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 A Boy Named Len

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A Boy Named Len   Fri May 24, 2013 9:55 pm


You say look, we're here alone…

The young male thought to himself, his feet scraping across the sand of the place, holding the guitar in his hands as he strummed it, his voice singing out. I was running in circles, I hurt myself, just to find my purpose… His voice sang out, his eye staring straight ahead as he continued to strum, his eyes looking out around himself as he stood before the giant statue of the Beast of Karakura, a listless expression on his face as his left eye looked upwards, his right closed as he stared up at it, his mouth slightly open, the singing stopped by his guitar going on with the rhythm.

"Till I'm gone and I can sleep."

He said simply, continuing to strum as he looked around himself, his gaze looking at all kinds of things, his yellow hair that smelled of bananas swaying slightly about in the wind as he stared outwards from himself at all the things before him, his eyes searching and scanning for something, anything which he could interact with. To be completely honest he himself wasn't certain if he wanted to interact with someone right now, but he figured that feeling this morose probably wasn't helpful for him as a person, so he would look for someone to whom he could share companionship for the next few minutes.

His garb was rather odd; around his body was a gray cloak, a cloak which clung to his wiry frame, and beneath that he wore a set of pajamas, to be certain. Now, the explanation of this was not something that Len cared to get into. However, what it came down to was that Len didn't want to feel like Len right now. He wanted to just be another citizen of Karakura, admiring the statue of the man who kept this place from being like the rest of the planet, the man who was responsible for everything from the Yuudeshi Network that kept everything structured against the oppressive demon and arrancar forces, as well as the one who, unbeknownst to Len, had long ago imprisoned his very own father for attempting to do justice at the school where his son would later attend. The many threads of fate were woven and bound between these two individuals, who had also met long ago, in an Imaginary District far, far away, and allegedly gone through battle that merely resulted in Len getting the utter crap beaten out of him. But it had been important, none the less.

"I guess.. I'm seeking training." He said to nothing in particular, strumming the chords of his guitar one more time, sounding like a raining pool of water, gentle and caressing, before he closed his mouth, staring up above the statue, seeing the massive island of Sukai Karakura above his head, and just once wishing that instead he could see the stars. Guidance… something to show me the path to take in my current life. I have everything that I wanted when I was less than I am now.. But.. What is it that I can do now..? Where is it that I can go from here? He asked himself, looking around himself one last time...



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A Boy Named Len
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