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 Henrex's Resolve Embrace [Ibiki/Henrex]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Henrex's Resolve Embrace [Ibiki/Henrex]   Tue Sep 25, 2018 9:08 am

» Name Of Character: Henrex/Ibiki

» Link To Character:

» Upgrading: Resolve Embrace: Resolve Embrace is one of the first abilities that Ibiki wants to bestow upon Henrex as a part of his training. It is apparent that he has a strong drive and desire to want to protect those who are precious to him in his life. A noble goal, but one that The Suika Devil intends to hold his feet to the fire to in order to keep him true to his life's path. Therefore, Resolve Embrace is designed to tap into that meaning and produce an ability that allows for Henrex to become more resolute of mind when fighting for others.

Now, how does Resolve Embrace translate this into practical usage during battle? If Henrex is fighting among his fellow allies, friends, family or lovers; this ability can activate in order to help shield his mind from being easily influenced by notions of failure, doubt, and uncertainty which takes away from the light of his soul as far as Ibiki is concerned. This then means that he can keep his mind on the objective at hand and to otherwise protect the people that he cares for without second-guessing himself so many times. So, most of all, it's meant to be a confidence booster to give him more assistance in battle as Ibiki senses a lot of hesitation in him that needs to go.

Secondly, since this is a two-part ability, the second half of this power will allow him to utilize Resolve Embrace in order to mark those he cares about in a private network of telepathic communication. These deal more with the individual people that are within his life and are set to allow their feelings of love, comfort, and information to be shared with him at any moment they should decide to consciously activate their connection to Henrex. As this was designed so that he may have an external resource of motivation to tap into whenever he is feeling like he cannot do this battle on his own.

Thirdly, since this is also functioning as a small network, Resolve Embrace can be utilized to transfer energy across it if they are within the same realm. The users will be able to hone in on the location of the other and can make the choice to transport different types of energy into the essence of Henrex. It is even possible for other abilities to be summoned out of the gut of Henrex from his allies, but only one at a time can be used to prevent it from being abused. And this function of Resolve Embrace can be taken away if Henrex himself has no energy to keep up the link and he has to receive permission from the other player to do so. (It should be noted that this ability will not work if there is some type of seal/barrier preventing Henrex from receiving external assistance or sending his own energy/thoughts to others.)

With all of this said, Resolve Embrace is meant to be utilized to help further connect Henrex to the people he is trying to protect and bring that vision closer to reality by giving that feeling some type of objective usage through crafting this ability.

» Why: This is being done and made ahead of time to avoid problems in our thread. The ability is important because it's designed for an event that is progressing the investment of Gotei members by the current Captain Commander. Furthermore, it should help to progress the character growth and development of Henrex and I want to engage him on a more initmiate level with this ability since it resonates with a personal goal of his. It's not being made for funzies.

» Extra: N /A


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Henrex's Resolve Embrace [Ibiki/Henrex]   Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:13 am

[adm]I'm only going to be putting the stamp of approval on this, because I've looked over it and really don't see much wrong with it, along with the fact that this has been in Unchecked for way too long.[/adm]
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Henrex's Resolve Embrace [Ibiki/Henrex]
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