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 Nakami Yui [APPROVED 0-5+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Nakami Yui [APPROVED 0-5+]   Thu Nov 17, 2011 6:16 am



Nakami Yui

Appearance Age:

True Age:


Nakami isn't like your typical person you would find. She is very confined, likes to make herself isolated from the outside world. She doesn't trust a lot of people and many people consider her as a 'loner'. Generally, she is always the calm, collected type of person. However, while she is a loner in a sense, she chooses herself to be that way. Her general attitude more aiming towards isolating herself from the outside world so she can gain some peace from the loud things known as human beings. Due to such a attitude, she doesn't like fighting at all. If anything, she'd rather avoid it. When the time comes, however, she knows when to be serious. The few people she actually can tolerate, she usually is very, still calm, but she is more fun and happy around them; being people like Setsudan. Despite being the leader of a sector in the vizard corps, she doesn't consider herself a leader type.



Under 60kg.



Shape shifting:
Throughout her entire being of a shinigami, all the way through being a vizard and even to this present day; she has attained the ability to be able to morph into any physical shape she can imagine. This can go from things like, to other people, to objects such as a rock. However, she cannot morph into anything MASSIVELY huge. The maximum size she can morph would be able to morph is into a human sized body. However, when she enters these different bodies she does not take on any other people's attributes, she doesn't gain their abilities. She can morph into anyone she so wished, she could morph into anything within her imagination. Be it a beard, anything.

Insane speed:
Since becoming a shinigami all through vizard, she was always very profound for her speed and swordsman ship skills. Compared to most people, she is capable of reaching amazing speeds in sealed form. She is even capable of reaching speeds such as 600km/h with no trouble. She see's herself capable of keeping up even with the fastest people in the world, she is not someone who can easily be shrugged off for speed.

Weapons expert:
Nakami is said to be one of the vizard corps best with the way of weapons. She knows all about them, she also often comes into contact with the Ziamichi weapons expert Hakura and discusses them with him.



Tamashī & Suraisā


Zanpakutō World:

Release Phrase:
Binding winds, break upon the earth and shatter upon sky. Release your fury, Tamashi Suraisa.


Shikai Appearance:
Nakami's appearance changes a little however; it's more the blades that change. What happens is, when she enters shikai each blade has a long chain which drapes from the hilt of each sword. The blade stays it's stays relatively normal, rather the each reach of the blade has grown by nearly 100cm, becoming now around 150cm long in total on each blade. Normally Nakami is seen using only one of these at a time, a massive cross holster now appearing on her back. Her clothes are a little torn at the front, a corset tightening her waist while a striped shirt is word underneath, ripped so you can completely see her stomach. Black shorts are cut off just below the groin area with thigh high black stockings, striped with pink and her normal shoes.

Intense speed:
Ever since entering shikai, the speed boost has become absolutely insane. She goes from a considerable pace to being able to run at speeds such as 1500km per hour at peak during shikai. This isn't a speed that should be taken lightly, for it can end you rather quickly as well with her technique in combination with such wonderful speed.

Enhanced Durability:
As the title says, she becomes rather durable with shikai. She can withstand most hits from opponents, such as a punch to the gut at moderate strength from Hakai, even. However it would still hurt like a bitch.

At her will, she can use the chains that are on the hilt of her Zanpakutō for all sorts of different attacks. These chains are typically around 30 centimetres long at first, but at her own will she can extent them for up to 500meters long if she so wishes. Typically, these chains are used to distract the opponent, bind them and maybe even act like whips on them. They can easily sweep the legs out from somebody and cause them pain in multiple ways. While the chains may look like your typical, considerably thin, chains... they are not. These chains are near impossible to break and have the durability of a high level bakudo for binding. Even if you were able to shatter the chains, they will reform back together within the next few posts. She can whip the chains around in any direction she wants, whether it be from different directions at one time, or just a frontal assault. That's not all, however, if the chains were to wrap around your body and attempt to bind you, it would also burn away at your skin. Yes, at Nakami's will she can raise the heat of the chains to amazing temperatures, capable of burning the skin completely away from the person if it is left on them for to long.

Strike down chain:
Essentially this is a simple add on to her normal chains. While they do as said above, she can also create sharp, 10 centimetre long, spikes that spurt out from all area's over the chain. If wrapped around someone, this can particularly be dangerous as they could get impaled many, many times. With using as a whip, it would easily rip the skin apart easier than if it was normal. This is often used in conjunction with the skin burning technique, tearing a person open and burning them severely. It is not something that should be messed with or taken lightly, especially once it is used in conjunction with her speed.

B A N K A I | Description

Bankai Appearance:

Bankai Abilities:
Nakami's abilities are based around morphing, so when it comes to morphing she can stay in whatever form for as long as she likes. Even when partially morphing (explained in ying and yang) she can stay in it for as long as she likes. It takes one whole post before she can morph into a different state, making her body free for an entire post.

Enhanced speed:
Upon entering bankai, Nakami gains a massive speed boost. She can keep up with a lot of fast people, even if they are above her level tier wise. She can run 100 meters in under 6 seconds and keep going past that before feeling tired or fatigued.

Enhanced reflex's
When bankai is actived, her slim structure normally is not just for show. She has insane reflex's and can react extremely quickly to an attack or anything. She is also quite adaptive to her environments and her opponents way of fighting.

Ying and yang power:
From all the ying and yang symbols, she can make them glow all different colors. Once they begin glowing she can activate certain parts of her morphs, say she only want to activate the legs of her speed morph, she could activate that and it would give her a speed boost. However, it wouldn't be as fast as her actual speed morph. Not only that, but she can activate two morph parts at once. She could activate power arms and speed legs, however as with speed it would be dimmed down, and so would the power. He can even make her arms speedy and the powerful legs. However, she can't do this with her robot state.

If she was to gain the full effects of a certain morph, she would need to change into one of the morphs.

Supīdomōfu (speed morph) :
Once this mode is activated her body becomes engulfed in a black looking material, covering her face and everything. She has red dots that run up the masks area, but no eye holes. While it may look like she cannot see, she can see perfectly if not better. Once this is activated her vision becomes enhanced and can see objects from 10 kilometers away as if they were right in front of her. Not only this, but she gains a massive speed boost.

Her arms can travel so fast when throwing punches it is crazy, however not so fast that you cannot see them. She can throw attacks at 150 kilometres an hour if not faster at her opponent while she can run at 200 kilometers an hour within a flick of her legs. However, there are drawbacks to this. While she is speedy her power is lacking which makes room for speed. However, Nakami is found to be using her speed to advantage and using her momentum to make up for the lack of power.

Dengen mōfu (power morph) :
Upon activating this form, she grows a rather interesting looking suit. It Looks rather muscular and doesn't even look like it belongs to a women anymore. The suit looks rather weird, it has a blue glow up it's back, chest and eyes. This morph makes Nakami a whole lot more powerful. If she was to take on someone she could just obliterate them with a amazing amount of strength. She would be able to lift up to 10 ton and ditch it at the opponent.

While in this form though, she lacks speed and is quite sluggish, but still retains good reflex's. She only goes into this form when fighting against people in a macho man battle. Usually she can adapt into any situation as well.

Tatsuya the inner hollow

Inner Hollow Description:
Inner Hollow Personality:
For an inner hollow, this one is particularly unique. The inner hollow takes sides with Suraisa and believes in protecting people with all the power they have. At the same time, being nice and having polite manners towards them. However, at heart she is still a hollow and eggs on Nakami to kill the opponent quickly. But that is the opposite of what Nakami likes.

Hollow Mask Appearance:

Hollow Powers:
As a standard energy blast, it consists of firing a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at the target. While in most cases it is fired from the mouth, some Arrancar and Vizard are capable of firing Cero from their hands, fingers and other parts of their bodies.

Gran rey cero (May delete, depending on tier given):
It is performed by mixing an Espada/Vizard's own blood with the Cero. The result is a Cero with a much greater attack power and speed as well as a change of color unique to the character. Nakami's gran rey cero is purple.. It is also many times more powerful than a normal Cero, capable of disturbing the fabric of space, it also seems to spin like a razor upon release as it compresses and decompresses due to the sheer speed and raw power.

While the technique is not nearly as powerful as a Cero, its speed is 20 times faster and allows for it to be fired in quick repetition. In addition, it possesses more concussive force than a Cero does.

It is the Arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami Flash Steps and the Quincy Hirenkyaku; it allows the user to travel at incredibly high speeds for short distances. Use of Sonído is punctuated by a brief static sound. Nakami uses sonido in place of shunpo.

High speed regeneration (My delete, depending on tier given):
is the ability that allows a Hollow to heal most injuries very quickly, with the exception of the destruction of the head or vital organs.


Resurrección Appearance:
Resurrección Abilities:

Racial Skills
  • Hoho/Sonido: Advanced
  • Cero/Bala/Kidō: Adept
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Beginner


~Chapter one: Troublesome life~

Throughout her whole life, even as she was a teenager, her parents beat her. As soon as she stepped one foot out of line, she was beaten with something hard or their hands. Nakami despised her parents for this, numerous amounts of times, she tried to retaliate but it just made things worse. Even at school, 843 years ago, she was beaten, teased not only by children but by teachers. Her family was rich, they didn't know the troubles of being poor. She only had one friend, his name? Hakura Kenzo. He was the only person who stood up for her, he was the only person that managed to get on her good side and be there for her. One day, she was at home. Her family were out at on the town, everyone having a family outing. Hakura had come over and they were just talking, talking about life how her family has punished her through beatings, through torture. This went on for hours and hours. Soon, Nakami realised... her parents weren't home. It was weird, leaving Nakami alone in the house for so long with a guy. Her body was tense, she was worried for her family, but why? All they did was beat her, did they not? It was a crazy thing, but she couldn't help the feeling they were in trouble. Walking down the local street, a crowd of people enshrouded around like a circle, like a bunch of vultures hanging around a dead corpse. Only... it was people. Dead. Laying on the floor. Their lifeless bodies drained with blood onto the floor.

Nakami's eyes widened tremendously, how could someone or something do this? In the middle of town, how did nobody see it? It was a mystery to everyone. Tears came to her eyes before she began to run away from the scene, tears rolling down her cheeks. It may have seemed weird for her to be crying though, they were her family yes, but they were so cruel to her. Automatically, she ran back home and sat in a corner, thousands of tears rolled down her face dripping onto the cold cement inside the house. Nakami was so scared, she didn't know what to do or how to act to such a murder.

Walking into the bathroom, Nakami filled up the sink with water and made sure no water escaped. Placing her face in is, she kept her head held down into the water. She was now cold and expressionless on the floor. She was motionless, not a single movement... she was dead. However, something unexpected to her happened. She felt reborn, a new being. A chain was progressing out of her chest, what was she? Was she a ghost? These were the questions she constantly asked herself. Before she knew it, a man with long dark hair appeared in front of her and said softly,

"You are to be taken to soul society" His voice was cold and deep, it echoed throughout the entire stone house.

"S-Soul society?" within the blink of an eye, the man had drawn his sword and placed the hilt of it on Nakami's forehead, particles flew off her as she was absorbed into thin air.

~Chapter two: Awakening~

300 hundred years had passed, and by then Nakami had began her training for a shinigami. She had entered the academy near soon when she was transported to soul society. The reason for becoming a Shinigami was simple; to fight. She wanted revenge on everyone, and everything. She didn't care what it was. She just wanted to kill and kill and kill. Once Nakami was accepted as a shinigami, she applied for the 11th division due to them being fighting division. She got in on her first shot and Zaraki Kenpachi-taichou held high hopes for her. She trained, and trained constantly pulling in the back of her mind her anger, sadness and loneliness into her fighting. One day, she was called out to be sent on assignment. The assignment was simple, capture or kill the bandits that stole a rare treasure from the grasps of soul society. Going out with her squad, she lead the way. Her Zanpakutō was grasped in her right hand, held by her right hip. As they reached the area, the whole place was destroyed; blood splattered everywhere. What was going on?

Nakami was worried, it was only her first few months in the division and she was faced with such an assignment? That was crazy! He stood there, within a flash, across Nakami's back she had a slash all the way across horizontally. Blood seeped out as she became weary, she was not about to lose yet! The man held a mask on his face, but yet a shinigami outfit? It was like nothing she had seen or heard of before. Charging in, she used shunpo to close the gap between the two aiming a slice straight across the man's stomach. It was a success! Only... there were no wounds. It slid straight across the man's stomach like steel on steel. Once she finished, Nakami turned around to see the destruction she had caused but nothing had happened. No blood, nothing!

Her eyes widened tremendously, the sword hit and she knew it. Still drowned in wonder, her eyes were focused on the Zanpakutō in her right hand. Before she knew it, a slice was across he stomach and she quickly and harshly fell to the floor. Half of her face became engulfed in a white mask like material, it was hard. Suddenly, as she laid on the ground a thought hit her. Nakami remembered a briefing someone had told her about rouge shinigami taken on the form of a hollow after a experiment by a mad man who betrayed soul society, she wandered if the same was happening to her.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Nakami Yui [APPROVED 0-5+]   Thu Nov 17, 2011 8:09 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes: Frost gave me permission to give this 0 tier
Tier: 0-5+

[ T H E P R O T E C T O R ]

[ O F I  R A M A S H A I S L A N D ]
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Unarchiving for the time being, so I can still use her but work on a new version in WIP.


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Nakami Yui [APPROVED 0-5+]
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