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 Croisima Kattalin [APPROVED, 4-5; Shinigami]

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Croisima Kattalin [APPROVED, 4-5; Shinigami] Empty
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Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]


Enter The Shinigami

I. Basic Information

» Name: Croisima Kattalin
» Alias: Crow or Kat
» Age: 291, with an apparent age of 22
» Gender: Female

» Association: Gotei Reformed, Earth Affiliation

» Appearance Written: Generally speaking, women tend towards being shorter than men. However, this isn't always the case. Like a fair percentage of women, Croisima is the exception to the norm, standing at an even five feet and eight inches tall, with naturally wavy hair that has been various colors throughout her life, but seems to have recently defaulted to varying shades of pink. As such, she is an..interesting figure to spot. Of course, due to her duties in both her life as a human and her time as a shinigami, she has gained a fairly healthy looking figure, as she seems to be well balanced in terms of both body fat and muscle.

And yet, she is still undeniably feminine, as one could easily tell by the seemingly fragile features of her face, along with her slimmer frame. Of course, Croisima seems to be very fond of contrast, as her general choices in attire would seem to be more fitting on her male counterparts.

In fact, her most common choice in attire involves what seems to be a purposely made, overly long leather overcoat that is plum in color. In fact, it can almost be called omnipresent when the cold season rolls around. This is always worn over top of some kind of short sleeved shirt that is always in some shade of either blue or purple. This is combined with a pair of jeans that are decently baggy around the legs. This is a general theme with her clothing. Generally colors that are cool in hue, with some kind of jacket or anything to help cover herself. Of course, she will wear more traditionally feminine clothes in the summer. But generally speaking, she does have a more masculine sense of style.

» Appearance Image:
Croisima Kattalin [APPROVED, 4-5; Shinigami] KrEtKhL

I. Personality

» Personality:

Recklessly Brave: A look at Croisima would lead most people to assume that she is someone who would be stereotypically obsessed with what is logical, and would not be someone who could handle taking risks. Oh, how they could not be more incorrect. In truth, even in her human life Croisima was one of the bravest people around. However, she can also be called reckless in the same breath. For while bravery is an incredibly powerful tool when used in the right way, it can also hinder the person using it just as easily as it could help.

For Croisima, this hindrance comes in the fact of her bravery making the lines between what she can and cannot handle blur. Truthfully, this could be described as Croisima being both reckless and brave. Yet, it always seems that the lines between what she can and cannot handle only ever seem to blur when she has to rely on her bravery.

Selectively Patient: Of course, someone who is capable of acting with such reckless abandon must obviously have issues with their patience. With Croisima this is an extent. When there is little to do, she finds herself suffering of boredom far more quickly than other people, which usually tends to her doing anything and everything she can think of to kill her boredom. This can also be applied to subjects she doesn't particularly care for.

One good example of this would be her lack of skill with Kido. She never really cared about Kido, viewing it as being rather overboard, and more of an option, rather than something that everyone absolutely needs to learn. However, with subjects that she cares about, she seems to have endless amounts of patience, which tends to get her strange looks from others.

Kind: The most basic trait required to be considered a good or decent person. There isn't really much to go into here. Croisima does her best to be kind and compassionate towards everyone she meets. Does this always remain a factor when dealing with people? No. But nobody is ever kind at all times, without restraint.

Utilitarian: Everyone has some kind of belief that drives them to do what they do. For Croisima, that driving force is Utilitarianism. It is the sole driving force behind her backing of the Gotei. However, she is not a believer in rule utilitarianism. Her ideal is that of helping the most people via one's own choices, not by being forced to follow rules set by any living being, as rules are susceptible to changing as the power structure changes. Of course, to that end she has done a couple of reckless things in the name of assisting a greater number of people than would normally be allowed. At the end of the day, she merely does what she believes is in the best interest of people, rather than focusing on single individuals.

People Person: Also known as Extroversion, Croisima has always had an affinity for social scenarios and situations. Where some people would rather be off on their own to better themselves, or merely to have some peace and quiet, Croisima would rather be with at least one other person, having conversations, offering up ideas as to what to do, and just generally being that one friend that seems to have endless energy around people. Of course, she has her limits, and does have times where she would rather be alone. But those are very rare moments, and are almost always reserved for times of mourning or sadness.

» Likes: Spicy Food, Swordsmanship, Large Groups, People, Cats, Water.

» Dislikes: Bitter food, Kido, Large Lizards, Sand, Guns, Lightning.

I. History

» History: Being born with spiritual awareness was nothing new by the time that Croisima was first born. After all, by 2128 it was very well known that the supernatural not only existed, but had come to an understanding with the living world. So like many children, Croisima saw and came to know many spirits who were still waiting to be found and pass on to the afterlife. However, unlike handfuls of other people that Croisima had met, she grew up without developing any real supernatural powers, minor as some of the powers that others had developed might have been. Of course, she was fine with this. She continued through her life, interacting with the few people on the supernatural spectrum of things. At least, until high school rolled around.

Like many children, Croisima held a handful of hobbies growing up. Some of them were common, like playing games and whatnot. However, there was one hobby that quite excited her, in spite of how much of a learning curve was required to it: Kendo. Unfortunately, Croisima had never been the strongest fighter in terms of physical strength, and she knew that. However, she also had always been fixated on swordsmanship growing up, with many of her favorite shows being set far enough in the past that swords themselves were prevalent, and considered among the strongest weapons. And with that in mind, she had taken her time to learn and develop her own way of doing Kendo. One that worked within the rules of the sport itself, while also making up for her own weakness.

Of course, eventually, all things must end. And Croisima eventually did graduate and move into the realm of adulthood. However..the exhilaration and love she felt for Kendo did not die. With that in mind she spent her time working hard, trying her best to save up money to purchase a building, with the goal of owning a dojo of her own being the ultimate endgame.

Sadly, she would not get to live to see this goal achieved. Croisima had been living in a rather remote part of Japan. But no place escaped the events of 2150 unscathed. One day, an immensely powerful beast was tearing its way through the city Croisima was in, cleaving through buildings with no issue, killing person after person with the same ease that Croisima herself took a step forward.

And yet, she did not die to this beast. It had locked its eyes on her, and had darted forward to try and attack her. And the last second, it jumped away. The last thing that Croisima remembered of her life was a flash of purple light..and then immense pain as her body was engulfed in fire, burning her body to ash. Later, Croisima would learn that she was one of many billions of people who had died in that single year, killed by either collateral damage, accident, or thousands of other reasons.

However, she found herself waking up not where she had died..but within the wreckage of the office building she had been working in. She found herself unable to leave this particular area, and found herself becoming swallowed by depression as days..then weeks..then months..and then years passed by. Eventually, her Chain of Fate fully encroached, sped up by her own depression about how her life ended, and the fear of the cycle itself, along with the intense pain that came along with it.

Fortunately--or perhaps unfortunately for the hollow that was created--Croisima's days as a hollow didn't last long, as she was a hollow for no longer than a year before she was defeated in battle, and her soul returned to its normal state, and she was sent to the Soul Society. As for where she ended up..she ended up being sent to one of the middle districts. And once again, she found herself ending up in essentially a lower middle class lifestyle.

However, rather than ending up frustrated with things, she proceeded to pick back up where she left off. After about ten years of work in the Rukongai, she managed to gather up enough money to buy a small building within her district. It was one with a very large open space on the first 'floor', with a single staircase that led to a few bedrooms.

She had done it. She had gained her own dojo. A cheaply made sign and a few months later, and she had a handful of students. She was willing to teach them as much as she knew. Unfortunately however, she didn't know too much, having only learned four years worth of Kendo's basics while in high school. And after about a year of teaching these handfuls of excited and dedicated students, she knew that she was running out of things that she knew. Sparring with a few of the advanced students led to them being rather equal with her, something which caused the cockier ones to accuse her of being a poor swordsman.

What worried her was that well..they weren't wrong. Thankfully, word had been spreading about the new Kendo Dojo, and a few kind souls approached her after the last of one day's lessons. Many of them noticed that she was indeed still a bit of a novice at the art, and offered up their help. With that, she not only had two new teachers for her Dojo--each one being further and further up the path of Kendo than she was--but she also gained a new teacher for herself.

Fifty years passed. Croisima's Dojo had expanded to take up multiple buildings, and had dozens of students, and Croisima had enough skill to finally be considered more than just a novice. And yet, when it came down to it..she found that she still had difficulty when doing one on one sessions with the older, stronger students. She found herself being pushed close to the edge of the arenas more often than not. Ultimately, she ended up figuring out what was wrong. Even after fifty plus years of Kendo training on the daily..she hadn't put on muscle in a way that would increase her physical strength. Instead, she had put it on in such a way that she moved more quickly.

With that in mind, she had a bit of a revelation. If she was going to keep her goal going..she was going to have to figure out some things. Of course, letting go of a dream is hard. In trying to gather up the nerve to leave the dream she had finally achieved, she spent another year in her district, gathering up both the nerve and resources to leave.

For the next fifty years after that, she found herself wandering through other districts, acting as a nomad. She never remained in one place for very long, and kept a weapon on her person at all times so that she could defend herself. And yet..because of how she wandered, she found herself coming across lower ranked Shinigami every so often. She never interacted directly with them..for a time. She of course saw many things that the Shinigami had to do, ranging from Kido--which made her instinctively recoil when she saw it, remembering what it had done to her--all the way to Shunpo, something that she had initially had a hard time wrapping her head around.

Eventually however, she hit the tail end of those fifty years..and something very unfortunate happened. As a wandering woman with no context as to what was going on in other districts, it was a small miracle that she hadn't run into any..unsavory characters yet. Eventually, as she was making her way through the streets to the next city in one of the districts she had entered, she unfortunately found herself surrounded by bandits. One of them holding a blade to her throat, while others started taking what little she had..until out of nowhere, she heard a scream and felt something warm splash against her the hand that had been holding the knife to her throat dropped to the ground. A quick shout actually made her snap back to reality, and she drew her own blade. Compared to the new arrival, she was nothing. But at the very least, their combined efforts managed to drive the others away.

Afterwards, Croisima's savior checked on her, making sure she was alright. As it turned out, her savior was a shinigami who was doing their rounds. And of course, he noticed that she was a fresh face around the area, and asked her where she had come from. Of course..stating where she had originally started from surprised him, but he did seem at least somewhat understanding of the reasoning behind it.

Of course, she had gone as far as to explain her traveling in a very defensive way. She had been afraid that she would be all but escorted back to her original district, truthfully. And yet..this Shinigami threw her for a loop. He explained that while he was no high ranking member, nor was he a sword master, he at least knew enough to help her figure out her own strengths and weaknesses in combat, and from there, she could solidify things, and maybe even go back to her Dojo, stronger both physically and in terms of knowledge.

And so, Croisima spent the next few years wandering the Districts with her new teacher. In this time, she began to gather more skill--and in turn, more Reishi and Reiryoku. Eventually, she was able to be on par with her new tutor in terms of both physical speed and speed of swordsmanship. Of course, in travelling together, Croisima had grown closer to her tutor, and began to learn of his ideals, and what was his driving force for having become a shinigami. Something about it struck a cord with her.

She had known several people who claimed that they would do their best to help as many people as possible if they had even gained some kind of extra spiritual power. Eventually, she was asked what she had believed in in life, or what she believed in currently. And that was where she had fallen silent. She..she didn't remember. She had never been the most politically focused person, nor had she been all that focused on the larger picture, as long as she had been able to achieve her own goal.

Still; as they conversed, Croisima's tutor eventually brought up the idea of her becoming a Shinigami herself. After the discussion about the Shinigami's job being to help as many people as possible, Croisima's interest was piqued. After a few weeks of discussion, she eventually agreed to attend the academy and become a Shinigami.

Croisima's time at the academy level was nothing special. She was average in most everything, aside from two things. The classes on the world of the living were where she excelled..and then there was Kido training. That was where she was an absolute failure. She didn't understand it.

She did everything as she was told to do, had manipulated her own Reiatsu as she had been told to do..but more often than not, the spells that she created were far weaker than they should be, and her binding spells could be torn through like wet paper--if they even succeeded at all. She had been forced to tend to many of her own wounds as a result of recoil damage to herself. At the end of her days at the academy, she was only proven to be truly viable for one squad, given her interest in the world of the Living, and her above average skill with her weapon. She was put in the Seventh Division, and has been working amongst the members of the division ever since.

Of course, she has picked up the reputation of being a little reckless, but ultimately brave at the end of the day, due to her own willingness to jump into combat against things that tend to seem at least a little stronger than she herself is.

I. Equipment

» Equipment:

  • Gigai
  • Gokon Tekkō V2 (Installed in Right Hand)
  • Jigokuchō (Hell Butterfly)
  • Denreishinki v2 (Installed in a mobile phone)

I. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

» Racial Abilities:

Zanjutsu Emphasis: Speed: Croisima is skilled with a sword. There is no denial of that, given how much of her afterlife was spent using a sword to begin with. However, her lack of power is a very large problem. It was a problem that she went wandering through the Rugonkai's districts for over fifty years searching for a solution to. Eventually, she managed to pick up on a fighting style that focuses on speed and accuracy, leading to a combat style that attacks more frequently to gain its power, rather than each individual strike being powerful. (Note: This is the framework for future special techniques)

Reiatsu Restriction: Death can leave a mark on someone. For Croisima, death by Kido has spurred on something debilitating within her subconscious. When using Kido, her subconscious will automatically cut the amount of Reiatsu that would be used for the sake of Kido in half, leading to her being unable to use Kido at levels higher than Beginner level. Of course, even these spells are very ineffective, working at half of the efficiency of those within her tier who would use Kido. This typically leads to Hadō spells blowing up in her face, or Bakudo spells being so easy to break free of that she might as well have been trying to bind people with paper, essentially making Kido only feasible against those of the lowest possible tier. Of course, should she manage to defeat this subconscious blocker, she will be able to use Kido as effectively as anyone else.

I. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Shizukana Umi (Tranquil Sea)

» Inner World: While she has never seen her Inner World yet, it is a world that is rather interesting. Rather than being some deeply intricate world with overt defining features, her own inner world is quite simple. An endless world of sea and skies, with water so tranquil that it could be mistaken for glass. Even stepping on it does not cause the water to ripple, or Croisima to sink.

The sky above is not cloudless. In fact, these clouds are the most obvious changing feature of her inner world, as they are affected by her mental state. In times of complacence and happiness, these clouds are normal, and lazily pass through the sky, while the sky itself is as bright as it would be during high noon. The only thing that disrupts the tranquil surface of this world is the clashing of steel, with that being the only sound that exists in this world over the gentle breeze that blows the scent of salt and sea throughout this endless expanse of land.

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:


Is there truly anything that can be described as 'normal' when it comes to Zanpakuto and the spirits that inhabit them? Truthfully, no. But regardless, Shizukana Umi takes on the form of a rather short and androgynous person. One with darkened skin, seemingly a result of the world of endless sea and sky that they reside in, with a pair of eyes that are just as dark, being brown in color.

The spirit dresses in a very similar way as Croisima, seemingly to make it even harder for it to be pinned down exactly what it is. However, it is actually shorter than Croisima, standing at only five feet and six inches tall. In all truth, it looks just as out of place in this world of endless sea and sky as Croisima herself would. However, the difference is seen in the way it moves through this world. It strides over the glassy sea with the confidence of someone who is walking on solid ground, and is as calm as the sea it walks upon. Upon further inspection of the spirit's thin, limber frame and its facial features, it could be determined that Shizukana is a girl. But that is a secret that only the spirit itself truly knows, now isn't it?

» Zanpakutô Appearance:


To most, Shizukana Umi would appear quite normal, as Zanpakuto go. When not drawn, it looks like any other Katana. And wouldn't be too far off in making such an assumption. The only real difference that Shizukana has from any other Katana is its length. While most Katana are longer than 60 centimeters, Shizukana lands at exactly sixty centimeters. Technically speaking, this would qualify it to be an Uchigatana, over a katana. But those semantics do not matter. Generally speaking, Shizukana Umi is a generic looking Japanese style sword, with the color of its wrappings and Saya being blue, and its blade being the oh so common silver color.

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power:

  • Water Generation/Manipulation: At the core of things, Croisima's power matches her personality. While Shizukana Umi is drawn, Croisima can generate water from either the blade itself, or from the sheath of the weapon, allowing her to extend her range of attacks by either creating flying slashes made of pressurized water, simple blasts of water made from the tip of the weapon, or even creating whips of water by swinging either her Zanpakuto, or the sheath should she be disarmed. It should be noted that currently, she is capable of moderately complex manipulations of the water she generates, and can currently only handle about twelve gallons of water being generated at once.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: [What is your shinigami's release phrase?]

» Shikai Release Action: [Does your Shinigami do any physical action to release their Shikai? Feel free to remove this.]

» Shikai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released?]

» Shikai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami gain when releasing?]

I. Bankai

» Bankai Release Phrase: [What is your shinigami's release phrase?]

» Bankai Release Action: [Does your Shinigami do any physical action to release their Bankai? Feel free to remove this.]

» Bankai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released in their bankai?]

» Bankai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami attain in Bankai?]

I. Shikokai

» Shikokai Release Phrase: [What is your shinigami's release phrase?]

» Shikokai Release Action: [Does your Shinigami do any physical action to release their Shikokai? Feel free to remove this.]

» Shikokai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released in their Shikokai?]

» Shikokai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami attain in Shikokai?]

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Beginner
  • Kidō: Untrained
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced

I. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample: Now this was a throwback. It had been what..just over a hundred years now? And yet, it looked like nothing had changed since the morning of that fateful day. Some of the same old buildings were abandoned, with a thick layer of dust clinging to the boards that were used as doors for some of the more beaten down buildings. She hadn't been back to the section of the Rukongai that had been her new home ever since the day that she had left. She wondered if the Dojo was still there. She had left everything to the two teachers she had found previously, after all. And recently, she had heard of quite a few new recruits coming from this district. So it had to still be there, right?

Of course, returning after so long would lead to a lot of assumptions. So when she glanced to the side and saw a face that she thought she recognized, it didn't surprise her when she saw the young man's eyes go wide. "Sensei Crow? Is that you?" He called out as he started jogging across the dirt road, causing Croisima to chuckle and wave. "Heh, I would have figured you'd grown out of calling me that, Angelo." She said as he laughed upon making his way over to her. He had been one of the youngest students in her Dojo before she had left it to the other two. Still, he chuckled as he spoke up again.

"Well, can you blame me for using a fitting name? All you did was caw at me whenever I messed up!" He said as he playfully slugged her arm. Of course, she chuckled as well and returned the favor..but with a little more force behind it. Not much more, mind you. But enough to make it clear that he was getting close to crossing a line. "At any rate, just call me Croisima now. I'm not anyone's teacher anymore. It's been nearly a hundred years now, after all." She pointed out as she put a hand on her hip, her Zanpakuto shifting slightly as her index finger brushed against its guard.

Of course, pointing out the amount of time that had passed made Angelo rub the back of his neck. "Yeah..I guess it has been a while since you left, huh?" He said, earning a nod from Croisima. Of course, talking with an old student like this actually tickled a bit of curiosity out of Croisima. "Oh. By any chance do you know what happened to Masaki and Hideko?" She had been expecting some neutral response from Angelo, but he actually beamed at her.

"Indeed I do!" He exclaimed before taking up a more powerful stance. "After all, I took Hideko Sensei's place as a teacher about ten years ago so she could retire!" That was an..interesting development. One that made Croisima raise an eyebrow in an almost doubting manner. And just like that, the confident stance that Angelo had taken was shaken, earning a soft chuckle from Croisima.

" least the old Dojo is still running then. It was nice seeing you Angelo-" She asked as she went to walk away, waving goodbye until she was stopped, her student putting a hand on her arm. "I know that you have to go. I'm not completely blind to what's changed. But I also know that you wouldn't have come back here without reason. Come on. We can check out the Dojo, and I can show you what all we've managed to get."

Shit. She thought she had been a little better at hiding the power she had gained, and that she was better at keeping her own motives hidden. Still..she sighed and shook her arm, removing Angelo's hand as she chuckled bitterly. "You always were annoyingly observant. Alright, I'll bite." She said as she started walking towards the side of the district that held her Dojo. She could have used Shunpo to bitterly poke at her student..but she wasn't that vindictive. She had been caught, and she was going to have to deal with it.

"I know you didn't believe me earlier, but Hideko did retire. A handful of people that she had known in life had been sent here, and she wanted to spend time with them, and have time to catch up. The other graduates have been kinda scattering and doing a lot of different things for years now, and I was the only one from the year where she retired who was interested in staying, so I became the beginner teacher, and Masaki teaches the advanced and expert students."

Of course, she had to raise an eyebrow at that as she shoved her hands into the thick jacket that she was wearing. It was still the middle of winter, technically. But at the very least, the weather wasn't all snow and rain. She hadn't expected to hear that Hideko would retire, or that students would start scattering to the winds. But she supposed that would happen when the teacher that every single one of them interacted with at some point or another ended up vanishing. At the very least, she could only hope that they were at least trying to use their skills for more positive things.

Eventually, they made their way to the Dojo, and Angelo unlocked the doors, gesturing for Croisima to enter. Of course, she nodded and did so. And what she saw was..interesting. The floor was no longer a dirt floor in the center. Rather, it was now smooth concrete, and the once sparse armor racks now had a lot of armor that looked ridiculously similar to the regulation armor she had worn all those years ago when she first started learning. She actually even chuckled a bit as she walked around the first floor. "I see that you must have gotten a lot more students who could pay for upgrades like this, huh?" She asked as she looked around at the place she had lived in for so long after her passing.

"Yeah. A lot of families wanted to make sure that the younger ones at least had some way of protecting themselves, so each student pays for their armor and a bokken now. Turns out that over the years, this little Dojo of yours has helped to at least make some minor improvements to the place as a whole. Honestly, you really should be patting yourself on the back. Not only did you open up a new place in this struggling little dreary town, but you also managed to become a Shinigami, AND your little dojo has started helping people live more stable lives."

Croisima chuckled at that, looking up at the ceiling of the first floor, nostalgia filling her eyes as she leaned against the wall. "You know..this wasn't the point of making the Dojo. It just..Kendo had been the only passion I actually had time for before I..well..came here. I spent my whole life trying to build the place, and died before I could. So it's just nice to see this dream know?" Unfortunately, before Angelo could respond, something made a rather loud dinging noise. That was her Denreishinki. She sighed deeply as she pulled it out. Yep. She was being called back.

"Well..this was nice. But I have to go now. Let Masaki know that he needs to remember to sleep and eat every once in a while, alright?" And just like that, she was gone. It would still be an hour or two before she got back..but it was nice to have been here at all.


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Application Checklist
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Will Skills
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  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: This was a really nice app to read. Everything felt really nice to read, and I have no problems with the app itself. Welcome to PH!
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