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 A Sudden Entrance (OPEN TO ALL)

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The feet of a rather young individual dressed in a distinct outfit pushed of against the base of the ground sending a mild echo with every step he took; his deep black eyes glared ahead as he walked casually towards the central area of Karakura. His attire was nothing close to what the shinigami wore since he was discharged after his departure to a foreign city. Nevertheless his looked for the future and aimed to one day regain his positions but till tell he wore a red shirt accompanied by black jeans that still allowed for extensive movement. His crimson, red hair hovered high above his head as he bared no notice to the people around him, his red aura shot up around him as he aimed to attract attention, he knew he would!

Numerous organizations had originated from Karakura and nevertheless the sudden spike in energy readings of this specific area would attract people to him in a matter of seconds. He had been crazy to do this, any spiked energy readings simply declared war on every faction that laid among the corners of the central! That wasn't his style. He simply watched as he awaited the arrival of any individual in the vicinity who had sensed his presence. His spiritual pressure simultaneously shot up as he edged back and sent another burst of crimson Reiatsu into the area. His father, had based the vizard corps in this specific area thus without a doubt they would be attracted by the raise in temperature. He looked dead ahead, he hated waiting but he knew that it was inevitable.

The night was young, the sun had only just set which made the crimson Reiatsu seem even more tense and sinister as it hovered through the area. He had a confident little smirk on his face accompanied by a swift, relaxed stance as he inhaled. His ribs along side the lungs expanded as his blade and liquid sheath re-appeared on his back. The sheath was somewhat liquid reiatsu which would be permeable from the inside but rather durable from the outside. The base of his attire began to deteriorate as his whole appearance began to change; even though he had left the soul society, he had a distinctive new attire that looked somewhat similar to his previous shinigami uniform. He wore a crimson attire that looked like what the shinigami wore, two lines streaked from each base of his shoulder bone until they reached his waist.

His attire had changed completely and he looked more of a new version of a shinigami than anything; he looked ahead as his fluttered in the night air. A black cloak formed around his body that was accompanied by the same red lines all of which merged. His right hand reached back as he clenched the firm red and black sheath that had lead to his recognizable Zanpakutō. He awaited the arrival of others, this would indeed be interesting...

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A Sudden Entrance (OPEN TO ALL)
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