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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Burn thee world to Hopeful Cinder

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Burn thee world to Hopeful Cinder   Fri Sep 07, 2018 5:19 am

» Name Of Character: Ulv Auber
» Link To Character:

» Upgrading: Well now. Sit back on your chair and let aunt Ulv tell you a fantastical story of a girl's drive to fulfil her dreams. One of hope, one of glory, and one of fair maidens aplenty.

(GM Willpower Appeal)

Ulv's joureny to complete her goals and find herself has been quite a brilliant one. It first began in the arms of Rakki. Here her heart's desire was made manifest for the first time. A warm, amber flame blossoming from her arms and encompassing her entire body. Far beyond her own ability to control right now, this Resolve Flame would light the way to a new future. One that could illuminate the world, and warm all the hearts in the world.

So, when she found out that a friend of hers was trapped below the floating Islands of her inner world, in a place of harrowing torment, and despair known as The Abyss, Ulv immediately jumped in to save her. A reckless move considering she knew absolutely nothing about anything that was going on down there. And this cost her. Ambushed by the Negative copy of Typhoon, her Menecing Devil Arms were overwhlemed by the negative drones and she was covered in their filth. Their gunk poured into her mouth, her eyes, and her open wounds, filling her with intense hatred, pulling her bridled fury out of her hands and burning her mind with it. After escaping this thanks to a Tulpa manifestation of these negative emotions, she realized she was too weak. She had to get stronger, and better, she had to become a woman capable of driving away the dark.

And driving away the dark was just what was needed, because a while later Ulv found herself in the worst possible place. Slipping through the dimensional barrier with the accidental usage of a technique far beyond her current ken, Ulv collided into the arms of - not that she knew it at the time - the very cause of her Ulvization. Feeling the negativity in this world, having her emotions drawn to a lance's point by the goings on, her Resolve Flame burned bright again. Putting it to work to soothe the minds and hearts of those around her would be something she really needed to do, if she was going to avoid a horrible fate. "I have come...To free you, and all who live, from the dark shackles of mind and deed". With this proclamation, she began her goal in ernest. She could have had a smaller world stage to begin, but Ulv was always one to go all out. This even worked somewhat,as Neoveta claimed that Ulv had soothed her, and yet was not enough. This, partial success, drive Ulv to want more. To do more. And more she did.

The next illumination lit up the cave where Demonica had taken recidence. She was a cauldron of negativity, distrusting Ulv and hating her for the thanks that was given on Mirja's behalf. But this was burned away by Ulv's Menecing Devil Arms, and Demonica wavered in the face of Ulv's resolve. First, it was the chocolates that Ulv had brought, and then it was her words. It was here, that Demonica brought up the flaw in Ulv's plan, the snag that she had hit in freeing Demonica from her darkness. Ulv, did not know how. She was all fire (literally) and no understanding. She could not force people to be happy, and she did not know what they had been through to get to this point of negativity. But, Ulv would not balk at this, rather take it as insperation and a grand lesson to understand the person, rather than simply driving into them with her goals.

Somewhere between all of this, came an event to showcase Ulv's mental strength even deprived of her Resolve Flame and the friends she had in her heart and soul. A venerable skill from Wulin, the Illusion Incarnate Technique allowed Ulv to craft people from memory and learn from them without having to go and find them. Helpful for when she had no idea where said people were. But before she could learn anything she was thrust into a sudden and terrifying existance of silence. Never having to deal with a lack of people to talk to, never being alone wherever she was, it was a jarring and hysteria-inducing situation to be thrust in. It had some paralleles with Mirja of old, and the fear that she was going to be killed by returning memories. However, rather than coillapse, scratch at the scar and sob, Ulv focused her mental muscular power and punched the hysteria in the gut, standing and shaking it off.

Zanapaktous. Part of a Shinigami's soul, they are reflections of one's self. And so when Ulv heard that Beowulf was in the Abyss, the horrific place she had nearly lost herself saving Ruin, she did predictable Ulv stuff and immediately jumped down the hole to save Beowulf. Here, her Spirit and herself fought a gigantic Troll. The embodiment of the first troll ever fought by Mirja, it's size and strength was off the scale. Even with her Resolve Flame, the thing was taking her apart and without Beowulf's aid she would have been squashed like a bug. After a short fight with it, Ulv decided there was no way to win alone, and made a radical move, combinding her Resolve Flame with Beowulf's Bankai to creat ethe Blazing Amber Raimant. With this new power she was able to win, and her drive was strengthened from such victory. But, she also realized the limits of her flame, and needed to surpass them.

This new Resolve Flame of hers was a great weapon against the darkness. But, at the same time, she had to learn to control it more. So she went to go see Ibiki after being called by the Devil Girl, and there she asked for aid in controlling her new powers. Who better to ask for aid than the very woman who was the source? She never had a bad time with Ibiki, and this was no different. The devil girl was intreiged by her goal, and lent a hand towards it, granting the creation that was, Devil's Heart. Being in Ibiki's aura filled Ulv's heart with elation and pride, and she felt she could go forth into the world with unrivaled vigor.

The first to have a taste of this new power, was the city of Minatumi Harbour. But not by Ulv's hand, originally. Instead, Stefan Soan, the once-King of Monsuta appeared and threw the city into the sea, leaving the people in the undercity slums to fend for themselves. So Ulv released her power and filled the people of this city with pride. The Resolve Flame wrapped around people like a shoal, and her Empathic Heart Of Fire took note of their emotions and desires. Finally, Devil's Heart crafted what they needed to survive in this world, what they required to have the negativity in their hearts kicked out of the door and never returned. It was a glorious sight, a whole city built from her heart. Now she just had to defend it. Reiatsu like what she put out, drew in pests.

Next came an actual person. Not her plan, true, but it happened none the less. Ulv went to see Abalia, and comfort her with the knowledge that Mirja was fine, and happy. but Ulv, unlike Mirja, was far more attuned to emotions and less blunt in that regard. So she noticed the lack of anything from Abalia, just a solid gray sense of duty and little else. She was going to leave before Abalia admitted that for the first time in her life she felt sad. Ulv took the iniative and slipped her fingers into this crack of gray, pouring in her Devil's Heart with the permission of Abalia and ripping it open, shattering a huge hole in which the sunlight of emotion could beam through. And then with a kiss, dear Abalia showcased these emotions. First a stammered sentence, then a joke. It was truly a surprising situation.

» Why:

» Extra: [Anything extra to add?]

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Burn thee world to Hopeful Cinder   Sun Sep 09, 2018 9:17 pm

[mod]I've talked about this with the others, and while this is a great start, it's not enough to warrant an upgrade to GM. Going to move this to denied for the time being, continue to add to it and it will be looked at again.[/mod]
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Burn thee world to Hopeful Cinder
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