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 Rukongai Outreach

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Rukongai Outreach   Sat Aug 11, 2018 6:30 pm


Shunsui stood in the center of his division's garden, in front of him the members of his own division waited patiently for some sort of indication as to why they'd been summoned. Sure, occasionally he had meetings with his squad, but the atmosphere was generally much more relaxed. Today was different. Today they had a great deal of business to attend to, and he'd show those serving under him just how professional he could be.

"I assume most of you don't know why I've called you together. Well, it's simple really. We've got a mission to accomplish in the Rukongai, although it'll prove much different to what you're used to when venturing into those semi lawless lands. No, we have a benevolent goal this time. We'll be preparing the citizens of the Rukongai for whatever danger may come their way. We'll teach them the basics of combat, and enable them to protect themselves, as often times we aren't able to respond to their cries for help in time to mitigate all of the damage we potentially could."

He paused for a moment, looking over his division to gauge their reactions. He liked to keep tabs on the viewpoints of those working with him. Eventually he had gleaned all he could from their surface level reactions, and decided to continue.

"That's only one part of the problem though. In addition to increasing the defenses of the Rukongai, and by extension the defenses of the Soul Society as a whole, we'll be attempting to repair the relationship between the Rukongai citizens and those of us within the Gotei. Over the years many of the citizens of the Rukongai have become distrusting of us, and rightly so. We haven't treated them with the respect or dignity they deserve far too often. Hopefully we'll be able to change that today. I'm sure it will take time to repair this relationship, but if we show them that we care for their well-being I think we can make a great stride in the right direction all at once."

Shunsui waited a moment after he'd finished speaking, giving anyone who had anything to say the chance to do so. If there were no questions, statements, or objections, he'd begin making his way towards the Rukongai. He had told the other captains of the Gotei what he was up to, of course, and that also played a part into his momentary pause. If any of the other captains, or any of the members of their divisions were intent on joining him then they'd be arriving momentarily.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Rukongai Outreach   Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:56 am

Hearing that her captain called a meeting filled the fledgling member of Gotei with some nerves. This would be her first real taste of the fifth division. She had heard about the captain several times when she was a lass. Entering the garden a bit before the rest of her colleagues, she wore the classic Gotei uniform. Her sealed Zanpakutō secured to her hip. The garden began to fill with more members. Hono stood in front of the group, a few other members were not familiar with the new girl, though they didn't mention it. Soon attention was averted towards the Captain Shunsui himself as he spoke to the squad.

The girl listened to her superior, his speech rather simple, but it was effective. Her captain had given off a good first impression. The girl had been raised in Rukongai, though she was privileged to live closer to the center, she had never seen how bad the outreaches really were. Hono nodded as the captain continued. The pink hair's reaction was a slight smile and a few nods. She listened to the speech continuation. Soon her mouth opened to speak, though nothing escaped. Quickly shaking her head.

If that was all the girl would follow after the captain. She was directly behind the man as the rest of the squad followed suit. Most of the nerves had gone away, she glanced down at her Zanpakutō one last time, turning her head to inspect her coworkers.
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Rukongai Outreach   Wed Aug 15, 2018 7:51 pm


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Though Abalia could not say that all of her attention had of late been directed toward the Gotei, it would also be unfair to think the attention she had shown it was anything other than quite dedicated. Her work in the wake of Baraggan's invasion was likely more than most had done, and she had done it all while still keeping herself fully committed to her work in Vastime and at the Tundra. Some might have questioned her loyalties, but anyone who knew Abalia would also know that she was not the sort of person to act duplicitous. Her goals as a member of the Gotei and as a member of Vastime were every bit the same, simply in different spheres of influence.

Of course, she was a Vice Captain as well now, not simply an everyday member of the Gotei. Such a thought did, admittedly, surprise her just a bit, though she hardly made much a show of that. She simply felt as though there were others more qualified for the position than herself, but considering the Captain himself had given her the position, and even told her to request it, Abalia did not much feel in a place to argue. If another could not be given the position, then she would certainly do the absolute best that she could with the job.

The silver-haired maiden's attention was exclusively on her Captain as he spoke, but no sooner had she taken his place near his side than she began her own input.

“With all due respect, sir, might we take a moment to properly discuss the nature of this strained relationship with the Rukongai? You say that they are distrustful of us, and that the Gotei has not necessarily treated them as they deserve. I certainly agree with the sentiment, and while I do earnestly believe that this sort of outreach will do well to better our relationship with them, I do not necessarily think that the onus is on the citizenry, so to speak.”

Abalia, most decidedly, did not mind this entire affair, and indeed it was the exact sort of change she had always intended for the Gotei. But something about it did rub her the wrong way, to use a common turn of phrase, and she was a bit uncomfortable with the implications of this approach.

“I believe that this is certainly the right approach to take, and I do hope I have not been misunderstood. But might I assume there will be more rigidly defined regulations regarding how our men and women in the Rukongai are to carry themselves and act toward the citizenry? Our division engaging in outreach is certainly a start, but we must remember that there have been others in the past, and presumably still are today, who do not consider the safety of the Rukongai a top priority. That, too, should be a top priority, I should think.”

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Magnolia Everfrost

Song: UNKNOWN - Artist: UNKNOWN - Words: 1012

Magnolia was not used to being summoned, especially on the drop of a hat. However, her life had undergone a metamorphosis of late, with the transference to this world, the knowledge she had gained and even the people she had met. It was one of those kinds of years where everything you thought to be true was taken, and then turned upside down. Magnolia moved with startling precision, disappearing in a flash of static before she appeared in the garden. Magnolia was slightly an enigma when it came to the relation between her and everyone else in the division. There was some . . distrust after the encounter that had sewn the seeds that had brought her to become a seated officer here in the 4th division. However for now, as she stood there silently in the garden, slightly off in the corner in the shade of one of the gnarled sakura trees that lay there.

She listened to what shunsui had to say first, he was speaking of a mission here in the gotei. Of teaching innocent men, women, and children how to defend themselves. Magnolia came from a land vastly different from their own, where fighting was the staple method of survival, almost everyone knew how to use a blade, or some basic hand to hand as a form of defense to protect themselves, and their loved one's. Hearing that their captain wanted to give these people, the tools that they needed to have safer lives was warming to her. In fact, it caused the respect she had for this man to grow. Many people could think of the enemies that were out there, and how to keep them out. However, few thought about how to protect those at home, for when the enemies come knocking.

As she listened a girl walked up to shunsui’s side, her hair the color of slate having been stirred by a faint wind--the girl almost instantly interjected and picked up where the captain left off, talking about the state of affairs and more importantly her own imput. It was impressive, the girl was dedicated to her work, and from what she had seen this division was much more cohesive than the other units. More importantly they were making strides to improve and protect the home that they had been given. Magnolia had not been here long, but as she listened to them talk, of bridging the connections and reforging new one’s, she couldn’t help be reminded of the instances of her own life, how each bit of progress could only be done by taking baby steps.

So eventually, even though she wasn’t a talker she made her presence known and walked over beside abalia and shunsui for a moment. She wasn’t quite as tactful as either one but she smiled faintly and said in a fairly level tone.

” I think everything that has been said here is good, but the only point of interjection i have or suggestion that is this. Yes, regulations will need to be changed, you can’t do this overnight though. Let’s focus on changing the perception of the gotei first in the eyes of the rukongai citizens. Once we do that we can undoubtedly work on regulations on our end to smooth them up, you’re right though. Perception is everything, and thus we can’t just fix it, we have to show it through our actions as well.”

Magnolia after speaking her peace seemed to opt for the sanctity of the sakura tree once more, having made her way back over to rest against it’s gnarled time-weathered bark as she watched, and waited to see if anyone else would arrive.



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Rukongai Outreach
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