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 Michael's Demon Fist Style & Changing some other things.

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Michael's Demon Fist Style & Changing some other things.   Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:33 am

Demon Fist Style: Michael, after his fight with the Moon God, Moonie, had quite a bit of time to think as he was recovering from his injuries, which were extensive. As he thought about how his opponent thought, he knew that he had to be using some kind of marital art style to increase his power and only after some looking into Nature Iramasha he realized that most of them had very similar kind of fighting styles. Michael then realized that they were using their form of energy to augment the strength of their punches and kicks to much higher levels. Michael then started to work on making a style similar to their fighting style, and using his Za Koa skill instead of their Nature Energy.

Demon Break: Michael often uses this when he doesn't want to go to his Blood State but still needs to add more power to his punches. He does this by using his Advanced Mastery in Za Koa to focus a small amount of the demon energy to increase the mass of his fists, but not the weight, at this moment it can increase the force of a single one of Michael's punches or kicks by two times. This technique is never left on very long periods of time, and is usually turned on and off as needed to keep Michael from draining him of his energy. This technique though, when it is used along with his Blood State makes Michael's strength to insane levels without as much risk to his body, allowing him to do serious damage to even the most durable opponent if they are not prepared.

Demon Shatter: Michael created this technique for a single purpose, to break though defensive abilities with ease. This ability is an upgraded version of his Demon Break, but he uses nearly twice the amount and then compresses it even farther down making it more of an explosive release on contact. This attack works because it sends the Za Koa energy into the target, like a bullet flying out of a barrel of a gun, and it then waits less then a second before expanding rapidly causing the structure of the defensive techique to weaken over all, which then allows Michael's brute strength to break the rest of the way though. This of course is subject to the fact that if the Za Koa energy can even get though the object in the first place, so if Michael's injection doesn't work then the explosive ability will only have the basic effect of Michael's Demon Break.

Demon Deflect: Michael making up for the loss of his armor, which he willing sacrificed to increase his regenerative ability to massive levels. He created a simple system which again works off his Za Koa skill, which creates a barrier around Michael's hand. Then using his brute strength allows him to re-direct or even reflect full energy based attacks. This goes from Kidō to Cero and anything in between, though this is very much based on his Za Koa skill and his strength to how well he can deflect or re-direct something. If his Za Koa skill is not high enough the barrier will shatter and then leave his strength pointless, and if his strength is not high enough he will take the full extent of the attack.

A Bag of Blood: Michael with the help of some of the members of Shadow Fall, removed all of Michael's major organs, including his heart and lungs. How does Michael keep living then? Michael due to his Blood Pupperty ability, keeps his blood moving though his body and effectively adds more Oxygen to his blood then his lungs, which removed the point of them being in his body. This allows Michael to be stabbed in places that most demons or people would not, including in the chest. This of course still damages his skin and muscles but it would not damage any organs as none are there. The space in Michael's chest and abs was filled with more of his muscle, increasing Michael's strength in his legs and upper body. The only major organs that were not removed was his brain and eyes.

Michael, as stated before, will be giving up one of his Atma Vatou which gave him a extremely durable armor, which was approved to have the durability of a Zanpaktou and using the same system as the Arrancar will give it up along with his natural "Hierro" for the equivalent regenerative properties. I am going off what JJ had told me when it comes to this kind of thing, and he told me that I could fully regenerate my whole body in a single post (this is if my brain is still intact) this means that I could fully regenerate my body, from minor wounds to major limb loss in a single post or less. Minor wounds to Moderate wounds will take less then a post, while major and limb loss will take a full post. This ability is completely passive, so unlike the rest of Michael's abilities it doesn't require blood but it can be speed up by Michael's Regeneration ability. This of course doesn't allow Michael to run around without risk, as it does take energy to regenerate the wounds, but it is proportional to what was done. It is a lot easier for Michael to regenerate a sword in his chest then it is to lose an arm, unless he grabs that arm and puts it back on the shoulder, then it is just reattaching the nerves and such.

This forces me to lower my Akuma Kyōdo state to Beginner level, and under the approval of Gin I am increasing my Za Koa Skill to Master level to make it so in stat wise I don't lose a teir, sacrificing a Advanced to increase one Advanced to a Master. I do believe that is fair.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Michael's Demon Fist Style & Changing some other things.   Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:58 am

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Michael's Demon Fist Style & Changing some other things.
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