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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2419, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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Aizen recognized that this materialization was of the being who ruled over the entirety of hell. Any normal being would have felt a great deal of apprehension, being so close to this world-altering entity, feeling the might of what was essentially unlimited power. He was no normal being. This was what he had planned for, and finally, he was directly at the source. He rapidly took in the information that was being sent his way, and formulated a response. It was, apparently unnecessary for him to speak out loud, and so he didn't. He still structured his thoughts in a way that would be the most conducive to having them understood in their entirety, however.

"Will I immediately launch a war against the Soul King? No, my plans are never as simple as that. I will create my own forces, and establish a foothold elsewhere before I focus on the Soul King. The reasoning for this is quite simple. At the moment the Soul King is tucked snugly away, massively defended, and on his on territory. I will force him to come to me, and then his destruction will be assured, as it could never otherwise be. It may take time, and I will be doing other things while I await his arrival, but at the end of the day the Soul King will not live to see my plan come to complete fruition."

With that expressed, he felt that he had explained his intentions well enough to be understood, and granted what he'd come for.

"Having said all of that, my job would be made much easier if you were to grant me some of the power you hold."

This was what he had been working towards for so long. It was the moment of truth that had been so painstakingly sought out. But if it were to not come to fruition? That would be nothing to truly worry about. There were contingencies in place, many of them, at that. This was purely a gambit, as it had been from the very start.

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