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 Era Skalt

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Race Spec Here:

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]


Enter The Shinigami

I. Basic Information

» Name: Era Skalt
» Alias: Thorina. The Mad One.
» Age: 1000
» Gender: Female

» Association: Gotei United, 1st Division.

» Appearance Written: Era is a 5'11 girl, with short pink hair, and sapphire blue eyes. She is mostly sized for her height, with nothing that is out of the ordinary. Were it not for the orange hair that is kept - like everything else - immaculate as if intense effort goes into it every day, she wouldn't stand out from the crowd at all.

Aside from the Shihakusho that seems to have been washed and ironed every day, the undershirt she wears has a heart-shaped cut-out around her clavicle and a large hammer strapped to her back, as well as a pair of gloves. They are pink, because she thinks that pink is most cute. When she starts to get into a fight, her muscles bulge in a disproportionate manner as the adrenaline gets agitated and stimulates her body beyond its natural ability to compensate. Extended combat causes her to get bloodshot eyes, and red skin as the extended bloodflow colours her skin.

When not agitated, she maintains a nice body, toned muscles through not to obvious but enough to notice at a glance, and she is clearly a little proud of them since her Shihakusho is short-sleeved as if to try and show off the muscles she has. Her shoes are nearly always a set of hard-wearing boots that are well polished, but in varying degrees of wear until they become so worn that the next time she is seen they are sparkly and new. She goes through the boots pretty quickly, so this cycle is a monthly thing of new boots, degrading boots, degraded boots, new boots. Like the Moon.

» Appearance Image:

I. Personality

» Personality: Era is a woman of two things. One, of what she used to be, and the other of how she is now. Older people may have been privy to both, whereas newer people will only know her by her modern persona.

Originally, she was a woman who had ambition to rise and become strong, but it was a tempered ambition. One that few were eminently aware of. She was open to conversation and a friendly woman to most people who would approach her. While she had little time for people who wished to make her the butt of their jokes and dealt with abject bullying pretty harshly, there wasn't much to fault her about, and one could get along nicely. She had a good grasp on technique in combat, used her sword with finesse and did not take the enemy for granted. Focused on the ultimate goal of victory. She had a strong sense of loyalty to her squad and squadmates, and would try to help then whenever she could, but not to a point where she was overbearing. There was a solid balancing act that she managed to do, both in rest and in the field. Her personality was such that she was debating learning some Kaido to help stabilize injured people on the field.

The more modern persona however, is one of restrained lunacy. Seemingly unable to stay still for more than a few moments, Era is constantly abuzz with manic energy, zipping from one place to another, talking quickly and abundantly, having a broad grin in whatever she is doing, and always offering to help a person, possibly overbearingly as her motion and unbridled enthusiasm can be pressuring for those not used to it or not mentally prepared for it. For people who can handle her, she quickly makes friends because the unabashed and unrestrained presence can easily slot herself into people’s lives. As hard as it can be to be around her sometimes, she is a great boon to have around.

However, there is a certain Shinigami for who her tongue gets tied. Her talking resembles more rambling than anything else and her face turned red from the sight. She has on more than one occasion tripped over her own feet as nervous energy is added to the manic energy she possesses in droves. He is fair bit her junior - part of her anxiety around him - and has an air of civilized grace to him, softly spoken and often keeping to himself. He is the complete opposite of her, but that does not drive her away, and instead only entices her more. If only she could find the words.

She fights with the same manic energy as she does everything with. Like a bee with a sledgehammer, she smashes her way through a fight with force and unceasing activity. To stop for a moment is to admit defeat, and she will never admit defeat while she is still alive to power the constant action. Vigor is the forefront and indeed only front most times, as there are times she can do little more than push forward, the foe to great for anything other than a stubborn determination.

This activity does not fuel itself, and so Era can be find often with foods of any variety that you can carry. She doesn't like to share it often because she really enjoys the action of eating, plus she needs a lot of food to keep herself powered, but when a person is hungry or looks like they need to eat and talk, then she will lend out her food for them so that they might feel the comforting and vigorous hand of Era!

Friends who get to know her well learn of a well-hidden regret, a softly spoken despair over the current state of affairs. She wished to keep her old thoughts, her old dreams, and her old state of activity. While she has kept the same ambition and the same loyalty - Kaido is out of her hands these days but she did learn medical arts - to her friends and her squad, they are dealt with in a way that she dislikes. And all she can do is make the most of it, because she would not give up her Zanpaktou for such simple relief.

While some might see her as having a short attention span, this is somewhat erroneous, since she can give a topic a fierce degree of attention for a considerable length of time. The trick is for her to have multiple things to give that focus to, such as in combat she can keep track of multiple facets of the battle with ease. The problem comes when there is only one facet of something to keep track of. She gives it such intense focus that the returns don’t satisfy her and she finds something else with more facets. She definitely has a poor memory, however, as she moves faster than she thinks and other things struggle to keep up.
I. History

» History: Era was born in Lærdalsøyri, a small town in Norway, and as much as her mother tried, there was no way to avoid her father’s influence on her young life. Her mother, wanted Era to grow up as a properly lady, but her father was far more common - a simple blacksmith who worked the family forge - and encouraged her to do what she wanted, to live as heartily as she could. And so she did, falling in with a young woman who was smitten with local legends, and started many fights to prove her strength and mimic the acts of the heroes. Era became somewhat of a childhood rival, but soon distanced from that life as she decided to help her father at the forge. She was their only child - not for a lack of trying - and it was on her to help out.

Era was somewhat glad for this distance, as her old friend had become tall, sturdy and brawny. A woman that Era would most love to avoid fighting if at all possible. The tales of strength and skill survived long after her departure, such that the mighty man that was her father had to step in and protect Era when her relation became known. But this need became less and less as Era matured, and became a strong, skilled blacksmith of her own right. This, became her life. And her life, became rather uneventful. She worked the forge for thirty years alongside her father, who was far too stubborn to retire. The day he went to bed and never woke was a hard day, and the sword she made from her sorrow sold well. Better than well even, as it attracted the attention of the local Hersir and would later go down in history as one of the legendary Ulfberht.

The Hersir was a gentle man through the grieving, but as a new year dawned, he came and introduced his son. The intent was clear, and though Era mocked him for being more business man than warrior, she still liked his humor, his nature to listen politely even in matters he had no stake or knowledge of, and how he handled a cooking ladle. That, surprised him, but he admitted to having a passion towards it from a young age, and a mother stern enough to browbeat her father’s attempts to stand in the way. It was a most strange relationship, but one Era enjoyed. While Era did a man’s job in the forge, Sven did a woman’s job in the kitchen. And nobody said anything because Era was still a muscular woman with a large hammer and no issue using it if it was needed.

Era and Sven eventually courted, married, and gained five children. While not strong and content to deal with simple matters, Sven’s stamina in the bedroom was unmatched. As was the grace of his heart when Era’s mother passed away. The two lived to see their children grow up, one taking to the forges alongside Era, one marrying a Jarl, two joining the army, and one taking to a hard life of adventure as a sea-bound trader. But, eventually even the hottest of fires must dim, and Era passed in her sleep like her father did, followed only a few days later by Sven. Skalds claimed his heart could not bare the passing of his beloved wife, and took a few days to sort out his affairs, before releasing his grasp on the chain of life, and following his beloved to wherever she might go.

Unfortunately, they did not go to the resting place of those whose lives were of non-combative use to society, and instead went to the Soul Society. Seperate by a dozen districts of the Rukongai and stripped of memory, Era and Sven were destined to never see another again. As while Sven’s past life called to him and he took over a small business in the 14th district, the thrumming ring of anvil beat a new song in Era’s soul. Somewhat pampered by a childhood in the 2nd district, Era still had a decent build because her heart compelled her to help out with the manual labour of shops, and gaining the rewards of free sweets and snacks that came with this. When a nameless beast came to her in her sleep and told her that the song of the anvil in her heart predicted her future, she first spent a few days trying to understand what it meant by that, and then joined the Shin’o Academy, to become a Shinigami. Having crafted over a thousand blades in her previous life, Era was connected to the life and death of them, and her Zanjutsu lessons took off with abloom. The rest was average, one’s fists were to make, not to strike, and so Hakuda did not call to her. Kido was an eldritch thing she could never grasp truly, and Hoho was decent but never outstanding. With her grades as they were, nothing standing out about them aside from her bladework, she graduated and was she was sent to join the 11th squad, with a few others in her class that had tried to bully the new girl and caught the end of her complete lack of patience for such people very quickly. In this squad of violence and strength, Era grew stronger, but kept her civil streak, maintaining a highly coveted skill to politely bash a person’s head in with a bamboo practice sword.

Her strength and skill netted her a Seated position within the first decade of service, and she used that to protect the underlings from the bullying attention of the others. Through several bouts, official and unofficial, she gained the begrudging respect of the unseated, and established herself as a fair woman. Such internal politics did not go unnoticed, and her training was accelerated so that she might be given more authority to lend better weight to her words. One day, as she woke to greet the new day, a pair of gloves had manifested. Her sword - which had fleeting conversation to give her, and was the source of daily Jizen - explained they were a taste of what was to come. With them on, she felt strong, and it was more than a feeling as she demonstrated in the training grounds. This was considered a good sign and she was given the lead of a small patrol to the Living World, hunting Hollows. Here her first real battle experience allowed her to demonstrate her Zanjutsu. She accepted the moderate ability she had with the other things, and focused her time and effort into learning that. Járngreipr, her new gauntlets, and her physical training allowed her to prevail spendildly over the Hollows, and all was good.

Calamity happened in the World of the Living, and the truly fantastic went out to fight the truly abominable. The great Commander, who’s face and presence Era had become so used to in the time she had served, passed away while combating Ender, and Era’s heart cried for his passing. Not enough to be part of these outings, Era took multiple extra patrols to cover the need for people who were absent, defending the world. And through these actions, the world was changing. Spiritual Awareness was becoming far more normal than it had ever been, many more people were seeing her out on her patrols, and also many more hollows were coming while these patrols were happening. Larger groups, and stronger beasts, Era eventually came across a mighty Gillian and it’s friends. Her bladework was not enough to achieve victory here, and only through passion and zeal did she manage to survive the first encounter. The wounded Gillian fled, and Era returned to see to her wounds.

This was a catalyst for change, although she was unaware of just how much change was coming. Under a cherry blossom tree, Era’s Jizen finally broke through to see herself reflected true in the blade, and the broad-shouldered man that was her spirit became known to her, as Mjolnir. Grasping her Shikai granted her new courage, and she returned to the land of the Living, to patrol anew. And this new patrol brought her face to face with the Gillian again, stomping around like it owned the place. Era was here to show it that it did not own the place, and held out her hammer.

“Strike The Anvil, Mjolnir!” came the cry, and her sword transformed into a mighty Hammer, with which to smite her enemies. The gauntlets supercharged her adrenal glands, and kept their production at an extreme rate to ensure she was constantly topped up, and with the massively heavy weapon at her disposal, she smashed the Gillian to pieces, cleansing it’s soul and reducing it to nothing. It's friends tried to rally to his defence, but they were blown away by cartridges within the head that let out thunderous roar of power when they struck and liquefied the hollows with sheer kinetic force. Feeling slightly maniacal from the juice rushing through her system and then general state of post-battle high, Era sealed her Zanpaktou and got back to the patrol. Or, at least, tried to seal her Zanpaktou. Something, was wrong. Her energy billowed from her in waves and refused any command to tapper down and seal. To stop being released. Frantic as failures mounted, the mindset crippled her control and the flood of adrenals and fear overwhelmed her mind, turning her into a rabid monstrous thing. Only when she burned out her energy and collapsed from the exhaustion was she found and recovered, in a devastated wasteland of hollow corpses.

The next few weeks were a hellish thing. Her body and mind were not designed to withstand the adrenals on a constant basis, and so her mentality was eroded and her grasp on reality weakened until it was barely anything at all. She didn’t know when they took her to the prison from the hospital, the world melding away in a constant flush of unbridled vigor. She never slept, but rather passed out, because she was to riled to ever rest for a moment until she could go no further, and it hampered her appearance and her already ragged mentality even further. This was hell, her hell that she was going to have to live for the rest of her life. In the darkest moments she screamed to the void to end her life and free her from this nightmare. Years passed in this existence, her voice hoarse from screaming and her eyes raw from crying. Until one day she awoke and there was something new. Strange feeling additions attached to her adrenal glands. The feeling of a frantic need to move was still there, but it wasn’t overwhelming, it wasn’t all consuming. For the first time in years she could think again. And that provoked hysterical relief.

Eventually, she was calmed enough to have the situation explained to her. The past week and a half, Prototype Cybermind Cybernetics were made and attached to regulate her adrenal output, helping her recover from the unforeseen side-effects of her constant release. While it would need to be perfected, made a reliable thing that could be replaced if it broke, this was what she had. The most surprising thing however, was that the several years of hell were not even a month. Her perception of time was completely shot over the course of being ran to exhaustion every day by her power. Feeling maniacally exhausted, Era collapsed into a coma, and slept for a month.

After this catastrophe, Era took another few months to recover from the damage done during it, but the soft zeal that forged Era into a strong Shingami was multiplied several fold by this, and she had an extremely firm drive in this day and age. There was permanent damage, however. Her attention span was shot, her personality driven to extremes, her ability to remember things hampered, and an increased need to eat to stay sated. Fair compensation for being...she couldn’t even remember what it was that was all the trouble. Her mind was like a sieve that would hold no water. Which was no problem at all, all she had to do was get out there and make new memories! Surprising everyone who had been privy to what she had gone through, Era went out into the world and met it with zeal and passion. An overwhelming amount of zeal and passion, in fact. The more content, serene people of the Seiretei could no longer deal with her, and made sure that her activity was taken elsewhere, to people more used to that.

The people who did manage to stay around here were a woman she got in close with due to her pink hair, and a bearded man called Arkin The Immortal. Study and vigorous, Era had the man as a drinking buddy and the pink haired woman as a sparring partner, which really worked out well since her skin was the strength of rock and Era’s enhanced strength could make sparring difficult for her. With these new people and her new personality, she leapt into activity, crashing through life with the tact of a wrecking ball. She took many patrols to burn off her energy, and also took to training with her Shikai. It had interesting powers that really resonated with her soul. In her off time, she even took to the forges to beat out metalwork with surprising ease. Something about wielding a hammer over an anvil felt comfortable. Like breathing…

Regaining her skill in the forge, and further sharpening her skills and power, Era picked up a new technique while out on patrol. The Hollows were growing even further in number, and she often found herself outnumbered - but never outgunned, with Mjolnir by her side - but always burning with passion. A pale aura sheathed her body, her strength grew even further, and hollows were smashed and sundered. This power - later realized as Touki, the manifestation of her fighting spirit - was a good thing to go along with her Zanpaktou. But due to it’s addition, she never used it against people she sparred against.

It was about this time where she saw a new Shinigami about the place. He had an air of mystery, seemed a smooth and suave man that instantly hit Era in the heart. She tried to talk to him, but her stammered words when she got any out at all were not noticed by him. So instead she just tried to entice him with food. And so she send him a lot of food whenever she could get her hands on it. Eventually he would come to her and they would talk over food and she could finally actually talk to the man rather than just flushing deep red and feeling her heart beat in her chest. She didn’t even know why she felt like that, he just looked so cool and she wanted to be his friend.

She was able to carry this on even as the Hollow presence escalated into a full-blown war. Hollows came through in the millions, and cities were scoured from the Earth. Whenever Era would come to a battlefield, precise Hammerjutsu and great vim in all things, Hollows died. But there was always more hollows, and Era would find herself becoming a target for the hollow side. One day while fighting off a large incursion, an exceptional Hollow would appear and the two would engage in a fight. Though it lasted a while and the clashing was fierce, Era was outmatched and slowly pushed back, wounded deeper and deeper. Her hammer’s abilities let her survive, but not match him, and so her survive was in doubt with every passing second. Laying, bleeding against a wall, panting heavily and running off her fumes, she crushed the creature’s side with the power of her Touki, red rage billowing from her and stunning the beast with the potency of her feelings, and then stunning him further as the power of her heart was given to the power of her arm and they delivered a crippling blow when melded as once. This had earned a moment’s reprieve for Era, but she had no idea what she would do with this hard-earned reward. The question was soon answered however, as In that moment, Mjolnir would come to her and whisper a secret twenty years in the making. The iconic Right Of Captaincy, that which was required to head one of the thirteen divisions. The power of Bankai.

In the moment as the hollow regenerated his wounds, she looked inside herself, found the glowing coal of passion, and ignited it, her reiatsu exploding ferociously across the city as her Zanpakuto underwent it’s second release. Pink became red, benevolent support became malevolent destruction, and a firm belt across her waist, the mighty Megingjoro. Her already considerable strength doubled from the donning of this belt, and with a new suite of destruction-focused powers, Era dealt the Hollow a blow he could not recover from, and sent him away the the Soul Cycle. With the Bankai at her side, she then cleared the rest of the city of Hollow attackers, and stood victorious of the pile of death and rubble that was the city now. It was a furiously earned victory.

With the unlocking of her Bankai and progression to that tier of power, Era was given bigger, more impactful assignments that saw her sharpen her skills against foes far greater than any before. The war climaxed and ended, and Era found herself a highly skilled veteran from it, having gone through the crucible of fire and come out the most powerful woman she could. This power would aid her as the Demonic Incursion came to Soul Society, and they would not find Era wanting. Standing at the forefront, striking down demon after demon, she became inundated with blood and bodies, the ground unsteady as she raked the ranks coming against her. She began to tire after a long while, her hammer growing heavier, her thoughts pushing only to the next foe. She burned through her Bankai’s energy, exhausted herself, and pushed on, using her Shikai until finally...there were no more foes.

Standing on the field of death, a statue of fatigue, the energy that roared constantly, was blissfully muted. And the Soul Society had finally reached the end of it’s greatest crisis yet. Not that it was safe, the divisions had suffered immensely, and the very buildings were smashed to rubble. The Gotei reformed and united into a new banner, and Era was shifted to the first division, the Combat Division, where she could do the most good. Era’s first major debut was to stand by her Captain’s side as the prisoners of the Maggot’s nest pushed out of their bindings and struck out. Ibiki was magnificent in her fight, and Era pushed thrice as hard now she was under her, to be worthy of the inspiration.

The insurrection was a strange, interesting thing. Era questioned the morality of her usual tactics against such human foes, and questioned again if they were to capture these men alive to put them back or simply punish their escape with the ultimate sentence. So she simply battered them to a bloody pulp with the bludgeoning power of her hammer but kept them alive for smarter people to decide the fate of.

Like a most sturdy beast, the crisis was over, and Era rested before getting back into her duties. The interesting, mysterious man had survived the War, the Incursion, and the Breakout, which was most good. She was happy, exceptionally happy, and everyone in the Combat Division knew it as Era buzzed about the place, scarcely standing in one spot before moving to the next, a tornado of activity. The members of the Combat Division were well taught by now ancient weapons expert. Life, was frenzied but good. However, rising tensions lead the Gotei to engage in another War. And so Era roused herself again, her heart roaring and her hammer thirsting for new skulls to break.

I. Natural Abilities

Touki: Literally meaning 'Fighting Spirit', Touki is the solidification of a person's desire to engage in combat. Victory, defeat, even reason are secondary to one's Touki, and while some might have a stronger heart when fighting for something, others have just as strong passion simply for the thrill of the moment. As it is the manifestation of offensive Passion, it requires a minimum of Willpower Advanced to fuel the burning fire that is present.

As a manifestation of one's desire to stove another guy's head in, it is a very offensive-based power, and even if one has the Willpower required to manifest it, there will be nothing to manifest if the person in question is a peaceful type or one that sees violence as a last resort. Once manifested, coats the body in a pale aura, and enhances the strength of the person, the scale of which is determined by Willpower, but without proper guidance in the form of techniques, even a GM Willpower will only see a modest boost.

Much like one's own passion, Touki is not infinite and can run dry with extended use. The time you can use it depends on the level of Willpower you have.

Advanced: 4 posts
Elite: 6 posts
Master: 8 posts
Grandmaster: 10 posts

Hammer Soul: Era’s soul is in the shape of a Hammer, such is her love for the forge. A passion renewed as she worked in the Soul Society forges, Era woke a sleeping beast and in doing so regained and sharpened the abilities of the past. This allowed her to become a phenomenal blacksmith, capable of forging some of the greatest metalwork known to man or mer, and even granting her the ability to forge things while imbuing the essence of emotion into it. The words of the heart bind metal more fiercely than any fire could ever hope to, and so are sort after with reckless abandon by those who know.

This, also binds Era’s soul to that of anything remotely considered a Hammer. Her flow of reiatsu is aligned perfectly in this instance, and she may channel it through any such hammer, however shoddy and improvised it may be. Such channeling grants it strength and brings out it’s best qualities, able to pound any steel with the courage of a hammer forged by one as skilled as Era herself.

Supreme Endurance: One does not turn into a venerable, ever-moving whirlwind of activity for centuries without the body adapting and growing from that. The modern Era is capable of acting at peak physical capability for a highly extended period before feeling a strain. This helps her with swinging an inordinately weighted hammer about the place as her main form of combat.

Strength Of Aesir: While her strength is enhanced considerably from several factors, it stands that even when stripped of all of this, Era is a physically imposing and robust woman. Between her work at the forge, on the field, and in training, Era is not one to slack in the vigorous charge forward towards ultimate might.

I. Racial Abilities

» Racial Abilities:

Shunpo: While starting with an adequate grasp of this, Era managed to grow and become more proficient at Shunpo than she started. While hardly a venerable sage of the art, she has refined Shunpo over many centuries of practice to become solidly skilled at it. Most of the tricks and abilities that can be learned without mastery have been learned by Era, and those of the highest echelon will probably remain out of her reach until effort resounding can be thrust towards.

Kido: While Era had a mind to learn Kido when she was younger, her Shikai put an end to this. The spiritual energy is a whole new beast, and not something she has any hope of grasping enough to use the intricate nature of Kido, Kaido, or other things. Which is unfortunate, but she deals with it.

Hakuda: Not Era’s thing, she still learned it to a respectable degree to have a backup in case she needed the skill to punch some guy in the face. It is something she has picked up more because of how old she is and how often she has been in combat situations and the combat squads, more than something she is good at and has a desire to improve with.

Zanjutsu: Era’s baby. Having been born with the sword of a thousand forged blades, Era was linked to their existence as she was her own hands. At the first grasp of the hilt, Era was a Queen of the Arena, and the millennia since then has done nothing to slow her progress. Zanjutsu sits at the top of the tallest mountain in her mind as the only thing to have survived the frantic desire to constant beactive, forced upon her by her Shikai. While weaponry is involved, to grasp in her hands or forge from ore, she is focused and steely in her determination. Forever, and ever, pushing forward, both in improving her skill, and the usage of such skill.

I. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Mjolnir

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: As Spirits go, Mjolnir is a simple being. He strikes a human figure, standing taller than Era, a firm 6ft, with broad shoulders and firm chest. He mirrors her father greatly, as they were both well built blacksmiths of renown. His hair is short and blond, and his mighty beard the same colour, as well as some unnaturally coloured blonde eyes. He is clad in a scaled armour that fits firmly to his body, and this is all Era can ever remember him wearing, for her Shikai is on constantly.

Her Bankai does not change him much. Merely a great red cloak billowing out of the back of his armour, and a winged helm atop his head. His hair and beard grow in length and regality, such that all might stand in amazement.

» Inner World: A glorious city floating through infinite space, Era finds the towers and spires of glistening gold and silver to be a marvel. She often comes here to witness beauty and majesty, and to know that there are sights in the world worth fighting a thousand years for. From these towers and spires jumps Mjolnir, in an attempt to impress or shock Era when she comes, depending on his current mood.

» Zanpakutô Appearance: Era’s Zanpaktou is a Constant Shikai, so it is constantly in it’s Shikai appearance. Though, the Sealed Powers manifest as a pair of metallic hand-wraps covering her wrist, palm and opisthenar, the indelicately named back of your hand.

» Zanpakutô Personality: Mjolnir speaks warmly and softly, though Era gets the feeling he does so by restraining himself, rather than because it is natural. He is of endless patience and is always ready to sit and listen to Era talk in a rapid and disjointed manner for hours to give her someone to talk to. He often stands still or sits so that Era may pace around him while she speaks, and interrupts only to prompt when she loses her train of thought after deviating too far from it.

Though, he still looks to himself on occasion, and to the amusement of them both. The great towers of the Inner World provide sport for him to leap from and appear before his Shinigami with great, sudden alarum. He may also challenge her to tests of might and skill, be it a simple wrestle of the arm, or a race to ascend the tall towers of his world. There is always fun to be had with Era. Which is one boon of her new mind.

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power: Járngreipr grants strength in abundance. Empowered Era’s muscles with spiritual energy from Mjolnir’s pool, the woman has what she calls a Third Hand when it comes to her strength. A secondary power is that Járngreipr allows Era to lift things far beyond her own strength, though throwing and moving must be done under her own.

Mjolnir itself benefits most highly from this power, as the Zanpaktou is unfathomably heavy. Ranking in as possibly the heaviest Zanpaktou to ever exist to those who do not own it, even Era feels the mighty weight of Mjolnir, and her Iron Gripper gauntlets help her mitigate this, so she does not exhaust herself in a few instances.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: “Strike The Anvil”

» Shikai Appearance: Era’s Zanpaktou has changed forever more into it’s form as a great Hammer. Though this form is not a form that is solid and unchanging. Instead, she may switch it between two. The first is a short-handed hammer with a broad head for it’s size. Though small, it does not lack in power and weight with which to smite her foes with, but it is easy to swing and allows Era fluid strikes in tight situations.

The second form is one of a full sledgehammer. It’s handle is great and it’s head firm. It is with this hammer that Era battered her way into the annals of history. The head is cut away to reveal some strange rotary barrel and pink catridges within it, and all who fight against and with Era are well aware of the reason behind this.

» Shikai Abilities: On release, Jarngreipr is enhanced, feeding Era with physical enhancements as well as spiritual ones. This increased the potency of her adrenal glands and feeds them to a constant production, allowing Era even broader strength. Such is the strength and force of her hammer that she may blast through resistance to blunt and bludgeoning damage by stint of scale. Beings of a gelatinous nature are hit in such a way to fracture and splatter them across the floor and walls and ceiling and next door's cat.

As for the Hammer itself, it has an ability symbolic of it’s namesake and that of Era’s most heartfelt desire. The ability of it’s namesake is one that allows it to release a shock of solid kinetic energy from the hammerhead upon impact, creating a resounding, thunderous boom that sounds as if the Gods have thrown bolts from the Heaven, and feels the same way to boot. Her Hammer has enough shells for four shots, at which point a three post reload is enacted. When she truly requires it, multiple shells may be ejected at the same time.

As for the powers coming from Era’s own heart, they are detailed below. Only one aura might be enacted at a time, and Strikes require two posts between use:

Aura - Furnace-Forged Steel: As a hammer comes down upon heated metal, the anvil rings with the song of craftsmanship, and all is well in the Kingdom. Hammer-beaten plate may save the life of a warrior in the field, so he may come home. Era’s Hammer may create an aura that increases the protective defences of those she calls allies within her reiatsu. This grants every being a one-step increase in Durability, up to Elite, or a 20% increase in durability at Master and above.

Aura - Ulfberht Sings: The mightest of blades forged by the greatest of smiths, these marvels of ancient metallurgy stand head and shoulders above the rest of their kin, and lesser blades might look on with envy and fear. Era’sHammer may create an aura that increases the offensive power of weapons wielded by those she calls allies within her reiatsu. This grants every being the ability to reduce durability by one step, or a 20% decrease in durability at Master and Above.

Strike - Rework The Metal: A pot today may be a dozen horseshoes tomorrow, as is required by those who pay the Blacksmith’s price, and all things metal wax and wane as the Smith commands. Era’s Hammer may strike an object and change one of it’s properties up to 50%. Be it heavier, lighter, sharper, or duller, denser or more brittle, all things fall under the Blacksmith’s Hammer.

Strike - Reforge The Shatter: All metal corrodes, breaks and cracks. It is down to the Blacksmith to use his talents to make the object whole again, so that it might serve once more upon the field. Era’s Hammer may strike an object and repair damage done to it, up to 35% of it’s total structural integrity. This may apply metaphysically to a person’s durability or defensive powers to counteract debuffs, but may not be applied to the person’s own wounds. A Hammer can not knit flesh and set bones, after all.

Strike - The Loyalty Of A Hammer: All Blacksmiths are well bound with their hammers. After ten thousand swings upon an anvil, they know every aspect of it, and it will always return to their hand once lost. Using this, Era can call her Hammer back to her hand if she is ever disarmed or otherwise loses her grasp of it. This power can also be used to call the Hammer to return should she decide to leverage it’s impressive weight and throw it at a person.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Release Phrase: Bankai

» Bankai Appearance: Era is simple, as a Blacksmith is simple. Though he may craft swords for Lords and Kings, his work is a humble one, and he beds down after a day of labour with soot-stained hands. Thus, Era’s Bankai does not change in appearance at all from her Shikai, except to change in colour from the cute and benevolent pink to a harsh and malevolent red.

» Bankai Abilities: As a passive, Era’s Bankai - Slange Drapet Mjolnir - grants her a glittering golden belt called Megingjoro, and it’s weight increases by half again it’s normal weight. Megingjoro, “Power Belt”, compensates for this by granting Era incredible strength to wield the great form of Mjolnir and slay all Giants and Serpents that come before her. The pink rounds within the head turn a menacing red, and the thunderous force in which they inject into a person’s body increases with leaps and bounds, to gaining kinship with the mightest of storms. While the Shikai powers embody the benevolent aid a Hammer can give, the Bankai powers show the malevolent destruction that one might unleash with a Hammer, detailed below.

Aura - Unfirm Horseshoe: One must always pay respects to their Blacksmith, for he can cause your death to seem a simple accident. A slightly different hammering of the metal in your horseshoe, and it will shatter when brought to a gallop, casting horse and rider to the ground and causing immense injury, when not outright killing both. Blossoming from Era’s Hammer, this aura causes all enemies that is cause within her reiatsu to lose one rank in General Speed, or 20% decrease at Master and above.

Aura - Blazing Forge: The heat of the forge takes many years to adapt to, and those who enter unbidden and unprepared feel themselves quickly drained by the oppressive blaze that comes from the furnace. Oppressed by the stare of the unbowed Blacksmith who grows taller as you shrink from the heat. With this Aura, Era’s hammer forces all post-based forms to spend 2 posts activating rather than one, and another two posts every five to remain active.

Strike - Vincible Shield: All metal that is beaten into shape, may be beaten out of shape by the force of a mighty Hammer. And behind the shield is but flesh and bone. This Strike halves the effectiveness of any defensive powers or spells that it hits. If Era’s Strength is higher than the rating of the power, it instead sunders 75% of the power’s effectiveness.

Strike - The Shattering Hammer: A Hammer may break many things as easily as it moulds them into shape. For the Hammer sits at the apex of primal destruction, weight and muscle availing what no other simple weapon can. This Strike deals triple damage to Constructs, Creations and Objects.

Strike - The Pounding Thunder: A Hammer upon an anvil can sound like rolling thunder if struck with force. This Strike is an interesting one as Mjolnir and Era combine to create it. When used, it enhances the force behind her cartridges twofold and sounds the roar of thunder across the land.

I. Shikokai

[NOTE: This form is restricted until 0-3, and is not usually granted upon approval. This is ONLY for pureblood Shinigami! Refer to the racial specs for more information]

» Shikokai Release Phrase: [What is your shinigami's release phrase?]

» Shikokai Release Action: [Does your Shinigami do any physical action to release their Shikokai? Feel free to remove this.]

» Shikokai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released in their Shikokai?]

» Shikokai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami attain in Shikokai?]

I. Equipment

» Equipment: A specialized Cybermind Cybernetic to regulate the adrenal flow of Era’s Shikai. It can be turned off to gain the full benefits of her Shikai, but extended periods of deactivation can drive her towards manic, hectic action that harrows her mind and drives her to the hectic insanity.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Kidō: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Zanjutsu: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Hakuda: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

I. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample: [Please show us how you role play by either posting a previous post from another site or creating a new one. We do this so we know your RP skill. If you already have an accepted, you need not do another RP sample]


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