteracts her weaker constitution, though it's of course at some costs. In essence, what this does beyond physically enhance herself is take the "lid" off the container, allowing her energy to pour out senselessly. This makes her energy output nigh unrestricted, but does happen to drain her energy reserves, funnily enough, "without reserve". It depends on how much she draws that energy out by using her abilities, but even without doing anything extraneously energy-dependent, Saga can only maintain Dragon Sense for up to 10 posts. This only accounts for base form, however, as this ability can be utilised in higher forms, at which point her energy pools expand, and by extension
- dragons are always the creatures associated with chaos and destruction, and from their intrinsic connection to the elements of chaos as well as saga's level of control over aether and her capacity to adjust her abilities, saga has implemented elements of a dragon-like body in the enhancement of her physical self


FIGHTING STYLE: extreme reliance on magic and abilities, low physical parametres inherently influences her to revolve her combat style around using energy and abilities

AETHER ARTS: when she does use her physical body for combat, it's almost always accentuated by her energy and abilities to employ aether arts

Empyrean Vessels: Saga isn't particularly talented at hand to hand, however considering her utilisation of Aether Arts is more reliant on her aether prowess than actual ability in physical combat, her Empyrean Vessels which are embodiments of her class and the correlating universal elements of chaos, Saga has an immensely powerful Empyrean Vessel

Empyrean Vessel Appearance:

Ruining Fist: punch draws nether energy in to increase the volatility of the impact of her blows
- works on not just her fists, though it's most common for her to use her fists
- a delayed explosive effect that, whatever her blow lands on, the initial attack has its damage enhanced, but the nether energy continues to draw around the affected area, in the end accumulating before having a large explosion
- explosion's size and damage varies with the accumulated energy
- ruining fist in a way provides a sort of "marking" on the entity hit that draws energy onto it
- if recognised quickly enough, with some effort the marking can be dispelled before the energy accumulating gets excessive and the explosive becomes too much
- however if the marking isn't recognised or quickly treated or gotten rid of in general, the accumulation of energy can get dangerous, lethal for some people, and eventually on Saga's command, explode

Destructive Palm:
- energy gathers in her palm and, if she lands it on something, the energy will pervade throughout the target, drawing negative energies to degrade and break down the construct after fully spreading around
- good for terrain destruction or destroying a defensive structure since it takes time for the ability to activate--using it on a person isn't as effective
- however, the insemination of the energy is extremely good for taking down defenses, as with Saga's chaos perception, it's easy for her to see the system or manner of function the defense or construct operates under, on a material or even metaphysical level depending on the system of function
- from there while destructive palm is usually instinctive and automatic, she can take control of the progressive breakdown personally and with some focus, accelerate the process or make it even more thorough, so much that with enough time, focus, and energy, she can hypothetically disintegrate the construct in question through a full-on breakdown of the highest degree

Twin Dragon Fists:
- coalescing her arms with chaotic energies, the tear apart and rip through anything in their immediate vicinity (the range of passive influence being 1 metre from her arms)
- like ruination fist, technically this can be utilised on other limbs or constructs as well, and technically doesn't even have to be applied to her body--could be used on an armament, weapon, etc.
- imbuing her arms in this aura of destructiveness, apply force through her fists (or other appendages enforced) follows the near instantaneous sequence of sucking things in range of influence of her arms, and once reaching direct contact with her arms, crumbles as its binding elements which keeps it as stable matter or otherwise breaks down, before exploding outwards
- since it's a near instant reaction, it's difficult to discern which stage a target is at the mercy of, but it is nonetheless a sequence and in theory can be interrupted
- unlike the other arts listed, it's an immediate reaction instead of either taking some time or having a delayed response
- furthermore, the pull and subsequent crumbling and explosion of affected subjects isn't absolute, and can be resisted if an item is durable enough, particularly dense items having more of a slowed effect on the crumbling and explosion, as it takes more exposure to be fully influenced
- additionally, more difficult subjects takes more energy to be influenced, and something which has a stable hold or strength won't be pulled in let alone exploded outward either, e.g if she punches someone and misses their head, though weaker targets will still be pulled into her fist due to the attracting force of Twin Dragon Fist's aura, someone with enough strength, balance, or stability can resist the pull and not be affected
- additionally, the explosive effect only occurs if the subject is successfully destroyed by the crumbling/breakdown process

Dragon Whisker:
- functions similarly to ruining fist in that contact leaves a stamp
- saga places a stamp on multiple different areas, it must be left on a physical construct
- once more than one stamp is placed, at any number saga can activate this ability
- the ability links the two stamps together, from them creating a connection by firing off energy between the two
- this energy is thin, but hyper dense, emulating a sort of cutting laser, or the edge of a blade
- going through this line is like running through a steel cable at full tension full speed, basically cutting straight through you

Dragon's Roar:
- another effect that can be done through the stamps
- once the two or more stamps are placed, instead of a sort of razor-thin laser of energy acting as a sort of blade, the blasts are more akin to something like a cero blast
- the massive energy blast connects between the two stamps
- it's especially lethal if saga can land the stamps on two different sides of a person's body, as the laser can just go straight through the person and absolutely obliterate them
- of course it's largely influenced by the person in question's durability to dictate whether it can actually blow them apart, as well as whether saga can be capable of leaving these stamps on their body to begin with
- these stamps only last for three posts, and saga must put the stamps down in one go within these three posts, or the stamps fade away
- as usual, the stamps can also be destroyed through energy interference, but it won't be erased without some effort, as some have deigned to just tear off a limb when Saga has placed a stamp on their arm in the past
- the three post duration starts immediately when the first stamp is placed, and all stamps placed in the meantime up until the third post will all disappear after the third post, and the ability requires a two post cooldown before being able to be utilised again, and each usage can potentially swallow up a large amount of energy from Saga depending on how many stamps are used.

- saga excels at all forms of aether magic
- her specialty usually lies in immaterial spells
- her breadth of knowledge, potency, and mastery of aether magic is exceptional, and she's easily amongst the best of her peers if not reaching into the realm of beings far beyond her age group amongst the Iramasha
- alignment of her abilities tends to be ones obviously attached to her chaotic elements
- she's incredibly attuned to magic that involves the destruction of constructs, concepts, and systems
- so much that if she can understand the process of someone else's aether spell, she can interrupt and nullify the spell's incantation, creation, etc.
- if it's something of her alignment, she's even capable of not just interrupting but usurping control and activation of the spell
- therefore, in general it's a terrible idea to try a battle of magic with Saga
- if the spell isn't of aether nature, while she can still analyse and understand the spell being conducted, it requires her direct energy involvement to interrupt the spell and nullify it, basically necessitating more energy and focus placed into interrupting the spell
- that said, it's easier when it comes to a spell utilising alignments of energy covered by nether energy, hence her finding it easier to combat demons specifically when they utilise magic as their energies are much more easily interfered with

Personified Magic:

  • Ruining Wave: same thing as ruining fist, though the speed isn't as quick as the stamp or marking is immediately created on successful contact; additionally, it doesn't auto-enhance a previous attack as the wave is just a wave of energy spread out
    - range depends on focus and energy put into it, but the standard casual usage is around 100 metres
    - maximum range with tons of focus and energy put into it usually sits at 500 metres without external or additive influences, but this is a level of focus that occupies her mind and energy delegation entirely
    - immaterial magic

  • Dust to Dust:

  • Thunder Break: interferes with electromagnetic fields and prevents the proper interaction of electrical currents within the domain of control
    - considering the acuity of control interruption involved, the effective range is only 50 metres in which Saga can accurately control and influence these electrical currents
    - at 100 metres, it's not in her direct control to influence these electrical currents and pulses, but they can still be more unpredictably messed with, her chaos alignment essentially making the extra 50 metre radius an unruly zone of electrical chaos

Essential Magic:

  • asdasdas


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Saga Misia Iramasha | Advent of Chaos [WIP]
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