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 Shatari Yuudeshi [APPROVED, 3-1++] [Hidden Experienced Class]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Shatari Yuudeshi [APPROVED, 3-1++] [Hidden Experienced Class]   Shatari Yuudeshi  [APPROVED, 3-1++] [Hidden Experienced Class] EmptyFri Jun 29, 2012 2:14 am

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» Name: Shatari Yuudeshi
» Titles: The Banshee Fiend of Karakura
» Age: 15
» Gender: Female
» Height: Four foot eleven
» Weight: Ninety Pounds.
» Affiliation/Rank: Yuudeshi Clan
» Job: Rocker/Student

» Residence: At the moment, Shatari currently resides within The Yuudeshi Clan throughout their different bases of operation in the Karakura Forest and Karakura Central area's. However, she can often be found in Karakura City as she has many types of performance gigs in related to her guitar skills. Therefore, for the time being, this is her home until she decides to explore more territory outside of the walls of this city.

» Appearance Description:

x Hair: Shatari has the signature white hair of Yuudeshi Clan members who originate from Shadin's bloodline. It's length extends downwards around her shoulder; with two bangs hanging very loosely around her upper back section. Moreover, she keeps her hair in an upwards ponytail that has two beads attached it. One is purple in color, while the other is sky blue. This is just for superfical purposes. Also, on a more unrelated note, she is quite proud of her hair's look because she takes great pride in the origins of her clan. If this hair style was good enough for Shadin? Heh, it was good enough for her.

x Eyes: Shatari has sky blue pupils with black iris's. So, judging from this somewhat outstanding color, this is a rather dominant trait in her outward appearance as these are some of the first things that stick out to a person. That is, if she isn't wearing her rocker get-up. Additionally, she does somewhat wishes that her eyes were gem green like Shadin Yuudeshi, or Dark Red like Hiseo Yuudeshi. In fact, she wouldn't mind having any of the colors that any of the Yuudeshi Clan's founding fathers had. On the flip side, though, she figures her mother's gene's are probably good enough to warrant her not feeling too bad about this. After all, it's somewhat rare in this day and age to even have your parents around with the constant threat of war.

x Rocker Attire: If you haven't guessed it by now, Shatari is the type of person who loves to dress in anything related to the rocker scene. Often time she is scene in anything that has tight jeans, studded wristbands, skulls, stripes, boots, guitars and any related to these types of clothing. Furthermore, she also finds the time to somehow get all of her clothes to match in color. As, usually, she often wears outfits that are black, purple or sky blue in color with the occasional white here and there. This is due to the fact she really likes to make everything about her appearance match with her natural body traits; to keep up with the fashion scene, at least.

Shatari Yuudeshi  [APPROVED, 3-1++] [Hidden Experienced Class] Image4295-1

» Personality:

x Big Dreamer: At the moment, Shatari desires to become one of the strongest females in the Yuudeshi Clan. That means she is willing to do whatever it takes, within reason, to reach her true potential. If it helps her get stronger, Shatashi will do it. Rather it involves immense studying of some hidden art lost in the ruins of an ancient civilians, fighting against one of the strongest beings in the universe, having to do twenty laps around the globe within a period of time or if just means learning self-discipline; Shatashi has a strong spirit inside of her that wishes to guide her towards obtaining a pure sense of power. She won't tarnish her clan's name in the sake power, she will not walk down the path of injustice power, she will not betray those who she holds dear power nor' will she be tempted by any other "dirty" means of getting stronger. She wants to take this journey all by herself, on her two feet, until she becomes one of the greats of the Yuudeshi Clan and possibly even the world.

x Guitar Skills: Ever since Shatashi was but a little girl, she's always had a strange knack for packing up on anything with a good thrash to it. After hearing her first rock song, it just became natural for her to want to emulate those kinds of sounds of herself. So, since the age of five years old, Shatari has been trying to increase her musical skills. She's spent countless hours training her vocals, figuring the in's and out's of guitar playing, watching some of the best legends from over the past 500 years from the cyber web and trying to figure out what it takes to become a musical genius. She can't quite put her finger on where her talents lay at the moment, but she figures she could start her own band at this point if she were able to find the right persons to collab with. Therefore, she has great hope in this aspect of her life in the coming years. After all, if her first dream doesn't happen, there is nothing written in the books that she can't become a rock star. Hell, she might even be able to become BOTH.

x Affinity For Music: Shatashi has this trait in her since the early days of her childhood. The minute she puts on any type of music, the sounds, beats, styles and soul of it begins to effect her mind and body to the point where it can alter her mood quite easily. For instance, if she is in bed and listening to something depressive, her mood can swift quite quickly from cheerful, to downright blue in a matter of minutes. In a more positive situation, she can use music to her advantage if she is playing any sort of tunes while in the middle of combatant. An example of this would be if she was listening to some heavy metal song while taking on an opponent, she could gain the extra willpower needed in order to overcome any sort of problem and see her way to victory with her new found mental energy. Therefore, this affinity for music is quite the personality asset that can make her happy, angered, saddened, lost, confused and almost any possible emotion under the sun. In short, the sounds of music is a very powerful tool to her.

x Confident: Shatashi is a rather confident person. Or rather, confidence in herself. She tends to have great faith in her abilities, the skills needed in order to come out victorious in battle, the will to bend fate itself to her advantage and essentially she has a very high-self esteem above herself. However, like any teenager, this tends to get the better of her at times. From time to time, if she is getting too into herself, she can often overlook things she might miss should Shatashi get too cocky. Not one to brag, Shatashi's over confidence simply leads her to believe not a single bad thing will happen to her, despite the immense of pain she sees on the daily bases from those in and outside of Karakura in order to keep the balance going. It's just a mental mind-block her brain has in order to prevent all types of failures from ever playing in her mind. After all, there is no point in worrying about failure when you can just anticipate the sweet feeling of victory and sucess in your head.

x Energized: Well she isn't the most loudest or preppiest person there is, Shatashi is in no way short on energy. In almost anything she does, she usually throws her seemly endless supply of mental energy into it. Some say she can tend to over focus on things, but she prefers to think of herself as a super computer that will unlock the secrets of this world one day. So, in that regard, Shatari is a rather diligent person. Though, in some cases, she may tend to focus on one thing too much and forget everything she was doing before. It doesn't happen often, but this could lead to worse results if she is in combat and only focused on one type of style, one type of attack from an opponent or one form of defense. Therefore, this is something she'll need to learn how to fix or adjust whenever the time comes. It can be a useful personality trait, but it can also be a disadvantage at times if she puts too much effort into one objective.

x Above-Average Intelligence: By no means is Shatari a genius, but she isn't dumb as a sag of rocks either. Through all her constant studying, high grades in school and very focused mind; Shatari is actually pretty knowledgeable for her age. She knows how to make use of what little powers she does have at the moment in order to have major effects on the battlefield around her when this is used in the middle of combatant. So, by having a quick-witted mind, she constantly tries to keep fights in her favor by staying within a mile radius of some sort of electric power source to amp her powers. If that fails? Carry an external device. Moreover, on a more personal level, she also tends to give pretty good advice for some of her peers whenever they are getting too emotional over something. If one of her friends ends up getting depressed over a break-up, for example, she'll often use her witts to figure out remedies for it by giving them natural herbs to perk their mood, sage advice to just avoid relationships until their older or have time to actually grow and just live life while their young and don't have responsibility to the world. Really, all of this really makes her pretty bright for just a thirteen year old girl.

x Adventurous: Unlike most girls her age, Shatari is actually pretty curious about the world around her. She is well aware of what occurs outside of Karakura Central or the protection of The Yudueshi Clan, but there has got to be more to life then just staying confined to these city walls. Sure, she may have traveled to different places to train her Chi Powers, but those were strictly monitored and only meant to enhance her power while being suffocated by family. Therefore, soon, Shatari wishes to venture outside of these walls that have imprisoned her for as long as she can remember and explore the lands outside of Karakura Central. It might be risky, but so everything that is good or fun in life. You better live while you can, then regret when you get old. And, with the new set of powers Shatari has obtained during her training over the past year, it's very likely she could even hold her own against whatever threats await her in the great beyond that lays in the world waiting to be discovered all around her.

x Enjoying Life: Overall, though, Shatashi seems to be enjoying her teenage life. Despite the unstable status of the world she was born in, she tends to find excitement, mystery, action and fun in almost every move she makes. Not a day goes by where she isn't grateful to be alive, to be born into a loving family, to have the powers she does and the potential to exceed her limits. Therefore, life as a teenage Yuudeshi is pretty good for this girl. With the dawn of high school approaching, the time for her to finally be trained more proficiently in the art of combat and the warmth of finding new companionship in the form of friends; Shatashi is ready to take anything life has to throw her way. With her trust guitar, confident deposition, focused nature and big dreams in her head; she has many things motivating her to do her very best in almost any given situation. So, instead of the typical sob story most hear from this day and age, Shatshi uses her good fortune in order to propel faster, harder and stronger then most who take the worse life has to offer. Will this change in the future? Only time will tell.

x Alignment: At the moment, Shatari has no real sense structured or unorganized justice. Instead, if anything, she believes everyone should be treated fairly. Even those who are of the Demon or Hollow variety would get a fair chance to redeem themselves in her eyes; should their stories match up with the event that has occurred to otherwise question her trust in them. Even those within her clan would be subject to this kind of treatment if they did some horrendous act such as mass murder for no reason, abusing their powers for their own gain or otherwise causing pain to others. She is unbiased, does the best she can do to the better the world within her power and is ready to help others in need if the situation calls upon her to do so. She'll work with the highest chains of authority within the Yuudeshi Clan, to the lowest commoner in the streets of Karakura Central itself. Therefore, unlike most in the Yuudeshi Clan, she is considered to be a neutral good force who isn't blinded by biased nature for the most part.


Shatari Yuudeshi  [APPROVED, 3-1++] [Hidden Experienced Class] Image4294-1


» Chi Powers:

x Electric User: After an intense training session in the winter of 2411, Shatari was able to learn her first element; electricity. By making use of inner chi, she is able to transform it into an art that is known as a lightning bending. She is able to easily generate electricity from within herself by using Chi Energy as a source, augmenting it with her spiritual energy and even being able to manipulate some forms of electricity that isn't even generated in her. So, if she is in a place such as Karakura Central, this is typically the best type of environmental for her to do combatant in as she doesn't drain easily here when compared to places that are lacking in electrical forces. However, the main limitations of this ability is that she may have to find external resource to recharger herself as previously stated. This can get pretty dicey if she is stuck in the forest without any source of power to suck up. In addition to that, her electricity may sometimes drain her of energy if it is generated from herself. Therefore, with these two drawbacks in mind, Katashi has to think very carefully about how often she uses this special power of hers.

x Geppo & Natural Speed: This is Shatari's second trait; speed. While she may not be the fastest thing around with two legs, yet, the girl is quite adept when it comes to Geppo. Her natural speed is enough to outrun most types of professional runners easily at base, while if she decides to get a bit more serious, it's very possible she could surpass the speeds of a cheetah and even most types of average hover cars going one hundred on the skyway. With Geppo, for short periods of time, she is able to augment her speed by two times and hit the ground running. This makes it very difficult for most types of opponents to make direct hits on her, increases her overall senses while in this Geppo state and even allows for her to fire off attack's or summon energy at much faster rates while in this state of super-speed. It's a very useful technique to have and one she can use quite often thanks to her knowledge of Chi. The only real drawback of this is that she needs ot be physically fit to sustain it and may need to stop every now and again in order to regroup her senses.

x Useful Vindeca: Thanks to this trait, Shatari is able to quickly recover from most types of basic injury. Most things ranging from cuts, bruises, sores, 1st to 3rd degree burns and things of this nature can easily be repaired when using her Vindeca within the span of one post. Additionally, in the more long-term, Shatari is able to even repair broken bones, repair organs and even restore her own blood if given enough time to recover. This can range anywhere from one to five post. And, if pushed to the limit, it may even be possible for her to eventually regenerate her own limbs after a thread is over or if enough post have passed; something to the akin of five to ten post. So, this healing treat is not something to be taken lightly. It can even be used on others in to restore small chunks of their energy, heal basic injuries and get them back in the fight for the most part if she decides to use this on people other then herself.

x Proficient Tekkai: With this skill under her built, Shatari is able to have naturally augmented durability and defense that gives her a bit more edge in a fight in order to take damage. Despite being a little girl, Shatari surmises she can take quite a beating with Tekkai if came down to it. With all of her muscles strengthen with her Chi Energy, her skin reinforced to take more damage then normal and having more increased endurance then most types of human's who do not have Chi; Shatari's Tekkai is a valuable asset if she has to take one for the team. There is even a special effect to where Shatari says; "Grind it out", she puts an ability into effect that lowers the damage of most attacks by ten to twenty percent; regardless of tier. More often then not, though, stronger opponents will usually have five to ten percent of their attacks reduced. Meaning, those on one or zero tier are likely to get away with having less damage. While those on two to four tier can have anywhere from ten to twenty percent of their overall damage reduced.

x Yang Serge: This is one of Shatari's serious tactic's. If an opponent is too strong for her other abilities, she will often resort to using Yang Serge in order to make a dent in them. In the past, it has been show to be able to at least mow down a basic hollow or tow if she is given enough time to charge her attack. Usually, if she has two post to charge it, it can even take out two city blocks easily. Additionally, she can also turn this into a rapid fire type of technique make like an Arrancar's cero by simply removing some of the energy that is used to make it at full power, add more speed to it and fire it off at great rates of speed at an opponent in order to overwhelm them. And, based on how well based her personality is along with her nature, her Yang Serge can typically be augmented by two times in most situations. So, when charging up for that attack, if she is in a good frame of mind ,it would even be possible to extend that damage to roughly four city block's. The only drawbacks is, obviously, the drain it takes on her energy supply.

x Spiritual & Chi Energy: Alongside her Chi Energy, Shatari is able to make use of spiritual energy in order to augment these two forces together to make her attacks, energy, speed, durability and strength stronger then if she were just using Chi Alone. This is thanks to her Yuudeshi genes to where she is able to access the Spiritual part of her powers so early. With this additional power source, it allows Shatari to stay in a fight that much longer then if she were reduced to only her natural traits + Chi Energy. It also allows her to levitate and fly if her electric powers should fail or be deemed un-usable. Simply by manipulating reishi in the air, or by just using her Chi Energy, she is able to fly at very fast speeds and for extended periods of time without much difficultly. It really comes in handy as a back-up if one or the other fails and she will use it to further her own powers as time goes on to hopefully unlock her first Soul State as well since she's already entered into the realm of spiritual energy.


Shatari Yuudeshi  [APPROVED, 3-1++] [Hidden Experienced Class] Image4297-1

x Background: Shatashi was born into the Yuudeshi Clan nearly fourteen years ago on a cold winters eve. The day was December 10th, 2398 and her birth was in Karakura Hospital. It didn't take long for the labor to occur thanks to the major advancements in medical technology. So Shatashi's mother, Shatasha Yuudeshi, and her father, Zojo Yuudeshi, had got to see their lively young daughter in a matter of minutes after labor. There were no complications to the mother, the baby was extremely healthy and the birth was a complete success. So, with waves of relief washing over both of the parents, Shatasha had held her beautiful daughter in her arms with the utmost care. Injuring about his newborn daughter, the father had pondered what the mother was going to name it. After a brief pause for a minute or two, Shatasha let out a caring smile and said to her husband that she would name their daughter..."Shatashi Yuudeshi". It was very similar to her own name, yet it rang very similarly to the one "Shadin Yuudeshi" so long as it had that "Sha" sound within it.

Now, with both of the parents seeming quite content with the name that was thought up for their new born child, they would leave the hospital that day in order to travel to their loving home with Shatashi. From there, they would raise her to keep an open mind on most subjects. During her baby years, they'd often play all types of different musical collections to her as they figured having an open mind first starts with having a diverse music taste. Therefore, some of the songs that they played for their daughter had ranged from ambient music, others had more rock theme's to them, some were trance-like, many had soothing lullaby's and alot more even had hints of electronic type beats to them. However, what would stick the most with their daughter would be the sounds of guitars. As she would grow into toddler, she would constantly be glued to whatever sound had the strings of guitars being played in it. In fact, once her parents had began to discover this trait, they'd even allow holographic projections of all sorts of child-friendly concrete's play in her crib.

So, as time would go on, Shatari was heavily influenced by music. Whenever it entered her ears, it would bring her great delight, harmony and relaxation. And, depending on the type of music, it could even effect her mood. By the age of five, she was already having this trait beginning to surface in herself. It would apply to most music that entered into her soul; rather it be Progressive Metal, Punk, Reggae, Shoegaze, Dance, Downtempo, Jazz, Ambient or any type of new music, something would always effect her. Moreover, as a result of her early years, the largest affinity for any type of genre would be good ol' Rock. Something about the vocals, the jamming of guitars and the release of the true-self through aggressive music always struck a cord within the strings of Shatari's own heart. The rhythm of it all just synced perfectly and she needed to recreate this musical genius for herself.

And so, at the age of five, Shatari would begin to learn how to play the guitar and manage her own vocals. It took many years for this skill to get half-way decent, but she had the determination needed in order to master this instrument and be taken somewhat seriously a hopeful musician. In her own time she was able to write dozens of songs, spend countless hours practicing what it took to be a good guitarist and overall taking the steps needed at an early age to obtain her life-long dream. Yet, by the time she hit seven, another serious passion would be engraved into this punk heart of hers. Both of her parents figured it was finally time for her to begin learning what her clan was really about at the core of it's being: fighting. Therefore, they would go on long camping trips across the world in order to bring about her powers. Intrigued by all of this, Shatari would begin to adapt her one-track mind into becoming a befitting Yuudeshi for her age in order to met her own goal, make both of her parents proud and seize the dawn of the day.

So, throughout many different sessions, Shatari had began to unlock the basic's of human nature of the next year. From her mother, father and others in her family; they would have playful and low-stress training exercises with Shatari in order to bring about her Chi Powers. Through these next three trying years she would obtain an adept-enough knowledge about this art. By studying immeasurable amounts of knowledge about the art of Chi during her first year; she was able to grasp a basic enough knowledge about it in order to know the in's and out's of it. Well, as much as an eight year could, anyway. After that point, it was only a matter of time before she'd dedicate most of her time into meditation in order to channel the chi in her body to awaken at a rather early age. From there, those within her immediateness family would begin to train her how to utilize the different techniques of Chi Energy such as Geppo, Tekkai and Vindeca.

By the time her third year hit and she was ten years, most of the basic moves of this art had been effectively learned by Shatari. Her energy may not have matched, but she at least knew how to hold her own against a very basic type of hollow or demon so that she wouldn't be easily slaughtered if she got lost in Karakura Forest. Likewise, in those three years, her guitar and vocal skills had taken a similar jump to where she was even performing small-time gigs across Karakura Central at the age of only ten years old, out-performing those in a constant series of talent contest and beginning to get her name out there in the musical world. So, this was a very rising time for her as both her combat knowledge and musical artistry were coming to full circle. As the next year would go on, she would become one of the top focused students in the next few grades based on her seriously centralized personality, her rock show's were starting to get some attention by youth in the city and she had finally learned how to generate a Yang Surge powerful enough to possibly slay a demon or two if charged long enough.

All in all, things were going rather swimmingly until she stumbled upon her next goal in life: to become one of the strongest Yuudeshi in the clan. By the time 2410 had rolled around, there were constant reports about Shadin Yuudeshi and Zin Yuudeshi going into the lines of war on the constant bases. Watching these news reports closely, she began to find others in Karakura Central keeping up the fight against the forces of evil who were known as Sin Fall, The Kokuryuteshi and Nuevo Espada at the time. They seemed to be very terrible people who Shatari would hope she'd be able to defeat in battle if the time had come for her to join her families war against these creeps. So, watching all the figure heads in her clan go all out on the streets, in the news and even directly in front of her own eyes within the woodlands of Karkaura Forest; Shatari made it her goal to become one of the strongest females in the clan in order to do her part to make this planet a better place for her own future children to live in.

So, in the winter of 2410, Shatari had began a more serious session of training without the aid of her parents. Based on the reading from her power from her own internal self, Shatari did not yet believe she possessed the potential needed in order to obtain a Soul State. However, at the very least, Shatari possessed the traits needed in order to craft some basic powers to arm herself. So, throughout the months of November, December, January and Feburary of the 2410-2411 winter season, Shatari had began to see her electric powers began to steadily come to her. Apparently, thanks to Shadin's gene's, she was able to have this unique power come to her by the time the first of the year had rolled her. It allowed her to freely generate, manipulate and control electricity for either short duration's of time or limited quantities.

Eventually, as more time would press on, she even had perfected this skill to the point where it could be used like a yin serge and char the hell out of all types of baddies that she would encounter. So, with a very able electric skill under her belt, Shatari would then begin to work on her overall speed. Beforehand, she was able to be countered very easily by those in her earlier age bracket since she wasn't too concerned with being the fastest. However, after hearing the many tales of The Beast of Karakura in this period, Shatari wanted to perfect her own speed and reach a high-enough speed to where she wouldn't be considered an easy target. And so, within this span of time, she even increased her overall speed to the point where she would outrun most times of Shinigami in the Shino Academy. A feat that she displayed easily enough when doing a sprinting session across Karakura Central; challenging one of the officers who patrolled this city to a race in the process and beating him by a hair.

Thus, with that victory under her belt, she would see similar successes in her music career. At this point in her life, near the end of 2011, she had reached enough ability in her guitar-skills to where she was now getting constantly paid to perform at parties, back-up stage acts and throughout different types of youth-clubs throughout Karkaura Central. Therefore, she had become self-sufficient thanks to her musical hobby and was able to claim her first job at the age of 13 or so. Now able to bring in resources to the Yuudeshi Clan, beginning to call herself a true story and finding new horizons for her musical career; the only thing left to do now is to advance her traits even further for the year 2412. She senses great things to come out of this year as she enters her 14th year of living in December of 2412. There is something within every fiber of her being screaming that this is going to be a year of great gains, great advancements, great successes and a large amount of growth as she enters her high school career and puts one massive foot forward towards achieving her dreams.


Shatari Yuudeshi  [APPROVED, 3-1++] [Hidden Experienced Class] Image4299-1

Will Skills

x Willpower/Determination: Advanced
x Mental Deduction: Adept
x Pain Endurance: Beginner
x Focus: Advanced

General Skills

x Speed: Master
x Strength: Adept
x Durability: Adept
x Weapon Skill : Adept

Chi Skills

x Geppo: Adept
x Vindeca : Adept
x Tekkai : Adept
x Yang Surge: Beginner
Shatari Yuudeshi  [APPROVED, 3-1++] [Hidden Experienced Class] Spr_B2W2_Roxie

Shatari Yuudeshi  [APPROVED, 3-1++] [Hidden Experienced Class] WVMWLOu

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