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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2419, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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Karakura Forest

Once you leave Karakura Central, you'll enter a large dense forest area. There are lots of trees, a lake that leads into a river, and a strange field of flowers located in the center. However, once you get towards the end of it, that's where you begin to see more Hollows. It's still amazing that some of the Shinigami were able to protect this area
The Cybermind, The Shark Shed
3933375Guitars Cease Na...
Mon Jun 10, 2019 8:52 am
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Karakura Central

Formerly known as Karakura Town, Karakura Central is split up into 3 different districts. The first one is known as Karakura City. Karakura City consists of very futuristic buildings, highways/skyways, parks, train systems, and many other resources. There are also mostly dome-shaped houses as you leave the city and head towards the more suburban area. The city is also protected by an invisible dome-shaped shield that is set to kill or injure most Arrancar, Demons or Hollows before they can even set foot in the city. Most low-level species of those races will be vaporized on sight once they touch it. Mid-level beasts of each race can break a hole in the sphere, but it will quickly patch the hole and the authorities, along with the Soul Society, will be alerted instantly. And finally, High-level Demon or Arrancar characters can easily sneak in as long as they don't unleash their reitsu. There is also a beefed up shinigami presence in all 3 districts.

The other two districts are known as Sukai Karakura, which is a sky city located 10,000 feet above Karakura City and connected to Karakura through two ten mile wide tunnels that transport people into the center of Sukai Karakura and Underground Karakura. Underground Karakura, as the names implies, the underground section of Karakura. It is still in the process of being built, but is livable and open to the public.


Karakura City, Imaginary District, Sukai Karakura, Underground Karakura, Outskirts of Karakura, The Market
8688468The Devil Went D...
Today at 12:06 am
Iori[Chronos] View latest post
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Ayuka Wagama

Once a small fishing town, Ayuka Wagama exploded into a large city based on tourism. People there can expect many zoos holding animals extinct anywhere else, pristine clean beaches, and wildlife sanctuaries of all biomes. Next to a beautiful white beach, all races come here and unlike Karakura, the level of hold is quite loose, allowing for a feeling of carefree joy to rule. The city produces large amounts of a special chemical in the air that is harmless and usually undetectable but wards of hollows as it causes headaches and imagined pain to whatever hollow wanders in. Arrancar who come visit typically are able to survive the chemicals due to a high spiritual power but eventually also have headaches and must leave the vicinity to recover. The beaches are lined with a beautiful reef, using advanced human technology along with null alchemy to provide life and a place of entertainment towards all races.
Sandy Beach, Wagama Park
22350Sometimes you He...
Sun Jun 09, 2019 5:05 pm
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Saburo City

320 Miles away from Karakura Central is a semi-large town that resemebles a broken down 21st century urban city. Some buildings look much newer depending on what district you go in, while others are still damaged from the war against hollow's and demon's that took place many years ago. Most decided to simply flee away to Karakura Central, while must stubborn local's were determined to stay and keep their city alive for as long as possible.

The city has no protection against hollow's or demon's aside from a mysterious group of local's that place temporary seals all throughout each side of the town to protect from any evil force from getting in. That does not mean, however, that there haven't been attack's on the city before. Infact, if you go to some of the abandoned area's in the city you will still see bodies scattered throughout the streets from previous attack's on Saburo City.

Town Square, Abandoned District (Area X), The 'Burbs, Outskirts Of Saburo City
39373Step Lightly (T...
Sat Jun 15, 2019 11:27 am
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Minatumi Harbour

A large harbour town where boat’s of all shapes and sizes dock to relieve their goods at the Fleet plaza. Because of the increase in hover vehicles, the need for marine transport is low. However, the city has a great pride in their work and assist in getting people across continents the old fashioned way. The place is set into the side of the countryside right next to a beach. The hills around are peaceful and the sands nearby are calm with crabs skittering along happily.

That was only years ago. Now since DEPTH-Com took over and use it as their headquarters, Minatumi Harbour became an industrial city where all the civilians are part of the pharmaceutical company. The walls are made to project the dome over and under the ground, ensuring that it will not be attacked as along seven reactors are active. The old town now became the slums while the city itself was elevated sixty feet above sea level. There is a tower that DEPTH-Com used as their main base of operations and research as it is on the east side of the city, towards the sea. There is only one way in and out and it is by the Supply Runner, a bullet train outfitted to deliver supplies from Tokyo, Karakura, Osaka, Kyoto and more.
Minatumi City, Fleet Plaza, Fort June, The Shipyard
Today at 5:12 am
Mirja Eeola View latest post
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The Free Union

Consisting of all the territories and countries currently annexed by the Monsuta organization, the Free Union is a globe-spanning multinational and multicultural amalgamation located across several continents. Despite being separated by large swaths of land and water, all territories remain unified and as one. Due to a combination of socialist economic policies and democratic representation in the individual countries, both the general economy and happiness of the Free Union is significantly higher than most surrounding lands. All people living in this highly advanced federation are afforded all the protections and benefits provided by the Monsuta organization, allowing for higher standards of living and general safety and welfare of the entire population. The Free Union's capital is the nation of Qatar with it's military headquarters being located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

22Eve Ahoy [Adam/S...
Wed Jun 26, 2019 9:33 am
THEFROST View latest post
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China is currently under the complete control of The Kokuryuteishi as of January 2414. Previously, there was constant strife throughout the first part of the 2410's between K-World's military force and the strength of Iori Sugiura's army. However, after the rumored disappearance and death of Iori, the final piece to this puzzle had broken and Sing Iramasha lead one final invasion to throw off her control of the country.

Now China is under the rule of this organization and they have infiltrated into The Government's, Police Force and militaries of the country. However, much of it still remains the same as they wanted to maintain the culturally integrity of the country per Kin's request. Therefore, they've dedicated resources to the China's public and have done what they can to ensure a smooth transition since the governments of this nation were already known as a dictatorship prior to this war. As of now, China is still one of the world's superpowers due to the sole fact that K-World has invested much of their infrastructure, technology and weaponry into the country.
1045At the Boundary ...
Mon May 20, 2019 4:29 pm
Shizuo View latest post
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Encompassing both North and South Korea, The Kokuryuteshi have terraformed both of spectacular countries into a spectacle of modern technology and progress. While South Korea remains the golden standard for all Kokuryuteshi tech and tourism, the North remains a rather military and industrial focused region. Unless directly aligned with K-world, within their ranks or otherwise allied, you will be refused entry into the zone. Using bio-metrical scans through the Kuro Sosu, intruders will be recognized almost instantly. One of the Kokuryuteshi's biggest Earth-based military factories is within Pyongyang, North Korea, alongside it a giant space elevator used for a multitude of different purposes.

With the North so heavily focused on military, the South maintains a rather focused and healthy outlook to the rest of the world. Seoul remains the capital and also has been expanded upon the coast, giving a rather active and upbeat vibe to the entire city. For those visiting or somehow viewing it, they would see the pinnacle of Kokuryuteshi control - complete utopia for those living there, showing their muscle as well as keeping a busy and active economy due to the workers and zones. South Korea is also home to the scientific muscle of the Kokuryuteshi on Earth, conducting a plethora of research and experiments within it's borders.
413Just a Vacation...
Mon Aug 27, 2018 4:34 pm
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Saudi Arabia

Riyadh remaining the capital of Saudi Arabia, the former Islamic doctrine that gripped the country has been all but cleansed by the Kokuryuteshi, indoctrinating all the civilians into their life and into joining the ever-expanding empire of The Kokuryuteshi. Saudi Arabia is a massive industrial and military hub for all Kokuryuteshi's weapons and military focused technology on the South Western border of Asia. Focusing mainly on the construction of massive battleships and multiple other remote-controlled and piloted technology used for defense and combat. On the south-west portion, alongside The Red Sea, a massive aether stone sits in the direct center of the city. The aether stone acts as a defense and assault mechanism, capable of sending massive blasts of aether magic from it's core. This city is known as "The Industrial City of The Red Sea".
310Hostile Takeover...
Wed Jun 26, 2019 2:11 pm
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Sapporo, Japan
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Peace talks between monsuta and k world
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